Thanks to Suzanne Hayes for transcribing this.


Disclaimer from Wynn: As I recommend with all channelings, take what resonates, leave behind what doesn't, and consider the rest. It is always possible for thoughts in the channels mind to bleed through and it's also possible for a source of mixed polarity to masquerade as something other. It's important to always apply your own discernment.



Wednesday Question and Answer Session with the Ra'An

April 21, 2010


This is Wednesday, April 21, 2010 and this is our question and answer session. We have some really good questions tonight. What we do first is call in the light. That is creating an intention to expand our matrix and to connect those forces above the negative and join with them in this moment and the way we do it that we feel it come into our hearts and through the top of our heads. So remember this is a speeded-up version of that slow meditation I do on Sundays and you can just let it key you, and learn to do it yourself and learn that when you do it, it comes in.


(Wynn calls in the light)


Wynn: Do we have our sources present?


Ra'An: Yes, we greet you in the love-light of the One Infinite Creator. We are with you today, this April 21st 2010 focused through channel Terry Brown with Wynn Free moderating. We are focused through Terry as we move in through her crown chakra and we then focus outward and we also connect with each and every individual who will listen. If anything that we say does not resonate with you then please discard it. This makes us more free to answer the question. Sometimes the answers may not be at the level where they connect with you. If this happens then disregard it. We are available to each and every one of you whether or not you are on the line, whether or not you know about us or not. We move in what you might call mysterious ways and we are available at the beckoned call of individuals everywhere who are asking for assistance, for information, for synchronicities, for help through their journey through the difficult land of the 3rd density. Do you have questions?


Wynn: Maybe you could just comment on what was I was saying. I know everyone on this line wants to make a connection, and I think the group question here is how does one make a connection. I have some of my ideas, talking about being and doing and action brings the energy in sometimes. Sometimes if you are just in your own depression and you keep asking you can't get through. What is it that people can do to get and hold the connection longer and more regularly?


Ra'An: One can intend a heartfelt intent for resolution of something or a gift of love-light to someone else. As the heart is open it makes it easier for the individual to connect with our frequency and to tap into our flow and our gifts that we have available to offer. You can read the words of Wynn Free in the book, The Reincarnation of Edgar Cayce, you can read the channeled work, Questions and Answers from the Elohim, channeled through Daphne and Terry. These written words contain the frequency and as you read you become more available and more familiar to you. However it is not necessary to do these things to connect with us as we are available to connect with all of you. However you might not reach our frequency, you might not tap into our connection, there are certain thoughts you may harmonically connect with us. Anger and frustration over a situation may bring us in to help. As if all of the vectors of the motion were in a box and as the motion in the box reached out for some solution, we grasp it at a harmonic of our frequency and then may come in on that frequency to provide some help with a need.


Wynn: I would say, anger and frustration create an amplification of the intention. Is that a way of looking at it?


Ra'An: In the emotion of sadness there can be a disconnection; a listlessness with the individual and within the harmonic of this frequency we can move in and touch another person also.


Wynn: Thank you.

Let's go to the questions for tonight. This is from Chris. He had a circumstance where he was doing some kind of substance and he experienced an entity which was negative. The question is how can he protect himself from this, and a further question is, if someone is working with the energies of our group, I would guess they might want to be more careful to that kind of thing because they are leaving themselves open to that and that experience. Can you comment on that?


Ra'An: When one is under the influence of drugs or alcohol, they are being influenced so that the control centers of the body are lessened. As this happens an individual may then take undue advantage of that individual in fact, the circumstances under which they may begin to drink or take drugs may be an effort to release control and take refuge in some kind of paradise state in which they feel safe, however in giving up of control there are life forces which may then sense they can see and move in and take advantage both in the unseen realm and the physical realm, a man may see that a woman is under the influence and attempts to take advantage of the individual. A step down from control and allowing another to take control. We suggest for protection of oneself that when the urge strikes to take drugs, that they take a look at what they do to defray or step away from or to receive release and find other means of getting release. One may through the use of proper nutrition and minerals give the body a wonderful high but still provide the nutrition needed for the body. One of the way the drugs work is to burn rapidly substances within the body that are needed and the body feels good because it has become depleted in those substances. So if one can provide minerals and nutrition that the body needs so they feel wonderful and begin to relax to feel better but not burn up it's reserves.


Wynn: Thank you.

Next question. Concerning 2012, Jenna asks, are we going to notice anything amazing or phenomenal at that time or is it going to be just gradual turn around which is not abrupt. Is there something abrupt that can happen then or is there a possibility we are just going to move through it?


Ra'An: Given the area of which we are in now, you may sense the similar sensational sometimes as you experienced the dolphin energy and you feel more flowing and more connected as we move into the energies more directly from the center of the galaxy that are straining out through the arm of the galaxy where the earth is moving and coming more and more in alignment with the energy that is moving from the center of the earth. You then are being flooded with prana energy at an increased volume that is affecting all of your body and your DNA. So it will help you better connect with the dolphins and it will get better and you will feel more psychic and more connected and more yourself. In 2012 we reach the peak of the energy transmission going through your body, going through the earth, going through the solar system. We reach the peak and after we reach the peak the earth moves away gradually from the center of this energy and the changes which are brought about will remain in your DNA and your abilities and as once you experience them will be able to increase and even so the energy is decreasing, it will open up your DNA so it will be more responsive even after the 2012 centering of the energy from the center of the galaxy. As far as something being abrupt, it changes during the day as the earth rotates and you come in alignment more with it and the earth rotates away and you become less in contact with it, so there would be certain times when you are more psychic and more connected. You can tell when you swim with the dolphins as they are attuned to this energy and you can connect better with them when it is more towards one o'clock.

We are reviewing a portion of the earth around Hawaii. We smell the ocean, we feel the mist. We feel the water and this brings us to another point which is that the senses are not dependent upon the body. The individual has these senses and takes these senses, the sense of smell, the sense of sight, the sense of hearing with them when they travel out of their body.


Wynn: Thank you.

You were answering that for Jenna. Is that answer fairly accurate for everyone else as well?


Ra'An: Yes. Everyone to a greater or lesser degree can experience these energies. When an individual has a more solid matrix, they do not flow as easily and do not notice as many changes. Some may notice none and if they notice none it may be a matter of what they are focused on, or it may be an inability to focus due to a stuckness within the matrix. One should never chastise oneself if they do have a stuckness within the matrix as this as it is loosened up will then bring the benefits that one with a freer matrix can experience. In other words there is a mechanical reasons for the matrix solidity and it is a matter of one's own individuals work and growth upon one's own self that will help free him up and open his matrix. One can tell in a situation whether his internal guidance system is directing him/her in the right direction, if it is they feel an opening and a releasing and a blossoming and if there is some movement in the wrong direction then they feel a tightening and their matrix becomes more compacted.


Wynn: Thank you.

Interestingly enough, someone sent me a question about the exact same thing I was having a discussion with Terry yesterday and that is the about the astrological energies and the energies of the planet and how they work and impact the body at the time of birth or the time of inception. The question is, we know that when a soul comes into the body, it brings in certain DNA characteristics. When a soul is born from their parents there is certain DNA characteristics but there is also an imprinting of astrological energies, energies that is radiating from the planets or that's connected to the flow of energies that we always talk about, through the universe, how does that energy imprint a new entity coming into that realm due to the soul energies coming in?


Ra'An: The body as it is born is carrying the DNA of it's parents and as the soul enters the body, the DNA of the memory of the entity also enters the body, therefore when a child is first born he may look more like his parents but as he grows older, then and as he moves the body, and bathes the body in the frequencies of his DNA of his soul that he carries then he will begin to look more and more as he has looked throughout his past lives, also when the body is born, the stars; the planets has an imprint upon the body due to their particular location at that period of time, then this also will move through the DNA of the body and strike resonate chords, as much as someone may be playing a piano and activating certain notes on the keyboards. This activates certain qualities within the strands of DNA which then program the strand to have certain characteristics depending upon what has been activated and the location of the heavenly bodies at the time they are born.


Wynn: Thank you.

And they carry that activation for the rest of their life and that is why one's birth chart holds true in terms of certain aspects for their lifetime. Is that correct?


Ra'An: There are individuals whose impact in their DNA is so strong that it overrides the stars frequencies and the heavenly bodies frequencies and an individual although they may be born under a certain sign, do not exhibit those characteristics.


Wynn: Thank you.

Just a further question on that. If a person develops their own higher hologram through a lifetime as they are evolving, can they rise above the astrological influences even though they might have been more bound with them at the time of birth?


Ra'An: Definitely. Yes, this is the case.


Wynn: Thank you.

Now I don't know if you can answer this question because it talks about Anasazi Indians and I don't know if Terry can tap into who they are. This is a tribe of Indians and they disappeared all at once. The question was, did they ascend and where did they go? Maybe there are times when this has happened to other groups and maybe it's a general question. Can a group all disappear at once. Could this be from a natural disaster or would it be some kind of disease or is a group ascension possible for specific group. Has that happened in history?


Ra'An: There was a group that were picked up and transported to Sirius and their ancestors live there today.


Wynn: Were they picked up by space ships?


Ra'An: Yes.


Wynn: So it wasn't an ascension, it was an actual transference of their beings. How was it they were able to leave the earth field and survive. I thought when you are born on this planet your energies are very much connected to this planet and if this were attempted, it probably wouldn't work. Why is it in this case that it worked?


Ra'An: The Anasazi were a group that descended from the Sirius individuals and had come here to investigate and they were taken back by their people and they were adept at moving dimensions and were able to survive this trip.


Wynn: I believe Edna asked me if a person sees purple light, what does that mean?


Ra'An: There are different reasons a person may see purple light, therefore we caution anyone listening to this not to take this as applicable to their situation. There are different reasons for seeing purple light. One reason for seeing purple light is that one has tuned in within the third eye to a changing of circumstances to merge with heart action which is red and the purple and the red merge and the individual has a beautiful experience of bringing the heart energy into their matrix which is changing into either the pure heart energy or is incorporating spirit and soul energy into the matrix. It can be a respite for the individual; a healing energy, an energy of moving heart energy into a matrix causing change in the nature. In this particular case this would be the reason. In other cases, again we caution, are different and cannot be taken as one uniform answer for all.


Wynn: If one saw a purple light could that indicate a negative as well as a positive presence around them?


Ra'An: It can be as in the past there have been implants using blue, indigo lights and one sign of this would be that words trigger the light and if that may happen then the individual just needs to let the energies flow through, and observe it and not try to change it or correct it or try to do anything about it.


Wynn: Thank you.

We are running a few minutes over so for our last question. The question is: We talk about the Christed light. Is there a non-Christed light and if there is, what is the distinction and how can one tell the difference?


Ra'An: There is a non-Christed light that is a magnetic light which is a body aura or a body resonance that glows. When we speak of a Christed light, it has mixed with it energy from the Christ which may be a section of the Ra group and it may be a section of the Elohim group that is bringing healing energy and love and the unsticking of difficult situations into a person's matrix.


Wynn: Thank you.

Is personal charisma perhaps an example of a non-Christed energy?


Ra'An: That is correct and one may be charmed by personal charisma and it may be very good or it may be a gimmick for obtaining entrance into another's confidence.


Wynn: Thank you.

So personal charisma could be a tool used for bringing in Christed light or it could be a manipulative control mechanism. So it's not negative in of itself but it is indicative of being sure to activate one's discernment so they are not tricked?


Ra'An: That is correct. Sometimes individuals use charm and personal charisma to cover up opposite emotions.


Wynn: Thank you. Do you have any closing words for us before we sign off?


Ra'An: You are working hard with your questions and with the connections with Terry. We thank you and we love each and every one of you. We are getting more used to the connection within the 3rd density wherein there is more work towards communicating, whereas in the higher dimensions it is so free flowing that it is a different experience to communicate in the higher dimension. We love each and every one of you and are available to be with you and we did not mean to place an hesitancy towards contacting us as we are willing to work very hard with you.



Wynn: Thank you so much for being here. This is Wynn Free and Terry Brown and thank everyone listening and on the replays.