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Wednesday, March 3, 2010- Questions and Answers with Ra'An


So this is March 3rd, 2010 and this is Wynn Free and I have my co-creator Terry Brownwho has been doing three conference calls a week.


Right now we invite those sources which are positive, service to other to join with us and create a consciousness of one between ourselves and them. Let's close our eyes as we make the connection.


Ra'An: We greet you in the love-light of the One Infinite Creator. There are some things which we wish to convey. Today is March 3, 2010 and we are focused through Terry Brown channel. This is Ra'An. We are focused through Los Angeles, California and with each and every individual who is on the line and each and every individual who listens to the call. We would like you to know in the times that are coming that you are not alone. You are not alone now. There are many beings on the other side who wish to stand by and to be there for you and to assist you in your prayers and intentions, be they for the highest good. There is a great wealth of knowledge on the other side, which is your heritage and you are helping contribute too in your travels in the third density. You are writing your own script and you are contributing to the knowledge within the skeins of time within the universe. We love you. Do you have questions?


Wynn: Yes we do. The first question is. Somebody was reading Questions and Answers with the Elohim, which is a book we have out about how this all started, was reading about Lucifer, and that Lucifer was the ruler of discontent. That discontent attracted Lucifer and Lucifer was an energy not a being as we would normally think of the devil but an energy that connected with discontent. So the question is, does discontent lead to good in the end?


Ra'An: All roads lead home but sometimes the road dips and winds and wanders and wanders away from home before the individual realizes that he or she is part of All That Is and is not separate and disconnected. Discontent can lead to many directions depending upon the discernment and directions of each individual. Should the individual choose the high road he or she will find spiritual connections and will move toward love and be able to reset patterns. When one is young one has the focusing mechanism of their body as a boundary within which they focus outward. This focus then plays upon one's surroundings and one sets up further areas and focusing their attention depending on the barriers laid out for her or him when small. They then place these barriers, which are a construction of the mind, within their realm of possibility so their surroundings, their social environment, helps to form a box out of which they work as they do not see the possibility of exceeding that. As one grows older one forgets that one has set up these parameters for existence. This is why patterns are so hard to break, because one has set up these parameters and then not question them further. However they may be based upon one's parent's anger and not true as far as limitations. The individual has abilities to move through and beyond. These parameters then keep channeling and funneling the individual's energy back into a pattern and they go round and round and are unable to break through because they do not see the existence of the parameters. It is an assumed barrier or limitation of their life and they do not even look at it anymore as something within which they are operating. So when one can break free, then they can examine their parameters and begin to loosen up on the grip of them. Discontent is one way that individuals have a clue that there is something there to work with and it may be a pattern that may need to change. If they simply continue to operate within the parameter they may move into further discontent and become more nonoperational. This is a very good ground in the area for one to review within their own life and see how they may change. Discontent can be very good as it is a pointer to something that can be looked at and examined and can be used to make the necessary changes that one needs to move through that area of discontent and disconnect and move more into the connection with others and with Spirit.


Wynn: Thank you. Hyse quoted something that you said in a grid healing and then he asked a question about that. What he quoted was: When one asks for protection, one is placing a danger within one's own consciousness and then setting up an opposition that must be overcome. Therefore when you ask for protection you are acknowledging that there is a danger and when you put that out in the universe that there is a danger, then you set yourself in opposition to the danger, and are occurring at the frequency of the danger and by coincident synchronicities you may then, since you are at the frequency of the danger, bring that in as you are opening to it at that time. This is why asking for protection is not the best way to achieve one is surrounded with. When one can move out of that realm and move to a different playing ground wherein the barriers don't exist, then one can float free and one can then see both sides and can begin to communicate with the dangerous situation and have some control over it. In other words if one is operating from the lower level on the same playing ground as the danger and confronting that as a man with a sword is confronting another man with a sword, they are on the same playing ground operating with the same tools. If one can move above that and can see both sides of the situation and become determined than one can begin to have some control over the situation. One cannot have control over a situation when one tries to quell it with blunt force, however if one can become senior to the situation, see both sides, and begin to communicate about it and then if the position of the other side or the danger, then one can work with it. It is very hard to work with something when one is coming at it with blunt force but if one can get bigger and higher and larger to encompass both sides then one can begin to get into communication with the other side and begin to get it in agreement and begin to have some control, it is not blunt force control, it is cooperative.


Wynn: Thank you very much.

This person is asking, what does it mean to be balanced. Of course from an English standpoint, when you take an English word many people would have a different idea of what that word means and how to define it they are probably all correct within the context. So I think this person here when they use balance they mean to remain focused on your path and not distracted or confused by outside elements.


Ra'An: Yes. We look at being balanced, although it can mean many things to many people, we look at it as when one can maintain one's own equanimity within different circumstances. One way they can do this is to become larger and to look at things through the eyes of the higher energies and that way to not be distracted or move into side issues that the individual is not really concerned about or is not on the person's path.


Wynn: Thank you.

Another question. We are told that the soul is above the body but attached to it. I have seen photographs in which the person pictured has a small cloud-like substance floating about a foot or so above the head and a string coming out of the head by a thread of this same cloudy substance. Will you explain the location of the soul and how it relates and operates with the physical body?


Ra'An: Thank you.

The individual is a composite being. The body has many cells which are intelligent and the cells are organized in ways to do different functions within the body and these have intelligence and they do have an aura of energy around them that can be seen that can indicate the health and the physical state of the individual. The soul is connected through the crown chakra and along the back of the spine and the soul, we are speaking in a more ideal manner now, as individuals can have souls in different positions, as a soul may move and focus in different locations and indeed may even move out of the body and they travel or when the individual sleeps the soul may hover over the body. These are exterior experiences which the individual may remember, sometimes under hypnosis or sometimes if the individual is clear or becomes more clear he may remember in his waking state.


Wynn: A question that I would ask is, does that mean that the soul is not in a specific particular location and that the soul can move around separate from the body?


Ra'An: That is correct. The soul can move around separate from the body and one location that is fairly well experienced by individuals is for it to be around the head in connection with the spinal cord.


Wynn: What are the variations in the movement of the soul. Are there any limitations?


Ra'An: There can be limitations when there has been trauma then the soul, in fact thewhole life force of the body tends to avoid that area as it was an unpleasant experience. This can create distortions in the field and the energy distribution through the body, that is why as an individual moves through life and has received traumas this may disruptenergy flow and this may then limit energy and life force moving to a certain part of the body and it is wise to reestablish this flow. There can be various mud packs that can take the toxins out and can help reestablish flow. The life force in general though, is around the head and down the shoulders and to the spinal cord.


Wynn: The soul is obviously in another dimension even though it's location is around the head. When we die does the soul move and where does it move to? This is my question.


Ra'An: The soul then can move off of the body and often one can measure the change in small amount of grams. The soul has left. There have been civilizations who have felt that the soul was in the stomach area. As they experience life energies coming from that area so culture does have something to do with this issue and individuality from individual to individual can show differences.


Wynn: Thank you.

Next question. I have some questions about 2010 and with all this talk about 2012 in one way or another, but we are all going to move on whether to another 3rd density planet or to a ascend to a 4th density planet. What is suggested that I, we do to prepare. What about the practical side of this. 2012 is a very short time away. Do I stop working on my long term goals and think about what I really want to accomplish in the next two to three years? Should I just sit around and wait for it all to happen? There have been many signs that could construed as planetary changes towards ascension but how do I really know? Is ascension going to happen mid year 2012 or at the end of the year? I feel like there is something to all of this but I can quite grasp it clearly. How do I focus and get my own answers. That is a lot of questions. Maybe I will break it down and start with the first question and that is what do I do to prepare? What about the practical side of this. Do I stop working on my long term goals and think about what I really want to accomplish within the next few years or should I sit around and wait for it all to happen?


Ra'An: We look at the future as individually it may be different from individual to individual in the way these particular things work out. We look at the future as the extension of the present. You are the writer. You are the creator and you have chosen to be in the realm that is moving and changing and part of you has chosen to ride with the consensus reality including not only the individuals, the society but the planetary influences. The planetary influences are very great at this time when the earth is becoming in alignment with the flat part of the galaxy and in alignment with the Hunab Ku. You are riding a horse and you may hone your skills within this time period to staying in conjunction with the horse and communication and learning to experience to the fullest the connection with others all moving under some difficult circumstances. These circumstances may test your short comings and display what they are and then make it able for you to correct them because it is hard to correct short comings if they are not known to you. So in such times of economic distress one's short comings are a weak link and they become displayed and they give you something to work on. We look at this period as a gateway to the future and one can adjust one's seat belt and look forward to adventure and to the ride and can obtain tremendous growth and ability to stay focused and centered and to get to know oneself and to watch as patterns become displayed and then have the ability to work with them, more so now, then when times are very very good.


Concerning about what is going to happen we look at it all as a continuum and we look at your long term plans as something that you cherish and would like to achieve and we suggest that you keep moving towards your goals.


Wynn: I would guess as people start to create longer term goals they are created longer terms. In other words if people are thinking that something is happening in 2012 and why bother, they are creating shorter terms but as you created longer terms you extend the time. People have asked me this question and I said 2012 represents like summer turning into fall. It's not a point where everything shifts. This is my take on this this. This idea of ascension is actually starting to occur while you are in the body because you are starting to exist in another dimensional field while you are in the body. So rather than think of something like suddenly you are here and then you are there, thinking of that you can operate with different rules and different circumstances in this realm but you have to develop it because you have to let go of the part that operates in the normal way and start to access the part that operates in a higher dimensional way and then in fact you are in this realm and operating from that level so in fact you have in essence your energy is not in this realm but your body is. Can you comment on that. Do I have it anyway near accurate?


Ra'An: Yes, that is correct. In fact, each and every one of you is from the other side, from the other realm and just experiencing life overlapping with the physical circumstances in this life and this is a time that one may get more in touch with who one really is and begin to operate from their own home base, rather than taking on other “nesses” from the parents and from friends and relatives in the society.


Wynn: Ok. Now this person is saying, is ascension going to happen mid year 2012 or at the end of the year. This is someone who is thinking that ascension is going to be boom, we are here and then we're there. Do you have any comment on that?


Ra'An: Yes. This is not a discontinuous sudden jerky factor. It is a movement towards the higher frequency and it will appear when one is ready for it. That is our comment.


Wynn: Jim says: It has been discussed that praying often only impacts the situation temporarily and the persistence of the situation may resume shortly after the prayer has ended. Is there a more permanent method to manifest the change that may be better than prayer?


Ra'An: This is a very good question. As one moves into a situation that he may wish to not be in but may be in it due to factors in which he is there, to learn a lesson or to learn something and if the situation is taken away then the individual still has an impetus to learn something and may create another circumstance which then would give him the opportunity to learn that lesson and therefore there may be a reappearance of the thing he was praying to get out of. The thing he is praying to get out of may be uncomfortable and he may not even want to learn the lesson so he may be praying to have a more equitable wonderful outcome and not wish to experience the discomfort of the trauma of the experience that beings him discomfort or grief.


Now there is also certain things within society that brings forth the difficulty. Let's say one person is healed and the disease comes back again. They may not be living in accordance with the manner in which their body could stay healed, for instance, if they are very acid in their make-up of the body. The acid can tend to tear up the body and foster cancer and foster difficult conditions for the body and were the body would be healed then they would continue their pattern and the acid condition would prevail again and bring the body into trauma. There are certain things that will help an individual that would be very good to know. To not eat foods that are not toxic, that are not genetically engineered. Foods to have enough materials that the body can make enzymes for instance. A good type of salt like sea salt not Morton's high heated salt so the body can make hydrochloric acid to help digest foods for when one does not digest their food, for wen one does not digest their food then it tends to rot and the individual experiences great discomfort after eating which would not need to be so would they have the proper enzymes to digest the food. There are certain body functions that were the individual were to move his body into, so that he would be able to cope better with the surroundings that would help him. However, attitude is senior and an individual has a predisposition towards different diseases depending upon his attitude. For instance, anger can stop up the flow in the body; stop up the flow of materials through the colon and clench it up and then the body, thus the frozen state tends to begin to decline and so attitude is very important towards the elimination and the keeping away of disease. Those are some of our comments concerning that question.


Wynn: Thank you.

I think it's 7 o'clock now and we will bring this session to a close. Do you have any closing comments for us?


Ra' An: It is our joy and our honor to be with you and we love the connection.


Wynn: Thank you all for being here.