Thanks to Suzanne Hayes for transcribing this.

Disclaimer from Wynn: As I recommend with all channelings, take what resonates, leave behind what doesn't, and consider the rest. It is always possible for thoughts in the channels mind to bleed through and it's also possible for a source of mixed polarity to masquerade as something other. It's important to always apply your own discernment.

Questions and Answers with Ra'An, Wednesday, March 17, 2010


Wynn:  We are going to try something different tonight and Terry agrees. We are going to try to do some healing tonight with all of us that are healers and their Sources. In a number of instances people have been on our line and they emailed me afterward and said something disappeared or fixed itself as a result of being on the line. Sometimes it was miraculous and everyone was smiling at me for the next week. At the very beginning of my having conversations with the voice that identified itself as the Elohim in 2002, after a few months into it I got a call from my sister and she was going into the hospital for an operation that they didn't think her to recover from. And I asked, can you help my sister and I really didn't expect anything and afterward I called my brother in law and my sister survived the operation and initially I thought it was coincidence, I thought this couldn't be because I asked this voice to help and a few weeks later I get another call from my brother in law and he said something really strange happened. That my sister had gone in for tests and the nurse told her that her cancer was gone but her lupus disappeared and lupus never disappeared. So they tested her over and over and there was no lupus. So I became pretty convinced that it was a result of my asking that question, that her lupus disappeared. She nor her husband did not know I was having these conversations so there was no chance of even a suggestion that caused her to heal herself. It happened without her knowledge. When I asked them how they did that they said it was like putting a filter in her blood and taking the cancer out.

I wanted to try something new. Instead of our regular question and answer session I asked people to email me that are going through things they want healed, that they want a shift in their life and we would see as a group we will see how we can do that on an experimental level focusing on that as an issue.

I had about five people send me some emails and I was going to read their emails and maybe just have them say hello verbally so their energy would be present and then we could have some comments and have everyone say something, if you are open to that?


Terry: It is interesting when you put everything down and they comment on things. That's working and on the other hand sometimes when an individual says something they just start blasting me with information here and I kind of hope that when we get to it they will come up with it again.


(Wynn calls in the light)


Wynn: The people who sent me emails are: Judy, Gibson, Edna, Diana, Wanda, and Ed and Zoey, six people.


(Wynn calls in the light)


Let's let them address us.


Ra'An: We greet you in the love-light of the One Infinite Creator. We are delighted to be with you this St. Patrick's Day, March 17, 2010. We are focused through channel Terry Brown in Los Angeles, California but also are connected with people who are listening all over and people who will be listening all over in different locations. All one needs to do is ask to have our energies. This is a very interesting experiment that we are doing tonight. We know that by virtue of being in 3rd density there are groundings and anchorings of individuals to their surroundings to other people and other situations. These anchorings, then can deteriorate particularly within the body, as foods are eaten which may not digest properly or toxicity may be involved, particularly some of the new genetically modified food which have not been tested for their long term effect on the body and upon the nature of digestion. When one is in the 3rd density and such items deteriorate and the hold upon the body and the energy systems within the body do not flow and become stagnant, the individuals may then experience discomfort. There is an expression, Use It Or Lose It, and as some of the systems become degenerated and do not pull their own weight within the body systems. Sometimes we are able to assist when the intention is to stay with the body and to recalibrate and revivify the body system and upgrade it. Sometimes when the attention has become too frayed and the connection with the body and the individual feels the intention is not staying with the body but that it is better to start anew and transition into the other world, other densities, and then to move back into a reincarnation life, or then to refresh and recover within the higher realms, before one may or may not, if they desire, move back into the third density or stay in the higher densities. When one is so grounded and anchored however, with friends and family and situations within the third density, often it is these groundings and anchoring that will bring them back into the third density and that is why individuals seek to reincarnate in soul groups because they are anchored with other individuals. We know there are questions and situations that you seek to bring up so we will turn the floor back to Wynn.


Wynn: I would like to ask one question before we start and that is, if someone is leaving this realm and they have a body which is debilitated and they are wondering if they want to leave or if they want to stay here, two questions. One is, if they have a high intention to be of service to others and to be here so they can be of service, does that intention help with their healing, and the second is, if they transition from this realm, the energy in the other realms is still going to carry the seeds which created the disability in this realm and if they are working with higher forces is it easier to fix that in the transition state or while they are in a physical body?


Ra'An: We check channels of energy in each individual case and it is an individual case. If some individuals hang on and try to maintain the basic status quo within their body and thus they then hang on to the disabilities and carry them into the next realm and carry them back again as a disability within the body that they would need to deal with and need to work their way through and perhaps in some karma that has been long term in their track that they are attempting to recover or deal with or some punishment they are giving themselves in return for something they have deal another and then resubmit themselves to the same disability to work through their karma in that way.


Ra'An: Please repeat your second question.


Wynn: Well I think you answered the second question. The first part was if they have a very high intention to be of service and to remain in this realm to be of service right now, is that a strong impetus to help with the physical healing?


Ra'An: Yes it is. In fact, some individuals may have had a contract to come in for a certain number of years perhaps to be with a family member and then at a certain time to leave, and they can change their contract based upon their intention to stay and help and in fact if they change their circumstances and let go of those stuck points they may indeed have a miraculous healing and go on.


Wynn: Thank you.

Now what we're going to do is I am going to call on these people who have emailed me and I would like them to un-mute themselves and share what they are working on in their body and then just be silent. Then mute themselves back and we will see if there is a comment and if not we will just go on to the next person.


I am going to start out with Jim in Chicago. Jim is a person who has been helping us program all the web links so if you are in the Spirit Channel and you get the audios he has been of great assistance in making sure that runs smoothy. So star 6 yourself Jim and come to the stage. What are the physical conditions you are working with?


Jim: Hi, this is Jim. Well I've got a short list of stuff I have had hemophilia since I was born and in my recent years complications have evolved it into being HIV positive and hepatitis C. I am at a point now where I am really in a good place in a lot of things this is just, do what is good for everybody, and I don't know if this is something I should keep because that is serving somebody, because I can't for the life of me figure out what that might be, and if not, I am so ready to be done with it because its just not what I think I want to do to help other people in terms of tolerating this and enduring this. That's kind of my state of mind. So I am good with either understanding what purpose this will serve me, and if it is not serving a purpose then I am ready to let it go.


Ra'An: We will move on to the next person and then make comments at the end.


Wynn: Ok. Is Judy Gibson there?

Judy: Yes I am. I am living in Arizona and have been dealing with severe depression. My daughter who lived with me for sometime, developed breast cancer and passed away in May of 2008. Then this past September my very best friend and ex husband, we were very close. He just one day decided to kill himself and so the depression became worse. I was starting to come out of it and now it's a day to day thing. I struggle with it. I think I am starting to get better and then I find that I am not making much progress. I need extra help to get out of it because I am normally a very joyful person, very happy, outgoing and loving to everyone. I just need some assistance to get out of it.


Wynn: Shall we go on?


Ra'An: Yes


Wynn: Is Edna there? Are you there Edna?


Ok. Is Diana there with the knee problem? Star 6 is the unmute.

Maybe people are shy about talking about this publicly?


Is Wanda there?


Is Zoey there?


Zoey: I am here Wynn. I have two things. One thing is I have had a kind of white noise or hissing in my ears for about fifteen years. It doesn't keep me from being able to understand people but sometimes it can get very loud and it would be really nice not to have that. It's a minor thing compared to what a lot of other people are dealing with the other thing is, just recently, in quite a large part because of the work I have done with another source and also with these calls, I have come to really want to get fear out of my matrix, any fear that is not serving my physical safety or safety in some way or other. This issue came up particularly this year in trying to do my income tax. I confront myself with all kinds of problems about what is honest and what isn't honest and what do I really owe and all of these things. I did some work with that and realize that some of that is lack of trust and that the universe was going to take care of me so there was issues there so I did do some sounding and work with quite a bit of it and feel there was some movement with that and some improvement and I would really appreciate any help to clear that. I am seventy-five and would really like the years I have left here to be years of good service. Of course if anything is something that I need to struggle with because it's part of my learning I certainly do accept that. Thank you.


Wynn: Ok. If there is anyone else that didn't send me an email and would like an issue to work on.


Michael: Yes I do.


Wynn: Go ahead Michael.


I have some heart blockage. I have an aortic aneurism and just recently had a knee replaced that needs to be completely healed. I also have some skin issues.


Hyse: I want to ask for help with a rash in my chin which started on the right and moved to the left. I have had this for some time already. I would greatly appreciate help with this.


Novella: This is Novella. I have a herniated disk that is pressing on the sciatic nerve. I also have some depression and anxiety that went along with that.


Wynn: Thank you. Edna?


Edna: I have been dealing with very strong PMS syndrome for years and have affected my relationship and my life and I would like some help with that.


Thank you all. Everyone is muted and now I will turn this over to our Source speaking through Terry.


Ra'An: The first one that we will speak of is Judy. You are still are very connected with the situation with your daughter and with your ex husband. As one, not just you but, the individuals generally within the 3rd density make connections with others. You can see this as you walk down the street. You note a mother and a child walking down the street. If you try to walk between them they will try to prevent that in general, because there are anchor points, connections between the two which are very strong and the individuals do not want that broken even to the point of letting someone walk in between when they are walking down the street. In this same manner, individuals connect to their partners and then when they leave the situation the connections remain, however the part where the other person has left leaves a gap and the individual then is at loose ends as to where or how to connect. They have these connections without the person being there to support the connection. So would you intentionally, and this is hard at first, to find other connections that ease the situation for you. A radio program of interest, a dance at the local church or facility. A meeting, something that interests you to find others who are interested and to connect to. There are others out there who can come into your life and provide very joyful reflection to you so you are able again to reflect to them and see your joy reflected back to you and again build joy in your life.


Jim in Chicago. Your blood cells are misshapen and one disease has opened the door for the other disease. This is a familial genetic carry over from the genetic line within which you are born. The blood cells are not totally round. The integrity of the membranes holding the blood and the red blood cells can thus be easily broken. We look at your blood screen as if on a screen. Would your cells resume the round configuration they can thus become strong and not so vulnerable. We see your intent to help and to be done with this genetic problem. We will take this under our advisement and analyze it further after the call.


Edna. We note during the various parts of the month that as the period builds up to coming through you may experience stress on the body. Diet can help with this also. Hormones can be stabilized. With help within your realm with diet and hormones stabilization can make a recommendation of getting any temporary help from Dr. Marshall's group which one can call in the are of 310 320 1132 as he has extensively researched this area and knows much about it and he has consultants also, however there is an underlying irritation. As we talk we are looking at the systems which are out of alignment with each other. The adrenals and the stress factor, the family life, the getting together of the responses to the daily path. We see that there is a need for more minerals and for vitamin D3 to help your system. Once this is helped with your diet and also your sleep cycle. When your period is coming on you begin to feel this stress you may be able to be sure to get at least five hours of very good sleep in a dark room to help your system reset during the night. Those are our comments at this time.


Concerning Novella. There is an imbalance in the structural area and it is based upon earlier injury. We suggest again, as with Edna, you contact Dr. Marshall and ask about mud-packing the area of the back to relax the area and relieve the pressure on the area. Also there is information on mud packing the feet and hands that the energies may flow better and take pressure off the area of the back. There is an upside down machine which could possibly take the pressure off the back but one needs to be careful that it is not done too long or too quickly and needs to work with it and needs an upside down machine that is very stable and safe. Again sleep will help. For people with depression to get that rejuvenating sleep and to sleep for at least five hours in a dark room, the deepest sleep is from ten to two or so, and to then begin to dream to work through the depression in your dreams and write down your dreams and start to see any clues in your dreams of a way through the depression. There can be some surprising teaching and guidance come through in dreams as you work through current issues and allow your body to also heal.


Hyse. We see, we feel your rash upon your chin. There are frequencies which can help heal. We also see need for clearing channels and for taking away toxic substances from this area. We suggest being careful with shaving and being very sterile with the area and not touching and scratching even if it is scratchy and itchy. We see below the skin a build up of some toxic material which is trying to get out through your chin. We will take this into consideration. You may also, as we are talking slowly as we are working with the chin. Your may picture the area of the chin and as you picture it, you may picture the force of the irritation and you may envision it fading away and leaving you.


Zoey. We take a look at the white noise. It is a stable item wherein one can almost become dependent upon it and if one does not want to hear something one can hear the white noise. Picture the white noise gone and your hearing crystal clear. When you focus upon the body system it can create a white noise. When you focus on the frequency of the operation of your body it can create a white noise. So try to refocus yourself and see if you can learn to turn it down. See if you can step out of it and focus on the outside, it will become dimmer. That is a preliminary thought we have about that. See if you can learn to turn it up and down depending upon where you focus, whether you focus on the body system and the noise of if you can focus out of it and like turning the volume down on a speaker, you can then focus outside and can get it dimmer and see what you can experiment with that.


You second question: How to get fear out of your matrix. Fear is looking at an unknown outcome. Looking at the taxes. What is going to be the outcome of this and attempting to really correct about this but wondering exactly what is correct and how exacting one needs to be. There are specific guidelines which you in a situation like that, can consult an expert if the question is marginal. You can get very clear concise answers and very much pin point as to what would stand up in an IRA audit or what would not. You, yourself know what you feel is ethical and you can set that for a standard and if there is a question can get guidance from a good tax expert.


How to get fear out of the matrix. Fear is making the connection with an unknown. You don't know if it will be a good result or a bad result or if it will lead somewhere or it won't. So getting a stable connection. You can experiment with that and see what you feel is stable and what is less stable and realize that now with the economic situation worsening in the country that many people are going into instability and are having to reorient new areas which they can rely upon and trust. Fear is the presence of an unknown so you can eliminate as many unknowns and find out as much about the subject as you can and then you can rely upon that aspect. As you rely upon more and more aspects to that degree then you have the ability to move forward with more trust and to move out more fear.


Michael. There are two indications that there are missing elements within your diet and have been for a long time. The heart and the whole system of arteries and veins operate in accordance with various principles and when any one of these principles is not applied there can be problems beginning to develop. We recommend again in this circumstance to call Dr. Marshall's group as he has all over the United States doctors and chiropractors that he works with. He lectures to doctors and he can give clues as to how to clear the artery system. With the blood flow stabilized and flowing well then toxins can be again taken out also for the kidneys and the liver to function correctly in order for toxins to flow out of the body the body needs to be alkaline, not alkaline because of calcium taken out of the blood, but alkaline because the nutrients supplied to the body have an alkaline orientation. Then the water intake needs to be high enough for the toxins to be taken out and for the sludge to be taken out of the system and it is generally considered that an individual needs liquids; water or it can be healthy juices but in the area of ounces of water that are equal to half the body weight. So if the body weighed 60 pounds the water should be within about half that in ounces, but check that data with Dr. Marshall, as he has guidelines, not only for what we have spoken about. There is the digestion of the food that is necessary. As a person grown older they use up the enzymes that are available to digest the food and as they use this up, then the food no longer, particularly cooked food, which does not have active enzymes as much, as the cooked food enters the system there are no enzymes left to digest it and the individual begins to starve because of not being able to digest the food and the food begins to rot and to move through the liver and be stored as toxicity. This can create skin issues as the skin is a large elimination order and they are not able to eliminate on the ordinary channels and so then the skins attempts to eliminate toxicity. There should be a manual for the body which could help everyone. Those are our statements. We thank each and every one of you and you may ask in between, you do not need this session or forum to ask us as we have a repertoire of things that also can help. Thank you.


Wynn: Thank you.

Michael, I might suggest that you might look up Coq-10 on the internet and look at some of the results of that in opening up the arteries. I would like to announce also we do not get kickbacks from Dr. Marshall. Terry has been a in her conscious self a student of alternative health and she found him to be the most comprehensive person on these issues that she has ever discovered. On that note lets take a moment of silent healing for all of us and if you have something to work on and we didn't get to you or call on you lets shut our eyes and bring that energy from other dimensions, that are us, into our bodies, and all of those who are healers on this line help us in this space and ask for those parts of yourself that are out of balance to come back into balance.


So I want to thank you all for being here and those who are willing to speak publicly of your issues for doing so. I want to thank those of you who have the ability to connect to the healing energies to help keep the uplifted vibration on this line. I want to apologize to Ed whom I forgot to call on so next time he will be on the top of the list, and most of all I want to thank Terry for taking her time and letting herself come through with the information.