Whole  Planet Healing

You are invited.

Every day on a telephone conference line...
7pm Pacific  8pm Mountain..
         9pm Central .. 10 pm Eastern 

Only 15 minutes long

Access Number: 712 770 4340  pin 250513

Replay number available 24/7  - 712-770-4009    pin 250513

This is not like anything else (that we know of) on the planet. 

Miracles happen! 

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People get personal healings. Planetary shifts happen.

People feel loving energy right over the line. We include some
testimonies of participants experiences below.

We need your help. As everyone knows, our planet needs our help right now and so do
we! This is totallynon sectarian and not religious. Show up!!!!!!

.............Sponsored by Intelligent Infinity in service to planetary evolution

Comments from People Who Have Participated in our healing calls

“On my First conference call Sun, I felt energy moving and myheart chakra open wide!”

“My experience on the call on was amazing. I could feel the energy surge through me. Itwas almost like when u look at a flame and the heat distorts the air around it. It felt like that looks, but no heat as it radiated through me."

 I couldn't hold backthe tears just like I couldn't during last Sunday's call.  I could feeltheir beautiful presence and their love very strongly. They touched my heart profoundly.” 

“I am 66 years old and have been stuck in my home because oftwo strokes.I also have cataracts and Diabetes.I was depressed and had a tendency to feel sorry for myself.I listened to one of the calls you sent me.Its was great. In the morning when I woke up I started looking at my life and as I looked around me I saw all my blessings. I felt peace and full of love. It was awesome and I am sure it was because of listening to the call.  Thank you so much.” 

My voice is getting more friendly - "I feel my voice change and I know I needed this because I come across too hard and I've hurt a lot of people because of what I say to them. I have wondered for a while why I can't keep friends and I just now realize it because of how hurtful I am with my harshness." 

 "At present, the presence/ connectedness is evolving, I do not know how else to describe it as other than a prominent feeling in my third eye area that kind of detaches my ego when I look at things, and it just feels darn good. It's not always there, but it is becoming more so."

"I have been coming on the calls for almost 2 years now and it seems the longer I am on the calls, the stronger and more profound my own light is getting and people are starting to see it. I think that is cool!

“I have become a participant in is as many conference calls as i can make, otherwise i listen to replays. I have been a seeker all my life and this resonates with me more than most any other source. I am an independent and strong minded individual and feel that joining this group has not diminished my autonomy. I really value that."

 I truly enjoy the work that we're all doing. I've been coming around for about 6 weeks now and my life has transformed. I've gone from being a moody person to constantly happy. I now have a job frombeing unemployed for 5 months. I'm getting calls about jobs, thinking about starting a business, and I'm able to communicate with others from my heart not my mind. I can even see Auras and feel energies from others. I can't tell you how amazing this experience has been. I feel like I'm really aligned with myself and I'm so joyous. I really enjoy being part of this work. Thanks again for all the amazing work and making this available for everyone". 

712 770 4340 pin 250513

Pick up the phone
tonight 7pm Pacific. Listen in...