Thank you Suzanne Hayes for the transcription.


Wednesday May 12th, 2010 Questions and Answers from Ra'An


Wynn: This is our question and answer session and we are talking to people in the middle of a dimensional shift and everyone wants to know what's going on and how do I handle it.

The real goals of these calls is not to tell you what to believe or think. This is not a religion and when we ask these questions of our sources it's not meant to be believed blindly.

We start with a little invocation I call 'the calling in of the light'.


(Wynn calls in the light)

We will let them greet us and then go on to ask the questions.


Ra'An: We greet you in the love-light of the One Infinite Creator. We are delighted to be with you. This is May 12, 2010, focused through channel Terry Brown in Los Angeles, California. We greet every single person on the line and each and every single person who will listen in the future. We are here for you and as Wynn mentioned the Law of One. We are one at the core of everything, part of All That Is. We are your brothers and sisters. We do not have a sexual orientation, however, we are energy bodies in what you might call the other side, the energy realm and we are available to you when you make prayers or have intentions for things to change or to resolve. Do you have questions?


Wynn: Yes we do. Our first question is from Temperance and she asks, do you guys ever have fun or are you always so serious?


Ra'An: We do have fun. Our general demeanor and our existence is fun as we are very joyous and we do not experience the intense heaviness or the intense work that it takes to operate in the third density. Things are liquid and flowing and we do not experience conflict unless we move into your realm and then we see conflict within the different structures within your realm that are pitted against one another, one example would be the oil that is happy to finally have release of pressure in the Gulf and is happily spilling out and wishes it could spill out faster, in conflict with all of the individuals of the oil companies and the Senate who are attempting to find the fault with the operation which was set up in the Gulf of Mexico.


Wynn: Thank you.

You know I think that one thing about having fun. I know that in periods in my life, because I did have periods when I was suffering, and there were people who were walking around saying, oh wow, isn't life a blast, just have fun, it was like they couldn't reach me. It seemed superficial. It wasn't, they probably were in that space, but I couldn't reach it. So if you're going to reach people who are going through difficult times, you have to reach them where they are and they need to know you have compassion and understanding for where they are, because if you are just staying aloft and saying, life is so much fun, it doesn't reach them. They are not ready for that and that is my experience.


Ra'An: That is very very true. There are tones and there are levels of attitudes and response reactions. When one is in one of those bands they can be reached by another person who can understand that band and operate in that band. That is where individuals in the third density have an advantage towards learning what its like to live in each of the attitude bands and then the ideal would be to move back and forth and participate in each attitude band as a mode that they can reach individuals who are in that band but not to be stuck in that band so one has to always be there but to be able to move in and out of it.


Wynn: Thank you. That has been my experience.

We have a question. What is scalar energy?


Ra'An: It is formatting frequency bursts can be at different frequencies and scalar has to do with frequency generation and this frequency generation may be natural or it may be man made. It then is generated from a source which can be a star or from a human made generator which then emanates out from the source. It can be directional or it can be in all directions, say as coming from a star and then propagate through mediums of propagation for instance air or water and then will pick items matter, energy, space and time, which if manifest within the range of the wave will then vibrate in that wave and it can then can affect the operation even at a subconscious level of the matter, energy, space and time that is within the range of propagation of that wave.


Wynn: Can scalar energy used for both good and negative and do healers radiate scalar energy?


Ra'An: Scalar energy can be used both for detrimental purposes as it can even shake an item apart or it can in a very refined healing ways affect healing. It can be modified or distorted into many different ways with different effects.


Wynn: Can a human who does healing like Reiki that puts out some kind of energy to heal another person, are they tapping into scalar energy or would it be another kind of energy that they are using?


Ra'An: They may be tapping into another's energy or they may be generating it themselves. Generally scalar radiation is thought of as being more fixed and less under control than if it was generated by a healer.


Wynn: Thank you.

What is special about the work of Nicholi Tesla and how it is connected to scalar energy?


Ra'An: As you have been asking these questions Nicholi Tesla has come to mind and he developed a tower that can animate scalar radiation at a certain frequency that devices within a city could be placed to respond to that frequency where no other frequency would be responded to and then could be modified to generate electricity and light on a wireless scale throughout the city.


Wynn: Thank you

Jeremy in Brazil asks, I have heard that one who is safe in God should have no fear, the other thing is that one should submit and see what God does with you. Are these statements accurate and can you comment on them?


Ra'An: When one is totally in the “God Zone” they would realize they are infinite and they are safe. They are one. As God is eternal and as one realizes their God-ness they do not need to be afraid but if they identify with things of the 3rd density realm, which are transitory, then they have fear that these things will disappear and would they have pride within the 3rd density it can go before a fall and they may then lose the object of their pride and can then have fear of loss. Fear of loss is an initiation of trauma and this is a sticking point among individuals in the 3rd density, in that they have so affixed themselves to the objects within, and the relationships within 3rd density, that they think that that is all there is, and they have lost all when they lose such relationships and objects. So fear comes in. One may at one level have fear of loss, as they are in a body and a body is of the 3rd density and they experience fear but yet the individual may realize that they are part of God and as such they may not have fear. There may be different conflicting thoughts within the individual at the same time.


Wynn: It seems to me that the idea of faith in God is different than being in the God zone because faith in God means you and God are separate. When you have faith in something that is outside of you, rather than being part of it. Although maybe faith is the first step in looking for something, in other words, maybe someone will come into these calls and they haven't necessarily had the experience of being part of a greater thing but they listen to these calls and they integrate it and they say, I wonder who's talking to us. It starts the idea of, well maybe there's something out there, and then they start to have the idea of faith that there is something and maybe that's the first step in having self realization, because he uses the words, 'faith in God' should have no fear. Can you comment on that?


Ra'An: When one has faith in God one is placing oneself in a separation mode and if one is able to experience themselves as a part of God then they can indeed have faith in their own centering; in their own self. In the equity of All That Is, in the love of All That Is, when one narrows it down and says faith in God, one then wonders what one has assigned as God. Any of the entities who would be as God are yet removed from All That Is and are subject to distortion, therefore it is a metaphysical question that one can examine. One can have faith in the God that is All That Is, in that that God is One and that God is love and that will never go wrong, but when you step down and begin to assign god to lower level entities it may have distortions connected with it. Does that make sense?


Wynn: Yes. It brings up another question but before I ask that question I think you have answered the second part of his question which is that one should submit and see what God does with you, and I am not sure if I like the phraseology of that, because it sounds like you are not self empowered and that there is an outside force that does something with you, rather than co-creating with a higher part of yourself. So that is the answer to that question.


Ra'An: Yes, that is the answer to that question.


Wynn: The other question is that throughout our history there has been a number of names of different groups; religions that people have used for God. I don't know if you want to answer this because I don't want to put myself in an adversarial position with you or me with any particular religion but if you want to comment, I'll say, we have Yahweh, we have Jehovah, we have Allah, of course we have the father as Jesus used the word Father. Which one of those beings that people have identified as God, the name for God has been associated with the Elohim-Ra Group?


Ra'An: Yahweh was an aspect of the Ra Group who was an interface between the Ra Group and the Jewish tribe and others and yet Yahweh was not entirely on track with the purposes of the Christ Consciousness within the Ra Group and was more harsh but the situation that the Jew were under was harsh at the time. It took a more harsh view, however Yahweh was available to them for interface for a time.


Jehovah is a friend of ours and filled the position of interface for a time. He is loving and very wise and powerful and we have a great affinity for him.


Allah is the aspect of an Elohim Group that came through to Mohammed; the group that he fostered and the group that still exists. They still work with the Islam community and they are an interface to the Elohim Group.


Father, refers to the Ra Group in the trinity of the Ra Group as Father. Jesus is the son and Christ Consciousness is the Christ which is a level of entities who work specifically towards purification towards the Ra Group.


Wynn: Thank you. That's really interesting.


Next question. Edna in Indiana has been dreaming for years about houses. She has seen all kinds of houses when she is inside of it, walking, inspecting, analyzing or visiting a house. The houses range from palaces, stone houses, houses inside mountains, underground houses, normal houses and very strange houses. She has been seeing dreams of all kinds of houses, more houses than is imaginable. Can you share what the dreams are trying to say to her, if there is an explanation of it?


Ra'An: You have a great affinity for houses. You have worked towards the development of houses and providing housing for individuals. You have a great love for the subject and you are seeing situations in houses that you have had a great deal to do with in your path. Cherish those dreams and cherish those moments as there is a whole repertoire that you have developed over time.


Wynn: Would this indicate that she is a person who used houses as a way to help support people in this realm when they had a hard time finding their own support?


Ra'An: This would indicate that she was concerned about the housing within which individuals lived, and finding the most comfortable adequate ways for people within different time periods to exist within their homes and there is a concern for their comfort and the adequate living for individuals.


Wynn: Thank You.

A question from a lady who goes by the name of angel. I think her name is Marie. Is there any truth in the idea of guardian angels?


Ra'An: Yes there is in that there is an angelic realm. The realm of heaven is the realm of angels and angels can come into this realm and protect individuals or travel with individuals to help guide them on their path.


Wynn: Now if one experiences an angelic force in their life or what they consider a angelic force, how can they distinguish that from what might be a negative entity what is connecting to that person or a guide that is acting as if they are an angelic guide if that is possible?


Ra'An: One would do the best to maintain their own center. This would be a reference point to relate to individuals, not to be taken over by the guidance of an angelic force but to maintain their own center and view the angel as a companion and evaluate the presence to see that the presence is worthy and is a good guidance . It is a friendly helpful presence and not a take over presence, or someone that is being, there is a word, a tag-a-long or addiction to one. An angelic presence that has it's own center and you have your own center and evaluate the circumstance when the angelic presence comes in and make sure it is not an energy drain, or an entity trying live off one's own energy but is a guidance system under it's own light, as a friend.


Wynn: Thank you.

Here is a lady who has two multi-dimensional children. Her name is Chris. One of her children is extremely ill and on extremely high doses of medication just so she can just live in her own skin, in other words, just keeping her alive. Chris experiences that this person is working inter-dimensionally much of the time and her life on earth is mostly confined to bed. My question is, would it be possible for the Ra Consciousness to provide any information to assist her? She experience is, that this child has no veil and no filters and perhaps this is what is causing her such tremendous physical pain. One doctor did an analysis of her body and told us she was composed mainly of silicon and these were replacing her carbon atoms and if this occurred she would die. That was years ago and she is still with us. Can you give us your insights on her situation?


Ra'An: This individual is not sure whether to come in further or not. It is difficult for this individual and she is mainly hanging on to the other side. One may spend time with this individual, speaking in a gentle voice, singing gentle songs, singing what the individual seems to resonate with. As the individual may allow some touching, however if the individual does not allow it then approach simply with what the individual can experience comes through a gentle song. See what music the individual may like, not rough music, or the gentle strumming of a guitar perhaps. Experiment around and see what this individual might enjoy to keep this individual a further connection with the earth plane. This individual enjoys taking adventures outside of the body and is using the body to be in touch with this sphere and with the mother and this individual has an independent life from the body wherein they move independent of the body outside and see if there are further connections that this individual can delight in. To get to know this individual a little bit better, talk to the individual, see if you can develop a deeper repoire in some area and see if you can bring some delight to this individual.


Wynn: Maybe like playing different kinds of music of high vibration and just engaging with them and seeing what they like.


Ra'An: If they could have some gentle strumming of a guitar but see what the individual responds to, but nothing jarring like drums but if the melody is harmonious. Music perhaps from the Middle Ages but nothing jarring, gentle but nothing jarring because any dissonance could send the individual further away.


Wynn: Ok, then no Heavy Metal?


Ra'An: Definitely not.


Wynn: Thank you.

We will do one more question and this is from Maryanne and she wants to know how she can channel her body and energy to heal herself. She did not say what was wrong with her.


Ra'An: One can get better in touch with one's body by getting a massage or they might change their focus from what they normally do. Let's say that they are working at a job and their focus is on the job or they are dealing with individuals and their focus is generally that and then when they are alone they notice that their body maybe has some aches and pains here and there. This is an opportunity for them to get in touch with their body and to see where these pains and aches are, where there are stuck points in energy flow and then to do gentle exercises to get the area loosened up and generally see that they have enough sea salt and they are able to digest their food as sea salt has elements in it that the body can use to make hydrochloric acid which is necessary for digestion. If the person would like to ask a further question to indicate where they are and something more about themselves.


Wynn: Thank you.

We do have a question but I am going to make a comment on it but it's a person who went to a channeler in Canada who told them they should leave their work, move to the far east and study the works of a master in India and she is asking if she should move and live in the Ashram or work for UNESCO or get a job as a talk show host for a TV show in an Asian country and I wanted to point out that that kind of question, if we answered it, would take away your own discernment. When you are asking questions, our sources do not tell you what to do. It's like a source that tells you what to do, in my opinion, might be negative. It is certainly one of the biggest lessons here is to learn your own instinctual feelings for things so you can make decisions because if you are following the decisions someone else makes then that person, or that being or entity becomes responsible for what happens to you. A positive source won't make decisions for you but will tell you how to make decisions or give you guidance on how to look at things and evaluate things. I will let you make a comment on that and then we will close the session.


Ra'An: One should be careful when they follow advice to make sure that this is not just suggestive from the other source, because if it is suggestive it may not be on one's own path but be colored by the thoughts of the channel. At times an individual may give advice that is totally in synch and provide insight for the other but even in that case they should evaluate it and not feel compelled to do the thing suggested just by virtue of the suggestion. Some people have trouble maintaining their own center and when they hear such advice they may then at a very deep level be swayed by it, wherein if they were truly on their own path they may or may not choose to do that but it would be an independent choice of their own.



Wynn: Thank you

Ok, on that note we will bring this session to a close. Do you have any closing comments you would like to make for our group before we say goodbye?


Ra'An: We are honored and appreciate your communications and we respect and are happy to see your movement within your own framework towards growth. We are happy to make this contact with each and every one of you. It is our blessing.



Wynn: Thank you so much. Thank you all for listening and on the replay line.