Transcription for June 2, 2010 with the Ra'An



Welcome everyone. This is Wynn Free. It's Wednesday, June 2 and all of us who are inhabitants on planet earth, in all our various locations observing all these transformations and shifts taking place and wondering what's happening. On Wednesday night we ask questions on behalf of you and you come up with questions about anything and I don't promise to ask every question but I try to ask questions that have the most widespread relevance to the most people. So right now we will invite those sources that are positive and operating in the Law of One to join with us.


(Wynn calls in the light)


We invite our sources to introduce themselves.


Ra'An: We greet you in the love light of the One Infinite Creator. We are with you this second day of June, 2010 focused through Terry Brown in Los Angeles, California and loosely connected and connecting with your whole planetary system and greater than that, with the whole solar system, and we greet each and every one of you and welcome the connection with you, if you so wish. We are here to serve and honored by your presence whether you are on the line now or listen at a later date or read a transcription. Do you have questions?


Wynn: Yes. Our first question is from a gentleman named Ralph Winfried who listens in Sedona and his sister was diagnosed with an aggressive, malignant cancer. She lives in Europe. He has read about the healing of my sister, and of course we know we have had other healings on this line and he wants suggestions on how to get your help, if possible, to assist his sister's healing.


Ra'An: Thank you. We see a dark energy; a withdrawl of the life force in the area of the cancer. It is like a dark vortex. Energy has been withdrawn from this area and the energy is not flowing, and the thymus is not producing the fluids needed. The chakra system in the area is not spinning properly. Operating with such a situation is like operating a car with one piston not firing as the whole body does not pull and carry it's body weight.

We see a withdrawl of energy in that area; a stuck flow; a misalignment in the body that creates a stagnant pool of stagnant energy and the body, in an effort to deal with it, takes the cells that do not limit their growth and attempt to grow rapidly. We are speaking slowly, in that we are connecting and looking at the situation. There is a withdrawl into the body from the energy, around the house, as the life force is more pulling with the person and the interface between the person and the house is more stagnant as the energy is being conserved to operate the body during these difficult circumstances. We work with the situation. There is an anxiousness within this person; an anxiousness about her situation and about the outcome and about the conflict between responsibilities and the pulling of energy, pulling it in to operate the body under difficult circumstances. Much of the attention is taken up in this manner. We send love light and healing and we send relaxation. We ask that the friends and family pray that her situation will reverse and that she will receive healthy life giving prayers from those who care. We thank you for asking this question which reveals your care and concern for your sister.


Wynn: I would like to ask a question that expands on this and that is, when someone is in a circumstance where their energies are shut down in their bodies and that has caused them to get into some kind of disease, it's possible for another person, people who are healings, to project energy towards that other person and perhaps help them balance the area of imbalance, and if the person who does that is connected with Ra/Elohim energies, and you used the word prayer, and perhaps prayer is another word for a way that people can do this to project energies towards someone that can help them balance the energy in their body that is not balanced. Can you comment on this. Am I accurate on how this works?


Ra'An: Yes. We can come in and we can also project prana at a higher frequency and individuals within the earth plane can also, at a lower frequency, more along those body line project energy. We can manufacture frequency sound in audible difference that by vibration that can move through the area which is shaped sort of like a dark tunnel, and we can as we speak slowly we work with the area, and we combine with individuals within the earth plane can project life force to the individual who can feel more fortified and relaxed and this can provide a healing in the individual in the area. Usually however, there is a past, either trauma or past misalignment, or current misalignment in the body which keeps the energy from filling in the entire area to operate in its fullest and the individual is holding that in place. Often when the healing starts then the individual pulls it back out of place as it is in conformation with a past trauma in the area. We project healing energy at the trauma in the time of the trauma.


Wynn: The person who is in that circumstance, would it be helpful to invite them to listen to our Sunday healing call, helpful for them to get a reading? Would those types of things give them more chance of clearing the past incident that keeps calling the withdrawl of energy in?


Ra'An: Yes, and they may listen to this call and also by getting a reading and we suggest rest and plenty of liquids.


Wynn: Thank you. How about rituals such as burning a candle and things like that, would that help?


Ra'An: We do not see that in this instance burning of a candle would be of help.


Wynn: Thank you.

Next question. I know there is going to be earth changes in preparation for the planet for the shift, but are there going to be, or can we expect, increasingly electrical disturbances which could have effects on devices like electrical control units in cars, computers and GPS navigation systems.

I am going to add to this that I have read at times that solar flares have an impact on electrical devices and there are also man made devices that can have an impact on the disabling of these kinds of devices. Do you have any comment on this?


Ra'An: The solar flares definitely have an effect on upon the electromagnetic system and may put satellites out of operation which relay and transmit such information. The changes within the grid system that are occurring has some effect, not only physical as the physical pressure from one area which has shifted upon another area that has not shifted, can create situations of pressure and earthquake that can knock out relay stations, but as the earth presses harder upon an area it un-conforms the previous conformation of energy and electrical signals can be dropped more easily. There is a wave phenomena occurring before earthquakes, that can upset electrical transmission and signals and cell phone signals and relay points. There are areas that get charged by the increased pressure upon an area creating electromagnetic waves emanating from the area of the pressure, which can then knock out some of the communication signals or make them intermittent. That is our answer.


Wynn: Thank you.

So can we expect those things to happen if there is a possibility of a complete breakdown in different areas or the entire planet?


Ra'An: There can be such a breakdown, particularly in the United States where in the grid system is the electrical grid system and the electrical grid has many old connections which could readily breakdown. Areas such as some other countries, say, South Korea and some of the Asian countries have more stable electrical systems which would not breakdown as easily under physical or magnetic storms or changes.


Wynn: Thank you.

There was a series of books that came out in the 70's, I believe, or maybe at the end of the 60's about a university of California anthropologist whose name was Carlos Castaneda who was adopted by an Indian of the Yaqui Indian tribe; an Indian medicine man and Carlos Castaneda wrote a series of books about some of the knowledge that was imparted to him by this Yaqui medicine man and we had a question about some of the things in those books and wondering if this is accurate. One of the questions was that Castaneda writes that when you die your energy dissipates into nothingness, unless through discipline, you have solidified your energy body during your lifetime. There have been cases of individuals and groups of people, according to the person who asked this question, who have disappeared from this world without a trace. Now actually we had a question about that about a certain Indian tribe and it was said they were picked up by flying saucers and taken to another planet. Is it possible for any of us to make this jump into infinity while we are still alive?


Ra'An: This is a zen question and the answer is: The energies that are connected within one's matrix, that gives one, one's personality and puts together his past memories and his operational ability of his matrix, give him life, and life is not contingent upon having a matrix, so life, in this zen question, still has a potential to exist when it returns to nothingness. There is always the potential for change, although human beings when they look at any situation they think that that is the ultimate verdict forever, so if one feels hatred towards another then they might feel that this is now permanent and this is how things are and they may then base their whole future upon this feeling. If one looks at the situation where one would suddenly have feelings of being gay or lesbian and it would flash over one and then it being strong, they may make the decision that this is how things permanently are. They tend to get stuck or keep their oil dip stick at the level or wherever they see it see it when it reacts strongly on them but this can change and oil can be added and the individual can then love completely out of this emotional range into another emotional range and it may be just a passing emotion. So as not to get stuck on some passing belief or passing thought that goes through their head that seems to be very right and very strong at the moment. This relates to an individual, which the Elohim can do, moving into nothingness by dismantling the matrix and dismantling and taking a rest, however then one can again see potential differences which then can spark the electromagnetic field and the matrix can resume. If one does not feel that one is stuck in nothingness, if one achieves it, one is not necessarily stuck there forever as life has the potential to be resolved or to focus.


Wynn: Thank you.

Now Jeanna has asked this question and the question is, are there other dimensions under the ocean and are they sixth and seventh dimensions or what dimensions are they?


Ra'An: Thank you. All dimensions are parallel and existing simultaneously at the same time and when you speak of the dimensions under the ocean, the ocean has a particular viscosity and density that fosters the parallel dimension or density of the fourth and the fifth density. All dimensions are parallel as they are existing at the same time but at different levels or different frequencies or different spectrums of manifestation.


Wynn: Thank you.

This is a question from a lady named Innos and she asks about her abilities and gifts. She feel like she has a heightened awareness during this period and that she has an important mission to do and she doesn't know to do or how to do it. I believe she is in Belgium. Can you give her any help?


Ra'An: Thank you.

You have some extra sensory perception and have developed it also in past lives as you have been instrumental in the growth and education of individuals in your past life in countries in Europe that would be more towards the Baltics. You are, like a jewel, developed the perception to see and to absorb and relate what you perceive. This is a rare quality and by virtue of you having developed this quality you add to consensus reality this quality which then serves as an example of (and this is the wrong word) a wishing sun that others can profit from and can feel somewhat healed or uplifted by the presence of your own self. This is your gift and it is of great service by the virtue of you having this gift, just by the virtue of you having it, it uplifts, not just the ones you contact with but others. We feel also as your presence is in the earth plane that it is like a building block of conscious reality uplifts the whole to some degree. So in your daily life you can observe this quality and see ways that you may help others that you come into contact with simply by being in their presence.


Wynn: Thank you.

I listened to a show that we did in 2007 and we talked about connecting pods of people of similar intent and purpose so they could create contact outside of the broadcast and I am bringing this up because I wanted to make another reference to a program that we started since then, called Team Shift, where people get on the phone everyday and talk to each other and we really don't have enough people in the same cities which would be really most desirable to do this, but we have people making an ongoing connection everyday for a few minutes and I know it's helping from the reports I get that people that are doing that. So we are just asking about this idea and it's importance in this period of time.


Ra'An: The Dolphins have the ability to raise the consciousness of earth and they are as a pod that can move through dimensions and through locations also. They are an advanced racial species. Team Shift project can also raise consciousness and by virtue of being on the call can raise the life force of all, as all are One Being, isolated off by focusing their ears, that they view out of and experience the world which sets them apart from the rest of their being, just as the cell moves into the heart or the throat or other areas in the development of the body.


Wynn: So it's a bit like when you check into this call there is an immediate uplifting of energy in connection where even though we don't know each other physically we all share and participate in that energy so then the idea of a Team Shift call is to have the opportunity to do that everyday, and even though I am not on those calls people experience that they can bring in these energies just as well as myself. If any of you who are listening are interested in participating in that, go to our website there is just a little form to fill out and Jeanna is kind of directing people to groups that are already existing and there is a support system that you can build yourself into.


I think we will bring a close to this evenings questions and thank all of you who asked questions tonight and any of you who are listening and want to submit questions send to

Do you have anything to say in closing?


Ra'An: In the life earth plane there are so many energy vortices that one's attention may zoom into and it is a homeostasis within that energy and as we look at it we suggest the ability to look at things multi-dimensionally or non-linearly to be able to multi-task and to not be so intently drawn into one sink hole or another. Those are our thoughts. We are happy to make this connection and we look forward to speaking with you in the future and we continue to work with the areas we talked about and you have brought up today. We leave but we don't leave.



Wynn: Thank you for being here and thank you everyone for supporting this and being here and creating the energy of oneness that allows these calls to happen so easily and effortlessly and thank you Terry and thank you Hise.