Thank you to Suzanne Hayes for transcribing this

This is our Wednesday conference call, July 22.
This is Wynn in Arizona and Terry in Los Angeles. This is the call where people submit questions and we ask the questions that people submit.

We will start off with a little meditation. Right now I would like everyone to create the intention to bring our energies together and if you are listening to this on the replay line you can join just as well because there is no time in this call. The energies are present no matter when you listen to it. So we are going to blend our energies. You can shut our eyes and some of you will feel the connection as we do this. We blend our energies and recreate a group energy, kind of like a group soul in the physical realm, for this moment of the call. We now invite our Sources, which has identified themselves as a conglomerate of two group souls in other realms, to join with us and when they join we have a huge group energy, just those of us on this line and however many of them they assign to our project, are now working with us. That’s what they say and I believe it’s true. We can take this energy and we can now access it and bring it back down through us, it’s like, we are sending the energy up through our crown chakra and then we’re going to bring it back down, and when we bring it down, we are accessing a huge group energy as well as each other’s energy, as well as each other’s energy. Now we move that energy down through our heads, and anywhere there are obstacles or resistance or stuckness, we can ask for this energy, for the highest good of all concerned, to let it flow; to let it release. Down through our heads, through our neck, through our chest, particularly in our chest is a place we hold things.

We are going through all our chakras, so the neck, is the throat, which is the speech, and when you get all your energies working, your speech is connected to your heart, so when you talk you communicate your love with just the sound of your voice. In your heart is the place where we carry judgment, un-forgiveness, hurt, betrayal. So we take a big breath and let it all go. Our solar plexus. Fear, anxiety, victimization, lack of power. See the solar plexus as really strong and strengthened. We go through our sexual areas, in which is called our root chakra, which is the ground to the earth. So we move through our bodies, through our feet and into the earth and we create a connection all the way from the celestial realms through our bodies and into the earth. We are anchoring this energy right here on this call with the help of our group soul friends.
We will let them do a greeting then ask some questions.
Ra’An: We greet you in the Lovelight of the One Infinite Creator. It is our pleasure to be with you, each and every one of you on the line today and each and every one on the replay line who listens to this call at another time which is the now. Now is where the action and the power point is for future building of energy and putting together of matrices conforming to the ideas accompanying other sides which then are put in to play and manifested into the present now. As there are formations out in the ethers that are beginning to take shape of possibilities for future actions, however, they may not come about, they may only still be just possibilities, as the actions then become more and more crystallized until the point of now where then they then affect.
There are many possibilities for the future but until they kick into the present and ground with the individuals in the present. There is no time really, there is a crystallization that becomes more and more apparent. As things are farther out in the formation. As your group works together, they may then come in change the formation before it comes to the crystallized state. One area where one may change the future, is to lessen the effect, as we are doing right now as we are talking about earthquake magnitudes. We are talking slowly as we are changing times, concerning the formations of earthquakes. We are anxious to hear your questions and it is our delight to be with each and every one of you tonight.

Wynn: Thank You.
Now I have a question from Vandy. I don’t think she is on the line but this is kind of a good general question and I am sure she will listen to it. The question is: Do we choose the time we will die and the manner? Is it a choice before incarnation? Are there several options? Can we change our minds during incarnations, and what if we tire of life, are we made to continue? Or, what if we want to continue and get sick, how can we change that?

Ra’An: We are delighted to hear from Vandy again. You have a good question. When one is first on the other side before they enter into a lifetime in the third density, and not every case is like this, but in general, they are worked with by a briefing crew who then discuss goals and they make a general idea of how long they wish the contract to be in the earth realm. As some individuals energy will not last past that particular date as they would tire and need to come back home to be refreshed. We are always happy to have them come back home and to welcome them back into the heaven gate. One when they come into this realm, if they come in through the actual flow of individuals from heaven into the third density realm, may have a contract for a certain number of years or a certain period. Then, as the individual’s year; that ending of the contract terms, there may be factors that they have run across in their life’s situation which would make them desirous of staying longer and they may change their contract and stay longer past the time they were planning on leaving. It may manifest as someone who was ill and expected to terminate his lifetime but then suddenly becomes renewed and is able to continue, perhaps even in a sick posture, but is holding on because they wish to complete something in the third density realm, or they wish to stay with a partner longer than they had originally planned for that lifetime.
It is a beautiful thing when one would like to stay longer with a partner and drawing energy from the earth and drawing energy from the higher realms and asking with prayers to extend one’s life so that they may experience the beautiful communication and interaction with another so one may change his contact and stay longer.
Now there are other types, particularly the Wanderers who may not have a set time in which to be here. They would have in general a time considering a task, a goal, a purpose that they wish to accomplish or they may simply change in midstream and see something that was more fulfilling along the line of what they wanted to accomplish or a way to help people and so to stay longer. Mother Teresa was one such person that wished to stay longer to help individuals, but in her body situation had vestiges of the old contract time and left still wishing to help individuals and wishing to carry on even after she had passed away and could no longer do so. So there we have individuals who can stay past their contract, or individuals who really did not make a contract as far as time went but made a contract as far as a purpose, or maybe just maybe a Wanderer who was just moving around seeing who they could help or situations that would fulfill their purpose and fulfill their growth pattern. Does that answer your question?
Wynn: I think it answers the question. Sandy is on the line, she did say, what if we tired of life and want to continue and get sick, how do we change that?

Ra’An: You may ask. You have it changed. You ,may ask for the higher frequencies to come in and heal yourself. If you tire of life and wish to return, you also let the higher forces know, but they will know. And your own life’s pattern will move into a closing, without an abnormal circumstance. It will appear natural as your tiredness will be manifested in your body functions and your ability to heal, as when one is tired they are not as catalyzing as well as they could if they make some changes. One may make unhealthy changes as when one is tired of living and wishes to return they may not feel like eating properly or they may feel listless. One must be careful that one does not to interpret tiredness as the desire to leave or lose a grasp on one’s life as their time is over and to return. One must evaluate it to avoid future karma. If one wishes to return and is completed, then that is one thing, but if one is trying to avoid a situation of difficult karma and is just trying to hide or get away from something it may engender future karma for which they would need to return, or not need to return, but for which the pressures would be on them from the uncompleted action within their own matrix and goals and purpose would be to return and complete it.

Wynn: Ok. I think that is a good answer. And we have a question from Donna who is saying she is unemployed and she is having problems with her legs and she thinks the two are connected. Her ankles swell, the veins are engorging. The sensation is unpleasant. I work daily to trust spirit as my sustenance but as the legs are the source of my physical support, I assume that the manifestations I am experiencing are telling me that I am not truly releasing my fears about monetary security. Can you help my legs? Can you help me release my fears and move towards total trust in spirit?

Ra’An: Your legs are your support and your movement on your path, and your movement forward. You’re not working puts you into a different mode of action, so that when you are working you have certain schedules that you must keep in a framework that you act within which acts as guidelines of the organization of your day. When you are not working there can be laxity in the discipline based upon perhaps not as much standing, as much walking, as much activity as much routines; eating of meals at a certain times. This can, when the disciplines of the daily routine is not adjusted or must be changed can lead to the body function being somewhat changed or upset. Take a look at your elimination cycle. When liquids are being held in the body there may be a holding of liquids or solid matters within the body that back up the body systems and prevent it from the dispelling of liquids in the legs and feet. When one is not working; does not have the same intense motivation to be somewhat at a certain time and to dress oneself in an outgoing manner, and then this interaction between people is lessened in the situation of the not working, there may be less interaction between people and this may also make a change in the body. We would also suggest you review your diet and make sure your PH remains in an alkaline format. You can get some PH paper and check your first morning urine and see exactly where your PH is, as it is hard to heal when your PH is acid or is totally in the blue zone or so alkaline that your body is taking calcium from the bones to buffer your blood. We would ask if Donna is on the line if she would have more comments or questions to pursue along these lines?
Donna: Yes I am here. I will do the PH paper. I will check that. I don’t know what else. I am pretty disciplined and I’m pretty active and I have a good diet so I don’t know we will see. So thank you. I will definitely need to check that PH, I don’t know that.
Ra’An: Yes, and also you need to correct your PH if your PH is in the blue zone or the yellow zone which would be carrot, celery juice, fresh made or calcium with aloe vera.

Donna: I take aloe vera every day and carrot juice.

Ra’An: You may want to mix celery with that carrot. Celery and carrot juice mixed.
Donna: Thank You

Wynn: Ok. The next question. This is from Sandy. I haven’t found a place yet in my travels that I can call home. I suppose that is Ok, but also feel there is such a place. Is that true? If so, she said, where would that be? But I think I am going to ask a better question. I think a better question is, how do I find it. Where would it be, would be like giving up your power. If you want to answer that you can, but just suggesting. How do I find it is probably a better question.
Ra’An: Where is Sandy at this time? Is Sandy in Cottonwood?

Wynn: I think so, yes

Ra’An: We would suggest that home is where the heart is and although that may sound like a cliché, it is very true. For that would indicate that you have not found an area in which you can give and receive and feel love and be loved. This may take some patience and you may wish to find through your job, or another job probably, the part about give and take between your co-workers. This will be a start towards finding a place where you would like to be. It is not so much the location that you are in, although, if you take a look at the different communities across America, there may be an area where there would be more people that you would be able to relate easily to. So you might take a look across the different places in America. College towns perhaps? See what your abilities and your references are and just think about different places and who might be located in those areas, as groups go, which you would relate to more easily than where you are now. We don’t wish to make up your mind for you, or to give you exact locations, as you, by your making of this plan, will lay a groundwork trail for your future growth and development and your openness to synchronicities for meeting people who you may really get along with well and feel the heart connection.

Wynn: Thank You
Here is another question which was: I have had a long history of female imbalance and would like to get pregnant. Is there something I can do or someone I can see, a doctor, healer to best assist me to be successful?

Ra’An: We would suggest you talk with Dr. Bob Marshall’s group as he has some experience with the balancing of the hormones that would increase the likelihood of pregnancy. There may be other doctors who also work with the balancing of the hormones to increase the chances of pregnancy. We will give you the telephone number, 310-320-1132 that you may call to ask someone as Dr. Marshall’s facility if there would be someone near you that you could go that would work with you in this capacity. It is a wonderful thing to be pregnant and to build and work with a child and be open for the spirit to come in and we take a minute and send you synchronicities for the evolution of this. Do you have further questions?

Sandy: No I have no more questions. Thank You

Wynn: Ok. My sister Joanne had asked for help in healing her bones and she said she also had a dream message. She is not that well, she is bed ridden and her dream message was. I’m a normal body in an independent soul. She has a question as to what that message meant and she said that was kind of strange because normally you think of a body with a soul but this was a normal body and an independent soul. Could you take look at that?

Ra’An: Give us a minute. The words were I am a normal body and an independent soul that would be I am an independent soul?

Wynn: Yes

Ra’An: Give us a minute. Yes. (we are searching for the right word here) When one takes into account one’s body and that particular body is ill or lacking vitamin D; lacking the utilization of vitamin D and perhaps needing a different form of vitamin D; when one’s bones are not holding up, besides the things that have already spoken about the Ph being proper, the person, the soul has a body, mock up that is the normal mock up. In other words, in another dimension your sister has a normal body force or model that is there for her that she is emulating. That would be her normal body in her soul mock up and the body she has that is not totally functional is not really her model body, and the other body is there for her as a reference point and a source point and a manifestation point for her future to build on. Another way to say it is that, all is well in the higher dimensions from which we all stem from and receive our reference points from and our information from. Does that make sense?

Wynn. Then she said, can there be help from your side to help her body readjust?

Ra’An: That is beautiful that she is dreaming of her perfect body model. She can keep that dream as a reference and picture her body morphing into it’s perfect body model. Keep that as the really joyous thought and that will help somewhat. Then she can do picture exercises, even though in bed, picture her legs for strengthening, releasing her muscles very gently and her arms and her legs. Tightening and letting go, gently, very gently if she can and then picture her normal body model and picture her body morphing into her normal body model. This can move her situation to some degree.

Wynn: Ok Thank you. The next question and I think this is our last question of the evening and this is from Glenda. Actually I am going to add an overriding question to this and that is. When we read in the news that there is so much things that happen that are causing pain and suffering and injustice for people, there is a feeling of frustration to observe that and in particular Glenda’s question was about a young man who was held captive by a group, this from Idaho in a small rural town. She took this out of the news. A twenty-three year old private Birdale, who was serving with an Alaska infantry regiment earlier this month, when he vanished just five months after arriving in Afghanistan. He was serving at a base near the border with Afghanistan in an areas known to be a Taliban stronghold. What can be done to help this young man and his family? I assume, this is Wynn commenting, that he has just disappeared and no one knows if he is captive or dead and she is asking what can be done, if anything for his family, which is grieving I’m sure.

Ra’An: This gentlemen has been captured and is giving some news broadcasts so one may check these broadcasts to get news of him, however it is very disheartening. He is under guard. He is treated with very much distain and he doesn’t think he can ever get out of it. One can offer him the orientation within his aura, or further out from is aura, an idea in his surrounding jail space that there is a possibility that he can come home and that he can suddenly be released and he can have a different outcome as he cannot see within himself that he is going to have a good outcome. He is reading all the people around him as if he is not going to have a good outcome and this making matters worse for him not good for him. It is a very difficult situation in the first place, because they really distain him and is making a bad example of him. So when we put within his space and in the space of his jailers the idea that he could possibility that he could be released, this jailers then think that they might utilize him to have some gains for their side. He is really bleak about the whole thing which is probably why he was captured in the first place, he is so bleak.
He has some personal things too, which help to create his situation. It is karma and areas which he wishes to learn, and mind you when we say these things we caution everyone that listens, that they only take to themselves what resonates for themselves and do not try to apply the things that we say blanketly to oneself who is just listening on the line, as sometimes, for instance with this soldier, we say he has some karmic issues that offers him the orientation of being more bleak about his circumstances. As one knows when one acts bleak, one engenders bleakness in those that are in the spirit. If he would suddenly to breakthrough the distain with which they treat him, and perhaps there could be someone in his environment that does not treat him with distain, and he could use this to boost himself up physiologically to handle this situation in a better way. We have offered a change by looking at this situation in the etheric plane surrounding where he is kept and his jailers.

Wynn: I would like to ask a question myself related to a general principle behind that and that is. There are some people that say everything was meant to happen and has a purpose, and if it’s meant to happen it happened. It is as if our destiny is preordained. And there is another point of view, that once we are in this realm by our thoughts, by our actions, by our attitudes we can change things by our attitude.

Ra’An: Yes. Everything is created minute by minute in the now, therefore if someone were to change their orientation and their leanings what manifestations they were creating they would change the present in the now and the outcomes to go along with their orientations and they would then attract outcomes that matched their orientation. Therefore one’s who say everything is meant to be are right and those who say everything can be changed are also right. Does that makes sense?

Wynn: Yes. So if they are both right then obviously one can change to the other and the individual can changes his position in relationship to timelines.
Ra’An: Yes and then he is a different thing to be and it is meant to be.
Wynn: Thank you. That is our last question for the evening.
Glenda: Hello, this is Glenda. I was just wonderful if there was anything we can do to help the family at home. I have two sons there in Afghanistan or in Iraq and maybe three now and I realize the torment they are all in. This young man may have karma but. Do you understand what I am trying to say?
Ra’An: What we were doing was offering this soldier every opportunity to change his situation. We cautioned you about taking on and equating it to other situations of other people in Afghanistan. We were only giving only information about that particular soldier.
Glenda: I don’t understand. You helped him?
Ra’An: We offered the opportunity to change the etheric situations surrounding him that is particular his situation and to the situation of his captors. We worked with that situation to ease it up and to take a look at new possibilities that he could change his orientation and his surrounding people at the time that they can, perhaps one of them can be more friendly and move his to be more confident or more hopeful about the outcome of his situation. This situation was only meant for this particular soldier and no other soldier in Afghanistan.

Glenda: Well, he’s the only one held captive as far as I know but of course we don’t know everything, far from it. It would be kind of hard. Imagine yourself being held captive by people who hate Americans. It would be, to say the least, very trying.

Ra’An: It is a difficult situation and that is why we entered for cheerful outcomes within the possibility of the etheric surrounding this soldiers. But do not equate it with the other soldiers within Afghanistan. This is for his particular situation.

Glenda: Ok. I asked if there is anything we can do, meaning the group. What is the answer to that?
Ra’An: We can also send love-light right to the family. The family is very concerned. They are somewhat in psychic in touch with their son and they are picking that their son is feels hopeless about this and therefore that whole particular orientation is setting a course for him and working to change that orientation he would begin on a different outcome. We would continue to work with him and the cheering up of the soldier, and because they are so connected with him, would cheer up he family.
Glenda: Thank you. I understand a little better what you were talking about. At first I didn’t quite get what you were saying. Thank you Ra’An.

Ra’An: We appreciate you for stating your ideas and your thoughts on this as communication is hard to get across .
Glenda: Thank you very much.

Ra’An: We were wondering at this point how Donna is doing and if Donna has a comment.

Donna: No. I don’t really have any comments. I appreciate your answering me though.

Ra’An: Yes. You may wish to call that number and to run by your particular situation with someone they can recommend near you. There may be balancing within the organs of the body that could help you correct the problems in your legs and it is good you are looking into it now.

Donna: Thank you

Wynn: Ok we are going to bring this to a close and thank you all for being here and thank you Terry for answering and thank you to our Source.