Wednedsay call August 5, 2009
This is August 5, 2009 and my name is Wynn Free with I am on the line Terry Brown in Los Angeles and I am in Arizona and a bunch of people all over the place in the United States and of course people are going to listen to this after the call. We will call this our Wednesday question and answer session that we have been doing for quite some time where we ask questions of our Source which identifies itself as a group soul energy. I want to tell you all that there's things that happen during this call, in fact most of the calls we do have come into this format, and this has just developed over time, and there is something that happens on this call that is more important than the questions we ask, and it has to do with the nature of the sources that have been communicating to us and this is something that I learned by trial and error, by reverse engineering, over a period of time, because I didn't know it when it first happened and it took me a while to say, I think this is the case, and then I asked the question and they agreed that was what actually was happening.

And that is that each of you on this line is a multi-dimensional being which means that you do not just exist in this plane, you do not just exist in this body. You have an energy that's connected to you that extends into other realms and that unlike the physical body that energy field is always changing; it expands, it contracts, and for most people that have physical bodies, that energy field can said to be contracted into a fairly small space, if space is the right word, I don't even know. There is a veil and most people are within that veil, under that veil, and they don't expand beyond it. The sources we are dealing with here are beyond that veil, in fact, they are way beyond it, and what we do on this call is to create a bridge energetically between them and us, and when I say us, I mean you. There is a potential for you to share this connection, and if you come in on these calls regularly, I have watched this process, I can't promise this will happen for everybody, but it does happen for a lot of people and that is, they make a connection and they hold it and it becomes their own.
(Wynn leads a guided meditation)
Wynn: I actually called in the light when I did that obviously, but we're going to do it formally, and this is my formal way of just quickly doing what I just did over that guided meditation and then ask the questions that you've submitted.
Father, Mother God, we ask for the presence of the light to surround and protect every person here and any negativity be taken to the higher realms of light and transmuted for the highest good of all concerned. We see ourselves in the flow of energy radiating from the center of our galaxy through our bodies and into the center of the earth. Right now we create a group energy amongst all those present on this line, and others who tune into it, and we join our energy with our sources in other realms who are positive, service to others, operating in the Law of One and the Christed energies.
When I say Christ there it is not a religion. This is how religions got started. This is the energy that caused people to dedicate themselves to something in prior times. We now open up to their opening comments.
Ra'An: We also ask that any negative energy be carried to the higher levels and be transmuted for the positive good. We greet you in the light of the One Infinite Creator. As this call has been progressing we have been working with the individuals on the line. Some of you may have felt the frequencies or may have felt some more space opening up between the different centers within your body giving more space, for the resolution of conflict and if any conflict areas or centers feel pressure you may allow them to disperse and then to feel the higher or lighter levels. We bring the home energy and the home energy has no conflict within it and it is uniform and all are loved to the core and all are welcomed and all are understood to be a part of All and part of the One Being of whom all are loved totally and completely. There is no problem or difficulty in the home universe. We are delighted to be with you, each and every one of you today and we welcome each and every one of your questions. Do not dwell upon anything we have said, just let it go and let it move into the flow of the call and listen to the next question. Do you have questions?
Wynn: Yes I do. Thank you for coming in and answering our questions. I should say to all of you this is not something to believe in. You can be very neutral, you can choose to decide what it is to you over time. We have a gentlemen named Jeff who has a company called Living Water Systems and he has been influenced by Doctor Emoto and the philosophy of blessing water and he is on the line so he can define his question if it's not clear enough. He is asking. Am I on the right path and are those I am currently working with those whom I am supposed to work with, regarding his water projects for the world.
This is Wynn making a comment. There are a couple of questions like that tonight where people are wondering if they are doing the right thing, if they are doing the best thing, because they want to be of the highest service and the general question would be how can they look at their life and make that decision?
Ra'An: What was the question?
Wynn: How can they look and evaluate their life. Now that's my addition to Jeff's question because it is a common question. Jeff's question specifically, is he currently working with those he is supposed to work with on his water project for the world?
Ra'An: Thank you. We are delighted by your question. The water project is very important. It is not generally known how the energy connected or the printed work connected with objects or water are affecting those objects for water. The work done by a Japanese gentleman is important and much more widespread than generally known. When one has a number of books or writings in his presence that brings through problems and difficulties, the energy of those problems and difficulties is in the surroundings emanating out from those writings. When the water is polluted; when it is filled with plastic containers and oil and different other materials, some of the energy from those and people's views of those permeate through the space of that water. Water is a holder of energy and the energy even in the people of a country may be held in the water of the areas within that country and even surrounding the borders of that country when it is bounded by water or ocean. You are at the beginning of a very big subject.
Be aware for other individuals, as you expand, with resonance and information that can contribute to your project. You may even contact the Japanese gentleman that wrote the book and tell him of your project as he may be interested and talk back and forth. It may help you and help set your directions. Also study his work and keep some of this books around as they have a very beautiful energy about them. With the people you are working with now, it is a matter of their interest and your interest coinciding. Keep your eyes open for people who resonate and are excited by your projects and the people you are working with now, see how they track with you and if they feel the excitement and the interest building. Some of them will not stay, but others will stay and you will run into new people. It is much as if one sets your goal then the universe and the physical universe and other people collect around your goal as they are attracted to what you are doing and your goals are constant with their goals. That is the answer we give.
Wynn: Thank you. The next question is almost a similar kind of question. It is from a gentleman, I think its from Chris, who is on the line right now and he would like to know, when will I connect with the co-creator; investor in the spa and holistic healing center I want to create?

Ra'An: First of all, picture someone like a man or woman with an interest in the area of the spa. Someone who could get excited about the project and be able to use the project and perhaps even promote the project. This person may have some use for the spa to help his own body and her own body and these two may not know each other. Picture also that they have something to contribute to you. They may know of an investor, someone who could really get excited about the project. Is there a healing aspect of your spa, something you can give to a someone who has a lot of money who needs to heal his body and can get a lot out of your spa as you deal with your contacts. Keep your eye open for someone of this nature, as if someone of this nature, a gentleman would be healed he may get excited about your project and wish other people to have it. By offering such a service you may get some other people to get excited about your project. Keep in mind what you wish, free and easy, someone getting healed, someone getting more mobile by your spa, the ability one, to bring interest to your project and money to the project and his excitement with the healing and the knowledge and keeping in his mind how it may help with healing of others.
Wynn: Thank you.
This is from Debra in New Jersey. She asks. Someone told me that it seemed easy to read my thoughts. Is there something I can do to cover them? Also is there a way to distinguish my thoughts from someone trying to feed me thoughts?
Ra'An: Thank you. That is a beautiful question. When someone can really read your thoughts, they would not be really able to read your thoughts unless they could in some manner, have your thoughts, if they are accurately reading your thoughts. If they don‚€™t accurately read your thoughts there might be a problem in that they think they know what your thought are but they may not know. There is such a thing as screens which are walls of moving energy one can put up around themselves to screen their own thoughts, however that is a lot of work and can set up some negative circumstances where you are using a lot of energy putting up screens when you could just be moving head forward. Read the second part of the question?
Wynn: Is there a way to distinguish my thoughts from someone trying to feed me thoughts?
Ra'An: It is very hard sometimes to distinguish your thoughts from someone trying to feed you thoughts but that is a very good question. If a thought appears in your mind it may be by telepathy from another, it could be from consensus reality, it could be somebody that was hypnotically blanketing your space and putting thoughts into your space. Some individuals, hypnotists or even some witchcraft has some ability to do some of that. If something does not resonate as yours; it doesn‚€™t seem right, even if it seems to come from you, do not accept it as yours and let it go. Move on past it because this is your way to your true self when an idea truly resonates with you. Ideas can come in from the past track also which may not be yours in the present time and could be something to let go and move on past, although there are certain factors to let some of this go before you have totally resolved it or the aspects of it, but keep on with your own centering and never give up to ideas that don't resonate with you but just let them go and move on through.

Well hello there it is. I don't own that, I don' like that. Just let it go and move on and eventually your own progress through life will take you on past that idea and your attention on it and eventually there are ways to resolve that, which we don't cover here, but keep on holding onto your own center and your own self and your own home base and you will come through it in the end.
Wynn: I would like to ask two questions related to that question. If one is creating a spiritual fellowship or closeness with other people does that help create a protective energy that keeps unwanted thought forms out of your space?
Ra'An: Yes. One of the very basic things is one is a particle, one is the same being, but is in some ways split off from the whole, and one as such knows one by his own existence is worthy of love and to be loved and if one feels not part of the fellowship one feels something is wrong. If one feels isolated and separated and alone they feel like something is wrong and they don't have a way of expressing their true nature, so if one can be part of a fellowship and conversing back and forth with each other and have a true feeling of fellowship and relationship with others this helps tremendously to cut through other negative feelings, such as feelings of jealousy or other influences that they have adopted as being true but aren‚€™t really true or the feeling that they aren't worthy.

This may take some work to get through because if one has been indoctrinated by any of the negative, at least by the parents, or by the parents saying you aren't good enough or past track beings indicating one isn't good enough, and then one always has to fight against them. This creates a very big rock that even by being in a fellowship may not be able reach through to the individual. He/she would need to actually give up those beliefs and let them go, let them dissolve, let them drift off, don't own them, just realize that one is cared for and one is part of everything that is and one is important, one is very important. We can‚€™t leave anyone behind as it is part of the whole, so a fellowship would be very good.
Wynn: The other question I have added to that is, some of the people that have studied our material and particularly read the Reincarnation of Edgar Cayce, including myself, started to get dream messages where there was verbal communication coming through what seems like its your own mind thinking but when you look at the information it doesn‚€™t seem like it could be your own mind. When I asked about that question they said that that was coming in from the Ra Group. If one is getting dream messages, I would assume, and I wanted to get your confirmation, that it could be from a high source or it could be potentially from another source. Could you make a comment about that?
Ra‚€™An: Yes. It can be from a high source. It can be a training. It can be data that one needs to fill in. It can be the answer to a question that one has been seeking that the higher forces are bringing to the individual, but it can also be the shreds and bits of data from the individual's own life that the individual, that being said, by having the radio on while sleeping. It could be bits of data that the person has encountered in his everyday life that he is trying to resolve and that is coming in in bit‚€™s a dabs and putting it together in a different way that he may then look at it from a different perspective and then deal with it from a more non-linear way, but it can be data coming in from different forces that the individual can then look at and grow in his own consciousness by his awareness of that dream and finding different ways to look at things and different solutions.
Wynn: Can it also be from a negative source?
Ra'An: Often when the individual experiences it, it is a difficulty that he has been trying to resolve and hence the individual is part of the dream, it is his attempt to handle, brought into the dream and to the picture of the dream, so it could be a negative source but it could be him also, how he is attempting to deal with it.
In general it is a positive or higher source attempting to provide situations to help him grow. One example of what it could be. There are lucid dreams, but it could be say, a negative incident that was in the offing that is crystallizing into the earth plane and the individual was dreaming about it in vivid terms, for instance in Technicolor and the dream would just hang and hang, and it could be something that was crystallized enough for it to be almost a prophecy. For instance when the channel dreamed of the tsunami in the South Pacific the day after Christmas that appeared a few years ago and created a tsunami in which many people perished, that was a negative incident and it was occurring in the dream and this does not mean that if someone has lucid dreams with a very bad outcome that it would necessarily happen. At some points, such dreams, although they are prophecy, they can be changed. For instance, one might dream of an incident in his future and take into account all of the aspects of his dream, and put protection into place in his life that such a thing would not happen to him.

An example might be that maybe he dreamed of a fire in his house, in his house and he went through his house and checked it all out and discovered that there was a possibility of a fire from a certain source and then he corrected the situation and then his dream went away. Does that answer the question?
Wynn: Yes. Is it possible that someone might dream something and have an experience in the dream that could absolve them of the need to experience it in the physical? That the karmic event that was pending for their own evolution but they could dream it and then it wouldn't happen and they wouldn't have to experience it in the physical. Is that possible?
Ra'An: That is also possible. Some dreams are so vivid and so clear and it is as though the individual is there and he is there in the astral and he is making calls and decisions and he is living it and working it through and then when he wakes up he may feel wow, you know what? I‚€™m glad that I was dreaming and he may feel much relief and not have to experience that in the physical.
Wynn: Thank you
We have one more question. I am not sure this person is on the line I think he may be in another country and I have sent an email so he may probably be listen to it and it's actually a petition for help. Let me tell everybody, we have time for this question so I am going to put it in, and I'm not sure that I am going to encourage this in the future. You can submit it but I won't promise to include it because it is not the purpose of this call and it will encourage perhaps taking questions that are too specific to one person and are not meaningful to other people. This is from a person by the name of Gilberta and she asks for help for what she calls the David Goldman case. David's wife left for Brazil five or six years ago and never came back. She divorced him and married someone else there and then died while having another child. Shawn is mentally abused against his real father and it is a real trauma for David to live through this. Please ask help from the Elohim.
Ra-An: What is the son's name?
Wynn: Shawn
Ra-An: And Shawn is by the brothers real father?
Wynn: Now I am not sure here. Maybe I shouldn-t even ask this question, but David Goldman must be the real father and she didn-t say this, but it sounds like, and if this isn-t clear to you, we can just skip this, but it sounds like Shawn went with his mother to Brazil who remarried and Shawn is mentally abused against his real father, we assume to be David, and it's a trauma for David to live through this. That's what it feels like. It seems like Shawn is the son of David and the woman and he is not with his real father and his real father is in trauma about this.
Ra'An: Yes this is a very difficult circumstance. David really loves his son and wants his son back and really remembers the times that he and his wife had with his son and the son is very important to David. Now we again caution everyone on the line that this situation only applies to these people involved in this situation and does not apply to any other person, it only applies to these people. We are speaking slowly because we are working with the people involved. We are working with the situation. When the people in Brazil married, the mother justified leaving her husband and leaving David and told some things from her point of view to her new husband that justified her own position and so the new husband thought that David would not be an appropriate father or someone that he should allow Shawn to be with. He is not a perfect father. He is very strong willed and his intentions are on his new life, and Shawn is caught in a box, not knowing what to believe and not receiving enough attention. We are speaking slowly as we are working with the energies. We are looking in Shawn's life for someone who can take a particular interest in the boy, which David is very willing to do were the circumstances right. There is needed some grace in this circumstance. It is a very difficult circumstance. As we look at the circumstance it is one path blocked against another blocked path and at the other side of that there is resolution, and we put out resolution, and we put out memories of Shawn and David have of caring between each other that take time to resolve, as the boy does not have the wherewithal or the age to return at this time. Hold the view for the boy and the father of the loving memories that they have had together that can eventually bring them back together in the future. The step father is jealous of the attention the boy might give to another. He is very possessive. We send him love that he might soften. Those are our comments.
Wynn: Thank you
Is Chris on the line? If Chris is on the line could you do *6 and make yourself known? (pause) Ok, he is not on the line. I was going to share here. We were talking about synchronicities, and the right people finding the right people. I just got an email from the gentleman who has the Living Water thing in San Diego saying, hey, tell that guy to call me, because we have investors that are interested in working with water. Isn‚€™t that unusual, that really missed my attention when I was putting the questions together that we have two people interested in healing with water and one might be able to help the other. That is really a beautiful synchronicity. Do we have any more closing comments before we close the call?
Ra'An: We would continue with the David and Shawn situation and sending love to the step father in his new relationship.
We thank each and every person on this line. We love you immensely and we also send each and every person on this line love and caring and we look forward to visiting with you and being with you again. It is so beautiful it brings tears to our eyes.




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