Thanks to Suzanne Hayes for transcribing this.

Disclaimer from Wynn: As I recommend with all channelings, take what resonates, leave behind what doesn't, and consider the rest. It is always possible for thoughts in the channels mind to bleed through and it's also possible for a source of mixed polarity to masquerade as something other. It's important to always apply your own discernment.



Questions and Answers With the Ra'An for April 7th, 2010

Wynn: This is Wednesday, April 7th and this is our call where we answer questions which people submit. We actually do a live channeling session on this call. Before we go into our questions for tonight we will call in the light through this little invocation we have.

(Wynn calls in the light)

Wynn: Do we have a source present?

Ra'An: Yes. This is Ra'An and we greet you in the love-light of the One Infinite Creator. We are here with you this 7th of April, 2010 focused through the instrument Terry Brown in Los Angeles, California, and also connected and available for connection to each and every person who comes into the call or who is listening to the call at a later date. Do you have questions?

Wynn: Yes, I have my own questions, which I am going to start with and one of them is the one that just came in while I was doing our mediation. Can you tell us from your point of view how it looks when we do our meditation and invoke the blending of our energies and the higher realms?

Ra'An: There is each and every one who is listening or will listen and they are grounded in the earth plane to a greater or lesser degrees. These individuals when you do the connection of the individuals and the braiding of energies then at the higher level there is a meshing and a sharing of energies. It is merely a tipping of the focus from the individual to the higher connections which always were there. The individual does not move. It is a change in focus.

Wynn: Thank you.

Then when we do that are we moving through the other side of the veil. I postulate that we are but I have never asked that question.

Ra'An: You are changing focus, and you are changing focus to the other side of the veil to a greater or lesser degree depending upon the perception of the individual.

Wynn: Thank you.

This is a person who is very anxious to have the answer to this question. He asked about the reason for near death or out of body experiences. Particularly, he had one many years ago from an accident where his life seemed to flash ahead and many of the things that I saw have been just as I saw them, although I did not see my own death, only life. What is the reason for an experience like this?

Ra'An: The individual is moving out of one's body and moving in time to future points of reference and marking these as on a calendar. The individual then keeps these as references. What is the reason for the near death experience or the leaving of the body, is the change of focus. It can be triggered by trauma as the individual to experience, to stay in the body and seeks to move away from it. Then as the individual congeals in the other side around the body they may move back into the body and re-experience pain. When an individual has a difficult childhood they may move out of their body and then may get extra sensory perception and remote viewing experiences. So trauma is one of the reasons, whether it is psychological or physical that causes individuals to move out of their body and into near death experiences. Curiosity is another reason in that the individual may be somewhat bored in the body but the individual may have memories of other lifetimes or memories of how to leave and enter the body and they may then move out of the body and then back in. Some of the individuals are able to do this at will but for the vast majority it is triggered by trauma.

Wynn: Thank you.

When we do our little 'coming together' of energies at the beginning, in a manner of speaking, are we moving into similar areas while we are still maintaining the focus of the body as opposed to leaving the body?

Ra'An: You are not leaving the body. At some point you have indicated moving up, however it is a change in focus and the majority are not moving out of the body but are moving up in density to a place where we are all connected as we are in a higher density. We send love-light to Carla Ruckert. We send healing to Carla Ruckert. You are not moving out of the body in the majority of cases. You are changing your focus from your location in the body in the majority of cases.

Wynn: But in the near death experience someone does leave out of their body. Is that true?

Ra'An: That is correct

Wynn: Ok, thank you.

This is from someone who had a reading with Terry recently and in that reading they asked about their deceased mother and father and how they were and it was said that the father had moved into fairly high realms but the mother was still clinging closer to the earth plane and not letting go. The person asks, is there any efforts that they can make to help release their mother into the higher realms?

Ra'An: Yes. You may let your mother go and indicate to her how very much you love her and send her very much love and caring and warmth and indicate to her that you are freeing her to move to the heaven realm and that you are releasing her and you are letting her go and you love her very much and you are excited and joyful about her new venture and her new trip and she has very much in store for her and very much joy of meeting relatives and is able to again free herself from clinging to her past life on earth and free herself to again being mobile and communicating with friends and family.

Wynn: Thank you.

There is a question that comes to mind for me that is a larger question from that question that I just asked and the larger question is, in general do deceased people feel our energies and can they send us energy. Is it easier for us to feel their energies when they send them or for them to feel our energies and is there the ability to feel energies related to them being more closer in to the earth realm, or if you have had a very high relationship with somebody, a deep relationship that passed on, can they perceive your energies even at the highest realms?

Ra'An: At the highest realms there is a difference in frequency. This bigger difference in frequency may make it hard for the individuals in the higher realms to move into the dense realm of earth, however there is a particle, one might even call it the God particle; the essence particle, wherein one can perceive that at any realm, and when you get the memory of the individual; the essence of the individual, then they are coupled with you and sharing that frequency and they come in on that frequently to co- relate with you and be present with you, so the trail will follow to touch another whether in this realm or the other realms, is to meet at the essence of the core vibration.

Wynn: Thank you.

The person who asked that question about his mother, if he joined in one of our Team Shift groups, would they have a more chance in the group setting of contacting their mother?

Ra'An: One must be careful not to hook the mother back into this realm but to set the mother free. Whether it is in a Team Shift meeting or individually, it is the quality of the communication and the intention to give love to the mother and to wish her well as if one was going off to college and sending her off with hugs and kisses and wishing her all the luck and all the joy in her new venture.

Wynn: I would imagine if one was sending out an emotional energy of love, it might be more clinging as it has to be a very high projection of loving energy towards the other person, is that correct?

Ra'An: This is correct, otherwise the other person who has departed may take it for a sign that they need to stay around to protect or be there for the son.

Wynn: This idea of the need to stay around because somebody needs you in this realm, I have the feeling that when someone in the other realms has that, that this could keep them for perhaps many many many years. It might not be just a short time. Once they have that, does it just go away or does it just stay until they have another incarnate from that place?

Ra'An: It stays until they change their mind. For instance, an example would be another real live departed person who is staying around to protect his grand daughter and has decided that he will stay until the grand daughter is eighteen. It is entirely up to the individual, although the individual decision can be tempered or changed by the recipient of the person's energy.

Wynn: Thank you.

Here is a really good question and when I read it I am going to add something to the question because it connects with other things besides what the person is asking. The question is: Is it possible to pick up energy parasites from other dimensions and if so, how can one rid oneself of them? Now I have heard and experienced many times people talking about implants in your energy fields and even physical implants in your body and also the other word is cords. The terminology might sound like somebody cords you and they intentionally cord you with the idea of tapping into your energy field. Could you include those two things in your answer?

Ra'An: We look at the various ways an individual can become corded or become the recipient of energy parasites. There are mechanical devices that have been set up to cordon off frequencies and herd individuals into more mass media; more mass consciousness and keep them herded into a certain category. One of these is media and they hook individuals all sorts of ways. One of them would be to feel better, look better, be good looking. They move individuals into the desire to have drugs that will be easy fixes. They imbue them with the frequency of the TV and the individual is in the light frequency from the TV which is an automatic frequency with frames flashing into movies rapidly and the individual becomes addicted to this and desirous of the interaction. There are also other not so apparent frequencies that individuals can become subjected to. Some of the blue ray housings that have been set up in the satellite system. There are other more distant frequencies. The individual operates on frequencies and the star systems work with the individual too, to give him certain frequencies within which to operate. For instance, in the taking of the astrological projection at the time the individual was born. You are probably asking concerning implant energetics which are sometimes implanted by extraterrestrials into the 3rd density races to monitor or to provide a GPS reference to where they are or to provide instructions in some cases. There are other possibilities of getting hooked into implant energetics. There are hypnotic commands. There are other ways to be taken over by another entity. Does this answer your question?

Wynn: I have understood that humans to each other will do cording, in other words, somebody wants to connect to the energy field of another person and have the ability to connect without the person knowing about it or subconsciously. Can you explain that?

Ra'An: There are various means of sharing energies that an individual may do and we do now wish to explain the mechanics of it, however an individual may develop an ability to withdraw energy off an individual. One example would be one addicted to drawing sexual energy without a proper give and take. Another would be the practice of voo-doo. Those are two examples.

Wynn: Ok next question.

Some people talk about their guides and angels and that they are getting guidance and in that kind of circumstance could we assume that if somebody says they are getting guidance they are always operating to service to other entities or could they be getting guidance from service to self entities and not know it?

Ra'An: They could be getting guidance from service to self entities and not know it and that is why one needs their own gyroscope to tell whether any information coming in from angels or other guides or from companions is in alignment with one's own resonance and with one's best movement on the path.

Wynn: Thank you.

I think we have one last question here, that's been coming up for the last two weeks and I have been putting it off and you will understand why. I am going to try and read the question and then I am going to try to simplify it, in the way I understand it and it's kind of a sophisticated question concerning the way things in the future affect things in the past and vice-versa.

There are some people and theories that suggest that one tenth of one percent participation of humanity is all that is needed to affect consensus reality of an underlying belief and the idea that all future events or probabilities of occurring is why they may or may not happen as the ebbs and flows depending on how the beliefs of consensus reality unfold. So I am formulating the question based on that idea. I don't want to provide my premise because I don't want to influence the answer. The question is about the probabilities of events affecting other events and correlations of various time periods. Does the probability of something happening in what we call the future affect the probability of something occurring sooner, like tomorrow, or does energy work in reverse, where something that happens tomorrow affect the probability of something occurring in the future. Did you understand that?

Ra'An: We would say that things are very much simpler that is showing in the question in that when there is a situation in the presence as there is just only the now, so there is in the present a situation with elements that are beginning to change to make a different future. These elements that are changing in the now are influencing what will happen in the future. The events in the future will become more and more manifest as the events in the present change more and more to bring the event in the future into reality.

Everything is in the now and is manifest in the now and to a greater and greater degree becomes manifest until it reaches the breaking point and it becomes the event that happens. If during the creation of the manifestation there is a change in the viewpoint of looking at it; of manifesting it, then the probability will begin to get dimmer that that event will happen. The point of power is in the now as everything, we would say, mocked up, moved into consciousness from the now as it is all created in the now and there are various conflicts and outcomes that begin to move into a new manifestation depending upon the emblazoned image produced on the screen of now. Does that make sense?

Wynn: Let me ask a clarifying question here. For example, within certain Christian models people are believing in an idea of something called the apocalypse. Because they believe that does that create a weight on the scale that makes that more likely?

Ra'An: It is more complicated than that in that there are certain guidelines, certain holographic scenarios that come into play in earlier 'nows' that then lead down the path to an apocalyptic conclusion. One may see the sign posts and may, as they have gone through history, write about the apocalypse. Does that make sense?

Wynn: I don't have the complete picture of it yet. You saying that prior to Christianity there were apocalyptic thought forms, is that correct?

Ra'An: There are certain periods of navigation of earth through certain celestial realms that expose it to greater frequency of energy collisions which then subject it to apocalyptic scenarios. These are brought about as the earth moves through the various energy fields within it's given trajectories. These then create a trail of apocalyptic experiences for earth that it is moving through and into, and has moved through and into, at various points thousands of years ago. It is all and ever changing however, these experiences are heightened at this time as earth is exposed to apocalyptic scenarios. Do you wish examples?

Wynn: Yes

Ra'An: The solar system is heating up as it is in line with the center of the galaxy through one of the arms of the galaxy. The people on the earth plane that are populating the earth, as sometimes in the past, wherein they have made it easier for the population to grow. There is greater waste because of the population increase. The number of people waste products from these individuals moving into earth. There are “advances” in weaponry which make an exposure to the earth's population of possible scenarios of disaster. Earthlings have not yet learned the peaceful navigation of their emotions and their satisfaction with themselves. They move into an area of greater media as in the past has also happened beyond recorded history. As they move into this media they are exposed to ever changing, ever increasing speeding up changes in their lifestyle which then lessens the viability of the family units. They have moved through this cycle before beyond their memory and it rides with them in their subconscious. They have not resolved it before and it creeps up on them again.

Wynn: Thank you.

Ok, we are going to close this session. We are running a little over. Do you have any final comments?

Ra'An: We love each and every one of you and you have put your foot on the rung of the way out and we love you and we are here to give you any assistance we are able. We send you hugs and love.


Wynn: Thank you