Thanks to Suzanne Hayes for transcribing this.

Disclaimer from Wynn: As I recommend with all channelings, take what resonates, leave behind what doesn't, and consider the rest. It is always possible for thoughts in the channels mind to bleed through and it's also possible for a source of mixed polarity to masquerade as something other. It's important to always apply your own discernment.

For April 14, 2010 with the Ra'An through Terry Brown



Wynn: This is Wednesday night, April 14 and this is our Wednesday question and answer call where people submit questions. If you study my material you will know that for the last eight years I have had two people in my life who spontaneously more or less said someone wanted to talk to me and I am having conversations with a voice that identifies itself as a group soul, which is not only outside of this dimension, but if they are who they say they are, because I don't tell people that they are, but if they are who they say they are, they are actually the original consciousness energy that created this realm. What is unusual about these calls is that, not only are we having verbal communications with that consciousness but they say they have the ability to connect with us individually while we are on the call and that they can beam energy from another time line to our time line and some people can feel it and some people have miraculous healings. One is the Elohim group and the other is the Ra group. I am going to formally call in the light now.


(Wynn calls in the light)


Wynn: Do we have a source present?


Ra'An: Yes, this is Ra'An and we greet you in the love-light of the One Infinite Creator. We are delighted to be with each and every one of you, tonight or whatever time of day it is when you listen to the call. Today is April 14, 2010, and we are focused right now through the instrument of Terry Brown. We would also like to make a comment whether we beam in. Beam is not exactly the right word. The right word would be focus as we focus in. We move our attention into the area and it does not have to be a consistent beam that goes in one direction and then through everything into another object or space. We have the ability to focus discontinuously into an area. Do you have questions?


Wynn: Yes we do. We have a question about the simple word Adonai, or sometimes Adonai Sabaoth at the conclusion of a channeled message. I know Adonai is the Hebrew word for God and there are others as well like Yaweh or Jehovah. Can you explain the use of these words in closing the sessions and your choice in using these words in closing the sessions?


Ra'An: Our given sphere of influence can be either very narrow or infinitely wide, and we can encompass all or we can encompass one little thing. We can move in and out of time, therefore we use the word Adonai, not to mean that equalistically that we are better or bigger as we are not even better or bigger. We are when we manifest, and we are not when we don't manifest. We use the word as an approximation for our abilities and our command of the space and time.


Wynn: How about the word Sabaoth which is another word that is used?


Ra'An: This is a word that is not in the vocabulary of this particular channel, although it is in the vocabulary of the other channel.


Wynn: I see. When the word is not in the vocabulary of the channel does that block you from making a definition for that word?


Ra'An: We have to go beyond the mind of the channel and we just launch out into space, disconnecting from the channel at this time to bring you information. This is the bringer of information. This is the carrier of the message and it is connected with Adonai as the bringer of creativity and the bringer of the pieces to put matter, energy, thought, space and time into focus within the realm. There is also a connotation of touching with that word. Touched by God or offering one's own creativity and manifestation into existence. There is another connotation of the word. The connecting up or the offering of the connection to individuals. These words are wrong but it is an approximation. The offering of assistance, the offering of connection, the offering of love, the offering of caring and these words are wrong because the meaning is that whatever the intention be it for the highest good is offered in connection to individuals through the creative abilities and manifest abilities of our essence energy.


Wynn: Thank you.

Next question. This person has a question about the pineal gland. People have said that in many people the pineal gland is calcified and if a person could de-calcify their pineal gland they would be able to be aware of the presence of higher sources and be able to communicate with those sources to understand their life's purpose. If this is true, what can we do to de-calcify, activate the pineal gland or what can be do to get to an awareness state where we can feel the spiritual sources around us and be able to communicate with our spiritual guides?


Ra'An: The pineal gland has cells in it that are similar to cells that are in the optical nerve and are there with the potential for seeing things remotely; sensing vibrations from very remote areas to the body. It is a extra-sensory perception organ and for it to come into full fruition it needs practice, it needs to be worked. It needs to have exercises. The picturing; the imagining of scenes that are distance. The imagining of scenes that are closer. The imagining of what the yard looks outside. The imagining of what the bird looks like in the sky and as one imagines this they change the focus within the pineal gland as they seek to recover the information and sense beyond their own aura and increase their sphere into other areas, spaces. As they do this and imagine it, then they get practice, although it is the most sensitive that can tell the changes that are going on in the pineal gland as they focus further away. Do this now. Focus on something like the beach or something you know like a mountain nearby. Just focus on it and as you do that, feel and sense the changes within your head. It is a change in focus similarly as you focus your eye as you focus further and then focus closer. It is through the use of this gland that it becomes unstuck and gets training in remote viewing. Eventually, the individual is able to focus his mind's eye to see things and eventually into other dimensions and other frequencies. There are other things that can help the whole body to de-calcify and this is to be sure to get enough calcium with magnesium as many formulations in the vitamins do not have enough magnesium. So magnesium is needed to increase the flow of blood in the body and to increase the flow to the joints. Another thing that is needed is Omega oils to help the body to flow. That is our answer.


Wynn: Thank you.

So taking physical substances like the Omega oils and magnesium help de-calcify the pineal gland and practicing focusing on remote locations, help to train it. Is that what I understood?


Ra'An: That is correct.


Wynn: Thank you.

We have a question from a lady who has an eighty-five year old father who is battling vocal cord cancer and has had a lot of surgeries last year and he underwent radiation and he is awaiting to hear if it is completely gone or if he needs more treatment. He is very weak as his wife is his sole caretaker and she is asking for a special healing that his cancer be over and he can get his voice back and the tracheotomy tube removed. This is his sole wish as he speaks it, to live out his time in comfort and tranquility. I believe that was from Susan in New York who made that request.


Ra'An: We send him vibrations of love and comfort that hopefully sharing this space with him that he can duplicate, and know that we are in an area beyond pain and beyond suffering and we are in an area of very great love. We share this with him. We see that his body is abuzz with the effects of the chemotherapy and we see that he, sometimes is ill and feels nauseated, from the effects of the chemotherapy. We can send him a clearing of these frequencies. These frequencies have been set upon him in an effort to kill the cancer without affecting him too badly, however, these frequencies make him ill and sick to his stomach as his body attempts to deal with these. They take his energy away and he is a little separated from his body and cannot with fullness take control of his body as it is uncomfortable. We see the waves of nausea recede. We see, as he is an instrument in vibration with those machines and those things and we work to clear it from his system so he may become stronger and take control back over, as the beings; the residents of his body with these particle beams have destroyed some of the pathways with which he can manipulate his body and again a wave of nausea sweeps through him as we work to clear another area within the body that has been affected. We send him love-light and we note areas which have been affected more than others, they feel raw, and we send healing into those. He and his wife have a very close loving tie and bond as well as the individual who has asked this question for him.


Wynn: Thank you.

I think next week we may do another healing call so watch your emails. Next question. This has to do with crystals which are used for healing purposes. Can service to self entities encode crystals with information, energy, light that have negative effects on human beings. What effects would they have, and does this negative coding, if it exists, negate intrinsic healing properties of the crystals?


Ra'An: There are devices that you know not of on earth that can move the molecular structure of crystals to distort fields of individuals and can thus create distortions in the field and dis functionality when an individual sits within this, however we do not wish to pursue this, for fear that negative individuals who do not have this technology may get the idea to develop it.


Wynn: If one goes and buys a crystal in a crystal shop, would they have the concern that these crystals may have been messed with?


Ra'An: One can always have the concern that the crystals have been messed with, however it is unlikely except for some Shamans who may have experimented at this time or some laboratories who have experimented at this time. They would use more to research them on a more massive scale. This is very confidential technology and we do not wish to pursue it.


Wynn: Ok, the last question for this evening. I am a Lakota Sioux and would like to know if the Lakota Sioux hold a special spiritual heritage with a unique function in the forth coming ascension. Should we gather in a specific region to fulfill our destiny? I have frequently been singled out by our elders for words of encouragement for the work I am to perform as we enter the fourth world. Can Ra/Elohim, she did not say Elohim but I will add that, give me guidance as to my purpose and place as we enter a new world?


Ra'An: We talk gently here to you as you are in touch with much that is sacred. You will receive unfolding and you will be able to make your own contact. We feel the whole tribe through you, the individuals, the young ones, the direction of the tribe in the past, the tribe has a different heritage which is in the genes and can be activated through the energies that are coming into earth at this time from the Hunab Ku. For the individuals within the tribe who are strong and do not move past a certain point with those who made pain their center, they will have a special job, but job is not the right word. They will have a mission which always has been for many eons within the genes directing the tribe in it's connection with the stars. Your message will unfold and we recommend the development of your own senses and your own perceptions within the pineal gland and within the exploration of the frequencies of the Ra Group and even the Elohim Group to give you direction connection, as you triangulate this information and coordinate it with your tribe. Our information and as brought through the genes and Ra and the Elohim, we are honored and pleased to be working with your illustrious group and heritage.


Wynn: Thank you.

Question. With regard to native american tribes who have a heritage of elders in past generations who were communicating with what they called 'sky people', were they communicating with one of the two groups we have on the line, or were they communicating with ET''s or all of the above?


Ra'An: They were communicating with the Ra group and they are communicating with the Ra group and has been in the past communicating with star groups and have a special heritage in that area.


Wynn: Thank you.

I did say that I was going to see if Maya had a question. If she wants to ask one question she could come on and ask her question. I am doing that because she does not have a computer. Maya if you are on the line do you have a question?


Maya: Hello. I have a very personal question. How do I know what messages are personally, truthfully for me. It seems that everything is talking to me.


Ra'An: When we are speaking there are certain identifying things, frequencies, and we, as the Elohim group have merged with the Ra group to bring a wider frequency, so if it is very high, and if there is a color associated with it, say pink, if it is very loving, very caring then it is the Elohim group. There are different groups within the Elohim group and the one we describe is a very high frequency within the Elohim group. There are other departments within the Elohim group that have a different frequency such as when Ra-El is communicating. There is a different vibration and a lower frequency which is more in tune with the earth and Ra is even more in tune with the earth and the situations in earth as they have the experience and they are closer in frequency to the third density as they have lived in the third density and so they carry those lower frequency. Other messages come to you but are not of either the Elohim or the Ra as you are a very wide frequency receiver. You will learn by simply viewing those messages as they are. When they resonate with what you know about the Elohim or the Ra group. If the information does not resonate with you and if it is more directed more towards a service to self viewpoint then this is not from our group. In practice is where you will learn what is the source of the message and always, no matter who the message is from use discernment to see if the message resonates with your own guidance or not.


Wynn: Thank you.

There is another lady who has asked a question. Her name is Jerry and she is having communications with a voice that identifies itself as The Elohim of the third ray. How can be validate that she is actually communicating with how they identify themselves?


Ra'An: We say, you will have to get your own discernment. It will be a couple of years before she could more comfortable work with our energies and discern which part of the group was speaking with her, so we suggest experience and also if something does not resonate with you, do not be afraid to simply say no and to move your attention off of it and then go back later if it is something that warrants more study or more communication and take another look. In other words, take your time and use your own judgment also see what other information comes in and whether this information is viable. We also, in answer to your question, do see this is a part of our group, our Elohim group and has a more directed ray of light than some of the other parts.


Wynn: Thank you so much and with that we will close this session.