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Thanks to Suzanne Hayes for the following transcription.

Wednesday July 7th 2010- Ques and Answers from the Ra'An

Wynn: This is Wednesday, July 7th and I welcome all of you on the line
and I welcome all those of you on the reply line. This is Wynn Free.
We are doing what I call, a question and answer session with our
sources with whom I have communicated with for eight years now. They
don't talk to me directly but they talk to me through people that I
have had personal relationships with and one of those is on the line.
We have had extremely interesting experiences and information brought
forth on these calls. It is a view of information from what I call
celestial realms that is not normally available to people. On this
call you submit questions and I ask them. First we will call in the

(Wynn calls in the light)

On that note I will open this up for them to greet us and we will ask
some questions for tonight.

Ra'An: We greet you in the love-light of the One Infinite Creator. We
are delighted to be with you this day; this July 7th, 2010, focused
through Terry Brown in Sedona, Arizona and as we focus in, we note the
change from Los Angeles to Sedona in the nature environment of Sedona
with the friendly shrubs and trees and we expand and connect with each
and every individual and with and every individual's situation as they
are on this line or as they listen to this call later. We are
available to answer prayers usually when one tries to connect with our
realm the high frequency, All That Is realm, they do not realize that
there is an intelligence there, that is sensing, understanding,
comprehending their situation. We wish to let you know that we are
there and comprehending and we are available to take questions. Do you
have questions?

Wynn: Yes we do. Now this first question, I will read it like it was
sent to me. The questions reads like this. I would like to know the
best practice of how to rid one's past life regressions and come into
one's astral body but what I think he meant is how does one rid
oneself of the influence of one's past lives and come into the present
and not be controlled by all of those old energies. I think that is
what he meant.

Ra'An: It has been said and it's so true that the only place of power
is in the Now. We give a minute for that to sink in. When one has a
traumatic incident; an unjust incident that they feel in the time,
whatever time it happened, must be resolved, that they must be heard,
that this injustice must be corrected, then this injustice is
diametrically opposed to what has happened and it hangs in time and
carries forward with the individual and it bottles up their attention
units as they are still seeking to get the injustice righted in the
present. It skews and distorts their view of the present as they are
taking to some degree the account of this past injustice into the
present time. When one observes their own behavior they may note when
they are doing that they may have pains within their body that are not
corroborated with anything that has happened in this lifetime. This
can hang up and be a thorn in their side in this lifetime now. One can
observe themselves when they feel not fully present or they are not
tracking with the current situation and they can ask themselves: Do my
thoughts, my orientation match with what is coming to me in the
present. It can be triggered by some physical object that reminds one
of the past trauma. One can observe. It can be triggered by a
location. One can take hold of themselves when they feel that they are
not totally tracking with the present and compare this with the
present and the signals coming in from the present, in other words,
they are getting a signal from some past event that is taking up their
attention. They can reset themselves, perhaps getting a massage,
although this may not be permanent, and reset their attention, moving
into something that gets their attention and moves them out of that
zone. One in observing can let this bleed off, can forgive when they
see this happening. One can disconnect it from the present and forgive
anything they may have done or something someone else has done so they
are not sitting in the full effect of that, still begging the other
person to be just or to correct the injustice. This is some of the
things one may do. One may see little flashes come in, in connection
with some earlier instance and it may become more and more clear.
Often when they have seen the roots of the instance they can let it go
and be free of it and walk in present time.

Wynn: Thank you.
You know, if you don't mind, I want to take a moment and share my own
experience of something that happened to me years ago that related to
this question of a past life. I had a reading thirty years ago from
someone who explained to me of a past life I had lived as a troubadour
in England, a thousand years ago and I would go from town to town and
I eventually had an untimely death from a guy that poisoned me, who
was as an innkeeper and they told me that that innkeeper was my father
in this lifetime and because he had killed me, that I had the option
of having a life through him. When I was young I felt like my father
did not want me around and I was never good enough. I didn't
understand why that was so until I realized that he had killed me and
thought that he had gotten rid of me and here I was again and part of
him was still killing me and that he had left me with many feelings of
unworthiness and not being good enough and I didn't understand where
those feelings came from and when I had this reading and understood
this past life I knew it had to be true, there were so many
correlations. We were duplicating patterns like one time in this
lifetime he forced me to eat something I didn't want to eat and he
actually pushed it down my throat and it was all very traumatic for
me. When I had the reading it didn't clear it for me, the energy of
unworthiness, but I realized that one of the first things I had to do
was to forgive my father on a very deep level so I started that
process. I also had to understand that my feelings of unworthiness, my
feelings of not being good enough was something that was implanted in
me and it wasn't really true so I got to observe those feelings and
every time I had those feelings I would say to myself. Ok, that's not
me, this is something in my track, I am making it up from my past and
I had to work on myself for a couple of years to make a major
improvement in this energy and I am sure that many people who are
listening to this may have incidents like that. Sometimes even if you
don't know what the past life was or the specific incident you can
look for patterns that don't seem to make sense like why do I feel
this way, why do I not like this person, why do my parents treat me
this way and you might tap into your own intuitions and start clearing
it. Regardless if you know the past life or not if you start to
observe the patterns and thought forms that sabotage you and when they
come up recognize them and put another thought on top of it. Like you
think I'm no good, I'm not worthy, and then think I am worthy, even
when you don't believe it, or I'm sick, I'm well. Those are the things
that I did and over a period of time I made huge advances in those

The next question is almost like the first, but I will ask it because
maybe there is some additional information and of course our sources
can comment on what I have said as well. This comes from Zoyie and she
said, she's read that the human mind carries in it unresolved past
traumas, personal as well as those shared by the race. I know I've
read that that there have been epic horrible mass destructions at
different times in the history of our universe and that some of us
were there, and we got into terrible fear and terrible oppression and
that a whole race was destroyed or exterminated or some natural
disaster, but something that created a huge amount of fear. So the
question is please comment on how we can clear these traumas so that
more love-light can reach more people more quickly.

Ra'An: Thank you. One of the situations that occurs is, that planet
earth goes through different situations and the population experiences
some diminishing of the population in certain areas and the traumas
which are then encoded in the Akashic Records of time and at these
times there is a certain configuration of the stars, a configuration
of the moon, of the solar system, of the planetary projections and
their spherical rotations so that in a future time, the planet which
is carrying in it's memory, as all is conscious at some degree, at
some frequency, and all has intelligences, although they may be
encoded in stone, when these configurations occur, it reminds the
subconscious and the lower consciousness of the area of the original
event and should there be humans around that had experienced that, it
also can trigger this, and then emblazon new and resonate traumas upon
the earth in certain locations at the time as it brings up, burping
up, and experiencing those traumas and engaging the earth in earth
changes. Some of this has to do with the changes of the pole of the
planetary conjunctions in the neighborhood. This is true of
individuals as it was mentioned in the previous answer to the
question, as the individuals encounter a similar circumstance which
caused the original trauma, and the individual at a subconscious level
is reminded of the original trauma and begins to reorient his matrix
to the time and place of the original trauma and then is thrown out of
present time and into the past. These similar things happen to
consensus reality and to the consciousness of the lower minerals and
lower frequency consciousness that comprises earth and they then can
recapitulate and bring forth similar events and circumstances upon the
area or the people located in the area. There are times we are moving
into where some of these events are bringing negative effects on some
of the areas of the earth at this time. In the area of the gulf of
Mexico which dates back to geological time wherein geology was fixed
in a certain position and now it is moving into a position where it
can move.

Also in earthquake fault lines where previous events occurred and now
are emerging as a possibility in the future. One of the purposes for
this group and the people getting together in this group is to bring
forth love-light for past events into the consciousness of the people
and re-establishing of the higher frequencies which the individuals
tend to leave behind when they get connected to the earth. The earth
itself is disconnected to some greater degree from these higher
frequencies and can be reconnected by the work that you and I and
everyone on the line and everyone who comes in contact with this are
doing, and by you and I, we mean the Elohim group and the Ra group and
there are other group souls too, working to bring love-light into the
earth plane so it may recognize it's origins and to bless the past and
dissolve the past and its effect upon future events.

Wynn: Thank you.
Next question. Are the people of BP getting karma for their gulf oil spill?

Ra'An: The people from BP, and we do not include all the people at BP,
but certain individuals at BP who have made certain hasty expedient
decisions, who are desirous of saving money and pleasing the people at
the higher es halons and putting inexperienced people to run the deep
water drilling rig who had would not listen to any more experienced
individuals, they are practically going unconscious and with the
consequences they are experiencing, there are others who could foresee
consequences of their actions and have profited greatly by it. These
individuals think that the rules of mankind and nature and rules in
general do not apply to them and they can write their own ticket
without consequences. They experience a disconnection of normal
love-light in their exchange and actions with other individuals and
rule their life by power and money and at some point if they realize,
which they don't realize, how much they are lacking. They are
substituting power and money for love and what they can buy from other
individuals, which is not true love, and they cling to this easy way
of life. Since they do come from the loving individual of All That Is,
they are at odds with their own true nature but do not realize it.
They have fallen down a scale into a substitute scale of life.

Wynn: Thank you.
Next question. This is from Gary in Encinitis. I have noticed how time
seems to be going faster and faster. Is this a result of aging, in
that when we age our metabolism slows so the time seems to speed up
around us, or is there a quickening going on at this moment as we get
closer to 2012? Is time speeding up like the revolutions of a vortex
as you go deeper into the vortex?

Ra'An: Time is speeding up, the actual time is speeding up. Time is
measured by events and events are measured by oscillations and
geometric progressions and as one reaches more into the higher
vibrations, one gets closer to experiencing All That Is in a more
rapid manner so that time is speeding up in actuality.

Wynn: Thank you.
Edna asked us about Seth. Can you share anything about Seth and his
lineage without violating free will?

Ra'An: We can share some things concerning Seth. Seth is a very
important valuable personage and spirit that moves with time and
place. He is able to move in and out of groups and that is why he is a
soul traveler that can engage and not be stuck in situations and in
causes. Seth moves with his energy heartbeat and moves to places where
he can make a difference and has a very interesting life and very
interesting projects and he is welcomed by the Elohim and Ra groups.

Wynn: Thank you.
Last question.
How is all all life in love? There is no right and wrong and no
disharmony. I can't understand this. Isn't the Law of One the light
and love also light and harmonic. I thought the goal was to be in the
right, so you would be in the light. This seems saying that wrong can
also be the One? Can you explain this to me?

Ra'An: One can take into account that the background of All That Is,
everything is written on love and light and it comes from love and
light. When one comes into the manifest universe there begins to be
duality, and in duality there can be some better solutions or some
worse solutions. There can be the goal to be manifest in the third
density and they become touched by frequencies within the third
density wherein in order for the survival of the body they need houses
and money and they need material things and so this colors their
goals. Then when one has an adverse situation to a goal that they
have, they are confounded and frustrated in their goal and they begin
in their big frustration to choose negative means to accomplish this
goal in desperation, or they may have a past incident wherein it has
carried into the future, which we have talking about previously,
wherein the individual then begins to act out of character for present
time and begins to act in a negative way, according to what is in
present time, however according to the past they may be acting at that
present time, truly in character with what they are imaging in their
mind or thinking is going to happen based upon some past weird
incident or based upon some injustice they have experienced. They may
go down the scale from desiring and giving love, to being so
frustrated and expecting negativity that they themselves become
negative. Each and every situation has it's own history and it's own
story of how the break down occurred from true love-light to fostering
negative feelings and expressions of negative feelings. Everything is
written on love-light to some degree in time, some point in space and
then the individual in the true sense, though they are being negative,
are diametrically opposed to their origins and this eventually will
bring them home.

Wynn: Thank you.
I imagine the going home can take eons of time for some entities in
this realm. Is that true? How long might it take for some entities to
go home?

Ra'An: There is no time limit.

Wynn: What is the longer time someone has been trapped?

Ra'An: Billions of years and this is part of the reason for the
manifest world not disappearing and not returning to original

Wynn: Thank you and that was our last question for tonight. Thank you
for being here. We bid everyone on the line and everyone listening on
the replay line a good evening and thanks for participating in what we
are doing.