Wednesday, Question and Answers with the Ra'An, April 28th 2010



This is Wednesday, April 28th and we are going to do a question and answer session. This is Wynn and Terry in Los Angeles. We have a number of people on the conference line and this is hello to everybody who is listening in on the replay line.


We are going to do a little invocation and bring the light energy in and our source will give an introduction and I will ask some of the questions that people have asked for this evening.


(Wynn calls in the light)


I turn this over to Terry Brown.


Ra'An: We greet you in the love light of the One Infinite Creator. This is April 28th, 2010, focused in Los Angeles, California. You may hear the sirens in the background which is oscillating us back and forth to get more focused into this call. We would like to give the admonition before we start, that if something does not resonate with you, or if an answer does not seem totally correct then discard it as not applying. Also we would like to give the admonition that if something is given as an answer for someone else, that it may not apply in all cases and to be cautious about applying something to yourself or to another that is not the answer to your own question. Do you have questions today?


Wynn: Yes we do.

The first question is from a gentlemen by the name of Chris who lives in Las Vegas. Chris is a very sensitive person to vibes and energies and he has been fairly regular listening into our line and reading Message-a-Day. What can sensitive people do to lessen physical pain that they feel just before volcanoes and earthquakes go off? He is one of them and he knows a couple of others and I know a couple of them too because this is something that happens to both Terry and Daphne, particularly Daphne but Terry feels energy when things are going to happen. So I will turn it over and thank you for your answer.


Ra'An: The things that you are feeling are actual physical things. Many people cannot feel those things or if they do feel them they may not know what the true source is, so they just go take their Advil and think, oh my, I have a headache. But there are pressures that actually change before earthquakes. The change in pressure is resonated out from a point ringing out into the atmosphere and these waves pass through the individuals and they can actually be sensed. When a sensitive person feels them, or an animal, the animal may hide or take off and be lost and the number of animals before earthquakes are greater than during an ordinary period. However, when a sensitive person such as yourself feels these changes in pressure, creating changes and pressures upon the body, they can simply let it go, pass through them, and instead of holding on to pressure, can let it pass through, however, sometimes the pressure is simply greater and creates pressure upon the body and it is not passing through as it is increase in pressure that stays more stable. It happens when in an area there is a squeezing together of energies which then is an pressure increase and creates trauma upon the body and sometimes it creates nausea and sometimes even to the point of dizziness or throwing up even as the energies are attempting within the earth plane to adjust. One can identify what it is to a greater degree. Take a look at where the pressure is coming from as we do this Terry is noting a pressure coming from the East which is the San Andreas, creating a pressure upon the frontal lobe. This then can simply be noted and can be identified, labeled, categorized This will pass and one may notice that after an earthquake there can be, although not always, a clearness within the surroundings; a clearness as the pressures have moved out and the body adjusts and it feels very good sometimes after an earthquake, although not all the time, as if there is still pressure to be released then there may be still headaches occurring.


Wynn: Should we go to the next question?


Ra'An: Yes


Wynn: Jean in South Dakota is asking about her daughter, whom she has asked about before, who has all kinds of metal in her head and neck and suffers trauma. Is there a way she may be free from the pain she suffers. An added question is might that energy wand work or help in this kind of situation?


Ra'An: Yes, the energy wand could help to move the energy, as to what happens is the energy moves through her body, however it moves at a different rate with metal and it builds up and run along the edge of the metal and creates odd flows within the body and a build up of pressure within the head. We take a minute to take a look at the situation.


Yes, the energy wand can help move the energy flows and she can move it around her head stabilization of the flow of energy. This is a very good idea.


Wynn: Thank you.

Vickie in Calabasas has a daughter who has suffered from bulimia for seven years and making herself throw up. Bulimia is binging and then starving and it's kind of an obsession of sorts. What light can you shed on this and I a sure she is interested to know what way she can help her daughter.


Ra'An: Food is an addiction wherein the energy becomes focused upon the body instead of the normal give and take with friends and people of the peer group and the energy becomes focused upon the body as the solution to this give and take with the energy with friends. Perhaps getting interested in a subject and finding out what subject she might be interested in and exploring that with her, and exploring ways where she can put her energy into something other than the body, although it is a ground in pattern and one the food comes into the system it is satisfying, and one wishes to continue it coming in, however then one is upset by the way that the stomach begins to stick out and wishes to eliminate this and moves into the other cycle of purging. The energy deficit can be corrected by conversing with her as a start to see what areas really interest her and to see how she can begin to gather information, perhaps in the areas of videos that she could watch; areas of interests that she has. Also groups she might become interested in where she would have a friend with give and take. When the interest moves off of herself and moves into something outside of herself then her symptoms would lessen. Those are our thoughts at this time, also we would suggest that this binging and purging takes a toll on the body as far as getting the nutrients that the body requires. We would suggest she not eat Morton salt but eat sea salt and have regular meals so she can get some good nutrition into her despite her problem. The reason we suggest sea salt is because it gives a supply of hydrochloric acid to the system that she can help to digest her food better.


Wynn: Ok. I would think something like an alcoholics anonymous group or support group if there is one nearby and I'm sure there is for Calabasas, Hollywood and this area for people who do that that they can support each other to get off of it.


Wynn: Next question.

How do I deal with the cycles I go through connected with the cycles of the moon? This is from Ernesto in Japan.


Ra'An: During the full moon there is an increased pulling upon the body and upon the surroundings and upon the water nearby and this creates actual physical changes even in the environment as the earth's crust moves up a little bit and the water moves into a tide, a higher tide. This then can make for a actual pulling upon the body and this can change the patterns to some degree and dislodge stuck thoughts and patterns and so sometimes when there is a craziness in the environment it can be in connection with the full moon. The coyotes begin to howl. It is an actual physical pulling upon patterns and the patterns are seeking to be release stuck points within their body and their psyche is seeking to release during this period. One can use this period to take a look at what is going on; observe their own patterns and see where there are areas that need to be worked upon within themselves. It can reveal secrets that are submerged in the consciousness and get them into the open and to look at them. Not necessarily to act upon them but to look and see what is there; what are the urgings and what are the cravings. It can give you a look into what there is within your subconscious that is seeking to be released and once released, not even be there to deal with anymore.


Wynn: Thank you.

The next question here is for the lady in Knoxville, Tennessee whose younger brother has a rare skin cancer and is going in Friday morning for an operation. Her name is Judy.


Ra'An: Judy has a brother with skin cancer and the thyroid and lymph nodes are set to be removed in Knoxville, Tennessee. We see that there was something he came in contact with; a toxin which has permeated his body. It is trying to released through the skin and has created these soars and the problems with his skin. Skin is a huge area of elimination and is trying very hard to eliminate something that he has come in contact with in his past and is unable to do it. The body is protective organism and attempts to protect itself from things and often what is viewed as disease is the body is the attempts of the body to eliminate the true source of the problem. We see that this substance needs to be released from his body and is creating a huge acidic situation within the body and he desperately needs to alkaline his system, so his system can become more stabilized. We suggest if there is time before his surgery or even if not, then after it if he could contact one of the doctors referred by Dr. Marshall. Judy may contact Dr. Marshall's office and seek some further assistance and answering of questions to call 310 320 1132and ask if there is some doctor or reference that they can give her telling her where they are located. To get a further reading on what may be done, especially to stabilize the alkaline of the body. That would be a beginning.


Wynn: Thank you.

Ok, Zoey in the Sacramento area speaks about a person she knows, Clinton Duvall who is a local poet, she knows through some other people. One of the questions was; in healing like this what's the criteria you need to reach the energy of the person we are asking about?


Ra'An: We need to be able to tune into the person. Any information that is given to us can help us tune in and guide us to that person. Location is helpful, name is helpful, occupation, what is going on with a person is all helpful. All information is helpful.


Wynn: If a person on the line has a very close connection with that person, like if it is their wife or child, is that helpful? That makes a difference, yes?


Ra:An: Yes that helps.


Wynn: She asks for help with her friend with cancer, Clinton Duvall a local poet in the Sacramento area.


Ra'An: He is a loving person and yet there is something eating away at him. It is, and we do not wish to go into personal things with the person, as the individuals on the line are not really privy to such personal information but we see somethings where we see almost a desire to move on and an uncertainty about continuing in this lifetime and the duplicity of conflicting desires are making it hard to simply heal and dispense with the cancer. There is a movement away from this lifetime and a movement towards the bliss of a transition. We send this individual love light and we, at the deepest level of concern, send harmony to let his sadness erupt and to let this sadness and grief move through and to be able to experience this sadness and to know that everything is ok and this individual is loved and this individual could use someone to go see him in the hospital and simply be there for him and listen to him and see what he wishes to say and to be a friend to him in the hospital. We suggest that Zoey might like to do this and he will benefit greatly by this communication from a friend.


Wynn: Thank you.

The last question had to do with a follow up on what Daphne said about this day being a special day, a star gate and energies are shifting. Is there any comment that can be made through Terry regarding that?


Source: Energies are shifting. We take a look further. Energies are shifting from day to day and on the 28th day of April, 2010 we see a strong flow of energy and an alignment; a triangulation between heavenly bodies that places a strong flow upon the earth's surface. The spin of the earthquake in Chilie has changed this ever so slightly so it is looking in a slightly different direction that it would have if it hadn't made that shift. As always things are new and different and they are experienced in a slightly diferent manner for earth and it's alignment with other star bodies. As an individual that has been moved out of his home feels uncomfortable with this slightly different orientation. The aspects of earth that were aligned before were comfortable with their alignment and now it is a slightly uncomfortable alignment for earth as the energies peak in this triangulation with these star bodies. We see that this alignment may be part of the reason for the stress at this time of the West Coast of the United States and on China and on Greece and some of the areas that are experiencing greater than normal earthquake activity.


Wynn: Thank you very much. It is time to finish the call and thanks to everyone on the call.