Thanks to Suzanne Hayes for transcribing this.

Disclaimer from Wynn: As I recommend with all channelings, take what resonates, leave behind what doesn't, and consider the rest. It is always possible for thoughts in the channels mind to bleed through and it's also possible for a source of mixed polarity to masquerade as something other. It's important to always apply your own discernment.


Wednesday Question and Answers with the Ra'An


This is Wednesday, March 24th, 2010 and Wynn and Terry both in Los Angeles and this is our Wednesday night question and answer call.


(Wynn calls in the light)


I will turn it over to Terry so they can say hello to us.


Ra'An: We greet you in the love-light of the One Infinite Creator. We are delighted and pleased to be with you and to enter into the energies within your realm and across and around your great planet. It is the twenty-fourth of March, 2010, focused through the instrument Terry Brown in Los Angeles, California and this is Ra'An speaking. Do you have questions?


Wynn: Yes we do. I would ask the question myself, because it came up when I was talking. When people want a healing or want something to shift, is there an advantage to coming into these calls often and can you share why that is so?


Ra'An: There is an advantage to coming into the calls as it is a function of how connected one is to our frequency and to our life energy that determines the outcome of a healing most often. Sometimes individuals have very much damage to their physical bodies and this is difficult as there are so many things in some cases to heal and to shift. It is a matter of the connection and a matter of the intention of the individual and the desire of the individual or whether or not the individual can have the shift; the healing and if not too plugged into the non functional vectors in his body system.


Wynn: Thank you.

So we have some really interesting questions tonight and one question is from a man who is a Buddhist and he would like to know how the Elohim and Ra Groups relate to Buddhism, either directly or indirectly and maybe I would ask if they were connecting to Buddha either directly or indirectly at the time when Buddhism was started?


Ra'An: Buddha was a great individual who was connected to energies. He was more connected to the energies that go into the mountain and the energies of other soul groups to whom we are loosely connected. He lent the flavor of his ambiance to the outcome. He was someone that one would wish to have for a friend as he operated, he had the repertoire of the customs of the area in which he lived. We were with him when he desired and he was able to summon which energy configuration he needed to complete his individual tasks.


Wynn: Was he in verbal communication with higher realms as we are here, either internally inside of himself or through people around him?


Ra'An: Internally he was in touch with higher realms. It is a potential of each and every person in the realm, the third density. It is the orientation that connects one. He was internally in connection. He was also in connection with the images that he knew and used for leverage to bring energy through to create free flowing energy with his followers and with the country social structure and individuals with whom he and his followers communicated with.


Wynn: Thank you.

Another question. There is in alternative health a procedure known as the Applied Kinesiology or muscle testing and in muscle testing somebody pushes an arm and asks questions or talks about different supplements and that the arm will get weak or stronger depending upon the person's reaction to what's being asked or what's being touched. It is a standard procedure and the question was asked, how does that work?


Ra'An: The substance that is being tested against the physical body that is getting tested on, carries a vibration. The vibration is of the substances is either beneficial and there is a whole range of degrees as to how beneficial it is, or it is detrimental to the body. If the substance is detrimental, it will not not support the muscle structure as well as one which is beneficial and the individual's arm or body part will reflect the difference in strength or weakness depending upon how the configuration of the vibrations add and support the muscle group being tested or do not support the muscle groups being tested. It is vibrational summation or subtraction of energies contributing or taking away from the strength of the individual. The items that contribute to the strength of the muscles usually are of an advantage for the individual through ingestion or otherwise.


Wynn: Now I always had the question about techniques like this that where someone is actually pushing on your arm you are also in the energy field of the person administrating the test. How does it work that their energy does not influence, or maybe it does, the outcome of the test and the reliability of the outcome.


Ra'An: If the test is done correctly at the set up, there are some tests that are given to the individual without the substance present to see the reaction of the individual without any substance present. This will reflect a homeostasis which takes into account the energy of the individual during the test and one uses that as a reference to then see how the individual reacts to substances which are placed within his/her field.


Wynn: How about if the person doing the test had a tremendous reaction, would the test be isolated from that or could that interfere?


Ra'An: The substance is generally in the field of the individual and so would affect the individual and the tester, although they might have some reaction to the substance, if the test was done correctly it would still be a valid test to show the reaction of the individual.


Wynn: Ok. Thank you.

There were two individuals who did not get answers to their questions last week and I think in terms of healing calls, I think I will only do them once a month and then maybe do a Saturday call that we might charge a small amount for because Terry really cares if she has helped people and in the middle of the week she says, I am getting additional messages for everybody and we sat down and recorded them and sent them to everybody because there really was a connection made. We have to figure out how to justify time since that call took an hour and a half. If you send requests I might consider them, especially if you are coming into the calls often, because I know that will increase the chances of success.


I am going to leave this person anonymous. She says she is a very spiritual person and she is married to someone who is not but he is a very sensitive person and he has provided a home and security for herself and two children. He has a problem. He is suffering from some incurable itching. The itching gets so bad he draws blood. He has has every test in the book, seen many doctors and no one can find an answer to his problem. She believes it is psychosomatic and that their marriage is failing because she can't get him to realize the spiritual side of his life must be addressed. Can you help? We just purchased a home and have two college bound children living with us. He deserves to be happy and I don't know how to help him. She gives his name which is Tom.


Ra'An: We would not call this itching psychosomatic. We would call it bleed through from a past traumatic experience. This experience is very heavy and the individual is not able to extract his energy out of the experience memory. In putting of his energy into combating the situation is taking up so much energy it is hard for him to free up enough energy to be spiritual. He is is like working with a load on his back, so to speak. He is doing a marvelous job of carrying on despite all of the tremendous lag upon his matrix from this past experience. We take a moment of silence to put attention and light and call in to Grace to help ease the experience and would this be lifted then naturally he would experience and express more spirituality. One cannot be poured into a different mold when on is already operational in a certain form or result of a number of influences and one must start where one is and accept it as it is and know that underneath he is very spiritual and he is doing a very good job of operation despite this skin difficulty. Those are our comments at this time.


Wynn: Thank you.

I am going to add this question. Is there anything this woman can do from her side to help alleviate the issue?


Ra'An: One can send him love-light and give him caring and see during the day which things can make his life easier and can look at the things that he does and really appreciate the provision that the is making and give him breathing room on this issue as he works with it.


Wynn: Thank you.

Is this something that a reading might help with?


Ra'An: We have given an initial basics and we have an individual asking about another. The solution for the individual asking is not entirely within her control so she would need to grant this to the husband. Whether a reading would solve anything, those are our initial comments and we do not set a course at this time that a reading. For one thing who would the reading be, for the husband or wife and since the wife asked the question there might be some benefit for the wife to have the reading. Those are our initial thoughts.


Wynn: Thank you.

Ok. Next question. What is the earth's purpose and how does she accomplish this?

Ra'An: The Earth is a live being and is connected with the solar system and it's purpose is to express love-light and life and to provide a playing ground for individuals and animals and trees and for itself in the connection with the sun and within the solar system. It is all part of the expression of love-light. The changes that the Earth goes through are changes within which all being in connection with it grow and it provides opportunity for life to exist including the life of the planet.


Wynn: Thank You.

Next question. What is the relationship between the I-Ching and DNA. They both have something to do with the number 64. The 64 hexagrams. What is the connection between the two?


Ra'An: The I-Ching is the magical series of characters that are associated with groups of positionings and these positionings catalogue areas which life flows through. Life flow also flows through DNA and lightens (we mean that in the sense of there being more light); the life force within the individual. The 64 hexagrams relate to the different ways that the potential of choice of the individual can be laid out and experienced. The flow of the energy through the DNA then connects to those particular groups.


Wynn: Was the I-Ching added through an extremely enlightened individual in this realm or was it created as a co-creation with sources outside of this realm?


Ra'An: It was created and brought down through Lemuria and to the East and it was from a time when there was great connection with the high forces. There was not the barrier to bringing through information as there is now as the planet has progressed in Lemuria and Atlantis has gone down it created great difficulty for individuals who went through this experiencing difficulty in survival and they became more grounded into survival in the Earth plane and more connected with that instead of being connected with the flowing energies of the higher dimensions.


Wynn: Thank you.

Next question and this is another person who had a healing question and I believe she is on the line also. It has to do with her knee. Because of lifting something too heavy my arthritic knee became something else. It became extremely swollen and I visited the doctor and he insisted that the only solution was total knee replacement. He drew fluid from it and in mid January, 2010 by formerly straight leg began to bow out to the side. Standing or walking I am bow-legged on the right leg. Moderate pain, nothing I can't stand and I am very much bothered by the bowed leg though. Vanity somewhat but it worries me a lot. The reason it does that is that I am feeling it might get worse. I prefer a healing from universal forces than the surgeons advice of another knee joint. (Before I ask for any comments let me say we are not giving medical advice here so take whatever you hear and apply it to your own discernment and with that I will turn it over to our Source.)


Ra'An: When a doctor outlines procedure he is not generally taking into account the higher dimensions or possibilities within the upper realms for healing. He is treating the knee as if it is purely a physical piece of matter and by outlining what he gives you he then makes a framework reference within which the individual then look at and have as a reference point. It can become stronger than a reference point and an anchor point as if this is true and it cannot be changed and there is only this one outcome.

We suggest in this matter that you call our dear friend Dr. Marshall or Dr. Medici and find a doctor which can give a second opinion. The number that you would call for Dr. Marshall's organization would be: 310 320-1132. It is wise to get a second opinion and to find out what substances you are lacking in your diet that has resulted in an arthritic knee. To have developed arthritis in your knee in the first place, there are certain substances which you are missing and certain places within your body organs that should be working more in sync with each other that are slightly or so some degree out of tune with each other in eliminating toxins and absorption of minerals. One of the things would be vitamin B-3 which you can get from Dr. Marshall's organization and this would be very helpful. However there are other substances that should be given or taken in according to the body needs that you have. There is the bringing of your body to a state of alkalinity where your body can exchange nutrients. We suggest this second professional opinion and there is more than one thing to change to give your body an environment to begin to relax and begin to heal itself.


Wynn: Thank you.

Just letting you guys know we make no commission on Dr. Marshall.


Just for a last question, I told a story of this humming bird at the beginning that suddenly flew off. Was there any connection between the humming birds flying off and my concern or was it just a random coincidence?


Ra'An: We follow you and we do take view of your concerns. The humming bird did not have a broken wing however he was not using this in the correct manner. Humming bird wings fly so fast as to be barely visible and it was not broken but disjointed and was moved back into place and the concern of the man that found it and your concern was transmitted to the humming bird and increased the humming birds viability and intention to fly.


Wynn: Thank you so much.

On that note I am going to close this session for this evening. Are there any more comments from our Source before we say goodbye?


Ra'An: We are so delighted that we are able to work with you. It is very hard sometimes to be so separated from the 3rd dimension and you provide a window into the 3rd dimension and it is a great experience for us to work with you, each and every one of you. We are available to work with each and every one of you and you do not need the phone line to ask.