Transcription of Wednesday Call with Ra'An  July 14, 2010



This is July 14, 2010 and this is Terry and Wynn in Palm Springs. Tonight we are doing our question and answer call. Just a short introduction for people who are checking in for the first time. If you have been following my work. For quite a few years now I have been having conversations with two group souls, one of them being made up of graduates from this realm and the other made up of the original creators of this realm. Many times throughout history they have been interpreted as God, but they are not God in the way religion makes it out to be.


(Wynn calls in the light)

On that note I will let them say hello to us through Terry and ask the questions for tonight.


Ra'An: We greet you in love-light of the One Infinite Creator. We have been in the moments in the early part of this call, connecting to each and every one of you and sending you love and regards and caring and appreciation for your connection on this call. It has been so long that we have wished to make contact with your realm and we have not been able to successfully over a long period of time maintain communication. Perhaps the new communication systems available, for instance the telephone, is able to put forth a net in which the earthly people can connect themselves and we also can connect with each and every one of you directly, not on the telephone system. We are delighted to have you with us tonight. Do you have questions?


Wynn: Thank you.

This is from a gentlemen by the name of Vishnu, who asks: How do we avoid jealousy, cunning and selfishness?


Ra'An: This is a problem within the third dimension. It is experienced not only by humans but it is experienced even by animals as you may may note at times when a dog tends to butt into the atmosphere and attempts to get one's attention. Also little children will chime in and attempt to get recognition. Each individual can recognize as they are in this state of jealousy that it is an uncomfortable position that it is a position of lack. It is a position of being desirous of something positive, which is the love and caring and the recognition of the surroundings of the individual, surrounding a person, to shine on a person and to revivify his matrix and to give recognition to this existence, so that he/she feels significant. The way that one may deals with this is to put one's self into situations where they do feel loved and they do feel cared for. Some individuals have a particular knack for including others and imparting this feeling they are cared for and loved and are significant. One can also within one's own heart forgive everyone's self for anything that they may feel that they have done wrong or not had the right outcome or have failed and to forgive their own self and to supply love to themselves. This is one of the ways one can handle jealousy. When one feels the feeling of jealousy and the feeling of lack one can then see how they could put themselves into another framework where they can remember a time when they did not feel jealousy, when someone gave them great love, when they did feel loved. They may ask for our presence and although it is at a very high frequency, we do impart love and we are an intelligent force and we do hear what the individuals intentions and thoughts are and we have no judgment and we do impart unconditional love.


Wynn: Thank you.

Next question. This is from Suzanne. I have heard somewhere that as we continue our journey in this particular lifetime, relationships which are no longer positive will fade away. What if this is happening with close members of our family, specifically one's spouses and children. If one is moving in a different direction than those around them, does that encourage the individual to try to wake them up or does the individual acknowledge the difference and do nothing more. Is there an obligation to help one's loved ones prepare for what is coming, as far the shift is concerning even if they have not responded in the past?


Ra'An: Thank you. That is a brilliant question. Individuals whose focus is moving into other areas may attempt to broaden their own focus and to include the family members to connect with them, to understand them, to get them into communication and see where their attentions are going. By being recognized and listened to, then it will reaffirm the relationship and the connection and the bond between the people as they begin to broaden their horizons and see how the other person is expanding their horizons. Would it be, for instance an area where one felt that they could not enter, for instance if the child were beginning to explore drugs or to be a joker and begin to act disrespectful, and one may also get that child into communication and see where he may be connecting with peers within his age group who are giving his recognition and attention for this other behavior and seeing what is the basis and understanding, just totally unconditionally to see just where the other person is coming from and if it could be a move by the child to express their own independence and then look back and see where in the raising of the child, one has not allowed their own free looks at things or allowed them to develop the ability to say, know within the family sphere, while they are still under the protection and the guidance of the family. Communication is a solvent that can reestablish bonds through communication.


Wynn: Thank you.

Just to add something to that from my own personal perspective and this may or may not work for some situations, but, sometimes people think that they need the agreement from other people around them, that there is a shift going on, and let's open our hearts together and that makes you sound like you just joined a cult and people resist it. The real key to this, if you really want to support your close family, in terms of contributing to them in this way, is to carefully look at what they need. There is someway that everyone is looking for energy; for some kind of response to themselves in this realm, and if you can find a way to still be authentic and true to yourself, and give them what they need, then you will get that out of the way and they can have an openness now to respect you more and like you more and not to think that you are a wacko. Because you have given them what they need and not tried to pulled them in to what you want to give them. The key to this is that you have to be able to do it without losing your authenticity and without being untrue to yourself, because you can give someone what they need and if you do that, you will feel trapped in that, it will not be coming from your own heart and your own volition. You will just be into filling their need without coming from your own heart. Like say, for example, if you are a woman and your husband wants lots of sex, and you can't put your heart in it and it won't be fulfilling and you'll feel trapped, as one example.

Maybe with one of your children, invite the to lunch, just between you and them and say, I wanted to do this just to understand you more, to talk to me, and forget that you're a mother but be their friend for lunch and see if they will start talking and trusting you more and do that occasionally because suddenly it may increase their ability to receive love from you.


We are going to move to the next question here. Some of you who have been listening to this call, know that in the other realms, there is a competition for the energies of this planet between what we would call positive and negative or service to self or service to others and this is a big deal, because what we call negative is really quite intelligent, they're able to be very sneaky, they can channel. To be truly negative they have to be

good. In other words, if someone is a con man, they don't look like a con man and you don't realize it, until they get what they want, and then you realize you've were conned.

So the negative in other realms does the same thing. They masquerade as positive, and there is a conflict between the energies of this planet. One of the things the negative does is it tends to create circumstance and situations of fear so that fear is a very easy thing that people will give up their power to something. The question is, is the negative winning, is the positive winning? Who's ahead because that is going to affect each of us individually and the evolution of our planet as a whole. The question is how are we doing on the positive and negative proportions on our planet?


Ra'An: Thank you for your question. Broad paint brush strokes, then can be detailed down to smaller paint brush strokes and ultimately all of it goes together to make a whole. There are many groups within the earth density. There are individuals, there are cultures, there are societies, there are armies, there are different sides of the situation. Many of the individuals are followers of the intelligent information spreaders, and the information spreaders have a unique goal to create an effect. Very often one cannot track the broad perspective to the source of the perspective. The instigator may not be known and the instigator may be plural and the instigators may be only a few which have corralled the attention of the many. Incidents which are shocking can corral the attention of the many and make them fearful. This is one aspect of the picture. The other aspect of the picture is the earth itself, in the earth changes that the earth is going through. Another is the interaction of the earth and individuals that are interacting with the earth such as British Petroleum, and this can cause create magnified fear, which gets into the media, which has a paint brush stroke that is dark and colors the whole picture dark, so the resonance of an incidence can paint the consciousness and the view of individuals darker than it would be without such incident, so individuals, each and every one, can brighten their own perspective by keeping their cheerful perspective and their love-light perspective, connecting with family and friends at a close level to reinforce a positive perspective and to not let the broad brush stroke of a negative incident be the controlling factor in their consciousness. By maintaining a positive outlook, one lists the whole. By looking at how the realm is created, by keeping the positive outlook, one can then take the dark brush stroke and lighten it for the whole. So how are we doing, how is the positive doing in connecting with the negative? It is up to us to create moment by moment, outcomes. The end is not written until the end is written and the outcome is not yet there. The results are not yet in, but the positive and each and every one on the line is contributing to the positive and are unbelievably loved and cared for for maintaining their integrity of outlook and are contributing immensely to the uplifting of the whole. So the answer to some degree is it is an individual thing, overall, we are gaining ground, and we look forward to gaining more ground as more individuals learn how to connect with their open heart and to the love-light of All That Is.


Wynn: Thank you.

I want to suggest that what we are doing here is a rather powerful opening into the realms of connection with these group souls, higher consciousness energy forms and please invite people to these calls. If you are on Message-a-Day, over the next day or so I am going to share some videos that I produced that will make it easy to share.


Wynn: Thank you.

This person was asking, that they have been listening to our calls more and more aware of synchronicities and some prayers have definitely been responded to. It also seems I am attracting negative energies despite all my attempts to keep my vision and focus positive. Other powers in the universe which do not want the Ra and Elohim energies to succeed. Do I have any special purpose or reason to be connected which would attract some negative energies? Can I be helped by the Ra and Elohim? Is my work sanctioned and can I go on with others here to give ways, means to protect us, my loved ones and everyone on earth so my mission can succeed. So do you have any advice and any next steps that this individual can take?


Ra'An: When one lives in the third density or even the fourth density, in a realm where there is duality, one can be opened to negativity simply based upon one's goal, then one may have opposition to one's goal. So one can get used to the possibility that when they get on track that within their own framework they may draw negativity into themselves based on past expectation of that opposition. There is definitely negativity that attempts to foil the positive growth within the third density of individuals in connection with Ra and the Elohim. This negativity is based upon jealousy and the effort of others to hog all the attention; to prove their identity, to prove their superiority or analysis, in attempting to use power and finding that sometimes trying to use power or the false appearance of power, they have the insane idea that if they destroy something that is power and due to the novice, dumbfounded attempts to express power, or to take away things that could give others powers so that they, in their false appearance can appear to survive better in their own mind; in their own self image, they tend to attack. However, if one holds on to their own frequency; to the own matrix, and sets their compass, their homing device, to their own goals, to their own frequency, and does not focus on the negative, then the negative will not take hold and have no reason to pay any further attention to the individual. We hopes this helps.


Wynn: Thank you.

You know at one point some years ago I became very aware of being attacked by the negative, that what we were doing was stimulating a lot of attention and I asked them how can I keep that from happening and what they said was, dedicate yourself and you won't lose track of our energy and by staying within that track, the negative can't get through. So that has been my experience, the consistency of holding the space. When you first have an experience of connection and expansion that can happen for people on these lines you're moving through holograms where negative exists. This is my take on this. So when this first starts happening, the negative will try to back you down and it's the commitment to holding the space. If you are with other people doing prayer sessions or high intention sessions or calling in the light, if you are doing something as a group the energy of protection is increased.


Lets go to one more question.

Was the Mayan Calendar meant to be a blueprint for the evolution of mankind?


Ra'An: The Mayan Calendar was a description of the cycles the earth goes through and the writing down and putting into print of the information brought through to the Mayans was a description of the future result of the expression of an underlying blueprint.


Wynn: Can you share how the Mayans got their information?


Ra'An: The Mayans were connected with a space program from another culture wherein they connected with planetary space travel with advanced information which was shared with the Mayans and the Mayans were descended from individuals who came from a different planetary system.


Wynn: Thank you.

I want to thank everyone who submitted a question and the level and consciousness of our questions is really really good and I think there were things brought up tonight which can benefit a lot of people. If you are connected to the Spirit Channel you'll get the downloads of this. The telephone number is: 712 432 1281 and put in the pin code which is the same as you used tonight and you will get a replay line. Pass these around and share them with people, because don't have to give much of a preamble, in fact the less you do is better, just say listen hey, try this out and listen to it. Because what we are doing here could reach a lot lot more people, if people shared it. Sometimes I have watched this and it's not easy to share because it sounds like you are going nuts. But you can tell somebody to listen to something and see if it resonates. At the beginning of these calls I always do an introduction trying to make this comfortable and familiar to someone who is new on the line so they can integrate it and it's always done in such a way that you're free will is never violated. We are not coming from a high place saying that you have to believe that who you are talking to is who they say they are and you can draw your own conclusion by listening to the calls.