Thanks to Suzanne Hayes for transcribing.


Wynn: Good evening everybody. We are recording. This is Wynn Free and this is our Wednesday night question and answer call for everyone who has checked in and for everyone who listens in the future. We are keeping tabs on the progress of the planet which is going through a shift. Those of you who are reading my materials, are understanding this, and those of you who are not, I highly recommend it because we are bringing out stuff that I don't think anyone else is doing this way and making it highly available. I thank all of you who are checking in regularly because you help keep the energies together on this line.

My friend Terry is on the line and we do a little invocation I call, The Calling in of the Light.


(Wynn calls in the light)


We await our source to greet us so we can present our questions for this evening.


Ra'An: We greet you in the love light of the One Infinite Creator. We are pleased to be with you and as we move through and share space with the creatures of the earth we see the great sadness and even horror concerning the broadness of the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico. It is an area where people's attention is riveted in the area and there is a great sadness among the people and what further should be done to resolve the situation.

We are pleased to be with you, this Jun 9, 2010 and we are focused through Terry Brown. This is Ra'An, which is a conglomeration of Elohim and Ra. Usually these frequencies are partitioned and do not intermingle that much, however for the purposes of planet earth and the progress of the human species we have formed a group which is a concoction of souls that can broaden the frequencies that we bring through. We find that as we bring through these frequencies we also intermingle with the frequencies of earth and feel the great sadness of the individuals who live and work along the Gulf of Mexico. Do you have questions?


Wynn: Yes we do. This is a question from a woman by the name of Wanda who lives in Los Angeles. She attended channeling classes from 1988 to 1995 with a group called The Council of Light. Can you tell me who the source was of that group? Are they connected to our groups? Are they the Ra Group? Some of the teachings seem the same to me, she says and she cannot find anyone who is channeling them anymore.


Ra'An: Yes. Cheryl Taylor has moved and she is now living in another area. She moved to Denver. She has problems with her pineal gland so she did not channel and married a doctor and is attempting to live a quiet life, although Cheryl can never live a quiet life, as she is very much connected with us, the Elohim and the Council of Light and the Council of Light is, as she connects with us, who have been called the Creator Gods and she connects with other individuals who have gone to join the Ra group and are working also as wanderers individually. She has much of the same information and similar connections as Terry, as Terry trained with the Council of Light in the 90's.


Wynn: So Wanda you may have seen Terry in Cheryl's house in Culver City the 90's. Sometimes Terry tells the story that she was dragging me along and I wouldn't go in to hear the channeling, and I dropped her off and picked her up in those days.


Someone has a question about how to resolve a conflict between her personal relationship and her spiritual mission. When she focuses upon her personal relationship her spiritual mission deteriorates and when she focuses upon her spiritual mission her personal relationship deteriorates. She is in Hawaii and she has changed her name.


Ra'An: These two missions are at difficult frequencies and the frequency and grounding in the 3rd density in earth are of a lower frequency and the spiritual mission and connection are at a very high frequency and you are very connected in the very high frequencies, and you are capable of a large range. The conflict comes in when you move your focus to one, to let's say, the grounding in the 3rd density to the physical life and then the spiritual mission dims as it is still there but it is a change of focus in your heart. We suggest that you do an exercise wherein lets say you are walking and you are observing the trees and the road and feeling the frequency of the earth and then at that point, tune into the frequencies that you know that are spiritual, to the frequencies of the Elohim and then as you feel those high frequencies then bring them into the plants and the road. Then as you walk further down the road, take the frequencies of the road and the plants and the earth and the store that you visit and bring them to the frequency of the Elohim. Present them in the earth frequency as a gift to the high frequencies and move them back and forth, moving the high frequencies to the low frequencies and the low to the high frequencies and don't hang on to any of it, just picture them and let them go. Do that for a start and see what observations within yourself as you do those processes. As you speak with individuals in the earth density, just let the Elohim come in and be around you. Don't pay particular attention to it. As you speak with the Elohim then bring the frequencies of the individual to the Elohim. For instance, if we were going to do with the situation in the Gulf of Mexico, we would picture the individuals even as a collective there that are so disturbed and sad and to bring that sadness and disturbance into the frequency, as a present to the Elohim, not trying to change it at all, just however it is, just bring it up to the Elohim and then feel the frequency of the Elohim and bring it down to all the people as a present to them. It is another frequency to present to them where everything is ok. Everything is ok with the Elohim and that they may then, somewhere in the corner of their consciousness have this as a present; as a reference that may help bolster their own fortitude to get through this disaster. Try this and then get back to us and let us know how this is going. That is our answer.


Wynn: Thank you.

This is from a lady by the name of Regina who has a question about something which is happening with her husband and how she can relate to it. She believes her husband has invited a negative energy form to be part of him and that it's been part of him for years and that this energy form has the intention of gaining control of my two sons that are still living at home, and myself, as we are light workers. Her question is, my husband has been made aware some months ago that he has invited darkness to be part of him and that he has the choice to bring it light and make it go away but he continues to invite it in. Is there anything we can do to help him?

The second part of her question is, will physical separation from my husband protect us from this energy? Thank you for your help.


Ra'An: First of all we will answer the first part of the question. There is this negative energy, also realize that the negative energy is also controlling your husband, which makes it hard for your husband to simply let it go. He is under it's spell. He is not aware of the separation; boundary points between he and thee, negative energy and the negative energy is lacking very much love and lacking grounding and desperately to ground through your husband. This is an area that needs help beyond simply telling your husband to move out of this energy. He needs some help in moving through this and out of that energy as he is in it's spell. He then has some agreement with the area of negative energy and he has some things in common in that the negative energy looks for greater control and also he, lacking control, seeks greater control, so the two have something in common. This is something that has been with him for a very long time and he has not been able to move through it and we don't wish to judge him or to be critical of him as this situation was brought about not only through his participation but by the participation of others and is getting worse and has been pointed out then the energy can feel it wants more control and it can get worse.

First of all he would have to recognize there was a problem. Second of all he would have to want to resolve the problem. Now this situation is making things difficult for him so in this difficulty he seeks for more control because he feels if he has control then everything will be alright. So he would have to recognize the problem and this is not him asking the question but the wife so he himself would have to recognize the problem. Our suggestion to him would be to observe but his solution is to seek control and he feels if he has control, then he will be sufficiently grounded and the more he has control, then the more grounded he will be and the more he loses control the more he will seek control because he feels he is losing the touch.

So this is a difficult situation which leads to the second part of the question. You have a family which you need to consider and we see your situation. We cannot give advice as to whether to leave or to stay. We suggest you listen to this tape and review your experience with him and see if he has any inkling if there is a problem and any inkling of wanting to do something in the area and if he does there may be something to work with here. We suggest at this point that you listen very carefully to the things your husband says and his orientation and see if there may be any area where he may wishes to grow or to make change, even an inkling that he may be putting undo control over the boys and to use the conversation with the boys to question him and see what you can do to make any progress towards resolution on the basis that he can see the need for giving the boys an atmosphere where they may grow and flourish and find their own centers. That is our answers.


Wynn: Thank you.

This is a message, a question from Gary and he says. You describe yourselves as messengers from the One Creator. What caused the One Creator to be? What is the original creation of the One Infinite Creator.


Ra'An: That is a zen question as if everything started from nothing how could something have come into existence? If something is, how can it be something if it started from nothing so it is a kind of a zen question.

Now we came into awareness and our awareness was of vibrational fields and Newton rings; Newton patterns of lights and darks and interference patterns. That is how we were born into this cosmic soup. Then we learned we could work with that but how could there be from nothing?

There is One Being and we can't really say is, because that is a step down from nothing. It is a movement into manifestation and a movement into existence. So first of all there was an awareness and there was a vibration and the awareness could make a vibration and the awareness discovered that it could make a vibration and as it made a vibration it would block off other areas of the Being of All That Was, but it's still a zen question because how could the Being exist or be, when the Being was really nothing. The Being started with nothing except the Being had awareness and in the Being's awareness, the Being could manipulate the awareness and could then create thought forms and then the thought forms folded over and touched itself and sort of exploded out into a ring; Newton ring. Sound.


Then there grew out of that the cosmic soup that the walled off portions of the Being could then meet and communicate with other walled off portions of the Being that was, only 'was' when we refer to was, was only starting with an awareness, not a manifestation other than that, only the awareness. We even suggest that you cannot be aware without something to be aware of, so at first when the Being folded over and met itself, then it could be aware of the interference patterns as it met itself and manifestation began to be formed. That is very rough but this is a zen question that is extremely interesting but very hard to get a handle on.


Wynn: Ok. Some people, in fact there have been old pictures of a group of the Elohim all bowing down to an older Being that is referenced as God but that's probably not the way that it works.


Ra'An: Our description today is the best we are able to do and that is not to say there cannot be a better explanation or insight into this area.


Wynn: Ok. Now we have a couple of questions about the Gulf of Mexico. This is from Susan who lives in Florida. She is watching in horror as the oil spreads killing everything in it's path. What can we do to help? Can it be stopped somehow? How do we help all those injured already? I would add, is there a way that the higher forces can do something?

The other question is from someone who says his research is the BP cannot and will not stop the leaks, implying that they actually want the leaks to occur. Someone else said, is this the earth releasing it's own pressure because of the shift?

This person says BP will nuke it in August making it worse. We don't know this is true.

It will continue to leak until March 2012 and then an earthquake will stop it. The Gulf and the eastern shores of the US will be destroyed resulting in massive food shortages, millions having to move, a billion people dying, a third of our oceans destroyed. Now I don't know where this person got this information. Obviously someone has made a prophecy somewhere and said this is what they think will happen but the person's question is, is this going to happen, yes or no?


Ra'An: We will first answer the lady's question in Florida. We suggest that from the standpoint of the earth realm, that you may wish to get together with a group of people and do a collection of money and start your own project to get in touch and find out more about the machine that Kevin Costner that separates oil from water. This has been made more complicated because they are using disbursants in the Gulf which is making the situation worse in that it is making it hard to collect the oil, it goes down and it is not on the surface and it goes down and using oxygen as the water bacterial tend to deal with this. It is using too much oxygen. We suggest that you, from the earth standpoint, that you get in touch with Kevin Costner and find out about his machine that separates oil of water and see how expensive it is and look into the feasibility that someone might back you to begin your own project in your own backyard to help to clear the oil along your coast. We can see maybe a series of machines all working.


Would there be a way of processing oil as it's coming ashore. The leak is very big and all along they have downplayed the amount of oil that is moving into the Gulf. There is very much pressure in this pool of oil and the pressure and the oil is a consciousness of itself and it is determined and has been under great pressure for a very long time and is seeking it's liberation to move out of the area and there is a danger that they could break the housing on the well with all this pressure and make the situation worse and make it very hard to control and create a even greater disaster. As we look at the situation as to what the Elohim can do. When we work with a situation we work with all factors and we work through agreement and we see that the oil is the senior in this situation in that it desires to get loose, to get free, to break out because of the great pressure it has been under. We take that into consideration. We allow free will and right now the oil has the upper hand. The cap they have put on is making a dent in the oil capture. Now this is a good solution for the oil because the oil then achieves it's freedom and moves into a lower pressure which gets pressure off the oil and this is acceptable and agreeable to the oil but the channeling of the oil is acceptable but it has been very hard to channel into a captured state because of the great pressure behind it. We realize that you may not like this answer but we have to take all consciousnesses into consideration in working with problems as we work with a problem now here today, we smell oil, through Terry's body we taste through Terry's body, oil. There is a great amount of oil and the smell of oil hangs over a large area of the Gulf. We see an area where the smell of oil does not appear. We realize there is more than one leak and they are showing a minor leak in their videos. We are evaluating this. There has been been a problem with another leak in this area previously. We suggest legislation to stop drilling in this area. It is a situation in that they think they know what they are doing but they have not taken all situations into consideration in that the release of so much oil can de-stabalize earthquake wise the area and this is an area which does not need to be de-stabalized.


We can send love-light to all the workers. We can send love-light to Keven Costner and his solution and that individuals get together and speak with Kevin Costner, and find individuals in the areas who are affected and be willing to start their own projects. Florida would be a good area place to start it as that some of the areas closer to the spill have been closed down by the law so one cannot get to them very easily. We can send love-light to any groups that form that begin to work on the projects. We do see the need for action rather than to sit there. Concerning whether BP wishes to solve the leak, we feel they do wish to solve the leak but that they are a bit stymied by the great depth and what to do and they are withholding about the severity of the problem and the amount of oil being spilled and about the greater possibilities of danger as they wish to protect their image and themselves. We feel they do wish to solve this problem but we see the need for individuals who care to start their own projects to look at solutions, to petition legislature and to stop drilling in that particular area. Those are our comments at this time and we do send love-light to each and every animal affected and assistance to them on a spiritual level and to each and every person and family affected and we send strength and stabilization to them that they may keep a cool head and work with the things that they may work with for example the skimming boats. We suggest that individual scientists get in touch with other scientists to discuss the efficacy of spraying the disbursants as opposed to letting the oil rise to the surface and collecting and skimming it off. It is in some ways as if they are trying to hide it under the ocean wherein it is creating lack of oxygen which the body of the instrument feels as we move through the depth of the ocean where the chemical disbursants mix with the oil. This makes a lack of oxygen for the animals within the ocean and creates a dead zone within the ocean. We particularly send love-light to the ocean.


Wynn: Thank you.

You did not address exactly the second email. It sounds to me there is not a destiny. That email makes it sounds like there is a destiny for something to happen and it doesn't sound like that is true. Do I understand that correctly?


Ra'An: We see that the whole of All is made. It is put together from interference patterns and manifestations of ideas and the intersection of elements with other elements and we see that life energy can change the destiny even as such an incident that is happening within the Gulf.


Wynn: It's not possible to talk to the oil and change it's mind, huh?


Ra'An: We can talk to the oil and we give you a picture of the oil. It is in a cavern and it has been under exceedingly great pressure. It is a lake of oil down thousands of feet, down about the level of 18 thousand feet. The lake of oil is under intense pressure. You have the pressure of the water on the ocean floor, one mile down. You have the pressure of the formation of the land which was formed and put into that configuration thousands of years ago and the oil is squeezed so to say. It is as if you had a balloon full of water and you were squeezing the balloon and the water was rushing out of the mouth of the balloon and if you were to talk to the water and say, ok now stop, you have placed the water under a conflict. It is under pressure to leave and you are telling it to stop now. At this moment we are asking it to stop. Some of the pressure has come off already in the intense rushing. (give us a moment).

Oil is of a consciousness that is of a very viscous nature, very thick and gooey and slippery, which makes it slide easily which is part of it's nature so it is very easy for it to slide out of the hole and if we ask it to stop we practically have to change it's nature for it to stop. We will review this avenue and get back to us on that.


Wynn: Thank you very much. That will be it for our questions for tonight. I thank you all for being here. I thank our sources and I thank Terry.