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Wednesday, questions and answers with the Ra’An



December 16, 2009
This is Wednesday, December 16th and this is our Wednesday evening conference call where we do a question and answer session of questions that are suggested by people and Terry gives the answers. We have just been talking about orbs. I never know when to start the tape recorder and something really good occurs and I said, I wish I had caught that on tape. 
(Wynn calls in the light)

Now I will give the floor to them to do a little greeting

Ra’An: We greet you in the love-light of the One Infinite Creator. We are here with you, December 16, 2009, focused in the Pacific region in California but also focused with each location where one is listening and when one in the future, which would then be the present, would listen to the call we would be there with the individual who is listening and would wish to connect with us. We are delighted to be with you in the answering of questions that you may have. Do you have questions?

Wynn: Yes we do. Our first question is: When the soul or individual is transmuted or ascended, does the subconscious that they have lived with on earth go with them?

Ra’An: The individual, when they transition into the non physical, takes their memories with them. This is one area that they get to keep. They cannot keep their houses or their cars or the physical touching and the connecting with the mass and density of the 3rddensity, however they can keep the memories. The memories go with them and at first when they transition the memories are very strong but as they move their focus to other realms or situations, the focus then brings in new situations to create new memories and the old memories as with a monitor of a computer, so these memories go to sleep when not used. When in this future their would be a play upon the screen where the memories were focused previously the memories can flicker back into view. When one has undue attention as in an unresolved problem they can take that memory more on hold and then move into another lifetime to re-experience that pattern to attempt to resolve it again as the previous solutions have not panned out. 

Wynn: Thank You.

The next question. We assume our universe is the only one in existence, but are there other universes and if so are they different from this one?

Ra’An: There are many universes and it depends upon your definition of a universe. When we say there are many universes we are taking into account all the focuses of energy points of each entity and individual and these are the focus points that then within each individual focus point creates each individual’s own universe. The universe is also known as the physicality of the accumulation of all individual locations which would include many galaxies and many solar systems within the galaxies and many life forms, as life does not need biological materials to exist. 

Wynn: A question about that. If we have a different universe, are there any timelines that connect the two universes or space lines or what defines a universe to be separated from another; a different point that everything radiates out from, and if there is a different point that everything radiates out from, I would assume that all those individuated centers of each universe all radiates towards a convergent point?

Ra’An: We do not think of it in those particular terms. We think of it in terms that you may perhaps recognize as the One Being that is All That Is, and within that Being the life force becomes focused into a focal point. There are many individuals and then they group into a consensus reality and the consensus are a connection among and between them and they congeal for lack of a better word, into a density and they have a certain series of frequencies that they work on. Another individual from a different density, say a higher density, say the fourth density, works on a different set of frequencies, has a different timeline as the time tend to be faster in the higher densities. The fourth density is less dense and as you go up in density by number each density is less dense than the previous density which congeal into a consensus reality within that density and forms tend to move through that density and be available to all the individuals within that density should they be aware and sensitive. The time goes faster in the higher and thinner densities. When we say higher density we do not mean the density is greater in mass, however it is greater in number.

Wynn: Thank you
Could you explain the difference in quality between a Ra soul individual energy form and an Elohim soul?

Ra’An: the Ra souls have taken on tones and frequencies from the 3rd density; their being, the frequencies of matter of earth, of the body, and the individual that has partaken of life in 3rd density bodies has the greater ability to experience these frequencies of matter and grounding within the earth plane or within the plane of whatever planet they are on.
The individuals from the Elohim group have not so partaken of the lower frequencies and are therefore less tied to the grounding of a planet frequency matter of the dense minerals frequencies. They can kick their heels so to speak, and move more freely and smoothly and glide through space easier as that they do not reach out with their (we don’t wish to call them tentacles), energy grounding signals, we might call them, that an individual who has been in the solar planes might reach out for stabilization towards earth or solar planetary matter.

Wynn: In other words that would be a way the Ra groups see things.

Ra’An: That’s correct. Once one has lived within the planetary sisters of the higher density then they find it very grounding and tend to when they are within such an earth plane or 3rd density plane they tend to grab on to the frequency of the grounding to stabilize themselves as they still remember. It is totally unconscious. They remember at an unconscious level, the stabilization provided by planetary matter.

Wynn: Thank you. The next question
What will the ascension process be like? Will we experience physical death and have to go through reincarnation again or will we just wake up and it’s just another day?

Ra’An: This is first of all, what will happen to an individual is a function of what the individual is intending. The majority of individuals have fallen into consensus reality and simply move in and out of the planetary life cycle without really thinking about it but are propelled by circumstances and do not even realize that they can be in such great control over their movement and experience.

Wynn: Thank you.
This question is about Mt. Shasta portals and the function of these portals.
Ra’An: There is a huge shell hologram of Mt. Shasta and within the shell hologram there is the hologramic history of the area where starships have come and have landed and has collected the individuals from them and have collected samples of grasses and water. There are intriguing portals moving into the structure deep into the area under the edges of the mountain where then a shift in the dimension. We feel life with the mountain structure within the protection of the shell and entities then became established that could move in and out of the portals and visit our 3rd dimensional realm and move into their realm and transfer into the 5th dimension for travel and they use the vastness of the mountain hologram as a beacon for their homing. there are elves and other life forms; spherical life energy, fun loving spirits that play in the forest and can move from the form of elves and fairies into the form of the sphere and can bounce in play. There is much life on the mountain and in the mountain that is not recognized as your visible spectrum and your senses of the spectrum is very narrow with other spectrums of frequency that you do not notice or see. Concerning the history, this mountain has been used as a stabilization point for life for centuries. That is our answer.

Wynn: Thank you.

Would you care to make any comment about the strange blue light over Norway?

Ra’An: Yes. There are many questions about this strange light, but it is not so strange to us. About this light over Norway. It is a natural phenomena that has occurred in this area previously and may occur again. It is the coming together of different influences; the weather, the HAARP project I Alaska sending vibration through the area, coming together with a missile experience from Russia. The coming together of these occurrences then creating the climax of the light show.

Wynn: Was there an intention of humans or physicists for this show or was it a spontaneous event?

Ra’An: it was a surprise to those participating and they are studying the result.

Wynn: So it was not connected with ET communication into this realm?

Ra’An: In the sense that you asked the question the answer is no, however there is a question and we look further. The further question we are looking at is the reason for the missile experience to not go as planned but we see it as a glitch in the machinery as put together and the electronics as put together, the two create a coming apart or unlatching of a thing in the propulsion and nothing to do with extraterrestrials although extraterrestrials were watching but not participating.

Wynn: Thank you and thank you all for coming tonight