Introducing a Revolutionary Way to Change Your Mood, Have More Energy, Stay More Focused, Reduce Your Stress, Be More Inspired, and Sleep More Soundly!

Throughout history there have been extreme breakthroughs and inventions that, in many cases, became recognized, sometimes after tens or even hundreds of years of their discovery. Chiropractic and accupuncture are example of this. In spite of the fact that Accupuncture was practiced for thousands of years in Asia, it was looked upon as a quack modality for many years in this country. And unfortunately, there have always been important innovations that have never come into public awareness.

We're introducing, what we believe to be, one of those breakthrough innovations. Actually, it is widespread in 50 Asian countries with millions of people wearing them, but virtually unknown in the US. Being that you've arrived at our web page, you won't have to wait tens or hundreds of years to find out about it.

Our Company has  become  a marketing pioneer for this innovative technology. It's called a Wellness Pendant, an attractive combination of stainless steel, germanium, and rare earth minerals that you wear around your neck.

Imagine you could wear a pendant that could change your mood, lift your spirits, give you more focus, increase you endurance and sometimes make a health concern disappear.

It's hard to believe, but that's what they said about accupuncture 60 years ago.  China, Japan and Korea are more advanced in the field of energy healing than the Western World and this pendant is one example. Here's some comments from some of our customers, many of whom started out quite skeptical.












Why Do they Work?

As an importer, we don't even completely understand the technology behind these pendants. Initially we tried them and shared them with some friends. We've determined it's effectiveness by the reports we got from people who we tried them. You can see by the testimonials, the amazing responses we got.  

Here's the process, as our manufacturer has explained it to us. The pendants are placed in a chamber where they are left for a period of time and bombarded with frequencies. The frequencies are imprinted in the molecules and when the pendants are removed from the chamber, they hold the frequencies.

When placed in proximity to the body, it causes the body's energies to come in balance, which causes all the beneficial results. The Pictures on the right were taken with the aura camera invented by Guy Coggins, showing the shift in the colors of someone's aura when the pendant was put on. Each person responds differently. Some put it on and notice an energy immediately. Some don't notice anything until after a few days, when they notice their energy level is higher. They stop wearing the pendant and their energy level drops. Some older people notice a decrease in their aches and pains. Some students, as you'll see in one of the testimonials on this page, are able to concentrate and focus better. The responses are very individualized and work on one's area of weakness.

How Could Something so Good be so Cheap?

Many people, who have tried more expensive pendants, going for anywhere from 50.00 to 300.00, say ours is just as good or even better. We are the direct importers and decided to keep the price low enough so that everyone could afford a Wellness Pendant, even in todays tough economy. 

There's absolutely no risk in checking a pendant out and seeing what it does for you personally.


It's the perfect gift.
Each pendant is attractively gift boxed with an instruction sheet. Everybody loves them, from kids to senior citizens.

Which model is best for you?
Model A - Do you tend to be spaced out? Get tired? Have low energy? Trouble sleeping? Stressed? You need Model A.

Model B - Do you need more inspiration? Do you do creative things? Do you meditate? Are you on a spiritual path? You need Model B

Many people get both and alternate according to their needs ina given moment. Some of our customers wear them both at the same time. If you get both pendants, we have a special discount where you save eleven dollars.

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Model A - 29.00       
Model B - 29.00    
Models A plus B - 47.00

You can also phone in an order at 805-267-9263

More Testimonials...

"I'm a non-believer and doubted that this pendent would work. I was complaining that I could not complete my work in a timely manner, and I get tired and ache all over every time I do something physical. 

My friend said I should try her pendant for a day or so and see if there is a difference in my energy. I told her that I thought this was some kind of scam just to get you to buy something you didn't need, and wouldn't work.   All she did was put it around my neck and said just wear it for a few days. 

I did and couldn't believe the difference.   It's not a cure all but I can say it did work.  My energy level improved and some of the aches did abate.  I then tried not wearing the pendant for a day or so and reverted back to slowing down.   

Needless to say I bought a pendant and wear it all the time" - Sue N, Los Angeles
Seventeen Year Old Student
"I'm a seventeen year old  boy who feels like I have more energy. It helps me focus on my school work. This pendant rocks!!" - Nathan K
A 44 Year Old Martial Arts Student
"I do Hapkido and have found wearing the Wellness Pendant has given me more balance and energy. I find it easier to make it through the grueling training that my ninth degree master puts me through. When I don't wear the Pendant, I feel sluggish and not nearly as focused" - Jeff K, Grenada Hills, California

"I was wearing both of them for several days - one in front, one in back. I noticed the tight knotted tension in my shoulders and neck has dissipated - totally amazing! Seem to have been releasing a lot of stuff held in my body"  - Mary, Illinois

A Los Angeles Mother of 3
"I am a mother of three energetic boys. Before I discovered the pendant, I was always out of breath and energy. Now when the boys act up, I find that my temper is easier to control and I have more patience. When my husband comes home at night, I am not so tired and irritable. I thank you for this prodcut and recommed it to everyone" - Naomi N

Shop Owner, Rotchester, New York
"I noticed I evened out and got more balanced. Sometimes I would get angry and impatient and since I've been wearing the pendant it's shifted. Don't get upset. Don't get angry. My anxiety is lowered." - Jane

A meditator on a spiritual path in Algonquin, IL
"My experience with the pendants (styles A Grounding/Energy & B Ethereal) were instant in both cases. The energy coursed into my hand as I took it out of the box (Grounding/Energy) which continued to go up my arm as I held it up to view. This arrived in grand time, sleep had been evasive and my energy felt depleted. Wearing it through the day I found my energy to be sustained evenly straight up until bedtime. I actually was unaware it was bedtime until it was brought to my attention. The next morning I arose at 6 am to meditate in which I donned on the Ethereal pendant over my thick plush arctic fleece robe. Moments later a cooling sensation was felt in both my heart and throat chakras. A large "flash" of white light appeared during meditation. This phenomena was experienced one other time (ever) a few months ago where there were a series of small flashes, rather pulses of white light."  - Tina

Master Herbalist, Mary Anne, Arizona
Mary Anne decided to carry the pendant in her shop after she throroughly scrutinized it for herself. She only carried it after it passed her checks with flying colors. (no pun intended). She graciously gave permission for us to video her comments on the pendant and post them on our website.
The back of the Wellness Pendant has 3 frequency infused stones - germanium, tourmaline, and a combination of rare earth minerals.
Guy Coggins, inventor of the Aura Camera, took the two pictures below when he saw the Wellness Pendant at an Expo. The red/orange color is inidcative of anger and depression. The blue/violet color indicates spirituality and clear thinking.


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