Thanks to Suzanne Hayes for the transcription

Wynn: My name is Wynn Free and this is Wednesday, June 23rd and this is our call where we ask questions that you guys submit. I think we have some new people on the line for the first time today and I know there are some people who have submitted questions who will be listening later.

We have these voices that have been talking to me now, for eight years and first, I have this little invocation which I do to bring in this energy.

(Wynn calls in the light)

Wynn: I now turn it over to Terry and our sources.

Ra'An: We greet you in the love-light of the One Infinite Creator of which each and every one of you are a treasured part and as so you are at one with the whole, and have access, if you would tune into the frequencies of all information. This is June 23rd, 2010 in some areas of the earth plane and we are focused through Terry Brown in Los Angeles, California and also are available and connected in any extend that the individual would wish to everyone on this line and everyone who would listen to the call at any time in the future or read the transcript.

There is Ra'An. Do you have questions?

Wynn: Yes we do. Our first question actually corresponds to what you just said. It's a good follow up question. This is from a man name Drew. He says, as a light-body, enduring this 3 D holographic experience. What is blocking us now from knowing the response to all questions?

Ra'An: We were looking at this in the introduction although we did not go into it. The thing that is blocking you from seeing or knowing or information, is focus, for one being within the 3rd density has a body. This channels one's energy into a body matrix and then one focuses on the outside through this body matrix. Did you know that you could have your senses without the body matrix? You can have a sense of smell, a sense of sight, a sense of hearing and it does not take the body to have these treasures; these abilities. However with the body, then one becomes uni-directional, monochromatic so that they look at things through the lens of their body: the eye, the ear, the sense of taste. 
One moves into an organized matrix and then operates from this organized matrix. One then condenses down to the matrix ID and narrows the spectrum down that they view things through. This shuts out the signals, it goes totally through their body and their body matrix. It shuts down the signals of outside spectrum and they then focus using the body matrix with the frequencies which are available in the 3rd density. They therefore, do not focus on, and therefore do not pick up, much like a radio receiver picks up information from the airwaves. They do not pick up the information that is all around them, and available to them should they blossom and be able to color outside of the lines of their own matrix and to re-form; to open themselves to the higher frequencies and lower frequencies. Some of the signals are very very thin and distant and they take a fine tuning mechanism to be able to get information in those areas.

We, the Elohim, merged with the Ra Group are able to color outside of the lines and to move and to focus in on areas of attention and to able to translate information and significance as we are intelligent beings, although we do not have the trappings of the physical body or the physical matrix even. We have the ability to change form and shape and we could move as the storm, we could be the sunshine and so pick up information about these areas. We hope this has shed some light on your question.

Wynn: Thank you. That was a great answer.

This is a question from Jerry and her question is, when we worry about a loved one is that sending bad energy to them, for instance, a son who travels out of state overnight with friends. If it does, how can we readjust this to think about it in a positive way?

Ra'An: You have the package of information and within your question, you have the answer. Yes, when you worry about someone who is traveling you may put forth thoughts that they are in danger which may then may move through physicality and identify with dangers. Not necessarily will these dangers occur, but it alerts the dangers that something is traveling through their area and that there might be the possibility out there of completing the circuit and bringing the danger into full perspective and existence and reality in the 3rd density. So how can you avoid this? It is natural for one to worry about a loved one and it is also possible to pick up actual dangers that the individual is exposed or semi-exposed to and to, by having picked them up begin to worry and magnify them. The answer is, that when you pick up something or think something, then let it move on through you. Don't try to throw energy at it to make it disappear or it will become a problem in that a problem is where one side is advocating or is in line with one outcome and another side is in alignment with a second outcome and they lock and cannot dissipate until one side wins or until the individual lets go of the whole thing and says, well, let me put that in the light and let me move beyond this and hold the individual in the womb and bosom of a safe voyage. When one changes their focus, then they will be able to tell they have changed their focus but if the focus does not change there may be real danger that the person is picking up with regard to the person. They might even in a heavy circumstance wish to contact the person and say, by the way, when you drive through Blythe, California, beware of the cops because you know there is a possibility you might get a ticket. Stay within the speed limit and don't get too tired and touch base with the person and get the person talking to and see if the person is picking up anything but don't put anything in the person's mind but if you feel there is serious danger, then remind them to pull over if they get tired and that kind of thing.

Wynn: Thank you. I would extend that question a little bit because I think a lot of parents worry about their children. A lot of couples worry about their significant others. Is the impact the same in all those circumstances?

Ra'An: Yes and people even worry about themselves. One needs to use their instincts as a guide. When an individual focuses upon a danger in are area they may sensitize themselves to this danger and inadvertently and subconsciously move themselves into an area where they expose themselves to this danger. For instance, there was a couple that lived in California and they were worried about an earthquake and so they moved to another part of the country and then they were killed by a tornado, so one needs to be alert and to see where their fears are focused and see where their fears are relieved and to move through the fear, (because the fear may be an accurate alert of some danger) moves through the fear into an area where the fear moves on and they feel faith in that area. One can use this sense, not by trying to avoid it but by observing it and analyzing what it is. Is it a connection with a danger? Is is past bleed-through from another experience where another child was hurt?Is it something that the individual subconsciously is scared of happening so is bringing up and then creates that to happen? Observation can give you the fine tuned distinctions to be able to get more information about this instinct and tell whether one is just basing it on some past reality which does not apply in the present or if one is open to some danger and then can side step the danger by being so aware.

Wynn: Thank you

Here is a question from Alana in Canada in Southern Ontario. She reports that they just experienced a 5.5 earthquake and the epicenter was about five hours from my home near Ottawa Ontario and they are presently on high alert for a serious thunderstorm with hail and tornado watch all across Southern Ontario, all very dramatic weather and earth systems happening at once. She comments that coincidentally there is something called the G-20 summit which started in Toronto, Canada which is an hour from her, and all these major leaders have gathered there starting today and are the storms and earthquake related to that summit in some way? This is an economic summit.

Ra'An: We from our orientation would like to say there is no connection, however we do feel there is a connection with that in that this summit has gotten the attention of certain leaders, although they are not openly leaders, we would not know their names generally, that is, the public would not know their names. There is a message being sent to some individuals within this summit as a warning to extend certain political viewpoints within this convention. This, we see as some of the games these earthlings unwisely play to play God and they do not know the full effect of what they are doing and they think they are wiser than God in bringing these things forward and would gasp if they heard this statement. It is rare for the Ottawa area to get such a strong earthquake and we see that there has been some weather HAARP type activities moves into this area and we view the connection; the blanketing, and it makes us sad that they are infringing on the free will of individuals which is the opposite of the free market system.

Wynn: Thank you.

This is a question from Flow. She mentions she was part of our conference call on Sunday for the first time and it was very emotional for her and she shed many times and does not know why and she would like to present a personal question is that is allowed.

I have been meditating on a daily basis for approximately twenty-five years and for a long time now I have experienced so much energy moving through my body when I do. This is in no way a passive thing, more like a freight train. I would like to know why this is happening and what is being accomplished?

Ra'An: Thank you for your question.

You, in your meditations have opened the energy flow within your body and this is a good thing in that you process energies and can move with the flow and can move in and out of the energy and the significance. In the Sunday call we brought up areas that are very broad in the earth field and we touched with the consciousness of the dolphins which extends clear into the higher dimensions, into the love-light and this is a lot to tap into and you being sensitive and having the abilities to move the energies through your body are processing this. We send you our regards that you are able to do this and it will get easier over time. Realize that you are processing energies over a broad range, over the earth and at a frequency that rides above the general populace. So doing, you and others and us are moving and changing energies and the consciousness of earth. You may be interested to know that Terry has been processing similar to you since the Sunday call and it is moving through the body and helping to change the consciousness of the earth and it's people, its animals and it's minerals. We thank you for your contribution. Be kind to yourself and you will move through it in an expanded state of awareness.

Wynn: Thank you very much

We have a question here. A person is concerned about chemicals in the air that could result from the oil spill to be a danger particularly in the event of a hurricane. Could these toxins be carried into the air up to the east coast and if so what can we do to prepare and protect ourselves and our families from these toxins?

Ra'An: The toxins from the oil spill are not as hazardous as the toxins from the sprays that they are using to disperse the oil as these dispersants affect the body in a similar way that they affect the oil and they tend to disassociate some of the molecules within the body as the ones they contact are oil based. This makes some individuals sick when they come in contact with this. You are far in the east coast so you have a lesser possibility of having a strong contact. The individuals nearer to the west coast of Florida, Louisiana, Alabama, have a larger exposure area. The oil itself is not nearly as toxic as the dispursant for the reasons we have mentioned. They do not think of all of the ramifications when they put something in place as they have done. The outcome is yet unknown with the hurricane season but there are things to watch out for and should these things come to pass, anyone in the area may wish to move, and it brings us great sorrow to say this. If one experiences or is seeing a strong rain carrying dispursant rainbow colors and then they begin to feel ill, they may think of taking a vacation two hundred miles inland. Another thing they can watch for is hurricanes coming. Should a hurricane be expected to come and gathering strength one might wish to take a vacation inland with a relative or just take a vacation to the north or the northwest. Another thing to watch for is reports of the ocean floor having fissures in it that are also spewing oil. Another thing to watch for is caution with the drilling they are doing lower down trying to relieve the pressure as this could create another explosion as the pressures they are dealing with are so high that they may trigger a further release of gas and oil. These are things to consider.

Wynn: Thank you

This is a question from Jim in Chicago. Over the past few months I have been inundated with hissing sounds and the experience of high pressure air being released, much like an air hose at a gas station to fill tires. The sound of the air releasing through the hose is what I have been experiencing. I began to really notice and be interrupted whenever this sound would occur. At first it seemed random enough but then it started to increase in frequency and also began occurring in really unusual places like a truck turning on a compressor in a normally quiet park at the same time I am passing through or while on a golf course that is normally quiet and its frequency is increasing. This past winter, a car wash opened up just across the way from my home and part of the process is to use high pressure air hoses to dry the cars so now at home I hear this noise periodically throughout the day. When I asked the neighbors how much it bothered them they replied as if they didn't even hear the noise which leads me to wonder why this is happening and so heightened with me. Finally after lots of additional occurrences I am seeking answers as to why this is happening and how I can alleviate this experience.

Ra'An: This is something, when it happens, you can may see what the trigger is, which you have already looked at. The hissing noise. You are very sensitive and have a good ear. It can get your ear bones resonating with that frequency and this is something that can be triggered by a passing truck or a hissing air hose or a ringing of the earth when the earth is adjusting to pressure within it's grounding. All of these can trigger the ear super-sensitively to hear and it can be at different frequencies, it can be a high frequency or a low frequency. Our suggestion is to observe it, observe the direction it is coming from, observe the cause of it, what has triggered it and just treat it as an occurrence; a happening that you can move on through. Just let it pass through you and view it as a reference to not what is happening in the world around you.

Wynn: Thank you

We have one more question from Greg.

I have struggled with finding my life's passion in business. How can I find this passion to make business fun and abundant in regards to making money?

Ra'An: This is an economy which is tricky to work through and if you turn the key and get the combination right and get the money flowing and give you some success in this area then you will begin to have fun with it. Other than that, to make it fun is to take a look at the details of the service you are giving to others; the details of the interactions that you have with others and make each one a separate interaction. It is not as connected with the others but in each interaction, try to make that a treasure; a beautiful moment. Strive to give the people you are doing business with a beautiful moment to uplift their day, and they will want to talk to you and be with you from the uplifting point of contact. Also in the services you provide to help them with those so they can achieve satisfaction from them and want to do more business.

Wynn: Thank you.

I know that's true from myself. When you think of business you think, I've got to make money but each person that you deal with is a unique part of divine expression in a physical body and if you look at the person as an object to make money from you lose the ability to connect with them in their highest aspect. So to be able to endeavor to see each person that you move through and relate to them in that way then makes the higher expressions come in and much more chances of being successful financially as opposed to how do I make money. That's my little addition to that.

Wynn: This is a good question from Nancy. What happens when you know you have met your soul mate but they don't recognize you?

Ra'An: Thank you. One person may have a higher awareness than the other person and they may recognize it before the other person does, however, if this happens one must not override and trod upon the other person's free will, as they may be on a slightly different path at this time. Perhaps previously you were with this person and had a wonderful experience and at this time the other person may be burgeoning up in a slightly different direction and if the two do not meet willingly and in joy then hold the flame but do not override the senses of the other. Let the other have their free will to move into their relationship if that is what he chooses. If you override it then it is not a true soul mate to soul mate interaction for people to have true soul mate interaction there needs to be free will on both parts. The other person, the man in this equation is still thinking of something from the past and it may take time to move through that or not. To deal with this, hold the flame and make the contact as joyous as possible. See what the other person is needing and how you could make life safer and more joyous for the other person and they may come around.

Wynn: Thank you very much.

That will be our questions for tonight. I thank Terry and everyone listening on the replay line.