Questions and Answers with the Ra'An, January 27th, 2010



This is January 27 and this is our Wedneday night question and answer session and my name is Wynn Free and I ask questions of this voice that comes through my friend Terry and I always tell people not to believe anything about it just evaluate it on the strength of the answers. They explain themselves to be a group soul energy. Not only are they a voice that speaks through Terry, they are also an energy dynamic that can beam or connect with each of you on the line vibrationally if you are open to having that experience because they will not violate your free will space.


(Wynn calls in the Light)


Do we have an opening comment from our sources?


Ra'An: Yes. We greet you. We love each and every one of you. We love all the inhabitants of earth. One of the things we notice about the earth participants, the ones in the 3rd density is they have a tendency to get stuck in situations and then their energy gets coiled around the situation and moves around and around as they repeat in their mind the scenarios, attempting to work through it and out of it and to be able to break free into the beautiful energy that they are inheritantly. This movement into a stuckness and a cycling pattern is one of the reasons that the veil exists, in that the focus is totally upon that area and areas adjacent to it, as the individuals work, or attempt to work their way through. Once the individuals maintain an ability to come to our frequency and back and then to a frequency and back they may be able to begin to unstick themselves from the cycle and see new solutions and new opportunities, especially in this time of economic distress. This is of offworld solutions to maintain one's balance and ability to love and maintain the love of self that inheritantly everyone has a right to and is inheritantly within the being. The beings are worthwhile. That is our opening comments. Do you have questions?


Wynn: Thank you so much, yes. We have a question here from Victoria in London and she says, I have had a few major synchronistic events in my life. I can't really go into detail but the chances of these things happening randomly are a billions to one. What does it mean when sychronicities occur? What should we do with them? How should we use them?


Ra'An: Thank you for your question. That is a brilliant question. Synchronicities can be both positive and negative. They are a symptom of the individual being at the same frequency as the adjacent co-joining factors that precipitate or manifest the synchronicity. So when individuals, when they experience a synchronicity can look to themselves, within themselves and see if they are very sensitive in observation wherein they were frameworking their side of the synchronicity. There is not an accident here. There is a mutual joining of energies. They do not have to be close in distance but they can be miles and miles away; continents away but in the other world their isn't that distance. The frequency cuts through, vibrates through, and triggers and resonates the events that is similarly resonated within the earth plane and the two come together by virtue of the similar frequency. Now a frequency is not just one tone, it can be a multiplicity of tones wherein the more tones that are resonating with the other half of the synchronicity are together more as they resonate, parcitating and manifesting the sychronicity. Like one side then resonates the other side, and the other side then resonates the other side and the two resonate at the same frequency. The more factors in common between the two synchronicities, the greater the resonance and these come together and so it is that individuals find each other. The people that you need, you then put out the frequencies, and then they home in on the frequencies and you meet those people.


Wynn: I have my own question. Sometimes I have had a situation that is kind of out of character, but I was driven to do it and then I would meet someone or something would happen. Was my subconscious kind of like picking up an impulse, go there, this person is there prior to me even having an idea on a conscious level?


Ra'An: Yes. This is on a very subconscious level as the frequencies don't write their name on the wall. They are very subtle and resonate through frequencies outside of the typical bands of the spectrum within being locked, they then, you might call it, jog or jiggle the other person and the other person follows the impulse to go and to pursue it to fulfill that impulse that is put out.


Wynn: Thank you. Next question: From all that I have been reading the earth and every living thing is ultimately going through an ascension process to a higher density. It is my understanding that not every human will choose to ascend or will not be ready and then there are those who are too full of darkness to ascend. My question is; How will individuals know if they have made the grade? Will everything feel and look differently?


Ra'An: It is a gradual process. Like a blind man inching along a wall. He can feel the next part of the wall. It is a gradual movement at this point anyway, so how will he know by observation, he or she will know? So observe,and as we mentioned before, one of the keys is an open heart, and one of the keys to having an open heart is to not get stuck in individual crippling situations and it is a tendency with most humans to try to fight onself through these situations. It is not wrong to fight one's way through a situation, however if they don't get stuck in it, and if they maintain the flow then it will be much easier and they will be able to see the opportunities available to them and to move in directions towards ascension that others with stuck attentions will not be able to follow. To some degree people follow their focus.


Wynn: Thank you. Is there a self test somebody could apply. Some people might be on an ego trip things saying I am special and I have done all this so I must be graduating. Is there a way someone could look at their energies and their heart and ask themselves questions like on one to ten, what's my level of fear. On one to ten, what's my level of unconditional love. Those kinds of things can come up with the answer that says, I think I am ok.


Ra'An: One can feel the energy and feel the love and then move into it. It is all around. The Being of which we all are, is intelligent and loving beyond all measure of earth's standards and you are all loved more than you can possibly imagine. We suggest that if you are going to put yourself on a measuring stick, that the measuring stick is of the earth's plane and there is effort involved. Gee, did I make it half way to the open heart and the analysis is of a lower level. The love is instant and quick and is a part of all beings and it is letting go of things: stucknesses, attachments that will bring one to the higher vibrations and allow them to see and oversee where they are.


Wynn: Thank you. Next question. I would like to better understand miracles. What is a miracle as we understand the definition in terms of our energy interacting with Infinite Energy? Is a miracle created by our clear vibrational intention which then changes the energy vibration of the physical to the new circumstances we are calling a miracle, or is a miracle experienced by our seeking and obtaining assistance and intervention from group souls on the other side of the veil?


Ra'An: We have some difficulty with this question because it is not only intention that creates a miracle but for us, a miracle is not a miracle, it is something that we know the in's and out's of. It is like a telephone now. If somebody brought a telephone into the 1500's and said here, you can talk to your friends, this would be a miracle because they did not know the technology, they didn't know the where-with-all that it even could be done, so when we look at someone's intention. It is agreement with other beings; other entities. For instance, if one was going to change to lower the intensity or disinfranchise a hurricane, then it is impossible to do without the agreement of the hurricane and without the agreement of a lot of the people; the lightworkers to this can be changed. One may have a very strong intention, however if all of the factors he is trying to change have a different intention it will be very hard for him to make the change. He has to change the intention of the others somehow or the other ones, because we have free will, they may not be in agreement with that and therefore they will nix the change. So it is not just intention but it is agreement of others and agreement within the participants of whatever the person wishes to change.


Wynn: Let me ask a question. Because I have an understanding of that, I want to see if you concur. When you are asking for something that would normally be outside of 3rd density, in other words you ask for a healing, someone you love is dying and you want to help them. In the Law of One, if your intent is high enough and positive enough one could automatically start drawing in the energies of the group souls as part of themselves, as an expansion of oneself. The way the question is worded it sounds like you are bringing in something that is not you but if a person can resonate with those energies and create a high intent the energies of the higher realms might flow in automatically as part of themselves, not as a separate thing that your invoking that higher part of yourself, which would certainly add to a miracle, in fact, perhaps since miracles are caused by bending time, so to speak, or bending the rules of this realm, might not all the time higher energies have to come in to bend the time rules or the physical laws of this realm?


Ra'An: Yes. You do need other agreements to bring in the change, for instance if a person is doing a healing on somebody and the individual is dogged that they are going to leave that realm, the higher forces, in that case, would not join in because they have to honor the free will of that individual, however the majority of individuals would be able to take advantage of the higher forces and would wish the higher forces to come in, and therefore the higher forces can hear the prayer and can come in and can join then with the intention of the person to so heal.


Wynn: Thank you. A person asked a question. There are a lot of New Age people that have become enamored with what is called The Law of Attraction and I think that has to do with the idea that things come to you according to what you think and they wanted you to give your perspective on the Law of Attraction.


Ra'An: Thank you. This is a very valid law; The Law of Attraction. It goes into synchronicities because as the individual believes something as he puts something out as he believes he is going to have money, then the outside of his surroundings need to eventually conform to that belief. So if an individual holds this very very strongly then he will resonate with the factors in his environment that have the desire for money, or money or prosperity in common with what he has in his mind. Like a body of water pouring into a lower body of water they will eventually, if they are in enclosed areas, seek the equilibrium so that they will then begin to match. In other words, the individual with the idea that he or she has money, or has prosperity, although there would be times it would get less, then the individual would keep that up, he or she identifies with things in the environment that has to do with money and prosperity. Like the thing we said about synchronicity, it brings it to him or her.


Wynn: Thank you. I have my own question. In our on going conversations it has come to my awareness over and over again that the future is not set in stone and that humans are creating the possible outcomes for the future. Some of the outcomes could be extraordinarily wonderful and some of them might not be so wonderful and that there is a kind of a battle going on between positive and negative over the control of the outcomes. This is somewhat based on fear versus love. I guess this connects with the Law of Attraction also where humans are going to pull things in according to their consciousness and their thoughts. So the question is, since there are possibilities of negative outcomes and possibilities for very positive outcomes. Sometimes I talk about the possibility of a negative outcome it creates fear. So what would be your counsel on sharing how it actually is, and all the things being played, or just laying out the potential for the best positive outcome and never mentioning the negative outcome which can cause fear?


Ra'An: You have within your enviroment, factors, individuals, groups who purposely create fear and terror. They broadcast it, they find ways to send it out through the media to the world creating an atmosphere of fear. The economy going down creates an atmosphere of fear about the jobs so there is much negativity that is placed upon your plate everyday. So for you to maintain positivity then it moves back to where we said, don't get stuck in it. You hear it and you move on through it and you can ask for our help to move up in vibration and clear yourself from that stuckness where the fear is created. Fear is a very large area of stuckness where the individual does not know what is going to happen and they fear the worst. So if one can move on past that and keep the flow of energy going and see the energy from the higher forces from us and allow yourself to move in and out if you experience the fear, which is normal, because so many people are experiencing it, then you may have a tendency to get stuck in it, but if you just move out of it, let it move on. Find things within your life that brings you happiness that can move you out of some situation, say the economy, or something that happened in your life, or somebody got upset with you, just find a way to write yourself in, and bring positivity to yourself and something can be simple like calling Aunt Nelly or going down and getting a coffee mocha, just something to look forward to that will cheer you and move you out of that atmosphere of fear.


Wynn: It seems to me one positive aspect of making people aware of the potentials of the worst case scenarios is that it can create a certain kind of urgency. For example, if a person realizes that there is a separation of souls and there is a graduation from this realm, on one hand it can make them afraid and say, Oh my God, what if I don't graduate, but on the other hand it can give them an urgency to say, what do I need to deal with. What have I left hanging. So can you comment on that?


Ra'An: We look at a situation where a person is in fear definitely can create urgency, however, at that level of emotion it is hard to have an open heart or to even observe the goodness that are around one which is necessary for one to successfully move into the higher realms.


Wynn: Thank you. I see. That is a wonderful answer.

We have a gentlemen by the name of Paul who is involved with an organization called Body Talk International's Youth Teams and Orphans inIndonesia. They are heading to Indonesia next week. This is to empower orphans with healing tools and so they want to know how they see the works of that group?


Ra'An: We see that they are heading into multiple things here. They are heading into an area that can be quite hard with orphans who have their orientation already, however, Indonesia is a good place to begin to establish healing techniques as there are already in the culture openness towards this. We bless this operation and we are pleased and we see a coincidence of the expansion of healing within a culture which is already open.


Wynn: Thank you.

The next question is: The question is from Gary who suffers from tinnitus, which causes hissing or ringing in the ears. He says there is no treatment for this. Do you have any suggestions on how to reduce these symptoms?


Ra'An: We see that within your sphere previously there was no treatment for this, however there are a few breakthroughs in the area which can be of some help. This can have multiple causes, for instance, one may have the ringing to do with the coincidence with the ringing of earth. We see there is within the ear a leison and the leison creates resonances which then vibrate and create the hissing or the squeaky door syndrome. We talk slowly as we evaluate and move in the area. We send you a blast of love. We get the configuration within the ear which is causing the problem. We see your desire to alleviate this problem and have normal hearing. We start the process in the silence. We started the process toward dissolving the leison. This will take more work. These is our comments.


Wynn: Thank you.

I think we have time for one more question. This is a question from Analeese and she is very sophistocated in her understanding and almost the view of a psychologist. She addresses something called “Highly Sensitive Persons” as described by a woman by the name of Elaine Aaron and there is a percentage of 15 to 20 percent of the world's population who have a differently wired nervous system which makes them more sensitive in both the emotional sense and in the way stimuli are processed. People in this category get more easily overwhelmed by for example, noise, bright lights, violence and are often deeply moved by art and music. So I believe that many people who fit into this category feel drawn to spirituality and I was wondering if there might be a link between this trait and Wanderers. This is my comment (Wynn) for those who have not read my book. A Wanderer is a human being who previously existed in a higher dimension and freed himself from the cycle of birth and death and graduated and chose to come back into this realm to be of service and who once they are here forget that they did that and they tend to get stuck again back in the cycles of this realm. That is a Wanderer. So she is wondering if there is a link between this Highly Sensitive Person category and a Wanderer, especially if there seems to be a physical difference and this whole program with the DNA to create a more sensitive nervous system. She also mentions that apparently this sensitive wiring is also found in the same percentages in many animal species so that might make it a separate thing altogether. Sixty five million is not quite 15 percent of the world's population. Ok I will turn this over to you and see if you can do your best with that question as I am delivering it.


Ra'An: Thank you.

The world's population has a number of people who are very sensitive and sensitively wired and open to many perceptions and have a broader range of intake than other individuals, however some of these individuals in this class should not be in this class because they are simply overwhelmed by some past experience for instance, an example would be someone that couldn't tolerate and are very frustrated by another person, the noise of the chewing could be an incident in their past track that has then keyed in. So some of the people in the category being sensitive to noise are in that category because of past trauma. Others in that category we are more talking about in the question we feel,

are individuals that are open and have a broader receipt of wave lengths, and so there is a confusion sometimes with all the imput coming in; confusion between whose thought is it, is it something coming in from outside, is it mine and how can I turn off some of this imput that is coming in to me all the time because the individual is very sensitively wired.


Wynn: Thank you.

Alright, we have a number of questions that we are going to defer them to next week. A couple of things we are going to ask next week. One question is: Is the Elohim really responsible for telling Moses to kill all the Midianites and keep all the virgins for themselves?


Terry: They have an answer. They have given me the answer but they will wait.


Wynn: Then we are going to ask next week what was Jesus real purpose on coming to earth? Now don't answer. Listen, I am not going to control you guys so I can't say no, but I try to keep it to an hour. They don't watch reality shows where at the end of the TV shows they say watch next week and we're going to do this. This is not part of their expression.

Let's have some closing comments and we will be back next Wednesday with more questions and answers.


Ra'An: Yes. We suggest keeping the questions and answers to an hour in deference to the channel. We are pleased to be with you; tickled pink in words, and we look forward to being with you same time, same conference call next week. We send each of you love for your week out there to bring you blessings. Adonai

Wynn: Thank you