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What's really happening on Planet Earth? Who do you believe? Who can you trust. Wynn Free, principal author of The Reincarnation of Edgar Cayce? has put together a compelling package of books and audios which can give you the most accurate understanding and guidance for the transition our planet is in the midst of.

Does life continue after death? Are there positive intelligences in other realms with humanities best interest at heart who can help us both individually and collectively? How can you connect with these intelligences?

This compilation of materials may the the best guidance system on the planet, with the direct words of those very intelligences reaching out to touch you in a very up close and personal way. Each book/audio is directly connected with the experiences of Wynn. The material can reach both the mind and the heart. It has already impacted many people in profound ways as you can see by the testimonials.

Our solar system is in the midst of a huge shift and transformation. Within this collection of materials, are the keys to understanding this shift and its significance, not only to the planet as a collective but to you on a very personal level. There is also the guidance and wisdom to learn how to flow with these changes and transform your life. The words of the channelled Sources have cellular triggers which have the potentials to expand your consciousness and awareness and actually make your own direct connection with their energies. Prepare yourself! The books and audios in this package can change your life forever as they have already done for many.
According to the information from the inter-dimensional Sources, our planet is in the midst of a transition which has never occurred in the history of mankind and is impacting everyone in a very personal way. I'm sure everyone reading this has noted the increase in natural disasters, the unusual weather patterns, and unsettled world affairs. Some of you may have noted a disconnection from many of the reality systems which you had previously anchored your reality system to. Some of you are having trouble focussing and even a loss of memory. We're offering a totally new way of both understanding what's happening and a replacement for those systems which are rapidly slipping away.

This shift we're in the midst of has far more reaching effects than the changes you can see.  The transformation, according to our materials, is causing a change in the dispensation of your future lifetimes. You need to know how the decisions you are making today are going to impact your future after you leave this realm.  A human cannot figure this out on their own. It's beyond any ability to measure scientifically. The understanding of these cycles has to come from outside this realm.   The material is not dumbed down. It's forthright and up front about the changes happening on our planet and what we might expect in the next couple years (including 2012) . Many of the prophecies, documented in the books, have already come about.

But most important, is the wisdom and guidance to change your own life patterns to insure you take the best advantage of the the opportunities for your own evolution in this period.

The Primer for a Dimensional Shift Package
includes four books and six audios all directly related to inter-dimensional communications via the personal experience of Wynn Free:

The Reincarnation of Edgar Cayce? - Writing this book, which began in 2000 was Wynn's first personal introduction to positive inter-dimensional communication. It contains the   current guidance and wisdom of the intelligence that we believe spoke through Edgar Cayce, giving their take on the human condition in current time, now available for your own scrutiny and consideration. Plus the intuitive scientific work of David Wilcock, backed up and footnoted with credible university research, proving that our planet is in the midst of something that never happened in the history of humankind. This book has become an award winning metaphysical best seller and is distributed by Random House. Most readers believe the case is convincingly made that Edgar Cayce has reincarnated. It's a hard copy, personally signed by author Free and delivered to your door via USPS.

Excerpt from a Wilcock channeling in The Reincarnation of Edgar Cayce?

"Whether you like it or not, your own future behavior in the higher realms is dictated by the choices you make each and every day."

Book One and Book Two of Carla Rueckert's Ra Law of One Material
David Wilcock (the alleged incarnation of Cayce) believes that Carla Rueckert channelled the same intelligence that who spoke through both Edgar Cayce and himself.* The Rueckert Ra channelings are considered by many the "penultimate" of inter-dimensional communication. This major group oversoul for our planet explains their historical involvement over millions of years duration, how the negative in other realms has controlled, corrupted, and enslaved us, and how to break loose of the conditioning which has kept us contracted. These books are in PDF downloadable format. This work was quoted extensively in The Reincarnation of Edgar Cayce? and was researched by Wynn thoroughly during the period he was writing The Reincarnation of Edgar Cayce?

*Clarification: This is included at the request of Ms. Rueckert and expresses her belief in the differentiation of the voice which identified itself as Ra through David Wilcock and the voice which identified itself as Ra through herself:

Carla Rueckert (http://llresearch.org): "David channels his own   higher self   filtered through his fifth-density male and female selves. David considers himself a sixth-density wanderer from the sixth-density social memory complex, Ra. His channeling of his higher self, therefore, shares the same name as the L/L contact. It however is vastly different. David’s channeling was undertaken on a solo basis and is of a personal and specific nature.


L/L Research as a three-person group –   Don Elkins , Jim McCarty, and Carla Rueckert – channeled a *social memory complex* known as Ra. This social memory complex consists of the unification of millions of different entities who had evolved upon the planet Venus. This channeling was of a magical nature which necessitated the presence, the harmony, the fidelity, and the mutual support of all three members in order to occur. This channeling was universal – it did not focus on specifics or personal guidance but instead on philosophy and cosmology applicable to all."

Excerpt from a Ra channeling in the Ra Material -

"One individual, purified of all flaws, could indeed move a mountain. However, in the case of mass understanding of unity, each individual may contain an acceptable amount of distortion and yet the mass mind could move mountains."

Questions and Answers with the Council of Elohim - Two years into writing The Reincarnation of Edgar Cayce? Wynn had the unexpected direct experience of communication with inter-dimensional intelligence when a personal relationship spontaneously brought forth a voice which identified itself as the Council of Elohim. Upon Googling the word Elohim, Wynn found definitions like "the Creator of this Realm", and the "name for God in the Old Testament". Part One of the book goes into the story of how this contact began with many transcriptions of the original transmissions and the miraculous phenomena that was occurring in Wynn's life as a result of this connection.

Excerpt from an Elohim channeling -

"It is as if your whole third density is an outpost that has lost radio communication and the desire is to connect and to re-establish an energy flow; we are here to remind you of a knowledge within your lost memories of home, that you may know that you are not marooned on an island. You are only disconnected communicationally and vibrationally from your brothers and sisters and fellows from home [[us]] who are there trying to re-establish contact."

Part Two is a series of dialogues between author Free and the Elohim where he queries them on some of the topics that he thought would be important to all readers - Who are the Elohim? How have they worked with humans in the past? How did they create a physical universe? How did the negative in this realm begin? How can a human connect energetically with the Elohim? How do the Elohim group and the Ra Group interface? What happens when you die? Author Free presents answers to some of the most profound questions and mysteries of life, for the first time to a public readership.

If Free is actually communicating with the Elohim and they are who they say they are, this is a landmark presentation with answers that only the Creator of this realm could answer. This book is part of our PDF package. The premise is presented that throughout the history of mankind, the Elohim and the Ra Groups have been the main motivating forces in other realms participating in the evolution of mankind and how the nature of this evolution had more to do with the evolution of DNA rather than the blind belief in a religious dogma. In the initial stages of this contact, Wynn questioned the Elohim about all the cosmologies which he was writing about based on the Wilcock channelings. The Elohim gave an independent confirmation on every point that was brought forth through Wilcock concerning the dimensional shift and the nature of the Ra Group. It was this concordance of data that gave Wynn a great degree of confidence in the accuracy of the cosmology.

In addition to the 4 books, 6 MP3 downloadable audio files are included:

Wynn interviews Ra - A rare 45 minute conversation (MP3) with David Wilcock's Source (David is the alleged reincarnation of Cayce), conducted in 2003 concerning the dimensional shift, ascension and more.

The Elohim's first introduction to Wynn's conference call - Wynn began holding a weekly conference call in 2005. He would read portions of Questions and Answers with the Council of Elohim. He was living in Los Angeles and Daphne was living in Cape Cod. She was not doing any channeling at the time. Daphne started checking into the calls. After a few weeks she interrupted and said "They want to say something". This is the 18 minute audio of what they said in downloadable MP3 format.

Another unexpected, spontaneous channeling of the Council of 12 on The Don and Wynn Show - In 2005, Wynn began co-hosting an Internet radio show with Don Newsome, founder of the BBS Radio Network. Daphne and Wynn were living on opposite sides of the country and he invited her to be a guest on the show with the hope that she would see that the work she had contributed through her chanellings had value for others. In the middle of the interview, she announced once again that "those guys want to say something" and the Council of 12 gave a public address live on the show. The Council of 12 described themselves as a sub-set of the Elohim. This is another downloadable MP3.

The Council of Elohim address a workshop held by Wynn in Santa Barbara - This was brought forth by Terry and is the first time she did a public channeling at The Holistic Living Expo. The room was filled with light energy and the voice speaking through Terry claimed to be the intelligence behind the light energy that people were experiencing in the room. If you listen to this in peaceful surroundings, you may also be able to feel the "light". (MP3)

An interview with Wynn   - After hundreds of dialogues with the Elohim, Wynn has a vast understanding of how things work in the larger cosmos. This interview conducted by Adam Abrahamson on Talk for Food radio show, gives Wynn a platform to share some of his insites. (MP3)
A 30 minute channelling with Terry Brown - The Source speaking through Terry explains the nature of the shift our planet is undergoing. There is a resonance between Terry and the Catholic saint , St Catherine of Siena, which was shared in the "Primer" introduction to this package.

Plus!!!* You will receive an invitation to participate in Wynn's live weekly conference calls where actual channelings are taking place and participants have the opportunity to ask questions.

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Warning!! This is for the open minded. If you have strong belief systems, they will most definitely be challenged by the materials we are offering and this may not be for you. But if you are feeling fearful and apprehensive about the uncertain futures we all face and wonder who and where God is when he's needed most, reading these materials and listening to the audios may be the most important step you've taken in preparing yourself for the "dimensional shift" and making your own direct connections with positive consciousness in other realms who await your call .

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Edgar Cayce Reading Excerpt - "In this present age we are entering a period of change, a period of trial, of enlightenment, as the time draws near for the folding up, the completion of a cycle that with the grace of God will bring peace and joy in Him to many through a new understanding and greater magnification of His will ."

Amazon Review
The Ra Material

"This stuff is deep, very deep. I have never read anything else, channeled or not, that even comes close to such high caliber! It is just completely obvious to me that the info really is coming from a higher being, cuz no way anyone could have made all this up!"

Unity Minister, Flagstaff, Az.
The Reincarnation of Edgar Cayce?

"For those who recognize truth, this book resonates its wisdom. If you allow yourself to stretch into the fascinating realities herein, it may change your life forever."

E-mail received by Wynn
Questions and Answers with the Council of Elohim

"I recognize the tone and the purity of the energy of the messages that are coming through your work. 

I recognize the vibration of your channelings are in line with the pillar of light that is endlessly entering from beyond the earth and well into its core."

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