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Wednesday, December 9th, 2009, Wednesday’s Questions and Answers
This is Wednesday, December 9th, and for those who are listening on the download line and the replay line, this is the call where we ask questions that people have submitted who have been tracking Message-a-Day. My name is Wynn Free and Terry Brown in on the line who connects with the answers.
(Wynn calls in the Light)
Before I ask the questions we will let them say hello. I will turn it over to Terry.
Ra’An: We greet you in the love-light of the One Infinite Creator. We are pleased to be with each and every one of you on this line or who is hearing us at any time, as there is no time in reality. Time is a manufactured quantity. 
We are with you to answer any questions you may have. We are going to say a few words on power before we start. Power is not necessarily a bad thing. It only becomes a bad thing when misused. Power can be enhanced by eliminating other ‘nesses’ that an individual has taken on; things that are not of his/her own true nature. When one is responding and acting out of one’s own true nature one has the most power to accomplish the things that they truly can identify with and wish accomplish. For every person who comes into this realm brings in with him/her things that they wish to accomplish. They may be derailed along the way in the lifetime as they run into other ‘nesses’, other motives, other actions which others bring to bare on them and wish them to carry out, such as the possibility that one’s parents or one’s futures may force one to be other than they would ordinarily wish to express. The negative that one may get into in this realms can be a response to pressures by other ‘nesses’ to be other than one truly is. Do you have questions?
Wynn: Yes we do. I have some questions from MaryJo who is on the line. Sometimes I don’t say people’s names but I think these are good. These are general questions. She was on our call on Sunday, on our group meditation.
She says: I went to the planet where they reside and many many millions of lights, which were beams of some sort of the lights that I saw began to celebrate, as if I had returned or something, like I knew them. Can you tell me more about this?
Ra’An: Yes. In the other realms from which you all have come, you have the memory of where that is, and the individuals, the memories of those realms remembers you. When you return which is simply a matter of changing your frequency and penetrating through the veil and moving back to the home that you once knew in the other realm. The other realm individuals are celebrating at this time as you are in the process of connecting to the home realm, your home realm, and remembering that this is a great joy for them as one looks upon them or you as one of them and they have missed you and it is a great joy to know that you are beginning to remember a connection and they are very happy. It does not lessen your connection with this world at all but simply is an enhancing, beautiful expansion to the places where you are able to reside.
Wynn: Thank you.
The next question is about this world. We are actually talking to Ra’An; which is a group made of the two groups; the Elohim and the Ra groups. In her question she says, do the Elohim see a purpose for Me and My JC. She has a tee shirt company that’s called Me and My JC and the JC is Jesus. If so, can they elaborate on that purpose and if not what direction do they see us taking?
Ra’An: You are the creator of the connection and the beautiful intentions and the expressions of purposes you wish to bring and manifest into this world, so you are equal, and even more than 50% partners and the individuals which you can enhance their experience within this 3rd density realm are partners as you bring the joy, and we in the other realms, in your home realms, look upon your success with joy. You are steering the car and are bringing manifest results and the energies and the Christed Consciousness that you bring in and manifest then are joyous and also working with you to enhance expansion of love and connection in your realm. 
Wynn: Thank you.
This is the last question I am going to ask for her because we are running late. Where did Jesus Christ really come from?
Ra’An: Jesus Christ has been in existence since before he manifested in this realm and he was residing within the Christed Consciousness and the Christed Consciousness sent him as am ambassador to the 3rd density.
Wynn: Thank you. This is a question from Temperance. Knowing that a high vibration among lower energies can affect the lower energies or vice versa, is it just earth who is ascending, or is it the entire solar system or the galaxy?
Ra’An: Thank you.
It is the whole solar system that is rising in vibration and it is rising in accordance with the movement of the solar system through the galaxy and the part of the galaxy in which is finds itself as the part of the solar system in which it finds itself comes into alignment with the center of the galaxy.
If you took a cross section of the galaxy and put the Milky Way in between you and the Hunab Ku or the center of the galaxy, is then as we in the third density earth move into a higher density within the alignment with the Hunab Ku the frequencies are increasing, time is speeding up and this is a phenomena that is dependant upon the position of your solar system to the rest of the galaxy and therefore, although this phenomena extends to a certain part of your galaxy, it is more of a solar system phenomena as your solar system moves into the certain alignment with the flat portion of the Milky Way and the center of the Hunab Ku. The energies thus are able to penetrate more directly into your solar system and into your earth and the energies, frequencies are broader and more intense leading to more psychic ability within your populace, so in answer to your question this does not affect your whole galaxy and it does affect your solar system and it does affect your earth and it has to do with the particular alignment and energies that the earth is moving through and the solar system is moving through in relationship to the center of the galaxy at this particular time.
Wynn: Thank You.
The final question is from Dee who is an individual in Ohio who we helped with the ghost. She asks:
Why do I keep seeing these numbers? 1111, 111, 222, 444 and sometimes 555, 777. Is this angelic? Is there anything I need to do or learn as a result of this?
Ra’An: The 1’s represent “All That Is” with the One as the universe is One being manifesting in many forms, and each form is bounded by a form, holding the energy for that particular form, and then there becomes two. 
There becomes the 1 that is “All That Is” and then the form that is holding the energy of the 2 that is manifesting. 
Then the 3 is where you have more than one form and the 4 becomes one more than three and you have the start of humanity.
Then you have a 5 that is man and then the world; the 7 which you have the 3 and the 4.
So you have the group of 3 and humanity and the world.
The world is based upon mathematics and mathematics make up the fabric of “All That Is” as you have energy manifestations which hold energy; boundaries that hold individuals from which individuals can operate from, the unique group that are then formed for instance the family.
The individual, the couple, the family, the group, the animals added then are another species and they are added and then you have 5 and then you have the world, and these numbers are the fabric of how things go together.
In the mind of this channel we are working through, is not yet ready to translate the upper mathematics that the Elohim is using to create and weave the universe.
Wynn: Thank you very much and we thank the channel for doing her best. I could feel her stretching her limits but I don’t know if there is a simple answer to this question. The person asked when they see these numbers, is there a sign to them, is it meant as a sign or a confirmation of their own expansion?
Ra’An: It is a sign of the tapping in of the wellspring of the fabric of the universe
Wynn: Thank you all for hanging in and for those of you who submitted questions and to all who helped bring in the energy and thank you Terry for stretching your limits and taking a shot at explaining that. When we do those meditations and bring that energy in we are doing a great service to the planet. Thank you Terry and for all who have been participating.