Wednesday, December 30, 2009 Questions and Answers with Ra’An
This is December 30th and this is Eve before New Years Eve of 2009 and this is our Wednesday night questions and answers.
(Wynn calls in the light)
Ra’An: We greet you in the love light of the One Infinite Creator. We are pleased to be with you this 30th day of 2009, focused in Los Angeles, California in the parking lot at McDonalds and we are pleased to see everyone on this line from Iowa in the snow and the dark , we close our energy eyes through Terry in Los Angeles and open our eyes in Hawaii where Maya has a question concerning illusion. All is illusion. Now we will come back to this. The individual’s name as Maya has pointed out, is very very important and grounds the individual into the meaning of that name in the culture that he/she is in. In other words, if one is hearing all the time over and over regarding to them, the cells of the body, the systems of the body all pick that up as referring to them and spins the orientation towards the manifestation of the meaning of that name. Maya is totally correct when she is hearing the name over and over. It spins her reality of her whole body matrix into a grounding within that framework. The same is true of others who have names that is connected with a certain aspect of a culture within one exists. There are examples we can think of and it is hard to not to get evaluative when one has a name such as Grimes and everyone refers to that individual, and that is a real name, so we do not mean to be derogatory, however, one, when they have such a name, hears that daily and in all the meanings of the word, it grounds into their consciousness, the meanings of that word and it connects the individual to the meaning of the word.
So according to the name Maya and illusion, we can look at it many ways. One may look at it as they hear it over and over as being something that is not real and is not manifesting, and not grounding. If we look at it another way, where all is illusion before it really gets grounded into reality, as one starts with an idea that is not true. For instance, one may think, I am prosperous and I have lots of money in the physical realm and at that particular time it is not true and is an illusion, however it is a precursor to the individual then reaching out and touching other coincidences and synchronicities concerning money that will attract money to them. So we look at it more, not as a cloud that is only illusionary and will dissipate, we look at it as a precursor to something that can bring in grounding in reality. Now we would suggest that Maya play with this idea that there may be another name that means the grounding and manifestation of something you wish to bring into your life and nickname yourself by that name and have others try it out with you and see how it makes you feel and if it moves you more towards the manifestation of a particular reality you wish to ground into your existence in the third dimension.
Wynn: So in other words, she shouldn’t necessarily change her name and if she does she should experiment a bit.

Ra’An: Yes, until she determines that a name is bringing her more core manifestation towards what she wishes.
Wynn: So if she called herself Enlightened One, would that be something that would help her be enlightened?

Ra’An: It could, yes, but that is only an example though as you would choose, first of all a name which has to do with a goal that she wishes to ground into the earth plane.

Wynn: ok. Let’s move to another question for tonight. Somebody asked that since time is an arbitrary, they used human constraint. When we reincarnate could we perhaps go from modern times to ancient times?

Ra’An: That is an interesting question. Give us a moment. This gets into the area of time travel which takes an inside out view of the manifestations at a particular time. Give us another minute. One may go back in time and may in that past time synchronize with the world as it was then, however, it is not, we are bordering on the word, possible within the framework within all of you exist right now for you to go back in time. It would take mellowing out of your particular framework and rearranging yourself. We do not see it as a very likely scenario or very realistic scenario within your framework.
Wynn: Ok. I have a question regarding that. There have been stories that there have been technologies such as Montauk and the Philadelphia experiment that took people back in time in some way or another. Did that actually happen if we can know that?

Ra’An: Yes. This takes the rewiring of all that one is accustomed to. To break the connections with the chain of progression and abruptly move one to a past time. It brings a body to much weakness; much constriction within the structure of the body to keep it intact during the transition. There is knowledge in that area but it is not generally known.
Wynn: Thank you. Someone asked the question about the Tregger Technique and he was a student of Milton Tregger and Milton Tregger taught the phrase ‘hook-up with the force’ and that it was a kind of massaging, body releasing technique and of course I would add to that other techniques like Reiki that also supposedly hook people up with a healing energy that works through them. When someone does that are they working with the Elohim or Ra energy when somebody makes energetic connections? There is also the guy Eric Pearl. Are they working through those energies?

Ra’An: They are working with the energies of All That Is, in that one is connected through each molecule within their body and so within their body to All That Is, through the spinning center of the molecular structures within the body which brings the energies into a vortex within it’s center and connected vibrationally to all vortexes passing information, allowing connection and releasing of pent-up energies into the flow of the body structure to release blocks to the energy flow as the body through continual movement in one direction and lack of movement in other directions can then get fixated in a certain flow and can then subject that person to rigid routines and the Tregger Method as well as other methods release the blockages to the flow of energy so that movement can be again reestablished in directions that were curtailed by the programming of the body through daily use.
Wynn: So when you say they are connected to the energies of All That Is, are the Elohim included in that?

Ra’An: Yes, they are a part of that. We think of an analogy of an individual who has their finger on the pulse of their body and are not totally paying attention to that, but the Elohim particularly has their finger on the pulse of All That Is and when an area shows a particular change in energy the Elohim can move into that area. It is as subconsciously the Elohim have their finger on the pulse of All That Is.

Wynn: Thank you. In this realm, the Elohim is one of the prime or only first essenses or first downloads of All That Is, or first translations of that. Is that true?

Ra’An: The Elohim; We, and we get into a time trap here, because everything is created in the now. We are creators however, we do not create alone as all are creators with us and take part in the bringing forth of manifestations. As above so it is below and the individuals in your realm have the ability to manifest. Normally this ability has been curtailed by the belief that one cannot create and children of times when they do have such a creative ability, unless their parents are savvy, wish to not have their child exhibit such spectacular gifts.

Wynn: Thank you. Question: How much of global warming is related to the shift the earth is going through and how much is man made?

Ra’An: We would say that the majority is related to the shift that the earth is going through as one if they compare earth with other planets know that the ice caps are melting on some of the other planets and the majority, perhaps sixty or seventy percent is related to the shift the earth and the solar system is going through.

Wynn: So the next question is: What should we concentrate on most to give the earth the atmosphere it needs to thrive?

Ra’An: One can participate in recycling. One can even more significantly plant trees and foster groups to plant trees. One can also move to process garbage so it does not get sent into the oceans or the lakes.

Wynn: My question here is. In terms of global warming, since it is not caused by man made processes does that mean that we could possibly reach a point where it could be extremely harmful to life on this planet?

Ra’An: The earth goes through cycles and in the cycle it is in now there have been and are different releases of energy and we can project upon the past, however, we do not wish to go into that direction as much of what you are working with simply by asking and projecting may modify changes so we suggest that you keep with the positive asking for the fostering of the life that individuals live on earth and that we wish to say plant trees. Cars would make some difference. Energy sources that did not rely oil, which are much available, and can be produced would be very helpful to your planet and as to the answer to your question about whether it would become dangerous to life on earth we have a partial answer in that in different areas there are natural earthquakes which could be dangerous within that area but we do not see the natural forces being a threat to all of life on earth.
Wynn: Thank you. Now we don’t usually take this kind of question so this is an experiment to see if this can be of value and that is: There is someone on the line whose name is John so you can tune into him who has said his parents are having serious health problems and he was wondering if you could help. His father has Alzheimer’s raging through his brain and possible intestinal cancer. The doctors are talking about doing exploratory surgery and my mother has shingles which is receding very slowly. So let’s put that out and see if there is any response that is positive here.

Ra’An: We greet you John and we are cognizant of your mother and father. We take one at a time. We commend John with his concern with his parents. As one gets older in your realm they get more disconnected with the situation within their realm. Your father is more disconnected than your mother. Your father is beginning to explore other realms under the cover of his Alzheimer’s disease. As one as your father finds discomfort with the body he is moving toward other realms where there is exploration. Your father wants very much to remember and to connect, particularly as we surround him with love-light. He particularly wants to connect to his situation. His brain has a build up of material which prevents connection which gives him memory loss as the areas of memory do not connect. This is good that we look on it as he does very much wish to have the abilities that he had when he was younger for connection and talking and remembering and it is an embarrassment to him which causes him to retreat further whether than to experience the lack of memory. There are some things which will increase the connection which you may call.
Dr. Marshall has worked with other doctors across the country and he is a nutritionist who has worked towards bringing people’s memory back. There are certain materials that can help the brain to remove the toxic materials which are preventing connection and these taken daily can make a difference and your father could come back. He is getting a double dose because when he doesn’t remember, then it causes further retreat which gives him further memory loss. So is his memory does start to come back his memory would come back more quickly than one would think. Dr. Marshall has an office and he comes there sometimes and he has a program on the radio where one can call in and ask questions about individuals such as family members. You may call to find out more information to 310-320-1132, that is his office in Santa Monica.
Concerning the intestinal problem. As one gets older the build up of matter prevents free flow in the area and there are a number of things one can do to enhance the movement of waste through the intestinal track so the toxins and waste can be removed. There are a number of things. One of these things is that the individual needs proper salt. Sea salt, maybe a teaspoon a day. Proper water so that one is drinking. Half of one’s body weight in ounces per day and one cannot start by drinking that much as they will not be able to utilize that much water at one time. He needs to increase gradually over time in that your father is dry and he would need to replenish any water lost with proper moisture. There is other things that are important, for instance digestion of food. As one gets older they do not have proper enzymes. The food supply is lacking in enzymes. There has been constant use of the land for growing and it has depleted the minerals and the nutrition and the enzymes in your foods, therefore proper digestion may be supplemented with enzymes that then will again increase digestion, for if one does not digest one’s food, it then rots and one can get all manner of gas and burping and indigestion and then tends to take in antacids which is the totally wrong thing to do. One needs to reestablish the digestion of the food. Proper bulk is needed. These are things that can be gotten in detail from Dr. Marshall’s work. He has pioneered in this area.
The correction of these physical things will make a difference with your father. These particular things will also make a difference with your mother. This may also be asked about to Dr. Marshall’s crew and we also can work to some degree to move the shingles on out of the system. The shingles are invariably created and would able to be finished by the use of frequencies and we will work on that and we wish you could come back again and report on how things are going. That is our answer.

Wynn: I should say that Dr. Marshall is someone who Terry has been connected with on a conscious level so when she gives the phone number it is from her memory and not coming from another realm. In trying to figure out how this works it seems as if they act as her memory.
There is a question here from Temperance:
In San Francisco Bay a thousand sea lions disappeared and there are people who are concerned about an earthquake in San Francisco in this following year. Are their disappearance connected with that or is there some other reason we can know about?

Ra’An: The sea lions have moved and there is a channel; a flow, a current that is bringing toxic material moving towards shore and the sea lions have been ingesting some of this toxic material and numbing up and are attempting to evade such toxic material. We see toxic material and the seeking to avoid this material and in other cases there is a numbing of the sea lions and disorienting them with this toxic material. They are seeking to avoid a certain flow from a manufacturing plant which has been leaking toxic material into the bay. We see the sea lions moving away from this area. That is all we see at this time. There is plate action but we do not see this as the main reason for the sea lions disappearing.

Wynn: Ok. Our last question. There was a reported of a huge oval cloud formation with the sun shining through which apparently is one of those clouds called lenticular clouds and this is in Moscow. Is there any information you can share about this?

Ra’An: There is holographic work being protected by some of the satellites. This is experimental and this can send certain cloud like formations that can be projected. This was not a UFO however.

Wynn: The indication was that the cloud was concealing something of a holographic nature projection in that space.

Ra’An: Yes.

Wynn: Do they sometimes conceal UFO’s clouds like that?

Ra’An: We do not wish at time to get into UFO’s because UFO’s have cloaking devices which can prevent them from being seen such as the stealth. The technology has gotten a little bit into your public eye.

Wynn: On that note, that is our last question then. Thank you for coming forth and addressing us. Is there anything you would like to say in closing?

Ra’An: We are tickled which Terry is making and we are delighted to be with each and every one of you on the line and consider each and every one of your companions. It is so your orientation to be and we are there for you and you may ask anytime, on the line or off, however on the line is within the framework of the program that is presented.