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Wednesday Questions and Answers with Ra'An, February 3, 2010


Wynn: This is Wednesday night, questions and answers where people submit questions and we get answers. We are talking to a voice who identifies themselves as a group soul and that they were maybe responsible of the original creation of this realm. I don't think you should believe that until you establish your own resonance.


(Wynn calls in the light)


Do we have a source present?


Ra'An: Yes. This is Ra'An and we are pleased to be with you this third day of February, 2010. We look at the individuals on earth in the third density and we see how much they desire love. If an individual can be classified as service to self, he or she is seeking love and fulfillment in sort of a reversed order. An example would be, when an individual is in a job and there is another in a similar job that is excelling at their job and getting tons and tons of praise, the first person may start thinking, oh I wish that other person was not that good and I wish that they wouldn't do so well and then if the other person fails at something the first individual might think oh I am really glad they failed because now they will like me better, which does not really in the long run have any thing to do with whether they are loved or not, but it is perceived in that manner. So individuals all over earth in the basis of much of their actions are seeking to be loved and fulfilled. Do you have questions?


Wynn: Yes we do. Does it serve me to know who I was in a past life and is it possible to live a parallel life while we are in this life?


Ra'An: It can well serve you to know particularly the past lives which are affecting you in this life, however when one accesses that they need to go down the channel of the attention. Past life instance related to this life can bleed through like ink bleeding through a blotter and taking control, at times of the individuals holographic space many times there is a bleed-through of past lives. Once one knows the path, they can let it go. Sometimes it is triggered and gets stronger and more bothersome until the time they can see it and understand what was there, then attention goes off it and comes to the present. In regard to living a parallel life. It is possible to be somewhat focused in two bodies at the same time. That would be parallel.

Individuals have a life in the higher realms at the same time they have a life in the third density and many times the life in the higher realms becomes eclipsed almost totally by the life in this realm. So it is possible, yes.


Wynn: Thank you

Here is my question for tonight. This is the one they started laughing about last week. Are the Elohim really responsible for telling Moses to kill the Midianites; men women and babies but to keep the virgins for themselves? Then they add, I believe the Bible has been corrupted. What do you think?


Ra'An: There are two places of corruption. One in the alteration of the Bible and the other are the Annunaki who are descended from the Elohim and have come in sometimes in the past pretending to be the Elohim and perpetrated deeds. They were not Elohim but fallen Elohim.


Wynn: So the implication is, in this particular case, if someone said they were the Elohim telling Moses, either it was screwed up by editing or it was the Annunaki.


Ra'An: We need to take into account the society at that time and there were other possibilities. At the time there were forces that wished to destroy the Daninites and they gave the message wrong that the forces should murder the Daninites, however it was incorrect information.


Wynn: Thank you.

Could you explain the relationship of individual souls to their group soul and speak about the relationship of multiple lives to anyone's individual life?


Ra'An: There are two questions within this. The first question is the relationship of the oversoul and other group souls to the individual. There are over-layers and there are what we might call cut-throughs, for lack of a better word, beam through the over-layers. Although when the soul as a composite being gets very very dense, it gets very hard to communicate with with the individual, even for the oversoul of the individual to communicate with the individual him or herself. Give a minute for that to sink in.


When the communication is open from higher to lower and the chakras are open, then information may be brought in and the individuals may flow, and in the flowing of their processes they are not stuck. We think of an allegory of a gearshift that is moving and then if it would grind the gears and stick, then the whole operation will not go forward, but when the whole operation is flowing, information can come in from the star systems, from the higher self, from the group souls, All That Is, which could be considered God, the individual will have access and in a sense will be operating in a sense on all their spark plugs, and be able to make the best decisions because more information will be able to come in. Such an individual then will have like a gear, first gear where he selects the type of information he is trying to access and from all over focused or lasered- in will come to him. It is a type of synchronicity.


Wynn: The other question is what is the relationship of multiple lives to anyone's individual life?


Ra'An: They are, in a sense, opening all at one time, and so the information from the past lives are like a memory; a reserve, something that once the trauma and stucknesses are gone, even the difficult incidences, the individual will be able to draw on and actually get knowledge of how to proceed because he will be able to tell which actions will bring in unfortunate conclusions and circumstances that the individual does not want, and the individual, once they have eliminated stucknesses to do with trauma will be able to access outside energy more easily and be able to access their own time track more easily and be able to focus in experiences that have provided valuable knowledge towards the individual's growth. If the individual has trauma that has not been released then it tends to be a source the cause of an injustice. That was really unjust, the person might have thought at the time and then when the individual is current time and a similar circumstance happens they will again in their mind feel the injustice triggered and they may not know why but may have sensory connections with the original incident. For instance, they may see a knife and shudder and not know why or they see a person who looks like somebody and they think oh-oh, I don't know what there is about that person but I really don't like that person. It is connected with something from the past and really has nothing to do with the person they are looking at. It is all part of the puzzle; it is all one piece of the woof and warp of their own creation; their own created life in their own hologram that is the result. It is an individual that is operating this hologram and when things operate smoothly with flow then they can proceed through their current life with the optimal result.


Wynn: Thank you.

Tracy who is on the line, received a message during a meditation concerning Lyra and Lyrians. She did some research and felt they were a positive influence and she was wondering if you could be gracious as to clarify a bit on the who, what and where's of them and about her connection?


Ra'An: There is an affinity between Tracy and the Lyrians. The Lyrians within their deep memory remember her. The Lyrians have gone through changes. There is a particular family in the Lyrians who connected with Tracy and she was connected with part of their family and they have great love for her which still exists. The Lyrians are distant from Earth. They are in the Horseshoe Nebula. They have families with different lifestyles than we have here. There is more of a group lifestyle than a family in that the children train for star missions. That is a little bit about the Lyrians.


Wynn: Thank you.

A question: Are our deaths and our entire lives preordained, or is everything transpiring and evolving according to free will? My twenty-two year old son died almost three years ago. He was a good and very productive human being. Everyone who knew him, loved him. He was studying psychology specializing in helping kids. Why did he have to die so young?


Ra'An: Thank you. The first part of the question concerning the individuals whether their life is preordained or whether they live according to free will, the free will of the individual goes into the preordaining of how their life will be and therefore in a way the answer is yes, they are preordained and yes they live according to free will. This can be seen by that the life can be changed if the individual decides that they are going to make a change. Sometimes the determination is really set in stone and in order to change, the individual would need to be aware of the circumstances needed to make the change. The individual, your son, was surprised at the movement and then began to understand more and is not lost but is still very much on his purpose. In order to understand, one needs to take all the strains involved and see the total picture. He loved you very much. At some point at a sub chain of thought, he was thinking of pursuing in death the answer to life and death and his thought precipitated this. He has a purpose for which he is seeking knowledge. He is a beautiful being; a Wanderer. That is what we get.


Wynn: Thank you.

I think when you are in this realm and there is a certain track and a certain pattern and we really don't live in the conscious reality that this is one life over many and that everyone is going to die. Some people die young to teach someone else a lesson; to teach some kind of understanding. Life goes on and on and on and we don't see that because all we see is the physical and of course we do get attached to people in the physical we care about.

From the information I get it's far more important to graduate this realm this lifetime than to worry about how long you're going to live because whether you live a short life or longer life whatever, if you don't graduate, and this is what this next question is about, the indications are is where you end up is not going to be a very fun place. If you can imagine a location where the population was and the people with open hearts were not here what would this planet be like? The indications are that souls are going to have to go through a very long period of evolution. They can comment on this, maybe hundreds of thousands of years. The way I understand it, it's not like you are going to repeat this realm and suddenly incarnate in an industrial society with conveniences. There was the story of Maldek which was a planet in this solar system that exploded that became the asteroids and the Maldekians were moved to earth and continued their evolution on earth but for a long time. They were a tangled knot of souls, that is how it was described, and they were not aware they even existed, and they had to be untangled and it was the Ra Group that untangled them and put them back on track for incarnations on earth, and according to Carla Ruckert's channelings, they came in as Neanderthal Man and so they continued a whole bunch of incarnations here starting out as cave men. So there is no guarantee when you repeat this realm where you are going to start in terms of the evolution of where you end up.


So the most important thing is to graduate. What does it mean when you graduate? What do you have to do? Some of you understand this who have been on the line. It's not about being good. People think sometimes, tell me what to do and then I'll be good and then I'll have your approval. No, it's not that. That is not how it works. It has to do with expanding your hologram into the higher spaces and I think that probably the best way to do that is through the study of our materials and the calls we do on Sunday morning. Maybe I will be doing some more things to help people attune themselves to those frequencies. It would be that if you are a human you have locked yourself in a box and you're in your own little box and someone says expand and everywhere you turn you hit the walls of your box and somehow you have to find something that's got a bigger box than your box so you can start expanding into it. It's not something you can do with your mind but you can do it with your intention, you can move your intention. There are many things on the planet right now and many groups that are helping people do that and to find something that can help you if you can't do it yourself or find something to pay attention to. Often times you have to pay attention to something that's got a bigger box than you and make it your own.

So the question that was sent to me by Lilly has to do with an early channeling by Daphne in 2002. Now keep in mind that things change, so that something that was said at that time may not be precisely true at this time, so she quotes:


The ones that do not choose to go with the ascension process will choose to stay with the 3rd dimensional life process and will undergo great difficulties and will be rolled up to begin their renewed progress in third dimensional activities in another area.


What those other lifetimes would be like they didn't say, whether they are cave men, whether they are amoebas, I don't know. I think since there is no time where they exist this is all a process where it doesn't matter how long it takes, it's just the way the process takes. So the question is: Is the fabric they are rolled up in a way of describing the matrix?


Ra'An: Yes. Consensus reality is a holder of many on the earth plane and as such they do not move out of it easily to move to the higher consensus reality and they would then stay with their own matrix which would fit in with the matrix of the whole. The matrix of the whole that would stay together but individuals that are ascending out it would move higher and would move out of that. Individuals who are unstuck and are free to move and flow within their own matrix and to hob-nob with All That Is and be open to other areas would be open to move to the higher and vibrationally higher frequencies and not stay with the consensus. So if one becomes free to flow and not stuck then they are free to move to the other realm. If they are stuck then they will be to some degree glommed with the rest and transported to an area where they can begin their life and it will not be with cave men as that was a special circumstance. The circumstance of Maldek with hydrogen bombs breaking the planet apart is not a scenario that we see for earth. That scenario that happened on Maldek knotted the individuals together into a matrix glommed with fear and the individuals lost their own individual soul matrices and it has been very hard to take apart and re-establish the individual's own life. Does that answer your question?


Wynn: It does for me. From my understanding, talking about the matrix, and the matrix is this big multidimensional format that you can only begin to grasp of different dimensions, different time lines connected by sacred geometries and that when I talked about moving up, a human has the potential to access ultimately any point in that matrix from where they are in their body right now, in other words, when we do our grid healings, we touch each others matrices, we access each other, we move our energy to other areas, and to a certain degree, however effective we are, we are actually moving it and many people feel the energies expanded. It's not as if you are moving through something that you can see. So you kind of need a guidance system to move through the matrix to make sure you don't end up where you don't want to be. That is my way of looking at it. Do you have a comment on that, I think that will help people?


Ra'An: The best guidance system is for an individual to keep their own integrity and to follow their own heart and then this is a reference point for them, no matter what happens.


Wynn: Thank you

The other question from the same person has to do with in the original discussion. In The Reincarnation of Edgar Cayce, they talk about fifty-one percent service to others is the break off for graduating this realm and in my channelings, they said that was the same as fifty-one percent opening the heart chakra. So the question is, does the rescue and fostering of abandoned animals count as service to others?


Ra'An: When you categorize something it depends on the individuals intent with which they do it. If they do it to chalk up points towards ascending and making it to ascension that may be the wrong intention and it may not count, however if they do it out of the openness of their heart and to care for the animals then it certainly would count.


Wynn: Thank you.

Thank you all for being here and we will see some of you on Sunday and watch for the audio reply in your inbox.