Thanks to Suzanne Hayes for transcribing this.

Disclaimer from Wynn: As I recommend with all channelings, take what resonates, leave behind what doesn't, and consider the rest. It is always possible for thoughts in the channels mind to bleed through and it's also possible for a source of mixed polarity to masquerade as something other. It's important to always apply your own discernment.




Questions and Answers with Ra'An, March 31,2010


Wynn: This is our Wednesday night question and answer session. For tonight I am only taking questions of people who are on the line, so if you are one of those who submitted a question for last week and you are not on the line now, then we'll ask that question next week. Submit it again because I think it's better when people are on the line directly when we ask these questions. We have a source which identifies itself by the name Ra'An that is saying it's a conglomerate of two groups souls that are in service to our planet and Terry Brown is the channel for this source. Are you there Terry?


Terry: I am here.


Wynn: So now we will call in the light and then we'll be ready to ask some questions.


(Wynn calls in the light)


Wynn: Do we have a source present?


Ra'An: Yes, this is Ra'An and we greet you in the love-light of the One Infinite Creator. Today is March 31st 2010 on your planet Earth. We are focusing through Terry Brown in Los Angeles, California and also we are available to be connected with each individual who is listening on the line and who listens to the future to this call or reads transcripted material or hears the audio. Do you have questions?


Wynn: Yes we do. I don't know if you are able to answer this but how will the fourth dimension feel compared to the third dimension and will one carry memory from the third dimension to the fourth dimension?


Ra'An: Memory is carried from the third dimension to the fourth dimension. There is a disconnect with many people with continuity in that when they move into a new situation they focus entirely upon that situation and live in that situation and the earlier situations as with past track in the third dimension and in the higher dimensions, although it is part of the memory, it is not called up unless one goes looking for it, or unless it is triggered by a similar circumstance and when it is triggered the individual really does not know why they are experiencing this feedback and this flash from somewhere. It may come in dreams or it may just appear in a chain of memories that is triggered by a current incident so when one moves into a new situation, whether it is in the third dimension or in the fourth dimension or a higher dimension, memories can be triggered and the individual needs to be aware to realize where these memories come from. These memories can be thought of as other thoughts and they are not necessarily thought of as something from the past or something from another dimension. When one develops one's sensitivity and one's realizations that they are living in a world that has many dimensions and they have many connections to past experiences that can lead into a current situation then they can begin to experience the true source of where these memories have come from. So the memory is there and the memory can be triggered or can be remembered and the triggering can be in jumps and starts. Eventually when the individual realizes the true important impact of his past, the memory of it then becomes a seamless continuous experience.


Wynn: Thank you.

Someone asked, if we are all going to reincarnate in the fourth dimension as children, where are the adults?


Ra'An: There are individuals in the fourth dimension as we speak and these individuals will be taking in other individuals in the spirit form or introducing them into their world. When a new place is developed then the individuals can be placed there through inter-dimensional portals. The individuals who come into the fourth dimension to help can then begin to foster spirit children and bodies can be placed in that realm from inter-dimensional sources that can then care for the family unit and help set that up and then begin to bare children within that dimension. One person has asked how does that feel different from what you are experiencing in third dimension. Gravity is less. Feelings are softer. It is easier to tell what another is thinking. Telepathy is easier. The barriers between individuals are less because as you begin to move up more of the individuals have an open heart, although it is not totally required for an individual in the fourth dimension to have an open heart as somebody can come into this dimension from a negative service to self viewpoint and then be very powerful in that, however they also can begin to have the corners of their negativity moved away as they see the benefits of being positive and connecting with each other and it is a much more satisfying interaction to be interacting together when the individuals have open hearts and are not anticipating war actions or other hostile acts that they can experience in the third dimension and makes them very shy in opening their heart.


Wynn: Thank you.

So right now there is an active fourth dimension that is populated with beings?


Ra'An: That is correct.


Wynn: And is that fourth dimension actually superimposed on the third dimension Earth kind of in the same space continuum?


Ra'An: Everything is superimposed on everything. It is frequency directed.


Wynn: Now do sometimes people in the fourth dimension talk to people in the third dimension, can they do that?


Ra'An: Yes they can however very often the people in the third dimension cannot understand and cannot hear as they are so directed with their energy in the third dimension.


Wynn: Sometimes there are people who are called Ascended Masters. They are individual souls. Are they operating from the fourth dimension?


Ra'An: They are generally approached by groups in the higher dimensions when a person becomes an Ascended Master and invited to move into soul groups. An Ascended Master can be approached by more than one soul group and generally he will move into a soul group in a higher dimension who has a similar to his operational ability.


Wynn: Thank you.

We have another question. Can anyone channel?


Ra'An: Anyone can channel if they do the rudiments that are necessary to channel. So many individuals would need then, as we say, almost in conflict, would not be able to channel because they are unable to overcome the barriers to send them to the free space that allows them to step aside and to contact the higher dimensions and the higher beings.


Wynn: Thank you.

So why is it that people who do channel have that ability?


Ra'An: They are more clear than other individuals. They have moved more of the garbage cycles out of the way. More of the patterns of boundness to Earth out of the way. More of the stuckness out of the way and have more of an ability to float in and out of time and in and out of their own dimension.


Wynn: I see

I am just asking all of these questions that are coming to mind. Why is it that I tend to trigger people who have the ability to channel?


Ra'An: You have had for the longest time a goal to ameliorate the dimensions and to make yourself available to individuals who have gotten stuck and are possibly open to moving out of their stuckness. You have in the beginning of creation, goals with connecting people and you are still connecting individuals from the higher realms to individuals in your realm. You have been doing this as a career and being an advocate of the higher realms for lifetimes.


Wynn: Thank you.

The next question is from Ed concerning network chiropractic. Ed, why don't you un-mute yourself and share a little bit about the process network chiropractic, what that is?


Ed: Sure. Doctor Donald Epstein developed a healing system called network spinal analysis. It is a form of alternative chiropractic that uses light touches along the spinal cord to release tension from the nervous system. I personally have had dramatic transformations in my life from this technique and I am wondering how this technique works and also how this works with the brain and spinal cord and nervous system overall?


Ra'An: Thank you. This is a very interesting question as the flow of energy along the spinal cord determines the passing of energy from one molecule to another molecule to release the flow of light waves very fast. There is a particulate group of molecules that tend to cluster and they cluster along the outside of the nerve, then this flows, although the flow of energy can go through the spinal column, the nerve bundles get an aggregate of clusters of molecules and this impedes contact within the body network of nerves. When the light touch is given there is a sharing of the force within the clusters, and the clusters can then begin to move back into a configuration that can transmit the flow of information up and down the spinal column. Only light touches are needed to transmit the information to the cluster to begin to move back into individual particulate that can then can reassign them to their proper position to allow flow back into the area.


Wynn: Thank you.

Ed happens to be a medical doctor. Did that make sense to you Ed?


Ed: It makes sense to me not from a medical point of view but I have experienced a flow of some sort of substance through the spinal area, through the spine and there is a theory that is some sort of soliton or acoustic wave. I am wondering if that is this phenomenon. There is also something called a gateway; that is sort of like a vortex that comes off of the spine. Is this related to that wave as well?


Ra'An: Yes. This soliton wave is one of the words that we lack to put the particulate matter within the clusters that are not in optimum operation when they are clustered and to move them more in alignment to allow the wave to move through the area of the spinal column and surrounding bundles of nerves that can then put the proper vortexes back into alignment within the body so that energy can move up and down within the area. There is a movement with the chakra system that goes into alignment also.


Wynn: Thank you.

Ernesto asks a question about what is eco-plasm. I am sure if that word is in Terry's vocabulary. I think I recall eco-plasm as being another word for torrid wave radiation. Is there anything you come up with for that word?


Ra'An: The torrid wave radiation can be focused and one of the things that we as the Elohim do is to create body formations that focus the life force. One can feel this as a healing energy. One could also run into eco-plasm that was disoriented or not operational but focused correctly. As the various forms of life within the body as there are forms within the body that focus the life force to do certain tasks for the operation of the body.


Wynn: Thank you.

Finally we have a question from Jeana. Are there dolphins and whales in fourth dimension and are their energy similar to our sources?


Ra'An: The dolphins and whales, even though they are in the third dimension also are able to move to the fourth dimension and fifth dimension and they are able co-exist with us and that is one of the ways they can bring stabilization into your planet. They are connected to us as we speak as they are a group that is able to transcend the earth plane and to bi-locate into more than one space.


Wynn: Thank you.

I think we have covered all of our questions for tonight. Maybe I will ask a question expanding on the idea of dolphins and whales bi-locating. That means they are in two dimensions at the same time? Do they actually have bodies in two dimensions? Do they leave one dimension and go to the other? For example, when we do a grid healing and put our energies together are we bi-locating? Would you call that bi-locating when we do that? We are creating a space in another dimension and that space actually exists, did you say what dimension are we creating a space in?


Ra'An: You've got three questions here. The first one is concerning the dolphins and the whales and can they inhabit two bodies at the same time and the answer is yes, as they are very free and flowing and can move in and out of dimensions and situations. Then you are asking if you were bi-locating when we move into a space and do a grid healing. Yes, to some degree we are bi-locating at that time, although we are not occupying another body but we are in the surrounding area and can then experience the situations that are going on at those locations.


Wynn: So we are bi-locating energies rather than having physical bi-location so to speak?


Ra'An: In some ways it is physical in that we are in another space at the same time we are in the first space and we are moving together with the other situation, however we share space but do not take over the body as you are in a body in one space, you do not take on a body in the second space but you lightly share the surrounding space.


Wynn: Thank you.

Well that was the end of our questions for tonight. Seems like that went by rather quickly with a lot of very sophisticated answers. Do you have any closing comments for tonight?


Ra'An: We see this whole area of the connection of the spine as leading into a deeper subject of the Kundalini. There is an energy in the spinal cord, we mean a coiled energy and this coiled energy needs to be worked with very carefully as one does not unleash it all at one time. It takes practice and control to work with the energy that can come through the spine. That's a little more information. We thank each and every one of you and we are overjoyed by your presence. It bring tears to our energy eyes to make this connection with the third density realm as the third density realm has been very hard to make contact with. We love you all.




Wynn: Thank you very much and thank all of you for being here.