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Monday BBS Call

Monday Call 01/05/2009
Host: Wynn Free
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Edited by Terry Brown
Transcribed by Todd Humphrey
Formatted and sent by Aharon ben Or

Wynn: This is Wynn Free and this is our Monday night conference hour, and we are just checking people in right now, so this is simulcast between the telephone and the internet. For those of you listening, you will figure it out as we go along. Let's see, who did I hear on the line earlier?

Mary Jo: This is Mary Jo from Oregon

Wynn: Hi Mary Jo

Mary Jo: Hi Wynn

Wynn: And who is there?

Andrea: This is Andrea from Atlanta, Georgia

Wynn: Hi Andrea

Andrea: Hi

Wynn: Who else is there?

Mary Anne: Mary Anne in Chula Vista, California

Wynn: Okay, and who else is there? Ok…. so let's see we have some silent people.

Recording: There are 6 participants in the conference.

Wynn: So welcome all of you who are silent people and my name is Wynn Free and this is a laid back hour, that starts in chaos which means that I don't have an agenda, and if all of you will forget your agendas, then we can spend an hour in what I call communion, connection, affinity, all those words. Who just came in?

Terry: Hi this is Terry.

Wynn: Hi Terry.

Terry: Hi

Wynn: We missed you.

Terry: Well, I am in a parking lot.

Wynn: You're in a parking lot?

Terry: Yeah.

Wynn: Unusual show; we have one of our helpers, co-hosts stars in a parking lot. Are you in a McDonald’s parking lot?

Terry: No, but I am about to go there.

Wynn: Ok, this will be broadcast to you live from Sedona and McDonald's parking lot in Los Angeles, okay. I want you to know she's not eating Big Macs, she's very healthy. They just have a good parking lot. Who else is on the line?

David: David from Sedona.

Wynn: Hi David.

David: Hi Wynn, Hi Terry.

Terry: Hi.

Wynn: And Wayne, I heard Wayne.

Wayne: Yup, you heard me.

Wynn: And anyone else? David is your wife in the background?

David: Yes, she is.

Wynn: Now her name is Pat isn't it?

David: Yes.

Wynn: Hi Pat.

Pat: Hola.

Wynn: Ok, alright....well, anyone else check in? Okay.

Recording: All callers are muted.

Wynn: One of the things I was thinking about, because every week often times we reiterate the same theme, and, what is that theme? First of all that I'm in the middle of these communications with other realms and second of all, that they are available to make a connection with you. They have told us that they are on this line and they are available to pay attention to people. I always assume and it's a reasonable assumption, that because there's consciousness, oh I forgot to turn on the tape recorder, hang on.

Recording: This conference will now be recorded

Wynn: Okay, because there's consciousness that's in other realms because I say they are talking to me, that doesn't mean that you should want them to pay attention to you because you don't know who they are.

And why would you want to make a connection with something, unless you were sure of who were connecting with? So, that's why so much of this story is important, because it's the back up, it's the credibility, because there are negative forces in other realms, and just to say okay let's connect you need to know what you're connecting to.

And that's in life just as well, how many of you met somebody that they thought was a nice person, and then you got into a relationship with them and six months down the line you said, “Geez I didn't even know this person, I didn't know they were like this,” and once you to get into something it is much harder to get out of it, particularly if you got married and had kids and sometimes it takes a while to figure out that that person doesn't understand you at all, and you don't understand them, and plus you were better off before you had the relationship with them, but now your kind of stuck.

So that's why courtship is so important, and this call is perhaps part of a courtship, it's getting to know each other, getting to listen without believing, listen neutrally with an open mind and decide if it's a relationship that you would choose to have. Now it's not a relationship with me, I couldn't possibly have a relationship individually with each of the people that is moved by my material, although I love people and sometimes I feel people’s needs but I find it being on a personal level, friend to friend, is not really solving the problem. Because what people really want, or what I believe most of us want, is first of all we’d like to know that there is something trustworthy that throughout history has been called God. We’d like to know that that's real and, in the past the simple way of explaining it was about the best people can understand. But most people today people are too sophisticated for that, many of them, although if you happen to be a person that uses that as a cosmology and you have a pure intent of heart, it will work, it will work just as good as what we say here, because it's not really different, it’s just a different format. It would be like looking at a building and you call it the such and such corporation which has thousands of employees and most of the time when we think of corporations we don't think of the thousands of employees, we think of let's drink a Coca Cola or let's buy a Ford or let's get a Honda.

And so, all you know is that there is a huge structure, there are manufacturing plants, but you’re not aware of all those, you're just into the end result. And so it's a little bit like that with God that if you can have the end result it doesn't matter if you know the manufacturing plant, if you know the bureaucracy the administrative offices you know, but, for many people, the simplistic idea of God is different, it's different than a Ford or Pepsi Cola, because with a Ford and a Pepsi Cola you have something tangible that is physicalized that you can have, see, drive, drink, whatever. But when you’re talking the idea of God, you have something which is not being physcialized, it's not tangible, it's invisible, so you can't see it, so that's why so many religions talk about the idea of faith, that if you believe that there is a God, he will show up. And there's some truth to that, except the idea of faith, for most people is the end result and, for the people we are working with, faith is not the end result, faith is the willingness to look at something, to investigate it, to study it. But eventually if it's real it will have to show itself to you, you will have to know that it's there.

And that's my criteria, I don't believe things easily, if somebody said have faith, first of all I’d have to have a reason to have faith, why should I have faith, there's five hundred different things that I can have faith in, why should I have faith in your thing? Oh, because I like you and maybe we can have a relationship and if I believed in what you believed in maybe we would be partners. Is that a reason? Well I guess it's a reason. But I think most people either have their belief system set up because they were born into it, or they like somebody on a personal level that attracts them to it.

Probably the best reason is because they walk into a church and feel a really a high vibe there, and at least I can feel the energy I wonder what that is?" But that's probably not the reason that most people join a church. It's because, probably the main reason is they were born into it, and there's no reason why that particular, doctrine or cosmology has anything over another one, it's just that they were born into it. Most people don't really put their own belief system to a test.

In fact, once they develop a community and social structure and people they know, well, that's probably, very important, more appealing than actually figuring out who God is because in a worldly sense being in a church, being in a community, is a good thing. It's a people of high intention of some sort and they look out for each other, and that's certainly positive on this planet to have a group that does that. If you've found yourself in a group like that, chances are you aren't going to open yourself up to anything that would put that in jeopardy, or challenge the belief systems of that group. So this is probably why most people, the ones that are left, have religion, and they stop there.

So in this particular call, in this particular group, there's something else going on. And there's a huge amount of physical validation, stories, miracles, cosmologies going throughout history that give us an understanding that is fairly rare to have in this realm, an understanding of God, or who God actually is as it's been through history and how the universe actually functions and sometimes as I say it takes away some of the mystery, not all of it. I think it's impossible to take away all the mystery. So understanding this with your mind, is a reason to keep looking deeper to find the energy that produces the understanding, because the mind, all of this complexity of group souls, the Ra Group, the Elohim Group, we're in a dimension shift, everything is shifting. You know you can get it in your mind and you can study all of it, and you can say, “Yes, this is the way it works” and then suddenly, instead of going to the next step you sit there and you become a superior person because you’re connected with the group that has the right cosmology, the validateable cosmology, and you know what? You’ve now turned it all into a religion, because there is only one thing that is important. First, that you make a connection, actually the second thing that is important is that you find a way to use the connection. To do something of volitional action, that anchors this into the planet in a real way.

So, how do you make the connection?

Well, for many people, every time we do this call, there's a connection being made, now they say something, and I ask all kinds of questions being very curious, now I should say something for someone who is listening for the first time, and I'm just keeping this short because everyone hears it over and over again but I just assume always that there's someone tuning in that doesn't even know what they are listening to.

I'm a author of a book, I wrote a book called "The Reincarnation of Edgar Cayce" and it was my first entree into studying the cosmosologies of the other realms, and I became very convinced that David Wilcock was in fact Edgar Cayce and that who was speaking through him was very wise, and they explained who they were and I could recognize their wisdom, but, when they explained who they were I couldn't validate it directly but intuitively it made a lot of sense.

And then, of course, while I was writing the book I had two personal relationships in a row that had a voice start talking to me through these people that identified itself as the "Council of Elohim" and the Elohim described themselves as another group soul, and I asked many of the questions concerning the book I was writing and they answered exactly the same as was coming through the book.

So I started to get the idea that maybe all this cosmology of group souls and dimensional shifts and end of cycles had something to it, because, put yourself in my position, it's an extraordinary experience to have three people, all coming forth with the same cosmology, and it's almost like the conversation ends with one and gets picked up with the other, and so in this process of having these conversations, I started to recognize energies that were present when I was communicating and asking questions. And I paid very close attention to those energies. And it took me awhile to figure this out, but the energies that were present were connected to the voice that was talking to me. I asked many questions about that, and they said yes that was them present.

So I kept experimenting and it was very, very consistent and they told me they were tracking me, that I was doing something, that I had figured out how to do something that was fairly unusual in this realm, which was just not to channel them, or have them speak through somebody, but to actually be a bridge from their energy into the physical world. And then I learned they were group souls with millions of individual souls.

Remember when I was talking about Coca Cola is the end result, but behind it there are, I don't know if there is a million, but there's certainly fifty to a hundred thousand or more people that are all responsible for the cans of Coca Cola that show up everywhere. So now I'm learning there's millions of soul beings, energies, that are responsible for this energy that we call God, and they operate as a conglomerate, and as a team, and the way they describe it is they do become one.

They start out of oneness, so essentially there is one source, so we're not saying there's a million God's, but we're saying that there’s one source of energy that at its subdivisions turns into millions of source energies and all those first millions act as the, I'm using the Coca Cola factory, they act as the God factory, I guess would be a way to say it keeping the analogy, so they have different sub-sections, this one does this, that one does that, and they're pure energy, and as pure energy they come from the place where time almost stops, and they can ride the energies into this realm, and so when we are on this line, everyone listening has that potential to have that energy in your space, and recruit part of this team, this factory, this God factory, that's a good name for a book, “The God Factory”, to manifest as an energetic presence in your own physical space.

So obviously you can see how an energetic presence in your physical space, if somebody has that, and they are experiencing that, they don't need to know that there is a factory behind it, so to speak. They don't need to know that, they just can be in the experience of "I feel energy in my space that's uplifting that seems to be aware of me and it stops there." And this idea of the God Factory is something that if you just said it, then why should you believe it's true? Why should that be true more than anything else?

So in this particular circumstance, somebody would have to study my material and based on the material say: “Yes, maybe Wynn has got right maybe it does work that way,” because otherwise, there has to be some evidence, there has to be some way of validating it, of course, in the material, it goes extensively into history, past episodes, how they manifested in the past, the clues they left, because they have left lots and lots of clues, and if no one points the clues out to you, you will miss it. But when you start looking at the clues you can see that there is an intentional intent to leave things that you can discover so that you'll say, "It may be true, maybe this is real." For example, they will say something through a channeling of Edgar Cayce’s and then they will make David Wilcock fulfill a prophecy, or they'll make a little statement through Carla Rueckert and, then what they said through Carla Rueckert will be cross-referenced by someone else, so if one was going to be a scholar you could do a huge cross referencing of all these clues and if you do, which is what I did, you will have to come to the conclusion that this has got to be real.

And if you read "The Reincarnation of Edgar Cayce", I worked very hard to put those clues together in a fairly scholarly way, which is not my normal way of being, but I realized that I’m presenting a case to people that they are going to have to validate for themselves.

So there are lots and lots of clues there and there are lots and lots of clues all around this whole circumstance, so that's why you need to study it. Because that's what gives you a reason to have faith; and faith, based on clues, not based, well, not to say that faith that comes from a religion that you are in because you are brought up in it, faith could still lead you into the experience of the energy that could be present around you and you can call that God or Holy Spirit, and if you have it, then there is no reason to pay attention to what I am saying.

But if you don't have that, if a religion is just a social structure, a place to meet nice people on Sunday, which is okay, realize that's what it is and it's not leading you back to a higher understanding or experience of things. It's just a community and there's no reason to the leave the community because you start having higher understandings. Just be in the community, and it is that for what it is, it's a highly intended community and it's probably better than a lot of the other kinds of communities that you might come into in your life.

So, what is it like to feel this energy in your space? What is the good of it? Okay. Why? Well probably, the number one benefit of feeling this energy is that it is unconditional. And once you learn to tune into it, you can do it all the time, and now you have a source of what we all wish we had is unconditional love, that you can stop it a moment and say okay, and bring that energy in and no matter what the circumstance know that you’ve got a friend. And you’ve got a companion, an inner companion, and that's a great benefit.

What's another benefit?

Another benefit is that when you have an intention, intentions, I’ve said this many times, no matter how many times I say it, it's a hard thing to totally grasp and use, but each of us is a creator in this realm. And when you’re creating in this realm and you start accessing the parts of yourself that are in other realms, it greatly increases the power of your creativeness and what you can actually make happen.

And when you have these connections, then whatever you do as an intention, if your intention is high, particularly of service to other people, you get the help of these group souls adding to your intention.

And so, basically we all become partners in co-creating transformation, because this realm is in a state of transformation, and each of us is playing a part, our own little part. And if we’re just alone and little, we have an alone and little part because it is a very limited factor that just one person can do in actually changing this realm.

But, when you have a team, again, if we talk about the Coca Cola factory, the God Factory, you can actually be a member of the God Factory, and be of the inner team at the same time you're in a body.

So now you are here, what's the way Jesus said it? He said, “I am in this realm but I am not of it." So you can now learn to be in both places at once, you’re in the God Factory and you're in this realm and so once you're in the God Factory your level of responsibility increases dramatically. Because now you co-create and share, not just your intentions but the intentions of these group soul energies, which is as I read it, is they are intent on trying to help lift the vibration of this realm and they need humans, to help be partners in it, because they can't do it from where they're at, they need to connect with us.

So making this connection if it's real for you, and you see the big picture, really it increases your level of responsibility for being alive, and for making a contribution, and you can't do this out of your mind, you have to make a connection.

Then you have to hold the connection. The way it starts is at first you make a connection and you go back to your old patterns then you make the connection and you go back to the old patterns.

And, as most of us realize it's not easy to get over our habit patterns of the way we operate.

Even when we have that experience of spirit being present with us, even when you feel that energy and you say "I'm going to hold that energy" you go back to your old patterns and you feel empty, ineffective, lonely, lost, unworthy.

Then you go back to having the experience and feel that energy with you, and then you go back again.

One teacher I had used to call this, the theory of reversibility, that when you are growing, you grow two steps forward and one step back. But it's kind of like a sine wave that's going higher, you keep going back then you go up, then you go back but the ups get higher and the lows get less low. So it's going up and up and up, so this is why it's very important to understand this process because you need patience.

Everyone wants everything now, and it doesn't seem to work that way, It seems to work, you go up, you go down, you go up, you go down, and most people, may not even be going on their sine wave they are just going in their own reality system box which means they go up, then down, up and down, but there's no upward motion to it, it just goes back and forth in the same amplitudes, up and down.

But once you get a reference point for spirit, or for higher energies or other dimensions, and you keep referring back to that reference point then the ups do get higher and the downs get higher and it becomes like an escalating sine wave that eventually levels out, and of course, as you're in this process the responsibility for service to others becomes greatly enhanced because the game changes, at the lower level of game it's like I need a nice life, I need a nice house, I want to get married I want to have kids, I want to do all, you know, have all these human goals.

But, at a certain point when you realize you have the power, through you to change or help or contribute or be a reference point for this energy in this realm, and somebody changes, you know you just can't think it; you have to experience it in reality.

That I did this and somebody changed their life because of me, and “Wow, I didn't know I could change lives, I didn't know I could do this.”

Of course, you didn't actually do it, it happened in spite of yourself, but if you weren’t there, it wouldn't have happened.

If you didn't say that word it wouldn't have occurred.

If you didn't extend that kindness it wouldn't have happened.

So you took some action to transform someone else and later on you discovered that that happened.

And, now you go into a state of contemplation, “How did I do that? I didn't feel great that day.”

And yet you did it, something happened that you contributed to someone else, and now you say "How can I do that again?" and "What does it mean to do that?”

And, as I see it, it's a matter of becoming transparent, and realizing that every moment you never know there's opportunities.

And often times people don't take the opportunities that are in front of them to make a difference.

They don't want to get involved, they are afraid that they might get rejected, they're afraid that some somebody will depend on them all the time and be dumping on them and calling them all week and they won't be able to get away from them so "I don't want to get involved, that person is too screwed up." And of course those are all possibilities so they are reasonable possibilities.

But because those are possibilities and because we've let and allowed that to happen to us, we miss the real opportunities to take action when it can totally make a difference.

That's where you need to be really, really, sharp, to pay attention very closely and seize the moment when that's there, one way of looking at it, or thinking about it is if you're, thinking you would love to have a relationship, a loving relationship with someone and you meet somebody and there's this beautiful energy present and you know they like you and at that moment if you say the right thing, you can cement the energy and perhaps have the beginning of that relationship that you always wanted.

And often times you'll think I'll come back to this, I'll just phone them up and if I do this, this is really going to be a commitment, I'm going to be really committed because I'm in the energy now and if I say it, this is going to be the real thing.

And so, instead of taking the real thing, you put it to the side and think it's always going to be there for you like you think, “Maybe there is something better, do I want to go for this now?”, and you lose it.

And when you try to go back and recapture that moment, or call that person, it's not there, you can't do it. But it was there and if you took the action in the moment that it was there, doesn't mean that it would happen, but it certainly has a higher possibility of happening than if you put it on the back burner and say "I'm going to get back to it."

So that's one of things I've learned is to pay very, very, close [attention] to those energies in the moment, and when the energy is there to act on it, and that might mean talking about my book to someone, or that might mean who knows what, but it means seizing the moment.

And this works not just for personal relationships it works for businesses, it works for friends, it works for whatever. That when you feel that connection, if you can say something in that moment, to anchor it, you stand a much higher chance of making it real than putting it on your back burner and thinking it's going to be there waiting anytime you call, because it's not.

And this is how you have to work to make something happen in the world.

So, part of this is all about silence, emptiness.

In spite of the fact that there's this huge God Factory and there's all these complexities of energies, that are working in tandem as a team to keep the universe running, so to speak.

The way to connect with this is by shutting up; is by emptying yourself, leaving space. Now we can do that, right on this line.

You know, once you get hooked on the phenomena of having them talk to you, and certainly I did for a while. I mean it's like "Okay let's have a channeling and we’ll just ask these questions, let’s ask this…It’s just fascinating, trying to say, they don’t want to talk, Is this real? Is this real? Is this real?” But ultimately having them talk to you doesn’t approach the power and the fullness of having them energetically connect to you.

And, they tell me, and I believe it's true, that they are paying attention to you on this line, I said that earlier, and that those of you that trust this, can empty yourself, and if they going to connect, it's not a connection that happens like: "Hello, how are you?" and "How are you?" and shaking hands.

It's suddenly a blending of energies where you feel love light in your space.

Some of you that are more sensitive can feel these little flashes just when you look around you.

You can imagine, this is what they say and I think it's how it works, is that energy is connected through this huge hologram going right now to the beginning of creation, or the top of all the matrixes, and once you make the connection, you can hold it because those of you that are connecting, we’ll do this right now, and you can go through the experience and we will do this without any channeling, because you have to know that you don't need a channeled voice to make a connection, to make them your friend, to make them your partner.

You just need high intention and to be positively wanting to use this, not as like “Wow this is an interesting phenomena,” but in service to others.

So, let's take a moment and feel that energy....

And when you're in that flow of energy, suddenly you start to sense, that you're not your body; that you’re far bigger than your body.

And think of all the people that are listening to my voice, can you feel connected to them right now?

And once we make the connection, it stays; I don't have to keep talking. In fact some of you are thinking, "Wynn shut up I feel it."

Now how did I do that?

How do I make that energy come in, when you guys are thousands miles apart?

I’m not doing it, I just learned that I can ask and intend and you can be open and it will happen.

And it's something that I just kept testing and saying, "Hey it's really working."

And so, if it works for me, it can work for you.

You may all try, and I suggest you do this relatively soon, so that you can remember it.

When you wake up tomorrow morning and you’re feeling a little cranky and you're feeling a bit out of sorts, and it's the morning, take a moment and say, "Okay God, okay High Sources, I'm open, I’m open to blend with you, help me through my day, help me get up this morning, help me face those people that give me problems during the day."

Make the connection, and be quiet, and hold the connection for a while and anchor the connection and then go out in the world and do whatever you're going do, but hold that connection as much as you can through the day.

And this is practice; this is like turning your own life into a little monastery because now you're a walking God Source. You're a walking energy that uplifts the realm, and part of you is back in the God Factory, helping to manufacture and make the connection, and the other part is being a human, in doing whatever you do every day, and you're having synchronicities, you're having things happen, because you’re operating in both levels.

So, tomorrow morning, or sometime tomorrow, stop during the course of the day, stop and ask, I've learned to distinguish between these energies in the God Factory. And of course there's the Elohim energy and the Ra energy, and they are both working with this group, and you can feel them both together and not try to separate them; you don't need to, because it is all one.

But, if you are trying to distinguish you would find that the Ra energy is very close in and almost inside you, maybe is inside you, so close that it can be you.

The Elohim energy is out in your periphery you can feel it far, far away from you, beaming in, and feeling how they feel in your space.

And when you really make the connection what you'll realize is that before you came into this call, no matter what was happening to you, no matter what your thoughts and emotions were, no matter how pent up you were, or uptight or anxious or mad, or hurt, suddenly you made this connection and this just goes away.

It's like you're new, a new person, and of course this is where you will hold that energy for so long, and then you will go back into the old patterns, and this is where you go back and forth, back and forth, that's why this is important what we're doing on these Monday calls. Because it's helping to give you a repeating reference point.

And, are you there Terry?

Terry: Yes, I am

Wynn: Here I am talking and talking and talking.

Terry: Well that's okay. I'm kind of tired, because I was working on our new book last night until late.

Wynn: You know Terry is sitting in McDonalds and she is a person been acting as a voice for these energies that we’re experiencing, and often times she does a little channeling on this call, and it sounds like she is tired today….


And on that note, we will say goodbye to BBS, and will continue on the phone line. Thank you Seth and we'll talk to you later.

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