Conference Calls

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Every Monday and Tuesday at 6pm, we sponsor a "celestial emissary" conference call. During the course of the call, a channelled message is read and it seems as if the source of the channelled message is energetically present on the phone line for those participants who are open. The messages themselves include very wise counseling and information concerning soul evolution and events which are happening on the planet from celestial perspectives, not readily available in the third dimension. According to our "sources", there is a planetary grid healing taking place during the calls, the more people on the call, the more effective the healing. Plus some of the participants have experienced personal healings. There is no charge for these calls although donations are accepted (

The Monday call is moderated by Wynn

The Tuesday call is moderated by Wayne and Karen

More calls will be added as per demand and volunteers

To participate in the call, send Wynn an email and request the access number. 

here's some quotes from people who have participated on the conference calls:

"Thanks for moderating a great call tonight. The energy was very palpable to me, particularly when we were holding the light at the end. It felt very powerful. I see this as connecting up people that need to connect, to a big super spiritual flow.I have had a major shift in my awareness in the last three weeks, starting with when I started to read your book. Last week after the conference calls, things started clicking in place in a type of cascade of realization, centering around my purpose for being here and what seems to be a mission that is real, however "crazy" it seems to the human part of my mind. The surprising thing is how calm I feel about it all, which to me is a good sign of truth."

"it is (or is it? )indeed ironic that I have not been able to join you for several weeks, and then, when I do, you seem to be specifically addressing some of my most "pressing" issues. Well, needless to say, this morning I felt much less stressed about this issue and almost felt a weight lifted (hopefully permanently)."

"I must say I did notice some changes in my "sense of being" during the call on Monday! I say it that way because, even though it seemed like a physical sensation, it was more of a "feeling" moving through me and around me....followed by an actual warmth sitting in my middle body afterwards! I have never experienced that before and am therefore having difficultuy describing it perhaps accurately. After the call, I literally sat there with a huge smile on my face, giggled in gratitude I guess a few times, gave thanks to "whoever..."

"I really felt what I can only describe as an "energy shift" just being on the call....physically felt movement within myself, a warmth inside my tummy which radiated upwards and outward...quite amazing!"