Thanks to Suzanne Hayes for the transcription


Ra'An-Questions and Answers for

                            June 30, 2010


This is Wedneday, June 30th and this is Wynn Free, and this is our call where we ask questions that you submit and my friend and partner Terry Brown is on the line and she has this unique ability to hear voices in her head and tell us what they're saying and these voices that I have been talking to for a number of years now, explain themselves to be group souls who have been involved throughout the history of mankind in attempts to help us evolve. So this call is part of that flow where we are honored to be together and to receive their perspective on many things that humans can't figure out by themselves about how the greater universe works and what's happening on our planet and they even give their perspective on all our little human problems.


We are going to call in the light and we have some really interesting questions and we have some people listening in on the line and a lot of people listening to the replay of this. Every time you listen to these calls you can be open, not to just the information but to the energies that come in. Our sources have demonstrated the ability to make a connection so you can feel them and so many people have told me, but they only do this if you trust them and if you are open to it, they don't violate anyone's free will.


(Wynn calls in the light)

We await now for our source to greet us.


Ra'An: We greet you in the love-light of One Infinite Creator. We take a moment to look at your planet. We greet each and every individual on the line who is listening or who will listen or read the transcript. This is Ra'An and this is June 30, 2010 in the time zone of Pacific Daylight time based in the United States as we are focused through Terry Brown. We greet anyone that may be listening in the Asia time zones in the future and in Poland and in the United States or anywhere you may be. We are here to greet you and to be a companion and to assist you in any way that we can. If we say anything that does not totally resonate with you just let it go as it does not apply to you at that time. Do you have any questions?


Wynn: Yes, we have a question from someone who is considering moving to Seattle and has heard our grid healings where we always put the western coast of the United States into the light for reduction of earthquake activity and her question is, is that a good idea to move to the coast and live in Seattle or would you recommend against that, and I think we could also ask the overview question about those already living on the coast. How much concern should they have? What's the probability. I know it's hard to do time lines but if there is a time line projection like between three and five years or like one and six years or it might not happen at all. Could you give us some clarification on that?


Ra'An: As we look up and down the coast line we see various times where this would not be a safe place to move, however this is safe for the moment. We do not suggest moving unless you keep with the heart beat of planet earth and be prepared to evacuate at some future time given perhaps seventeen years. We do not like to make predictions as different events may change the course of what happens. There are certain specifics to look for and that is the melting of the glaciers; the melting of the ice cap and we take a look at other coast lines since you have brought the subject up. This is a very broad subject and there are many coast lines. At this time as we look ahead we see different events happening within the Seattle area and we only say that if you do move to Seattle that you watch the different areas, Yellowstone and the volcanic activity possibilities and Mt. Rainier and it's possibilities and be prepared to move if the earth indicates that a move would be necessary.


Wynn: Thank you.

Maybe at some other time we will do a call and we will just talk about potentials everywhere. There was a recent channeling I did with Daphne as they (you) as you come through Daphne, had said that there are certain events that are equated to folding a paper and as you fold the paper you can unfold it and it's unscathed, but after a period of time there is a crease and once there is a crease, it's hard to change the course of action or what would happen because the energies are all lined up and causing a crease.


Ok, next question. I will leave his name anonymous because he is on the line tonight. He is a person who has gone through a period of drug use and has rehabilitating himself from that and he feels as he gets rehabilitated, that he wants to find a way to be of higher service on the planet. Can you give any recommendations?


Ra'An: Maintain your nutrition to very high standards so that your body will fill in the gaps and the deficiencies that have been created by the drugs, this will enable you to make faster progress and maintain stability. In your friendships you have had very secure grounded friendships so there are not situations which make you want to retreat into the drug list. In handling stress make sure you have the nutrients to maintain the adrenals and adrenal support. This will allow the body to operate in the best manner possible and give you the best support. When you, in the past, have taken drugs, you have used this support of the body in big doses and to put the nutrition back to the body so the body can support you in your everyday life. Give yourself something fun and something to laugh at and be joyous about everyday a little bit. Do some walking or some exercises, even just for ten minutes, to keep your circulation going and drink plenty of water to get the residue of the drugs out of your system. You have a lot to offer and we welcome you back and thank you for your contributions that you make just by being present.


Wynn: Thank you.

He also asked about healing ability that he's been told he has healing ability, now truthfully I think healing ability in person, is very much connected with intent because when a person's intent is strong enough they are able to connect to energies in other realms and project them and share them for the highest good. So any comments about healing abilities for this particular person?


Ra'An: Yes, you do have healing ability and in your everyday interaction with others you have the ability and the intention to bring through healing vibrations to them and you do have this ability.


Wynn: Thank you.

Now we have some of esoteric questions from a couple of different people. This one is about consensus reality and this one is from Jim in Chicago. When the consensus reality of humans believed that the world was flat, was it?


Ra'An: (laughs) The world was not flat though the consensus reality believed that it was flat. This is a good question. The consensus reality did not extend to the earth and the earth did not share that. The consensus reality at the time that believed that, was limited to a small look at their location so to them it was flat and they did not notice the slight curvature, however their reality did not extend over the seas.


Wynn: Ok Thank you.

Another esoteric question from Gary in Redondo Beach and Gary usually sends me a bunch of questions and ends it, What's It All About, Alfie.

I am going to pick one of his questions.

Is the whole universe a grand collection of essentially uncontrolled experiments of consciousness?


Ra'An: There is a control to consciousness which is below the level of conscious awareness and there is a pattern and an exact control in the way things go together. There is a mathematical construct of the different spinning frequencies and the different intentions of the pieces that put together (matrices) and each one is put together in a certain order based upon the intent of the being occupying that space.


Wynn: According to the Carla Ruckert channelings, they talked about the logi, the sub-logi and the sub-sub logi and sub-sub-sub logi and each was an umbrella on the consciousness below it, so to speak, and there was free will given down the line to all these logi. Now I believe we may be talking to one of the really high logos here and so in the sense that there's free will, then there's a certain amount of free wheeling creation that goes on, both positive and negative, based on the free willingness of the sub-logi who are creating the rules of the particular arena below them. How does that relate to the answer you gave to the question?


Ra'An: There is an umbrella of influence within the spinning of the galaxy. The torque moves and influences each of the sub-logi and each of the sub-logi have it's own change and motions, and so down the line to the very smallest of particles and it is in motion and the umbrella does extend from the larger to the small and then the small to the large does influence the whole.


Wynn: Thank you.

The next question is from Holly. How does negative energy manifest into physical illness and how can I heal myself?


Ra'An: Negative energy can stem from different sources. One of the sources of negative energy which you are experiencing are the ingestion into the physical body, matrix and complex of difficulties you have experienced both in this life and in past life which are moving the body out of alignment which then reflect in the body system. Your spiritual belief systems wherein you affect the life force based upon your traumas and your beliefs moving the system out of alignment. This then affects the functioning of the glands and the organs and puts extra stress upon your daily life as you need to move through these physically expressed expressions of trauma from the past as you carry them in your system. Picture standing up very straight; lying straight, your body and your spine straight with the natural curve in the back. Your body energy being able to move from head to toe and back again and being open to move and to move with the alignment of the star bodies; the planets and being balanced and healthy. Angers that burn, let them move through to realize there are judgments and let them go where injustice has been done and it is held onto as a desire to right the injustice. Let that go from the body matrix so that it does not affect detrimentally your life path,as injustice can be dealt with, but when it is taken so personally, that it burns into the body matrix it affects your health and your future, whereas that is not the result you wish to achieve, you wish to achieve true justice. That is our answer.


Wynn: Thank you very much.

Next question. I have a situation where we had a bird house and there was some wasps flying in it and the wasps came back and at my urgings my husband killed six wasps and then we felt bad. We felt we destroyed their home and killed them. We justified killing them because the babies are nearby, anyway, did we do something wrong in having killed the wasps?


Ra'An: No you did not do anything wrong to have killed the wasps. This is a situation that many people experience. If left alone the wasps would have made a bigger home and would have made a bigger encroachment then the wasps can get the idea and can live more away and can find a home where suddenly you would not have to kill a hundred wasps.


Wynn: Thank you.

This is from Edna in Indiana. This is about our physical locations in the 3rd dimension where the energy is stronger for some reason. I am moving from Indiana to Washington State to a city called Snohomish and my new home is involved with nature all around it. At my new place I feel a very intense energy, stronger than my house in Indiana. Right now I am not in the new house permanently but I am moving back and forth from Indiana to Washington until I sell my house. My question is the new house in Washington located in a spot where the energy is more intense to acquire and is interfering positively on my being? Do my dreams relate to my other present realities? How can I use the energy in the dreams to grow and accomplish what I planned to do before I came into this physical body?


Ra'An: The dreams are related to the whole life situation and so we recommend to watch your dreams and write your dreams down and then see the pattern of your dreams and analyze your dreams and see if your dreams are ways to work through physical situations that you have encountered or whether they are prognostications of the future or if they are past events and you can get much more by watching the pattern of your dreams. Concerning the energy. If the energy in your new house is stronger than in Indiana then it is the currents. There is a flow of energy down through the area wherein your new house is. It would be up to you to observe which you have done and further observe the strength of the energy. Each location within earth plane has a different orientation, and after one has gotten orientated to the surroundings and the grid patterns of their location in a certain area then moving to another area, requires, at a whole subconscious level of re-orientation to the new energies as one harmonizes with those energies in their life. It can become aware in a person's consciousness the difference in energies between two locations. We suggest that the energy in Washington location is more vibrant and alive and as you stay there between trips notice how you begin to harmonize with that and to rely on that as a subconscious factor of the surroundings. Notice how it affects your body and your outlook. Also do it in during different seasons. You may find that the location in Washington brings you more aliveness and connection.


Wynn: Thank you.

We have one more question.

This is from a lady named Nancy who lives in Florida. She was driving home from church and as she was driving she saw the outline of a big heart in the sky, very precise. While she was driving and looking at this heart in the clouds, Stevie Wonder was on the radio singing Ribbon in The Sky. Then as she watched the cloud heart disintegrate like someone had sent a kiss and blown it all the while she was listening to this song. The question was, was this cloud a sign from this source (you guys) or a sign from any source and were all three things connected?


Ra'An: Yes. The song on the radio, oriented you and alerted you to the frequencies where you were able to observe in your surroundings different manifestations that go along with this song and magnify the intensity of the song. This is what happens when an individual is able to move with the situations. They begin to see connections they were not able to see before and this is a very beautiful way to adjust and harmonize with your environment as there is love-light all around you; intelligence in the consciousness of the trees and the clouds and the surrounding manifestations; the soul. When one moves into an awareness of the love that is all around one then they will begin to see manifestations of this love.


Wynn: Thank you.

Now was that cloud connected to the sources we are speaking to right now?


Ra'An: We see All Is One, and All is connected in all colors, All, however it was not our creation. It was a multiple creation of intelligence within the manifest realm.


Wynn: Thank you

That was our last question. We thank you so much. Do you have any closing comments before we say goodbye?


Ra'An: We send love-light to all the areas of the Gulf and we send love-light to all factors of life and life experience in the third density, in your realm. We are honored to be a part of this experience with you and we are available to you. All you need to do is ask. We leave but we do not leave.