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Thank you Suzanne Hayes for the transcript below of last Weds question and answer call. We already sent out the audio but I know many of you like to read it. This is still in a rough edit stage.


Wednesday Night Call
This is July 29
th, 2009 and this is our Wednesday night conference call where we are going to ask some questions of our source from people that submitted questions.

Before we start we will just do a little meditation bringing our energies together, and if you are listening and this is your first time on, I would suggest you find a quiet space, turn the TV off, shut the door, don’t be disturbed, because when we do these meditations, we are not just doing it in our own localized consciousness. If you open up to the energies you will find that you can expand. It’s hard to describe this until you experience it, but you will sense energies connecting with you. We are working with sources which are in other dimensions that are able to connect with you no matter where you are in the world when you listen to this and no matter if you listen live or on the replay line. I would say that I have learned this is true because it’s happened, it’s worked. So many people have responded. I did not know it was true when we first started doing these calls. It was something I had to learn by doing, and say, well let’s do an experiment and see if this works. It kind of works on the principle that all of us are one and in the physical realm we don’t normally have that experience, or many of us don’t. If your are listening consider it your experiment. Also if you are on and listening to this for the first time you might now want to have this experience and if you don’t want it, it won’t happen. 
You can just listen, and listen to it in your own mind and listen to the questions and just evaluate it over time, and see if you’re open to this, because sometimes people are afraid they will lose themselves, and that has not been my own experience with anyone who has checked in with these calls, but you have to come to your own sense of safety and openness yourself, not because I say so. I always tell people when it comes to these, you can call them higher forces, you can call them group souls in other dimensions, you can call them radiant energy forms, and I’ve learned they are as real as you and I, only we can’t see them. By coming into these calls repetitively, you will learn their energy just as when you are with someone in the physical you can feel their energy present as well as physical presence, these guys are just as present energy wise but they are not physical. They have a hard time connecting with us, and by being on this call we are learning how to turn into their frequency. So right now we will just intend that all our energies will come together and we as the humans on this call, no matter where we are in the world, no matter what time we listen to this call, can come together energetically and create a group energy. If you shut your eyes you may feel something start to shift. You may notice white energy, or what I am calling white energy in the top of your head and you may feel the area which people call the third eye. You may notice yourself getting relaxed. You may notice goose bumps. Different people react in different ways. When we have this group energy we can invite our sources to join with us. So we can visualize in another dimension our energies coming together and these energies that are in those same dimensions. We make a stipulation that the energies that join us be positive, service to others, honoring the Law of One for some people it is important to say the Christed energy but that’s just another way of saying the Law of One. That does not mean we are a religion.

When we join with all these energies we now have a group energy with all of us and all of them who are participating with us, and we can bring that energy and draw on it back into our own bodies and systems. Imagine above your head this energy that we have just created and then we are going to bring it back down through our head, and now it’s going to as it come through us but it greatly amplified from when we started, and helps release those places where we are stuck. We are all stuck, everyone is stuck. You can’t be human and not be stuck. So right now let it go. Find an area of stuckness and just let this energy surround it and dissolve it. It’s like sugar in water. Just let go of any anxieties of the day; stresses of the day. Let go of any resentment, hurts, people who slighted you. Let go of any attachment to anything in this world. Just being with this energy right in this moment.
Our bodies are not even our bodies. They are just bodies in the middle of this flow of energy. When we leave this realm we will still be in that flow of energy even if there is no body there as we have created an open space for our sources.

(Wynn calls in the light)
Father, Mother God, we ask for the presence of the light to surround and protect every one of us, and that any negativity be taken to the higher realms of light and transmuted for the highest good of all concerned. We see ourselves in the flow of energy radiating from the center of our galaxy and into the center of the earth. Right now we invoke a group energy and ask these sources to join with our energy.

We have some questions. I want to tell everyone that when you hear the answers to the questions always apply your own discernment, and don’t accept this as blind truth because our channel is human and she can mix her own thoughts up with an answer. The bottom line is what can you take home with you and use to increase your own connection to these energies and your own quality of life and your own ability to be of service. On that note we will turn it over and let them make an introductory remark.

Ra’An: We greet you in the love-light of the One Infinite Creator. We are pleased to be with you this July 29
th, 2009, Wednesday evening, in the focal point of Los Angeles California, beaming and moving, manifesting through space and becoming focal points at each point where an individual is listening, as the one’s on the call are grounding the call. We would suggest that each individual take off your shoes so that you may ground and relax from the stresses of the day and feel the ground or the floor underneath your feet. We would reiterate what Wynn has said about only taking into your own consideration those things which are resonating with you or valuable to you, or something you can use. When one particular person asked a question the answer is geared to that particular person and may not apply to any other person, therefore it is important to sort it out and only take for yourself those things which make sense or apply to you and to let the rest go as not applicable to you at this juncture in time. Just let that go then. We welcome your questions.

Wynn: Ok. We have some really interesting questions today and I always wonder how are they going to answer that, so let’s give it a try. Somebody read one of our message-a-day and it said, ‘as it is written in your Bible, they say in the end times, when Christ comes again and walks among you, it is actually an awakening in the cellular matrix of every human on the planet who is free willingly opens to the receiving of these higher transmissions; that every rock and stone shall start to speak.’ That was actually a channeling through Daphne from 2003. So Debra asked this question. She recently visited a cousin in a small town in Renviolate, a small town in Ireland. He found a stone that seemed to have a crystal core on his land and had the stone dug up and placed it as a standing stone on his farm facing the ocean.

Ok, he found a stone on his land and placed it on a stand on his farmland facing the ocean. I found a similar version of this stone near the newly uncovered stone and laid it on the larger stone for charging, and later brought this smaller stone back with me to the States. Strangely, I have grown fond on this stone, but in any case, my cousin was told he had been the keeper of this stone before and that on September 9
th, 2009 it is scheduled to release information onto the planet. Is there any validity to this information, and if possible could you let me know what the programming and information that this stone is holding and is soon to be released?
Ra’An: Stone and crystalline structures. This stone is able to imbibe frequencies much as a stone receives warmth and stays warm long after the sun goes down until it releases it’s warmth in the cool air of the night-time. So this stone is able to imbibe other frequencies as the frequencies within the earth plane increase. Many are familiar with the tips; crystalline elements in radios and other electronic equipment which can imbibe and then relate information in the form of bursts of electronic transmissions. Much as the radio needs other parts to be able to translate the bursts of electronic information, so this stone would need someone that could be aware and receptive to information that it would be passing on. There are other stones, that would sing with new frequencies as the frequencies of the earth increases. If you have ever heard about Atlantis crystalline substances were used for transmission of heat and light. Those are our comments.

Wynn: I would like to add my own sub-set question to that, and that is. When you have something like that that can translate frequencies like that can we assume that that was always positive or could that be used for both positive and negative depending on the intent of the person using it?

Ra’An: The information that would be brought in and transformed into other downloaded information, would be information and more of a natural nature. In the encoding of the frequencies within the earth plane has just plain moved into higher frequencies, we do not reckon these are negative or positive. This would come about by an evaluation of someone who was determining and discerning whether something was negative or positive, in that one as the earth moves into the higher frequencies they have both positive and negative facts depending on their orientation.

Wynn. Thank you.
Next question.
This is a question from Tracy about the Indigo and Crystal adults and children. How old or far back in age are the Indigos and the Crystals also and what more specifically can we, who are more drawn, or called to work with, heal them, do for, or with them?

Ra’An: These are a group of individuals growing up now who have much to offer to earth, however they are within their own particular growth cycle and pattern as they do not have the concepts of diversionary mental processes that many of the older people have. Therefore they tend to be quick and to be able to duplicate easily and sensitive to the energies, however because they are more sensitive to the energies they may appear a little bit harder to deal to the older generation because they are so quick and the older generation does not see their propensities for grasping very quickly aspects of a situation which are blind to the older person. There has been some Indigo children starting to come in back into the forties. There are some Indigo children made as they release their own particular complexities and stay with the flow and grow. There are not very many from the forties but a few, and then moving into the fifties a few more, and the sixties maybe twenty thousand, and then moving into the seventies starting to be more. Eighties and nineties we get a flood of them and in the year two thousand here they are. Do you have further questions on that?

Wynn: The question was, how can we who are draw or called to work with them, do that?

Ra’An: When one works with them the best one to work with them would be one of their own as there are different levels of adaptation to social life in that group, however, if one wanted to work with them, one would open one’s heart and listen to them and if one did not understand where they were coming from or their position to simply listen and then see if one could figure it out later, to go home and write it down and try to piece together the puzzle of this Indigo child as many of them are gifted and have psychic gifts and so may arrive at conclusions that one may not see the connection between as to how they got to their conclusion. One can learn a great deal by simply listening and having an interest in what they are saying, and if one does not understand, then asking for clarification and training from the Indigo children, as one may learn very much from the Indigo children themselves.

Wynn: I will ask another question on the same line. Is the reason so many Indigo and Crystal children coming in because of the high energy of the dimensional shift allowing children to be born with more strands of DNA open at the get go?

Ra’An: There are virtually higher energy to the placing within the field of DNA within the higher energy strips, and strips some of the stiffness of the DNA and activates by vibration the DNA strand, which then causes the DNA to begin to vibrate at a higher frequency with it’s surroundings and can begin to activate more strands, and the Indigo then is able to, in a less unilateral manner to respond in a more non-linear manner, to respond to his surroundings as there is more actually going on to respond to. The DNA is moving with the process and it is an upgrading of the individual’s DNA, but that is not the entire picture. Also the individual who are coming in have to be ones who are more able to respond to the quickness; to the frequencies. Other individuals without that ability to respond are naturally selected out from coming in, therefore there are a higher percentage of beings coming in who are able to move with the times.

Wynn: Thank You

Next question. This if from Maya in Hawaii. I began to experience a burning sensation in my eye, like when harmful strong fumes get in contact with my eye. It’s not an acute experience but pretty noticeable, and does result in me needing to smallen the opening of my eyes. I assumed it was the computer screen, but then I observed it only happens on very specific emails. (Then she observed it often happens with message-a-day emails.) Then I observed it was not every one of those messages I read that was sending this experience, which I do not experience in other situations in my life. I am trying to observe the pattern of the consistency of this experience to see whether if a channeled source creates my response. I feel there is something to learn about myself in relationship to the universe. If I get a handle on what it is in my sub-conscious which is trying to communicate to me. By now I know there is no consistency by the following parameters. Then she gives all these instances on: Terry’s channels, Daphne’s channelings, Elohim messages, Ra messages, David Wilcock channelings, Carla Ruckert channelings, Egyptian topics. She wants to know if there is any input on this. There has to be a pattern I will recognize. I don’t just don’t really get what properties of the material I am supposed to evaluate. Thank you for any guidance.

Ra’An: We missed part of your question. In the list of different people’s channelings, is this what produces this result, can you tell from the email?

Wynn: The email is a little bit confusing and if this is unclear maybe we should put this question aside until we get some clarity on it, because she says, by now I know there is no consistency by the following parameters: Then she goes through all the different things; only Terry’s channelings, only Daphne’s, only Elohim, only Ra, only this, only that. So she says there is no consistency and then she says only these, so maybe we should put this question off until I can get clarification on what she is really asking unless you can tell.

Ra’An: When she says only Terry’s, only Daphne’s. Can you tell if that means that that produces the results?
Wynn: That is a little confusing. By now I know there is no consistency by the following parameters: Only Terry’s channelings, only Daphne’s channelings, only Elohim messages, only Ra messages. I am not sure what she is saying so unless you know or unless you know or want to make a general comment about the experience she has in her eyes when she is reading these things, we should table this for another time.

Ra’An: We suggest you table this for another time as this email is not clear as to which channelings are producing this result.

Wynn: Ok. So we will just table that.
I have a question and my question is concerning monatomic gold and monatomic elements. There has been history amongst certain individuals particularly the elite, where monatomic gold was used to open up their higher chakras. There has been several people that have had the opinion that using monatomic gold was something that would actually screw up your DNA. There was a question of what is the real value of monatomic gold? For those who are listening, monatomic gold is a way of processing gold so it becomes one molecule or one atom and it gets highly absorbable in your system. That is my question.
Ra’An: Thank you. Give us a minute. Give us another minute.
Monatomic gold creates when it is ingested, and moved into the cellular structures, it debilitates the strengthening off from structure, displacing other molecular structures that are not as strengthening to the structure. It is as if one has replaced a similar structure with a stronger structure that can open two ways: open to energy in and energy out, and makes the basic structure for the individual stronger and as such it is something that the individual can rely on and it is as if it is a two-way mirror which can bring energy in and energy out and open to the gateway to the other side. One should not get too much of it, but a portion may be an advantage. If one gets too much one may find the opening to the other side and it may be harder to deal when if one moves into an area where they are feeling that they are getting too much information or out of control then they should back off on the monatomic gold. Monatomic gold can serve one if it is not overdone, much as the bone structure of the body creates strength for the individual for walking, the monatomic gold creates strength for moving into relationships outside of one’s own field.
Wynn: Thank you.
We have a question here from Jim in Chicago. I had a physical episode over the weekend in my lower body, that is currently painful with swelling and discomfort. Can you tell me whether this is a releasing of an energy related to the stuckness in my lower body or is something else happening?
Ra’An: Pain is when energy is trying to go through and release and cannot and is stuck. It can be stucknesses that are beginning to release that have not been able to release for some time. One should be comfortable with this process. Give us a minute. We will work with you. We see a stuck area; an area that is a little bit darker. We put light around and through it. There is an necessity to move that area of your body into proper relationship with the rest of your body so that energy moves through that area. Perhaps you can feel that area the energy is not moving and there is a darkness in some of that area where the energy is not consistent. We work with that area. It is much like working with the rainstorm over Massachusetts and isolating out the area that is not consistent with the energy with the surrounding area. In the case of Massachusetts we were working with a low pressure area and in the case of Jim in Chicago, we are working with stuck energy that has been stuck for some time and is in very dire need of releasing. It should not release too fast, it should only be released slowly. We suggest rest and that you get off your feet and that you drink a little bit of water; a glass of water, slowly, very slowly and see how this is. We are speaking slowly as we are working in the area. We will continue to monitor this.
Wynn: Shall we go to the next question?

Ra’An: Yes

Wynn: This is an interesting question from Suzanne in Concho and actually brings up a lot of questions but we will ask the question as it stands. She was thinking about the family of elephants in the La Brea tar pits and how our source noticed them stuck in the etheric, blaming each other for getting stuck and not being able to free themselves because they were confused. That meant millions of earth years, stuck in that tar pit, both physically and in the etheric. Then they were showed the way out and Suzanne thought of all the similar stuck spirits roaming around the lower earth planes also stuck and confused and not knowing how to extricate themselves. My question is. When ascension takes place will some great burst of light free up all those stuck beings so they can go free and move on?

I am talking about animals not humans; those with less reasoning ability with no concept of turning to the light or even looking for the light. If this seems like an inconsequential question, it’s really about compassion. Had we not gone to the tar pits and had the Ra’An not noticed them, they would still be stuck, as far as I understand. (I added that, as far as I understand). You cannot tell a cat or a dog or an elephant to go to the light. You must lead them. I cannot imagine the Ra’An leading all those souls to the light so I can only imagine it would happen during ascension. Can you clarify that?

Ra’An: Thank you for your question.

This is one of the conundrums or the problems with your third density. As an individual enters into your density, as either a human or an animal soul, and he/she may have in this system taken on to deal with that species with the dinosaurs and other animals. They don’t really do not like to jump species that much. There are no dinosaurs around now for them to move into therefore they were very indignant that there were no dinosaur bodies and there were very indignant that there was all these human bodies walking around and where were all the dinosaur bodies and they wanted to continue with their own species and their own comfortable pattern of living and other species within the earth planes wished to continue within their own species and not to jump species. Therefore is one is conditioned in the earth plane it becomes harder to reach them.
As this is important.

They have their own free will and their own orientation which they are determined no matter what to continue. In many cases they are not reachable because they have so determined that this is the way it is going to be; that they had a real success with being a dinosaur, as they are still some of them around that have not jumped into heaven, that they are simply going to wait until the circumstances arise that they may continue their life as their chosen life form.

Therefore we have on earth many spirits who are waiting and are determined to continue when circumstances are right to continue within their own sphere of influence that they have been successful at in the past. When one is of that mindset, one can offer them all kinds of communication and love and openness and put the pathway out for them, and send them bursts of light. Bursts of light help a little bit because say, oh well something happened there, meaning that’s more interesting then just hanging around here in this area with nothing happening, so bursts of light can influence them and it could conceivably move them into a rapture and move them into a higher frequency, but it would take something like this to move them out of their shell and reach them, as reaching an individual who has a totally locked in mindset is not viable or not very easy when it relies upon the person with the mindset to respond in order for something to happen. So something like what is happening now with the higher frequencies coming in upon earth. It is moving through the individuals and causing some of them to shake loose and get their attention and move their mindset more to the present time.

Wynn: Is that the end of the question?

Ra’An: Yes

Wynn: Ok. I would like to add a question to that and that is: Why is it so important for a human to join in with this intent to help a species like that. Why can’t it be done out of compassion from your side alone?

Ra’An: We are open to those who are reaching and wishing for help from the higher forces. We have done experiments at some point with sending bursts of energy, however we cannot simply commandeer these individuals into a different a mindset. They need to be able to reach, and the circumstances as they are presented to earth right now with the increase of energies are doing some of the job of reaching these individuals as the energy is moving through them and causing them to move with the new energies and causing their attention to come to the fact that there is something going on and bring them around. So some of this is being done by the simple fact of the energies moving into a higher frequency.

Wynn: So when we add our intention or our request it makes a huge difference in your ability to do something?
Ra’An: If you are talking about a species or animals or even people that are stuck in the mindset that are not moving with the frequencies, or staying in present time and sitting wishing for some past scenario only, that is more comfortable for them, we do not have authority to interrupt their free will towards working through their dilemma which they are free to do at their own rate and they need the time.

Wynn: Could we say that when Suzanne had said they have been stuck for millions of years that it is not their experience that millions of years is passing for them?

Ra’An: No, that is not the experience that millions of years have passed although some of them may be very bored with their circumstances. It is their mindset that what has happened not that long ago and they keep physically burning in their mind that they may move into another circumstance soon or something maybe presented, or they may have their own scenarios going of in between lives on the earth planes with traveling in pairs or working in between the dimensions. Although some are paralyzed and so but it does not seem like simply millions of years of sitting nowhere.

Wynn: Thank you.
I have a question. Could it be possible that there is another planet somewhere that had dinosaurs in it and the Ra group would move those energies into that other planet so they could finish their desires to come back in dinosaur bodies?

Ra’An: The dinosaurs that are left are not that big a group, however they are quite acclimated to the earth energy and the idea of transplanting them to another planet at this time would not fit their chosen scenario, and were things to get worse, and as a hypothetical, were things to vanish that they could not attach to the earth plane where they are so comfortable, even without their bodies, there would be the option to move them.
Do you have further questions?

Wynn: Yes. Is that going to be true for humans also because it was said in previous channelings that the humans that do not move into the 4D earth would be moved to another planet to continue their evolution?

Ra’An: Yes. As the frequency of the earth increases, then the individuals like the Indigo children would be able to survive in the higher energy, however other individuals are not coming in now as they used to that are unable to survive in the frequency and they also would be able to be removed, yes. Do you have further questions on this?

Wynn: No, no further questions. I think we are at the end of our time. I thank you all for listening to this.