Thanks to Suzanne Hayes for the transcription.

   Ra'An Questions and Answers
              June 16, 2010

Welcome to everyone who is checking in on our replay line. This is Wednesday June 16, 2010. This is our call where we submit questions to our sources that you submit to us. If you wish to submit a question email us at

So lets call in the light. When we call in the light we are actually just evoking this group energy.

(Wynn calls in the light)

Wynn: We await our introduction from our sources.

Ra'An: We are here. We greet you today, June 16th, 2010, Wednesday. As we look at earth the time is the evening and the zone is Pacific Standard time, focused through Terry Brown in Los Angeles, California. We take a moment and we connect as we are really always there with any light worker, anyone who wants to share intention and space with brothers/sisters in the other inter-dimensional realm that wishes to share space and to assist where asked. Do you have questions?

Wynn: Yes we do. We were talking about the negative and somebody submitted a question that wanted to know is there negative in 4 D and are they more sophisticated? When we graduate this realm will be still have to deal with them, and if so, will it be similar to how we are challenged here in 3D?

Ra'An: Thank you. In the 4D, the negative is often very much more clear and focused about their negative intention and has a stronger, clearer intention and so it is more, we would say, in a way more difficult to work with them, and it strengthens and tones the individual to be able to be able to hold their own center so that one is not thrown off by this other negative intention, and the negative intentioned person will then respect a clear focus of an individual who has their own center and cannot be thrown off as the negative's consider it weakness when they are able to take over another.

Wynn: You know, an interesting question in this same vernacular is that if 4D or fourth dimension is related to the heart, and the heart seems to be related to compassion, how is the negative in 4D?

Ra'An: You are asking how can they move into the 4 D?

Wynn: Yes, in other words 4D is related to the heart chakra, to the area of the heart, so if you are dealing with the heart, as I understand it. If you are dealing with the heart, how can the negative exist in that space?

Ra'An: It is a reversal, wherein the individual has reversed their caring and love and moved it as if it inverted or flipped over and is being expressed in the underside of the equation. Some of these individuals do have a abiding passion and have previously had a lot of caring and have given up do to experiences in the 3rd dimension and have gotten into spaces wherein there are too many entities in too small a space and they have not been able to express their true nature and they have learned how to cut through everything and how to not be taken over and how to win against all odds and to show they can survive. They have a lot of reverse compassion and underneath the negativity there is a lot of angst and a lot of shoving their care and their open heart under the rug. So in a way they are open-hearted but in a very reverse way. They are backwards. They have determined that by being put in a position at some point or another where there is packed too many entities in too small a space and they cannot express their own individuality they have decided to just cut through it all and to just laser in their intentions, which in the 4the dimension they are able to do more easily. However, they cannot move up into other dimensions which are higher like the sixth. They might get into the fifth but they can't really get into the sixth without having incredible isolation and incredible trouble because the people that get up to the sixth are centered and there is no relationship with someone who wishes to take over and own the space of another.

Wynn: I remember asking Carla Ruckert about the negative in 4 D and she said just from her conscious mind that the negative in 4 D just have an open heart in self love.


Ra'An: Yes. They have decided they are going to make it against all odds and that they feel there is a tremendous effort needed to make it within their own self.

Wynn: In 4 D according to some of the stuff David Wilcock was saying, you experience things like telekinesis you experience a lot of phenomena that is not in 3D. Is that true for both the positive and negative, that they both experience that kind of phenomena?

Ra'An: Yes, except the individual which is service to self has a blinder on in his two way interactive relationship with others and therefore is limited by the range of expression and the ability to attain fulfillment as they are cutting out a large amount of the spectrum which is available in the 4th dimension. As such they will eventually see their own self as being limited and this is one of the things that will cause their facade to break down as them to reevaluate.

Wynn: Thank you.
In terms of size in the physical universes is our sources very big, very small or both and what is the best way to visualize them to make connections?

Ra'An: The best way to visualize us is to grasp the frequency wherein we resonate. We are neither big or small and we have the ability to become very huge or very small as we are very mobile and liquid and able to change.

Wynn: Thank you.
Love is a word that is used a lot both by humans and by you who are speaking to us from another realms. Can you explain what you mean by love? Is it a vibration? Is it what fills empty space? How does it do what it does so powerfully?

Ra'An: It is an orientation of an intelligence that is expressed as a vibration. As it comes into manifestation it appears as a vibration, although in it's pre-vibration stage, it does not need to radiate. It can merely hold in place as an allowance among all or to open to all; an allowance for the existence for other intelligences and other manifestations other than it's own. It's like a nurturing mother that loves her children.

Wynn: Thank you.
Does love exist as part of the quantum field or does it exist as a result of the intentions of the intelligences in the field?

Ra'An: It is a part of All That Is, and is the basis and the woof and the warp that has allowed everything to develop and to manifest.

Wynn: Thank you.
Can you share where the entity Jesus is right now?

Ra'An: Jesus has a consciousness that is sharing space with the Christ Consciousness which is located as a band in the Ra Group. The Christ Consciousness has a diffuse energy that can liquify stucknessess within individual fields and allow a person to move through difficulty and move on.
Jesus also has a shared space with (we wish to say, and although we may not be ready to say) a body, where he has some localized focus. Jesus has a non linear consciousness which allows him to be present with all at the same time and his consciousness is different than an ordinary localized consciousness of the normal individual in the earth plane at this time.

Wynn: Did I hear you say that Jesus was partially in a body on the earth plane? Did you say that?

Ra'An: He has partially localized himself within a body at this time in the earth plane and he gathers more experience in the fulfilling of his mission which he considered incomplete after his experience in Galilee.

Wynn: Is there the chance that he will be publicly recognized in that body?

Ra'An: It is not his wish to be publicly recognized. He wishes to maintain a vigilant post within the third density as he realizes that their may be help needed in the grounding of the love-light within the third density on this earth at this time and he keeps a vigil.

Wynn: If he is not publicly recognized, then are there a few people that are alive who recognize him and know who he is?

Ra'An: There are a few people that recognized his qualities as being those of Jesus, however they dearly respect him. We do not see that he is in America or Europe but in mountains. We do not have the name of the country but it is in a part of Asia.

Wynn: I guess we better not say or they will be sending legions looking for him.

Ra'An: He does not wish for that at this time. It is more like he has taken a position with one eye open like a sleeping man keeps one eye open to see what is happening. It is his contribution to grounding love-light energy in the world at this time and he has the rest of his mission in working with individuals who ask for his presence and this grounding within this one individual helps him to stabilize and balance this unique vigilance position and contribution position that he has taken on as his mission at this time.

Wynn: Thank you
A person asked a question about sacred geometry and synchronicity and he wanted to know is it valuable to read books about these things and does that help attune one into the experience of them?

Ra'An: The reading of books can always increase knowledge and open up areas that then you can explore on your own. Synchronicities do not need a book to fall into and to be experienced however, one can use mind dreaming mock up, that is to make in your mind a model or to write down on a piece of paper. For instance if you wanted to live and to own a house, then look through magazines to find the type of a house you would want and to put that picture on your wall so that when you walk by it, you'd say, that is the kind of house I would like and then picture in your mind, having such a house, living in that house. This is making the house more real. It is putting the vibration of that house you will eventually own into your mind and like an attraction, then you will begin to notice houses for sale which is of that similar thing and attract sychronicities concerning such houses to yourself. It is a matching ability to match what you have in your mind then you notice more what you have in your mind, and are looking at your mind, you notice in the real world when you look around you are more attuned to that thing that's in your mind and when you look around you notice those particular things more.
This is why when you get a negative thought it works the same way and can attract negative synchronicities.
With the positive synchronicites, with a house, you are more aware of what you are looking for and when you look around, then you will notice it more easily, and you will create synchroncities through yourself.
Now reading a book on geometries. It can open up, depending upon the book, can open up areas you can explore, as geometries are involved in the basic building blocks within the mind and the psyche. So it depends on the book you are reading.

Wynn: Thank you.
We have a question from someone about special days. Occasionally there are other people that say a certain date is a special day. Sometimes Daphne will say a certain day is special day and we know the closer we get to 2012 it's not a steady flow but it's my understanding it's not like a special flow, it's like you get highs and lows, like you get jolts of highs and then it goes down a little bit. The person had said that she has been hearing that July 17th upcoming, is one of those special days. If this is so, what is the best way, what is the most optimum way to open our perceptions and to experience this in the highest way?

Ra'An: There are various star formations in the positioning of earth in relation to the other planets and star systems which then create special effects in certain time periods and when Mercury is in retrograde is an example of the alignment of the energy lines to the individual is a little bit unexpected because it appears that the normal progress forward of the energy configurations, it's as if an individual were walking through a grid system; a system of energy lines, and as they move into the next day they are expecting a certain configuration, and this is all below the level of consciousness, they are expecting a certain formation of grid lines and then when Mercury begins going backwards, then the formation is not what they were expecting and it may throw them off at a subconscious level. So there can be days, like we see July 17th, as a day when energy grid lines from the planets come together in a more glowing harmonious way and it can be a good day. These lines on that day will strengthen and work harmoniously with the energy lines within the individual's own chakra system and acupuncture system.

Wynn: On that particular day, would that be a good day to go into nature and mediate, or have a special meditation with a group for example? Would people be more able to tap into the higher energies on a day like that?

Ra'An: Yes it would. It would be a good day to meet with family, to have family picnics, to resonate with others you care for.

Wynn: How sharp is the apex of that day, in other words is July 16th also special?

Ra'An: It is like forty-eight hour window that moves up like a bell curve and then moves back down.

Wynn: Ok. Well you know what? That is the end of our questions for tonight. We will bring the session to a close and thank everyone who supports the energy of these calls. I thank our sources for coming in and to Terry for being here.