Many thanks to Suzanne Hayes for transcribing.


Transcription- July 21, 2010 -Ra'An Questions/Answers


Wynn: Welcome to everyone. This is our Wednesday night question and answer session and on this call we ask questions that you have submitted to our sources and they answer live online through Terry Brown. We are so glad to have you here and you on the replay lines. We have some questions tonight and we have Terry getting settled and ready to answer.


So we are going to call in the light. What is calling in the light? It is my fast way to call in a group energy.

(Wynn calls in the light)


Wynn: We invite our source to make itself known to through Terry Brown.


Ra'An: We greet you in the love-light of the One Infinite Creator. This is July 21st , 2010 and we are delighted to be with you. We note a helicopter flying overhead, which some of you may hear as this location is focused with the microphone in downtown Los Angeles and we connect and offer connection with each and every individual and each and every person on this line and everyone who will listen and everyone who will read the transcript later and everyone who will listen to the download. We are so pleased to be able to make this connection with the people of planet earth as it has been so long that the connection has been broken and there has not been a way to connect and let the individuals know that they are part of a family where all members are cared for greatly. Do you have questions?


Wynn: This is our first question from Cionine in Taiwan and she is wondering what is the purpose of cockroaches in this realm. I can understand why people have this aversion towards them for sanitary reasons but I don't understand why so many people, including myself, have also developed an irrational fear towards this mostly harmless creature.


Ra'An: Thank you. We greet you in Taiwan. We love your question as it links one of another species to the connection with the higher realms. The individuals within the cockroach species are not well understood. They have developed from a life form which was put together in an ancient ancient time as different mechanisms, one would be a focusing mechanism which houses the lower level of life and was used for amusement at various times; amusement in finding how these creatures might act and have life in a way which allowed them within their own sphere, develop their own housing; their own life systems and patterns. It started as an experiment to own a creature. Then they began due to their reproduction to multiply and they went into the wild. They went through various stages of changes becoming smaller, becoming stronger and the ones who did, not would die and not reproduce, so there began to be a chain of evolutionary changes. During some catastrophes they are the ones who survived. They are not well understood and that is one of the reasons they are feared. They are small so they can move into small spaces and create unsanitary conditions as they set up their nests with all of their functions in the midst of say, someone's kitchen. One can look at them and sense their fear of the larger creatures and as they fear the larger creatures then the larger creatures are startled by them when they appear suddenly and unexpectedly. They are a lower form of life that is expressing itself in it's own way. Those are our comments.


Wynn: One question about that. One of the things we have learned over the course of all our conversations, if I have this correct, originally at the beginning of the universe, the Elohim created life forms, and then life forms were given free will, and the more advanced life forms that were here, which may have even been descended Elohim in this realm, created more life forms for whatever reason and then there were created by service to self entities, so was the original creation of the cockroach and maybe other things like spiders, created by what we call service to self entities in this realm?


Ra'An: Yes they were. We would like to give the information that life was not created by the Elohim. The Elohim created focusing mechanisms for life and life is everywhere. Intelligent life is everywhere, and when it has an opportunity, it takes on a housing mechanism or a body to express it's intelligence and it's life through and to coexist with others to play the life game back and forth so that one can know one exists, can sense one exists, can have significance and can share it with another.


Wynn: Thank you.

I would like to see if Suz is on the line. Is Suz on the line?


Suz: Yes


Wynn: I have been getting a lot of emails from Suz over the past week, and I said I would help her formulate a question. She is in a place where many things in her life are falling apart. Her physical body is falling apart, her memory is falling apart. I am sure she feels depressed and hopeless and stuck. She has read in religious tracts the statement like, ask and you shall receive, so she emailed me and said I want to ask and can I get help. Can you comment on the meaning of ask and you will receive and then I am going to let her voice where she needs help personally.


Ra'An: Yes, ask and ye shall receive. It is not from just the higher sources that you will receive, but it is from all sources, as you open up yourself and you put out the intention; the intention to receive, the intention for exactly what you wish. You can define it, you can write it down, you can get pictures of all of it, of a healthy body and you can put it on the wall. You can ask that the health flood into you. Feel as we say that, the intention of that, the health flowing into your body from outside in, and flooding your body with health and strength; the strength to express to take the health for yourself; the strength to find the nutrients your body needs to fortify yourself, the vitamin D3 that will help you to utilize minerals that your body so desperately needs to reconnect the collegian and to reconnect the strength of all of the nerves, of all of the fibers of your body. Feel this strength move through you, come into you. Feel what if feels like and then go for that, to duplicate that, to put it around you so that you can have that vibration within your own sphere as you move through your day. Do you have further comments?


Wynn: Let me understood that for her in particular vitamin D3 is most important.


Ra'An: That is correct


Wynn: I'm going to let her formulate her question in front of us all, and I give her credit for her courageousness for being in the place she is in and be willing to talk about it publicly.


Suz: I really appreciate this opportunity and it was a little hard for me to hear which vitamin?


Ra'An: That was D3


Suz: I guess to sum this up, the last twenty four years of my life has been very hard on me all around, and what I would like to ask for is a renewal and a restoration of my body, my mind and my spirit back to the best that I have been. I felt like I was on a good path in life until in the last twenty four years and at some point during that time I just felt I had completely lost my spirit and had to struggle to get that back, which I felt I have. As Wynn said I have a lot of health issues. I also just want help if it's possible, beyond my wildness imagination for finances, as my husband lost his job a couple of years ago and we are in dire straights right now and as they say, ask and you will receive, and as they say, don't ask for crumbs but ask for the best so I am asking if that's possible. I would certainly like to receive it.


Ra'An: Thank you. As you feel and intend the health to flood into your body and the money to come that you need as one needs finances in order to have the proper nutrition for the body to repair and to keep it's health. One thing to do is to make sure you keep your body in a alkaline condition. There are books on how to do this. One of the things is to have coral calcium in the morning with cod liver oil and Aloevera. Another thing is to make sure you are digesting your foods so you are making the most use out of the intake of food that you get. To make sure you are digesting your food, sometimes it important to take digestive enzymes. One thing that is needed by a body is salt. Sea salt is a good type of salt so that you can get enough hydrochloric acid in your stomach to digest the food. Salt is a basic building block for your body to make hydrochloric acid, sea salt, not the high heated salt that is available in some stores but sea salt, naturally processed sea salt.

Digestion is very important to give your body the nutrients. When people reach a certain age and the digestion gets poor and the body begins to starve for nutrients and it cannot repair itself. Proper digestion can add one third to one's lifespan.


We take a minute to look further. Finances are a big thing and in this manner you can prepare yourself to look in areas to bring in money and to prepare yourself to get in the intention that this money will be there for you. Things can change very fast in a good direction. Having the intention and the thought there, putting the thought there that there is enough money for the finances that are not only needed but are extra finances as we speak and you get the idea of finances, just know that it starts to feel better, that the whole universe connects with you in a different way and you begin to see synchronicities that could connect you up with jobs and money. There is a frequency of well financial being and when you move into that zone then it feels better. When you are in that zone then you connect up with the actual flow where that money exists. So if you can stay in that feeling then you will begin to connect up with opportunities connected with that flow of money. We suggest that you put together in your mind a number of things where money is flowing and picture how you fit into that particular area. Do you fit or do you not fit. Try a certain lifestyle on and see if that feels very good and once you try it on, then you can begin to raise your whole ambiance into a give and take in that area. When you get into a give and take in that area to give something and to get money back then the more you stay in that zone the more chance you will have of moving that zone into your reality and into your lifestyle, and to be with you in a reality of give and take in the area of money and in the area of nutrition and connection with others.


Suz: Can I just add one more thing there. Regarding the body. Is is possible to regenerate things that have been removed surgically. I had a doctor remove things and he messed up and I wonder if body parts can regenerate.


Ra'An: This is possible but it beyond the scope of most humans. It would take technologies that are not known in the human realm right now, however if you feel those areas where you had those body parts, you probably can feel the outline or the sense of them being there, so keep that sense there and that flow of energy there in that area and see what happens. We do not promise anything.


Suz: In regards to my healing and taking these vitamins, I have a fatty liver with cysts and hemangiomas in it, can that be helped or cured?


Ra'An: The liver is a place that stores things that the body sometimes can't use and so detoxifying can help this area of the liver. Detoxifying and when you have strengthened yourself to do some liver flushes; to flush gall stones out and to flush liver stones out of the liver and help detoxify the liver. Be sure to drink enough water as this will help the detoxification process.


Wynn: Thank you.

I want to say that I don't usually take these kind of calls. One of the reasons is my concern that it sounds like we are giving medical advise and we're not. That is not medical advise it is things regarding nutrition that may or may not help someone and it's up to each person to work it for themselves and see their own doctor for his recommendations. We don't want to take the place of a doctor.


Ra'An: We want to make one more comment regarding that. The body follows the spirit and the mind and the mindset and the intentions, so the body and the nutrition of the body then helps support the mindset but the mindset is senior. Let's say that we healed your body and then if the intention is going in another direction, and the experience needed is going in another direction then you may find a different way to express illness, in other words, the expression through the body is governed by the energetic system and the matrix of the individual and the mindset and the intentions of the individual, and if there is a desire for an expression of some degeneration there, and if the Elohim were to move in and totally heal your body without your being totally being 100% in sync with this desire and intention then your body would again seek a way to express a disability. So your body's curing of itself really is everything because you are really the one in charge and are the master of your experience here and we cannot take away free will. Often times we have found that if we heal someone, then something else will come up until the root of the issue has been gotten to, which could be the feeling of self worth and the feeling that one is really worthy of great finances and really worthy of this healthy body, and the giving and taking and the experience and communication with others. Does this make sense?


Suz: Yes. Thank you. I have to say that a relationship may have been the stem of this whole thing and created in me.


Wynn: Often times something might have started it, but may also may have matched something that was waiting to be matched in you so you have a lesson so you never do it again. Usually we can't be in a relationship unless we attract that person to us so something usually in a person matches the relationship they attract.


We took quite some time on that and I felt it was very important and I also feel that this is an issue that many of us go through on some level in our own way and Suzie was willing to talk about it publicly. Let's take a moment before we go on to our next question to send Suzie herself some love and light energy and healing.


Ra'An: We honor you Suzie and we send you great love and great healing energy and listen to this tape and hear the energy coming across on the tape recording.


Wynn: Ok, next question. We have more questions than we are going to finish tonight so we will defer then to next week.

This is a question from a lady by the name of Mata. I have been following your website for sometime and want to know why it is very much Euro-centric and no mention is made of other parts of the world concerning 2012 ascension etc. Is it because the spiritual growth in the western hemisphere is not in line with the rest of humanity?

This is me talking. If people come on line and they are listening to us in other parts of the world and they submit questions they pull our attention into those areas. The majority of people that are listening to us are English speaking people and Europeans and some Australians and Canadians but that does not mean we are not interested in the rest of the world, it's just that we can only impact and influence people when they listen. So even one or two people listening somewhere will cause us to start directing questions and attention to that area, because you who are listening are part of the anchor points in that area and to make this work, at least as I see it, is far more effective that just talking of humanity as a whole because you can make a difference in that area. Now this is me talking, not them talking but now I will turn this over and let them answer.


Ra'An: Yes. We assume that Euro-centric means the United States and Europe. We have noted that on the times for the conference calls and the channelings it is a time that is more easily available to individuals in the United States and in Europe and South America and it is the middle of the night in some Asian countries. We send love-light to anyone at this time from Taiwan to Okinawa to China, who sometimes listen to these calls, and we welcome anyone from the Orient as the individuals in the Orient are also impacted by the changes that are going on in the earth plane in it's connections with the stars at this time as the alignment is coming between earth and the solar system and the Hunab-Ku as the earth and the solar system moves into a direct line with the flat portion of the spinning galaxy and it's soul is more in tune and we use that word very clearly, and in tune with the stars that are more in line, and the center of the Hunab-Ku; the center of the galaxy which is more in line with earth. This brings an intensity and a frequency increase to all individuals whether they are from the US, Europe or Asia or any parts or any part of the world, particularly the Tibetan Monks can feel this energy practically stinging within their heads and bodies. Those are our comments.


Wynn: Thank you. If I had my way I would have people translating this into ten different languages. But it takes co-creation on people's parts to make this important and it's not easy to make this important. Even Jewish people speaking people who find it important have a hard time sharing it with other people.


This is a really good question from Temperance. When we actually move ourselves to a higher vibratory time line then we are in control not the negative. She believes that when that happens we are in control and negative attacks stop because one's frequency is too high. It's like you disappear from the negative's sight or their radar. Keeping one's high integrity causes the negative not to be able to get through. The high intention rides up and over the negative. Being free from negative attacks is a matter of raising intention, establishing high integrity and maintaining that frequency and results in being free from negativity.


Now, that is Temperance's hypothesis, and she asks, can you comment on parallel time lines? which is probably a big comment, but as it relates to her comments and also comment on the accuracy of her own perceptions.


Ra'An: We could have not said it better ourselves. You are entirely correct. Integrity when it is capped, cuts out very very much of negativity, as when one begins to fail in integrity, then they move into a different frequency, they do not feel as worthy and they open themselves up in that area for others who are not in integrity to move into one's sphere. In the very highest frequencies there is not duality as it can no longer exist, and so when you get to the very high frequency you leave negativity behind. It cannot maintain itself as it is all directional in love and the service to self love frequency is uni-directional, it is directed to self and so it begins to fail in many directions. One can rise to the upper levels of frequency beyond duality and leave all negativity behind so you are very correct in your statement. Would you repeat the last part of the question?


Wynn: The last part of the question was where she asked about the comment about parallel time lines.


Ra'An: When one rides at a frequency that is not in the earth frequency, because there is a spectrum within the earth frequency that is of visible light one can see and sound vibrations one can hear, the sense one can feel, the touch, but as one moves in frequency higher one leaves these senses behind and moves into harmonics at higher frequencies where they move into whole new worlds of inner actions of bodies, of activities that are going on at the same time. Actually everything is going on at the same time, however they are parallel in their progression. Those are our comments.


Wynn: I want to make my own comment here. That is, for those of you who want to access those higher time lines, one way to do it is to just keep coming into our calls and reading our materials because those energies of those time lines are attached to all the things we are doing, plus the wisdom and the guidance to look at the lower aspects and process them. So it is a free service we are offering for you to take advantage of if it works for you. Often times if you start a process of listening to these calls, at first you may find resistance, like I don't want to do this or some other attitude inside yourself that keeps you away and this has been my experience and I've gone through this at other times in my life when I've done spiritual work on myself, that kind of resistance and I would say there is a part of one, although you might say this in your conscious mind, it's not true, which is still attached to what has been familiar to you; familiar ways of being in 3D and the part of you that is attached resists, because that part of you which would have to transform itself in order to hold the space of the higher realms. So it takes a high intention and a little will power to see that process and understand it and push yourself towards those things that will help you in spite of the resistance. I will let them comment on that and then we'll close for tonight.


Ra'An: When one keeps going against all odds and keeps, you might call it faith, and a positive outlook and doesn't allow one's own self to fall despite mind chatter which is saying the opposite, which says when one gets a good goal in mind all of a sudden the opposite goal comes in strong and one eventually gets tired and might say, I can't keep going and bucking all this mind chatter. The mind chatter might be coming from one's own mind, it might be coming from attachments one is carrying, it might be coming from the outside, from picking up thoughts from the consensus reality. But when one sets one's course and keeps on going towards the goal, then they will eventually break through and find the answers and the future will appear and they will be able to break through and move forward and move out of the dead zone that has been holding them back. We love each and every one of you and we appreciate your questions so much, Mata and Suzie and Jefferey and others who have asked these questions.

We are honored. Adonai


Wynn:Thank you all for being here and supporting us.