Questions and Answers with the Council of Elohim
(Are the Creator Gods of the physical Universe
communicating with us through my personal relationships?)









First off, thank you for visiting my webpage. I've been in the middle
of a rather unusual experience, and for a period of time,  I was a bit
perplexed about how to introduce it to others, and even more
important, was there anything of to be had  of value for someone by 
being exposed to my materials.?

I've learned, over time, that the best way to introduce my work is
to share with you how it got started. It's a very wild story, and when
I first found myself in the middle of extended communications  with
an intelligence that identified itself as the Council of Elohim, I felt
like I was in a science fiction movie. The actual events and
phenomena were so out there, I wasn't sure if anyone would believe
me and many didn't, and thought I was ready for the looney bin

But enough did, and I was  encouraged to keep talking. The story
has stood the test of time. People were not only believing me, but
there's a number of people whose lives have transformed as
a result of their association with my work.

And then there's this breathtaking view of how the Universe works,
an introduction to those intelligences who I believe,have played
the part of God in the history of Humankind
, and an explanation
for this dimensional shift/2012 event taking place right now, which
even most of the New Age people are not completely privey to.

Here's how it got started:
The year was 2002 and I was in the midst of writing a book with
David Wilcock entitiled The Reincarnation of Edgar Cayce? I had
interviewed David for a web magazine of which i was a monthly
contributor - The spirit of Ma'at, published by Drunvalo. I was
attending an event called the Prophet's Conference in Asilimar,
near Montery on a press pass, with the intent of interviewing the
lecturers. When I walked into the main lecture room, a woman was
staring at me. I asked her if she knew me from somewhere and she
said I reminded her of an author that she had a crush on. I
remember clearly the thought that ran through my mind in that
moment, "This is going to be trouble." Daphne was the most
beautiful woman I ever met and my heart skipped beats just looking
at her. Plus we had an ancient connection, which was yet to unfold.

After a series of poetic interchanges over the Internet, 30 days later
Daphne and I were living together. Prior to meeting Dahne, my
lifestyle was that of an itinerant vagabond, living in my RV and
dedicated to writing The Reincarnation of Edar Cayce? at Starbuck;s
and Dennys.  But I had met the woman of my dreams, my poets
muse (I considered myself a sing/songwriter prior to all this
interdimensional stuff) and I was intent on making it work.

Except Daphne was certainly not suited for RV living. I needed to
earn some money to support an apartment. I had the opportunity
to work for someone at a ten day festival in Portland, Oregon and
Daphne and I hit the road from Los Angeles to Portland. What
happened on that trip was going to shake me to the core and
change my life forever.

The trip to Portland
Daphne and I are on the road. It's pouring rain and the drive is
treacherous. I do a prayer of protection.  After the prayer I ask
"Does anybody want to talk to me?" It's a joke. Except Daphne
answers and says "We're here. What are your questions?"  I
ask a few questions and it doesn't sound like her. I thought she
was messing with me? She knows I'm writing a book.

Three days later, we were in a hotel in Portland and I try it again.
This time I have a tape recorder going. Hre's our first recorded
conversation and their answers sounds straight out of a movie script:

W: Is anyone here. Does anyone want to identify themselves?

Good evening. We bring forth to you knowledge of the higher intergalactic
species of the lone star system Alcion, this is to be our first recorded
transmission to you and we are pleased to announce our engagement
of technological meshing with your channel so that we may bring forth
to you information of a needed higher caliber for transmission and
integration at this particular frequency and station and knowing pertinent
to the incoming questions. Have you questions this evening Mr. Wynn

W Can you describe how you perceive our channels consciousness when
 we ask for your presence?

A This is a multi level diagrammatic question and our present channel is
s a very wide band receiver station calibrated for exceptional galactic
clar-audience and clar-cognition which when tuned to the proper channel
 below the current threshold of consciousness shall make inroads into
accessing very pertinent information at this time of transition. There is
evidence of internal prestructural damage in this entity overlying from too
focused thoughts, thought patterns of rigid value structures applied over
an awakening matrix, which must be moved. The present entity is having
a difficult time removing the residual calcification of thought forms. Your
assistance is required to move said entity and readjust according to
contractual service.

How I convinced myself that Daphne wasn't crazy
Daphne and I were together for about 6 months, from April 2002 to
Sept 2002. There were a number of phenomenal events which
occurred during that period that convinced me, beyond a shadow
of a  doubt
, that what was communicating to me through Daphne
was not some kind of subset of Daphne. I was still in he process
of srcrutinizing whether I could trust it or not. They identified
themselves as the Council of Elohim and when I googled the word
Elohim, I found definitions like"the Creator Gods of the Physical
Realm." Our conversations were pretty casual. It was not easy to
believe that I was talking to who they said they were. Maybe it was
an imposter.Maybe some negative entitiy was attempting to block
the book I was writing. Maybe Daphne was crazy and making it up.
It didn't take long to eliminate the last possibility. There were a couple
impossible phememona that occurred that could not have come from
her consciousness.

**My sister was diagnosed with cancer and was scheduled for a critical  operation
from which she was not supposed to survive. I asked the (voice that identified itself
as the) Elohim if they could help and they said they would. She survived the
operation and initially I thought it was coincidence until she went in for tests a few
weeks later. The nurse announced that the cancer was gone, but there was
something wrong with the test, because her lupus had vanished and lupus
never goes away
. Later I asked the Elohim how they did that and they said "it
was like putting a filter in her blood flow and
removing the lupus".


**In 2002, at the initial onset of these communications, Wynn asked them if they could predict a newspaper headline. They gave him a headline and said to watch for it in two weeks. Two weeks later , the headline appeared.

**Wynn was asked to visit a church in Mesa, Arizona and tell his story to the Bishop. They told him the church was on a certain street name and when he browsed the Yellow Pages, the church they identified was there on the street they named. To his surprise, he was warmly received by the Bishop who listened to him for two hours and then invited him to share his story with some of the other members of that church.

Daphne left in September of 2002. I thought this was the end of it but I was wrong.
Initially I was suffering a broken heart, although I certainly wouldn't say our experience of living together was joyous. Daphne was not taking seriously what was happening through her. She thought she was making it up. She packed up her van and drove off into the sunset. I sufferred for a few weeks and finally I called my long time friend Terry and asked if she would consider coming over and helping me heal my broken heart. Terry came over and in the middle of the night, she woke me up and asked me to get the tape recorder out. A voice came through Terry and said it was the same Elohim. They had never left me and I could reach them through Terry. At this point, I think I've shared enough so you know whether or nor you have to read my book. Click the Add to cart button on the right to make a purchase by either Paypal or credit card. (If you
can't afford it, email me and I'll send you the download for free)

This contact has not occurred in a vacuum!!
*** Wynn has given lectures at the Conscious Life Expo in Los Angeles. At the workshop, there was a live introduction of the Elohim to the crowd through both Daphne and Terry.

*** The Elohim has addressed our Monday night conference call numerous times. This call is broadcast on www.bbsradio.com , station 2 at 6pm Pacific.

*** Wynn has been a featured speaker at the Holistic Living Expos in California and oftentimes live public channellings are included.

*** The miraculous healing of Wynn's sister of her cancer and lupus is a matter of medical record.

***Wynn has been a guest on a number of radio shows where live channelings of the Elohim have occurred, under his auspices. He was interviewed on Welcome to the Vortex, a West Hollywood cable access show and the videos are posted on Youtube with actual channelings of both Daphne and Terry. He was also a guest on Coast to Coast with George Noory.

*** The Academy Award winning screenwriter of the movie Rain Man - Barry Morrow - met Wynn in 2002 and initially was very skeptical, but after meeting Daphne and Terry and talking to Wynn's sister, came to believe there was an extremely important movie to be made about this contact . If you're in the industry or can make a pledge for backing, please visit www.wynnmovie.com

***Three times a week Wynn holds live conference calls at no charge, where people can ask questions.

In addition to the complete story of what occurred for me, here are some of the topics the book covers:

Meet the Elohim.....Connecting with the Elohim.....Creation....A Cosmic View of Money and Sex..... Earth Changes.....Passing Over......Prayers and Miracles..... Grace.....Ascension and the Dimensional Shift

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Testimonial - "I'm new to much of what you have to say, I find myself very open to listening further. Since December I've been experiencing things that are not familiar to me and have been lead in your direction, as well as other people who seem to be taking high speed left-hand, alley turns of the mind/heart."

Testimonials: "I just wanted to tell how wonderful it is that you are doing what you are doing. I listened to your broadcast in the archives from Maureen's interview with world puja and immediately went to your website. I've listened to most of your channelings and the written transcripts. I recognize the tone and the purity of the energy of the messages that are coming through.  I recognize the vibration of your channelings is in line with the pillar of light that is endlessly entering in there from beyond the earth and well into its core. The harmonics of this light go very very deep and very, very high.