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Wednesday Transcription, May 5,2010


Wynn: Ok, we started the recording. This Wednesday, May 5th, 2010. Before they introduce themselves lets take a moment of silent and let us feel the energies of all these connections. Would our source like to come forth and greet us all?


Ra'An: We greet you in the love light of the One Infinite Creator. We are delighted to be with you this May 5th, 2010 focused in Los Angeles, California through the influence of Terry Brown and the host Wynn Free and every individual on the line. We are connecting to you, energy wise. We first of all would like to answer one of Wynn's questions concerning how this spill to be stopped in the Gulf of Mexico. In order for this to be stopped, as with the pyramids, as they were built in Egypt, when they move rock, as Wynn suggested was to close up the hole by moving rock into the hole, one needs the total agreement of the substance one is moving as it is a coordinated affair between the one moving it and the consciousness being moved, as rock has consciousness and then one has also to consider the oil which is under great pressure and is moving in a flow to be released. Those are our comments at this time and this subject. Do you have questions?


Wynn: Yes. Just following up on that. What would it take to get the agreement of everything to allow that to occur as we have done that in the past and we have gotten the agreement from the nature spirit sources, how would one go about getting an agreement?


Ra'An: There would need to be a differential between the consciousness as the oil consciousness is under pressure being released and the rock is in a homeostasis and they do not see a reason to change. Now if there were a lot of people gently praying and putting forth a differential of intention then this could be pointed out to the rock and to the oil and would it take the format to change the mind and consciousness of the rock and the oil then it would change. Do you have any questions?


Wynn: Yes. The first question that's submitted tonight is from Kathy and for a long time she has been having interesting interactions with numbers; numbers on clocks, gas pumps, forms, wherever. They seem to speak, communicate emotion to me. I know that sounds crazy but as long as I don't think about what they might be saying I seem to have a knowing of what they desire which is generally a message of comfort or even humor at times. At times the numbers respond to a thought I have or a question for which I am seeking understanding. Can you tell me tell me in words what this is about?


Ra'An: The matrix of all matter, energy, space and time are configurations of intention produced of various patterns. It has as it's basis, mathematics so when one sees certain numbers that are in synch with certain aspects of the body or of the consciousness has also taken on configurations then it releases some energy as the patterns and the formations are in synch. One is such a number. Two is such a number also. There are certain numbers as you get to three it is more complex and it moves up into harmonics of one, two and three, four, five, six, seven and eight and the universe unfolds in a series of number patterns and when you run into such numbers then the harmonics resonates with that number and it creates a flow and one may feel a release.


Wynn: Thank you.

Do we have any updates with Gary's ear?


Ra'An: There is a flap within the ear that is vibrating and it is this flap that is creating that sound and we will take this under advisement.


Wynn: Thank you.

A question from Jenna? Is there another dimension under the water on earth, particularly in Hawaii? Is it the sixth and seventh dimensions? Are there star light beings that reside under the water?


Ra'An: Your question is pertinent as there are star light beings that reside under the water not only around Hawaii but also in the sea of Aden and this has generated much study in these areas and as we look we are flooded with light and it is very full of light in this area and there are higher dimensional beings within the area that share this space and are part of the sub strata of the building blocks of this density.


Wynn: Are those beings energy beings that are connected to the Elohim and Ra groups or are they connected to other groups?


Ra'An: They are connected to other groups and they have the ability to move back and forth and to some agree some of them have the ability to move into this dimension in the 3rd density and to materialize. They may come ashore and be seen as beings of light, however they are not a part, per se, to the Elohim or Ra groups.


Wynn: Do they connect with people who are swimming in the water?


Ra'An: There is a disconnect between them. It is like parallel universes and they maintain a beautiful energy which the dolphins can track.


Wynn: What is the reason for those beings being there. Why did they choose to be there?


Ra'An: They have a different history. Some being have come there from Lemuria as a sub basic group that was connected in Lemuria and are still living out there (we don't want to say fantasy). They are living out there another life, it's like roots of the tree of which higher energies, although we do not really mean higher we mean more dense. There are connections as the roots of a tree are connected and it is a poor simile to say that they are like the roots of a tree. It is only in the simplest terms that we mean that as the subconscious is related to the consciousness is a correct simile.


Wynn: The beings in Lemuria. Did they have bodies in Lemuria?


Ra'An: They did have bodies in Lemuria and they were very very connected with spirit 'gods' which lived a parallel life around and over Lemuria and through Lemuria and the Lemurians could tap into. There was a synergy of energy. Being in the middle of the ocean at this time gives them a purity of consciousness.


Wynn: Thank you.

Could you please tell us the difference about spiritual development when we are in a body and when we are in the astral plane. This comes from Joey. Thank you.


Ra'An: Spiritual development when you are in a body takes into account the body and may have a more frequency vibration connected to it and can connect your growth in the spirit to a more rounded energy. When you move into the higher frequency of the astral plane you are able to move around more easily and you are able to experience freedom more greatly and when you are in the body it is more limited and you do not have the same mode of locomotion as you do in the astral. In the astral you can move by intention and you are not bound so much by the forces of gravity. So when you are in a body you are learning a different mode of operation. One might forget how to operate in the astral so when one passes over and is in the astral one might not be able to operate until they remember or regain the ability to operate in the astral.


Wynn: Thank you.

I have heard it said that when one takes a body on this planet they have the maximum opportunity for spiritual growth and advancement. Is that true? Can you comment on that?


Ra'An: Sometimes when an individual takes a body it becomes very hard on the individual as they encounter barriers that are not in the astral. For instance, in the astral you can get by without food, however in the body you take on the need for food. You can even learn things that need to be unlearned when you are in the physical. You can even learn how to be very powerful and greedy to get things for yourself, this can delay your growth in the other realms because when you get into the highest realms you do not have such barriers. When one comes from the earth plane into the higher realms they still may be carrying the things that they have learned in the earth plane of power and being better than one another and pride. So it is a difficult situation, one can learn things that need to be unlearned, but on the other hand one gets through that and maybe has enough lifetimes then they can move forward past those barriers and eventually can rise above them and become very much stronger as an individual and very much centered within themselves and not pushed and they know the boundaries of different situations.


Wynn: Thank you.

There is a person in our group and I will leave her anonymous but I am tuning into her and she is in El Paso, Texas, who is having a steadily increasing experience of macular degeneration or going blind. She asks if there is anything she can understand about this or a way to shift this from occurring?


Ra'An: We suggest that she get in touch with Dr. Marshall and you mentioned she is in El Paso, Texas. She may want to take a trip to see Dr. Marshall personally and make an appointment to see him and discuss this because he has made a study of macular degeneration and he has capsules for the eye, called Eye Complex that may nourish the macula and slow the process of this disease. The disease is caused by a cut off of circulation in the macula and the macula eventually dies from the lack of circulation and the lack of blood going to them. So we suggest some professional help and the question perhaps if she could see personally see Dr. Marshall, she could get some help with this. You can get a number to reach Dr. Marshall in Texas by calling the Santa Monica number which is 310 320 1132.


Wynn: Thank you.

I would like to announce we make no commissions on anything that were referred to Dr. Marshall. One more question for tonight?

This is a person who is going through being disabled and I suggested to her that she ask for help and information about her healing process. She has been struggling with chronic illnesses for many years and in the last nine years has been labeled disabled....in the last few months I suddenly got worse with some new symptoms and starting going downhill. My doctor has sent me to specialists but no one has been able to diagnose me. I live in a very rural area and the medicine practice here is not the most advanced. I had to move away from my home, friends and practitioners about five years ago and have been very isolated and lonely since then. Between the isolation and illness I have experienced periods of great depression and panic attacks. Is there anything you can share with me that can help?


Ra'An: When you moved away, you moved away from situations which provided stabilization and grounding for you and in the situation you are now you are more free moving and you would feel better would establish a connection with grounding. This is something that you could bounce energy off from and then see it reflected back to you. This would help to stabilize you in your areas of depression and give you something to look forward to. Would you be able to establish friendships similar to the ones that you have left, to be able to give and take. To go to homes or other situations where there are people you could interface with or find people who have common connections with you to be able to find an area of reflection back and forth. This is one thing that would help greatly. We are looking further, give us a moment.


Wynn, can you give us information about where this person is located? The person is on the line so let me un-mute a moment. If the person who asked that question would like to come on the line and ask the question personally, push star 6 and let us know a little more about you.


Joanna: You asked where I was from. I live in Scotia California which is Humboldt County.


Ra'An: When an individual has pain in their body that means that there is a lack of flow; things are stuck and things can't get through so when an individual has pain in an area of their body it is an area where there is a problem with flow.

There are several levels to look at in the body. One is the physical circumstances in the body, and beyond that the orientation of the individual as far as their emotional tone. The emotional tone it has then restricted or stopped in progressing towards experiencing joy. This can create a constriction within the colon area and can back things up. There can be a difficulty in totally digesting one's food, particularly when one is not moving around. There is a stuckness within the flow of food through the digestive track and it is connected with the emotion of depression and depression creates a more frozen sense within the body and the energy does not move as the individual in a way is trying to stop something. They are trying to stop the depression, trying to stop something that they fear and the body reacts by stopping. We suggest, though it might seem difficult, to put yourself in a more outgoing situation where you can begin to laugh, to share, communicate with one or another person. We see that in this area there may be friends, although one needs to be careful in development of friends that you choose friends that are pure, communicative beings that are not trying to get something for nothing but are truly interested in communicating back and forth. We feel there are some people, perhaps an older woman maybe 38 or 42 in that area, outgoing and laughing that could become a good friend. Those are our comments at this time.


Wynn: Thank you.

That was our last question of the evening. I thank you all for being here and holding the energy for this call. I thank Terry and our sources.