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Wednesday Evening Call with the Ra’An
Wynn: This is Wednesday, November 26th and this our Wednesday night question and answer session, this is the night I forgot to announce it to everyone so we have a lot of regulars on the line. We have made up some questions we are going to ask Terry and I decided to put this on tape so there is a record of it. Some years ago in 2003, when Terry first started channeling and I was trying to make my mind up if Terry wasn’t making it up, I started asking questions about other people, in fact I started calling people I knew and I said, I’m having this unusual experience and I would like to ask a question on your behalf, and so I would ask a question and they would answer it and they really seemed to know about everybody, they could tune into people and see their patterns and sometimes they were remarkably specific. Keep in mind, this is when Terry first started channeling the Elohim or the voice that claimed to be the Elohim and I was just trying to convince myself that they were real. So I would ask the question and it took a long time to integrate their answer. But I said, when I ask a question on behalf of someone does that make a connection with the Elohim and the answer was something like this. It creates a track because we have to go look at that person and it creates an energy track when we look at that person. Because it creates a track if the person chooses to reach back they can reach back through that track and connect back to the energy of the Elohim. The reason I bring this up is because there has been different times when we ask ordinary questions and people think that because we are dealing with such a high source that we shouldn’t ask those questions or on the other hand if we are dealing with a high source why would they bother to answer it. Why don’t they go out and create a planet somewhere in another galaxy. Why should they worry about whether so and so should break up with their boyfriend or someone else not having any money, or losing their job and being concerned about it, yet they answer those questions at least to the best of their ability. Keep in mind that they only see things as energies. They are not in the physical realm and they don’t have a complete understanding of pain and suffering in this realm. The Ra group does so we get both of them, so the Ra Group is able to cover that aspect of understanding the kinds of pain and hurts that people go through in this realm.
The Elohim Group, even though they have been watching us for billions of years they have never taken on bodies, in fact the ones who take on bodies usually get stuck here, so they are just staying in their safe areas up there and they observe us but they can help us by coming into the matrix of our own energy field and helping us.
(Wynn calls in the light)
Wynn: Terry are you on he line?
Ra’An: We greet you in the love-light of the One Infinite Creator. We are pleased to be with you this day, the 25th of November, 2009, the day before your Thanksgiving in some countries to which we are reaching. We note the softening of the love between individuals as he holiday grows near and individuals are expecting getting together with their families and the love-light is shining brightly on the continent that has to do with this holiday. We are pleased to be with you and to sense your questions regarding ascension. Right now you are in the 3rd dimension and what you do here and now in this dimension will forecast and set you on the track for your future. When you move into the future you need a track much like a truck driver needs a road in order to carry his load. Once you make a track it is harder to change the track so what you do here and now will determine your future and where you end up. Concerning memory. Memory is curtailed by the veil in that one sees, senses, experiences the surroundings where one is. When one is sensing in all directions in the hologram in the 3D then these are the stimulation, the senses that trigger his mind and sensory perception. When these senses are triggered the memory of the past lives are eclipsed. These memories are always, even though submerged, available to one as one has had a past track with those experiences, those thoughts, those senses, and one can, even though one is several lifetimes or even millions of lifetimes apart from that, can remember and recreate the memory.
One might think of some non-sequiter someday and wonder where that came from. It could very well be a memory triggered by a similar circumstance; and ancient memory. One may retrieve these memories by not invalidating them but just noticing them and setting them to the side, as if a marker and then the blanks between different markers will eventually fill in with memories and one will get to a place where they remember their track; their past as a continuous path that they have traveled down.
When one leaves the body and goes into the astral body they leave the cells behind if it is a death experience; transition. The cells carry strong memories also, memories of pain for instance and they move or become morphed into a different shape as an old person may become wizened or shrunken. When they leave the body then they are able to move back in time to their body as they remember it when it was beautiful and serviced them well. So yes, one does carry memories only they can become eclipsed even on the other side or in the other dimensions and one may still be able to retrieve them. Part of it is focus. If one is not focusing on those memories or that whole area of memory categories than they will move into other categories of perception even in the 4th dimension. To remember the 3rd dimension then, would re-focus them into the 3rd dimension or their particular incidence or categories. The same is true in the 3rd dimension. When one has a memory in the 3rd dimension it may not be a sequiter but may be furthered by something. These memories then re-focus the individual to another time and there can be another category of memories when something has been ingested in the mind which is not of the person and then they don’t agree with it, but yet it’s in their mind so it’s very confusing.
So let the memories be there and maintain your focus in the now, so you are in essence are then doing two things non-linearly. You are in the now but have the memory and welcome the memory and just let it be there and it will like a sliver perhaps, be in the process of festering then and then working itself out. One may get very upset because it seems like the mind is taking over but if one goes through the whole festering process and allows it to be there and release then in can eventually erase and the bad memories can resolve and the good that has happened in one’s past track then becomes apparent and useful as experience one can draw on and have learned from.
Do you have other questions?
Wynn: Thank you.
I think you have answered the question about memory. In other conversations we have had we talked about astral ascension and physical body ascension and for astral ascension, which means you would die and then end up in the 4th dimension, the requirement was that your heart chakra would have to be open slightly more than half and for a physical body ascension all your chakras would have to be opened. So the question is how do I open up all my chakras? Part of it has to do with being grounded on the earth which is your root chakra and part of it has to do with your sexual chakra, and if somebody was going to aim for wanting a physical body ascension and as times gets hard people are going to feel less secure in their root chakra and certain people are not going to necessarily have a partner to express their sexuality, how could somebody cope with these kinds of issues if they could, and maybe they can’t, but if there was a way to do it, what would you suggest?
Ra’An: The individuals in the 3rd dimension have more focus within their body system and are therefore afraid of letting it go. We have an energy body and have a broader view of things. There are better bodies are available and this is of course a transitory thing. One may wish to take one’s body with them but to take one’s body with them they need to be essentially unafraid of losing one’s body and they must be in total control of their body and many individuals, perhaps most individuals on the planet, are not in total control. Their body is to a large degree controlling their life in that it is a limited vessel in walking somewhere or it cannot do things that the astral body can do such as levitate and fly. The bodies within the 3rd dimension are more grounded and heavier and they are holding the individual to many cases for instance, a clear example is where an individual weighs 500 pounds and is having trouble negotiating that body. We do not have the same perception or need to hang on to a physical body but then again we do not have one. The Ra Group has previously, as we are speaking now with the Ra perception. One may feel very very faint hearted about letting the body go but when one lets it go one can experience a great delight and freedom having left this carcass behind and now having much better freedom of movement and abilities. If one were to take one’s body with them one would have to have control over the body and not have the body have the main control over them.
Wynn: The question was not addressed about one’s sexual expression is they don‘t have a partner?
Ra’An: One may shut down their sexual chakra whether they have a partner and don‘t have a partner. When they have a partner and it helps them to open their sexual chakra and does give them more control over this area of the body. When they have a home and are more grounded this gives them more control over this area of their life so having the chakras open means also the ability to negotiate with those chakras so it does help to be open and to have a partner. Although there are different qualities of partner relationships so just having a partner and having sex does not qualify one for having control over this chakra and having the ability to cohabit with another allowing free will. There is a fine tuning that is needed. Would one move the body with all its chakras into a position and control and grounding of free will.
Wynn: Ok. I do know that one of the questions that people have is that they have people is that they love in this realm and they are afraid that maybe they would leave and the person they love would get stuck or they would get separated. I would guess that if one is truly loving another being in this realm and they are in a loving expression, even if that person does not understand all of the things we are talking about here, that the love would be a thing that could cause that person to also graduate from that realm because that love with hold those people together, if it’s truly love; if it’s truly an energetic connection with another being. Can you comment on this?
Ra’An: That would be true that if one truly loves another than they may project that love and bring in other love and lift the person in tone and frequency so that he would indeed follow into the other realm.
Wynn: Ok, thank you.
Now I’m going to ask a question about paying attention to the negative. Obviously we have gone through a lot of questions and understanding about how the negative from other realms influences this realm; how it creates potential traps for people and how many people who are of a certain New Age disposition and other channels even never address the negative. There is a thought that if you pay attention to it, it will create fear and that it’s better not to pay attention to it to protect oneself from them. My own feeling is that for me to do the work I am doing, if I did not understand how the negative works I couldn’t do this, I could fall into a trap and wouldn’t even know it’s a trap. So what is the balance. There is probably not one answer that would fit all but could you make a comment on this kind of issue?
Ra’An: Thank you.
The negative, and we make a broad statement here, is very often an individual trying to work something out wherein they may have gotten discouraged with being honest and forthright and are falling down the scale of responses to a ‘to heck with you’ response. They have given up in their caring so the earth plane will respond to them and teach them lessons. When one simply gets into the vibe or puts out the negative vibe, when one even duplicates the negative vibe they can then be catapulted into that frequency of negativity and pull in similar frequencies of individuals who are negative and can then have negative consequences for instance when on has a negative experience, and we are generalizing here, but let’s say the experience of getting a ticket for driving too fast say, and then they go ‘oh heck, how could I have gotten this ticket, I didn’t know there was a policeman there. But if they review their thoughts there may have been some thoughts like, I am driving too fast and I am on my cell phone and I thought I could get away with it, and then there is this fear that they can’t, and they pull it in right on top of that. They pull in whatever they are afraid of as this vibe goes out non-linearly go out to their surroundings and other individuals also although they do not know consciously, somewhere within their range of frequencies; within their field, this vibe is going beep, beep beep, and if they are a policeman watching for speeders it’s going to click on his consciousness.
Therefore, when consensus reality is guided by the news and guided by explanations that people hear, everyone comes to the same conclusions because of what science says. Science says there’s going to be an earthquake in California. Science says this or that and then consensus reality goes beep, beep beep into everyone’s consciousness and even though they are not consciously making it happen for themselves it’s placed there by being in their field. So the more one becomes aware, they can ramp up their vibration to a new level which can bypass consensus reality and they can begin to ascend to that point and leave consensus reality behind and begin to have more control over their own life and their own future and their own track and they can begin to have more control over which realm that they are in and which realm they are visiting and which realm they can then travel to and then come back from.
Wynn: That’s your answer, yes?
Ok, next question. This comes from Asa in Toronto Canada. She asks this. When those of us who will be transitioning to 4th density be in a position to help those who are remaining in 3rd density?
Ra’An: Yes, they would be able to, but it comes to a question of control over their own mind and facilities and complex; their own matrix because when one comes back to help, it has been said that they will appear in the sky as perhaps not seen but as an energy that can help change consensus reality and can be there to guide individuals as they can themselves leave and travel to the higher dimensions. So yes, the individuals can come back and help and the more control that they have, the more their chakras are open the more control they will have, the more their heart is open, the more control that they will have over their matrix and their life and their relationship with others.
Wynn: So then would they come back as an energy and visit those they care about as an energy form?
Ra’An: Yes. If they have enough control they may appear in their form and be seen by others.
Wynn: I had asked the question that had come up previously about people getting together in a group and then disappearing from this realm in a group. Is that still something that will occur?
Ra’An: We leave that to probabilities. It is a possibility however it is a minor possibility.

Wynn: I see, unlikely for that to occur.
Are there groups on the planet right now, that are working very closely together, maybe living together, that would have somebody maybe channeling for that group that that might be a higher probability for that group?
Ra’An: There are groups that are more advanced than other groups and are more knowledgeable than other groups and we cannot speculate upon your answer.
Wynn. Ok thank you. I think those are my questions for this evening and the questions people addressed. Thank you for coming forth and giving those answers. Is there anything else you’d like to share before signing off?
Ra’An: We wish everyone a happy holiday and take a minute and if you can sense the love-light is increased by virtue of the families coming together. If you can just sense it, it is a beautiful thing.
Wynn: Thank you.


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