Introduction: What does Wynn do?

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He writes poetry:

"Fantastic, once I start Reading I can't stop. Gives me the same feeling as reading the works of Kahlil Gibran, and many others who through their words or music were able to cause the listener or reader to transcend space and time for a moment and connect with the "we" in us all."- Jason, Florida


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filmtape.bmp (120054 bytes)party.bmp (77322 bytes)  He plays music and writes songs:    The more I listen to your music, the more I love your material" - Barry Morrow, screenwriter, Rain Man




He’s written a book (with David Wilcock as cowriter)                "The Reincarnation of Edgar Cayce?"                                                                                                                     

"David Wilcock is Edgar Cayce" - Uri Geller


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"I am absolutely stunned to have discovered a book with a view of reality so huge that it could only have originated from the same source that spoke through Cayce – a book that credibly provides the missing pieces to the puzzle of what’s really happening on planet earth in our current period." – Dr. Maryel Mckinley, PHD, syndicated columnist.

He gives lectures and workshops  "You did an amazing job of bringing forth your experience as it has emerged since the beginning of the writing of your book. It is so apparent that you are now a direct emissary...." Adrian Windsor, PHD, program director, Inside Edge

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He communicates with beings of vast intelligence in higher dimensions    "…its astonishing to find you can put pieces together which are stumping the ones out there writing books…" Suzanne H.


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"Your Elohim channelings are absolutely fantastic" – Kay S., Ojai, California

He moderates weekly conference calls with a little help from his friends (you’re welcome to join in) and occasional teleconference workshops

"I really feel an energy shift when I am on the conference call" Karen, Ohio

"The energy was very palpable to me, particularly when we were holding the light at the end.   It felt very powerful. I see this as connecting up people that need to connect, to a big super spiritual flow. I have had a major shift in my awareness in the last three weeks, beginning with when I started to read your book."  - Cheryl, Canada


Thank you for taking your time and familiarizing yourself with my work. I am honored to share with you.

Wynn Free