Many thanks to Suzanne Hayes for transcribing 


Transcription of Ra'An-July 28,2010



Welcome everybody. This is Wednesday, July 28th and my name is Wynn Free. We are doing our call tonight where people submit questions and we ask them of our sources, live in front of you. We are always as fascinated and intrigued by the answers that we get as you are, or I hope you are, because we are talking to the sources which identify themselves as group souls who are oversouls for our planet and they say they were responsible for the creation of this realm and they have a very interesting perspective on who we are, who they are, and how it all fits together. On our Wednesday call, people send us questions and I try to pick the most interesting questions and occasionally a question from someone who is going through a really challenging period and maybe the answer to that question might help them to get through it. Terry Brown in my associate in this adventure.


We have some really interesting questions tonight. I am going to make a comment on those people who are asking about 4th dimension, and when we first started asking questions through Daphne there was a lot of talk about the separation of souls and many people going to 4D and many people being what was called 'cycle repeaters' and there was talk about ascension, that people would disappear from this realm and end up in another realm, or maybe the realm would disappear and you would stay where you were and the other realm just came in front of you. Recently in asking questions about those topics, they were saying that most people were not going to qualify for that experience. Here is what was said, in order to qualify for ascension all your chakras have to be open and in order to graduate from this realm your heart chakra had to open slightly more than half. So many more people will qualify to graduate then will qualify to ascend, according to our most recent conversations which will mean you will have to die a natural death, or some kind of death. That you will continue and be reborn into this next dimension. Also, it's been said, that it's not so simple that you are either are a cycle repeater or you graduate. In more accurate terms, at least according to our more recent information, that many people will go to different places, it's not like you just go to 4D or get moved to another planet. There are other possibilities and some people would go higher than 4D. Our energies exist inter-dimensionally, so part of us right now, is already in 4D. Part of us is in 5D, some of us, and part of us is in 6D, depending on who you are. Not everyone is in all those things but there are people spread out in a spectrum and that apparently, if you leave this realm and you have established your energy to be very strongly in 5D then you will have a choice to go to 5D, which does not mean you will go there.


In studying this material many of you have volunteered to be in this realm that were were in a higher dimension and you didn't have to be here, and then you got here and you end up suffering, because you thought it was going to be easy, but it's not easy here. It's not easy to come from a higher consciousness and be on earth because first of all you have to figure out that's true and you're not crazy because when you come from a really higher realm and you end up on earth, you can feel crazy, you can feel out of it, you can feel separated from everything and then you have to figure out how to bridge that higher dimension that you came from into your life on earth. Otherwise you could end up compromising, and even though you came from a higher realm you have spent your whole life in a lower realm and your consciousness has been in a lower realm and you could end up not going back to 5D, I believe. We are going to ask our sources some of these questions for clarification tonight, and see what the current view is on this particular topic. If you have been tracking our calls this is a rather important thing, and however we are making here on earth, and for some people it's tough and for some people they are blessed to be in a position to be able to own their highest mission while being in this realm, but nonetheless, wherever you are, earth is overwhelming being in this realm, and yet if our information is correct if we are going to either graduate or repeat this realm, and if you repeat it we are going to go for millions of years, or hundreds of thousands of years, or twenty-five thousand years, into a cycle repeating zone where you are going to repeat 3D in a place they say is going to be very difficult.


We will now call in the light.


(Wynn calls in the light)


I will leave a space for our sources to introduce themselves.


Ra'An: We greet you in the love-light of the One Infinite Creator. It is or joy to be with you this Wednesday, July 28th, 2010. We make connection with Terry and Wynn in Los Angeles and with each and every one of you on the line. We are delighted to be with you and to share this time and space with you in the 3rddimension. Do you have questions?


Wynn: Yes we do. We have had two or three questions tonight concerning graduating this realm into 4th dimension. People want to know the current explanation or the understanding for the idea of graduation, where you end up. If you could give an overview explanation.


Ra'An: We would prefer one question at a time. The first question has been put forth about moving into a graduation. A person graduates when he or she is ready to move on out of the 3rd dimension and is ready to give up certain black areas; dark areas, unmoving stuck areas where there is no energy within his being and to move into the light more. When one still has things to learn in the 3rd dimension and has these areas within their matrix that they need to fill in and were they were to move into the 4th dimension without having those things completed and filled in within their matrix and the availability to that area of their matrix within them, they will be pulled back into the 3rd dimension, this is a mechanical thing. Do you have further questions in this area?


Wynn: Yes. Will we have to be reborn to a new world or will we just step across from where we are and if so, will our bodies be renewed of all imperfections on arrival. What age will it be. Will we age there or will we stay forever youthful?


Ra'An: Let us answer the first part of this question. Let us answer this first by saying that the soul has travel rights when they know the codes and the keys and are able to move from dimension to dimension. It's much like having a pass on a bus. They can move into another dimension without a body and can again look around and can manifest more directly through their astral body and can shape-shift their astral body back in their more pleasing aspect of their concept of their astral body so if a person is old and moves into the 4th dimension and then can reshape into the twenty year old when they were in very good shape but it is through their astral body that this memory takes hold and they can move among others with this astral body and then get clothed in a more solid body. However there are for those who wish to go through the rebirth process and to again have a childhood and to choose parents much like one does in 3D.

Do you have further questions in this area?


Wynn: Yes. How will our lives be there and will it be like peace in paradise?


Ra'An: You are the creator of the life. You are the master of the life. There are two ways this answer gets divided. If you bring guilt and shame to the realm, you will pull yourself back into the 3rd dimension to work again through it further, however in the 4th dimension, things are seen more easily, there is more clairvoyance, there is more telepathic ability to communicate so one is not able to hide their secrets. In the 4th dimension this can also kick them back into a new life in the 3rddimension, the other thing is that some of the 4th dimension people there are not displaying their guilt and they are putting their whole attention on service to self and in that body they may be like a super con man in the 4th dimension and it can get them some lifetimes in the 4th dimension, however should they begin to go into the 5th and 6th dimension their whole facade will fail and they cannot maintain that.


Wynn: Thank you. When you enter 4 D, let's suppose you enter 4 D and you do through your astral and you do create a body and you end up in the new world, what will it be like? Will it be like the century we are in now, or will it be different. Will there be evolution in that world?


Ra'An: It is more like a world of the 18th century. If one would walk around, one would see women in lovely dresses, although sometimes people could be displayed as from the future with hair that is pulled back or spiked and short dresses and there is not the judgment on the different dresses as those who dress in this manner or from a different realm and they are very entertaining and very intelligent and it is looked up as favor when one of those intermixes with one's group there.

There are fields of grass and winds that blow. It is very much like an 18th century earth with some modifications from the future where there are transportation systems that are not known of in this earth, wherein one sometimes has an opportunity to be teleported from place to place and things are very harmonious. There is a mixture of technology with the essence of communication of an individual where an individual may put his hand on a globe in his transportation vehicle and think himself and his belongs that he has on his transportation vehicle. He may think himself into the sky and into the other city. It is a mixture of an individual's own talents when they give up their body and one can think himself into another location instantaneously faster than the speed of light. It is a technology which has not been discovered yet on earth. The creativity, the talents, the abilities of a spirit with technology to help an individual to transport and to achieve a life. It would be like somebody coming in from the year 0 to the year 2010 and seeing all these things that are practically unbelievable like people talking on cell phones and getting through to each other, there is a lot of wonder. The difference between the 3rd density world and the 4th density world, the one's we are thinking of would have the ability to mix the human or the soul abilities such as teleportation or telepathy, to mix it with the materials which have the ability to take on the data from one's own mind and then to translate it into movement. There are certain other technologies that restrict the airways so people don't have accidents and crash into each other by thinking the same thoughts or thinking their vehicle in the same space. But it is a complex technology wherein an individual would get into his vehicle and be able to be one in some sense with his vehicle and be able to steer it by a thought and advanced GPS systems. That is our answer.


Wynn: Thank you. Another question which comes to my mind is, let's suppose one is able to translate between worlds in the way you described, when you arrive in this new world, there are beings there already. Where do you arrive to and to ask the dumb question, are you suddenly sitting in someone's living room? Are you walking across their lawn and they say, hey, come on in, you are one of the new ones. How does that work?


Ra'An: You would go to a receiving, manifesting station. As we were mentioning they have control or GPS over the airways. There are guidance systems that would guide you into a certain receiving area where individuals are equipped to work with and receive individuals and to greet and orient them.


Wynn: Another question is. It is my understanding that while we are here in 3D our energies can expand into 4D, 5D, 6D simultaneously. If that is the case, is that true, number one, and if that's the case, and number two, if our energies are in 4D can the beings in 4D see our energies even though we can't see them?


Ra'An: If an individual in 3D, becomes liquid enough so they may not have this specific form and rigidity and can move into manifest reality in the 4th dimension then they can be seen by individuals in the 4th dimension, much as sometimes individuals in the 4th dimension when they move into 3rd dimension may be seen briefly by some individuals who are more aware or have more vision ability in the 3rd density. So an individual from the 4th density if they were to receive a visit from someone in the 3rd density, they could see that person. There have been some instances of individuals in the 4th density seeing individuals come from the 3rddensity and being struck, surprised, at differences in rigidity as the individuals in the 3rd density tend to be more rigid.


Wynn: Thank you.

Now I would just assume, that what we are talking about, this 4 D world exists right now as we are talking about it and there are beings and life going on there while we are here. It's a higher level of earth.


Ra'An: It has a different spectrum range.


Wynn: But is it part of the spectrum range of earth. Some people call it Tara, am I correct in that?


Ra'An: It is a spectrum as if you transposed a song into a different key. It does not interfere with earth.


Wynn: Does what we do on earth affect that spectrum?


Ra'An: Anything that we do in the 3rd density when it creates discordance such as nuclear explosions these discordance can affect the 4th dimension also.


Wynn: Thank you.

I know Gary is here from Encinitis and he's been asking about his ear. Gary, would you un-mute yourself and give us updates. Some months ago Gary was on the line and an interesting thing that happened because he had ringing in his ear; tinnitus and they started working on his ear while he was on the line and something shifted slightly but they couldn't continue to work on the ear because they said there was a lesion and it had to heal gradually. Gary are you on the line?


Gary: Hello. I can hear you.


Wynn: What would you like to ask about that?


Gary: Well at the time they did something like psychic surgery on me and they said that in about three or four months it would heal and I am still having the ringing and the buzzing but it has changed a lot and I was wondering if there is anything I can do personally to the healing of it?


Ra'An: Is the level lower than it was previously?


Gary: Yes, the level slightly shifted and there was a little pain in the ear and then it shifted but it seems to have come back to the original level.


Ra'An: Thank you. Give us a moment. We see that the bones within the ear are slightly off which is causing the buzzing, however, we project that at this time, we cannot further reduce the bone that is oscillating and to reduce this further would affect your healing. What is needed is the stabilization of that bone, instead of psychic surgery on it.


Wynn: I know Gary is thinking how can he stabilize the bone? There is a homeopathic remedy that is called Quietius that you may check out. It is a homeopathic remedy for tendinitis.


Wynn: Thank you. Next question.

We have a gentlemen on the line, his name is Jeff Christian and he has this feeling that he is able to speak to the Elohim or be a channel for the Elohim. I don't know what led him to that but he is very attuned to the calls and I don't know if he is getting messages already, and I could have him say something but let me have you make a comment on that before we do anything else.


Ra'An: Yes, we welcome you. We are familiar with you. There are a number of people who have access to speak with us and you are one of them. Another one is Steve Rothar who brings through our our group and he calls it The Group. We do not always go by this same name as we are seen and heard by a number of people in a number of countries, members of different religions and we have different names and we do not care, we only care the name, we care about the connection.


Wynn: You know that one of the things that happen in 3D is that two people say they are talking to the same source that have the same name, they can get competitive with each other so by using different names assures that doesn't occur. If anyone is interested, Steve Rothar in Las Vegas, and a couple of years ago Terry and I were interviewed by an associate of his on his monthly television show and Terry was in the audience and Terry can up and was on stage also. So those are on YouTube if you look up Steve Rothar and Wynn Free and that was about three years ago. There was no channeling on that show they were just talking to us and they were just talking to us. We just told the story.

Thank you so much and I am sure Jeff appreciates that very much.


Ra'An: We have one other thing to say. Within the Elohim there are different energy that are collected together and we have different jobs within the group and some of us are translators and some of us are working with members and some of us are working with creating models for bodies for focusing life. We have individuals within the Elohim that are very directive specific that would they speak without the translator no one would understand and many of them are geniuses and very extraordinarily adept in working with numbers. There are some individuals who speak with the Elohim or other names for us are working with different aspects of our group and so this is another reason for different names within the same group.


Wynn: Thank you

Now somebody sent a really interesting question in today and the reason it is interesting is that I looked up this very book last night on the internet and I looked it up for an unusual reason. Some of you may have heard of Dan Milman who wrote The Way of The Peaceful Warrior. Dan Milman had a teacher in Berkeley named Socrates who worked at the local gas station who worked on the midnight shift. This is supposedly a true story and it came to my awareness that somebody said this that my teacher in Philadelphia, was Socrates, the same Socrates who taught Dan Milman.


Ra'An: We have heard the question and the question concerning Michael Bookbinder and his book concerning numerology or somebody's book concerning numerology who studied with Michael Bookbinder who is known as Socrates. Some of the information has been lost as it has come through as Michael Bookbinder has a direct connection with some of the Elohim realms and has made a unique and helpful beneficial study of numerology and much of the material in the book is helpful and is correct although not all, so take it with a grain of salt. Also with numerology, many people get so they totally rely on that and it becomes a belief system and it rules them like the tail wagging the dog. We suggest one maintain their own sensor so they would not be affected by changes within numerology in their own name or their moods so they can become senior to that and so someone can become too reliant on numerology and if they maintain their own sensor they would not be. That is our answer.


Wynn: Thank you. We have one more question.

This comes from a lady in New Zealand. She asked what is the holy spirit that Christianity refers to.


Ra'An: We try to think of the exact way to say this. This is a very loving spirit. It is a group of individuals that worked in the time of Jesus and before and after. They are within the Ra Group and they are a dissolver of karma and a giver of forgiveness and a harmonizing influence for the betterment of mankind and individuals on the earth plane. When one asks for the holy spirit, they may experience spiritual peace, and they may experience help and assistance and calmness and they may experience alleviation when they ask for forgiveness of their guilt and they may be helped tremendously by this group of spirits working together. It is more than a group of spirits working together. We find it difficult to express in words how magnificent and miraculous the works of this group are as they indeed a special sacred group. We even hesitate to call them a group. In this zone one may find their own soul and be forgiven and again achieve their worthiness and it works with all of mankind and is available to all of mankind and has the ability to be present when one intends or asks for their presence. We do not do it justice in how magnificence it is in our description.


Wynn: Can we evoke them right now. Are they coming in because we are asking about them?


Ra'An: Yes, they are. When you ask then they are there. So I would like to ask them on behalf of this group and for the people of earth for your presence right at this moment to bless everyone who listens to this tape, listens to this audio, everyone on this line, to take a moment of silence.


Ra'An Yes it is sacred silence full of love and a sacred moment of their presence.


Wynn: If you have something to be forgiveness this would be a good time to put it forward.

Ok, I would like to thank the lady from New Zealand who brought that up and asked that question. She also had a personal question, and I am going to ask her to rephrase her question and send it to me again and we will ask it next week. Although this is not a grid healing our planet is going through so many shifts right now I would like to ask for the light to be sent to the Middle East for peace. Iran and Iraq and all the countries which are in potential hostilities there. I would like to send the light to the Gulf for whatever can be done for the oil crisis for healing and for the mitigation of winds that could cause the oil to go inland.


Ra'An: Concerning the oil we ask anyone who wishes, to contribute to picture at odd times, when they have a minute, just picture the Gulf as being crystalline clear and the perfect sanctuary for the sea life and the marshes to be clear and the winds to gently blow over the area without the smell of oil. We also take a picture that the methane be gently dissipated


and be clear within that cauldron underneath the floor of the Gulf of Mexico. We ask for harmonization between the natural resources in that area which has been interfered with by man.


Wynn: Thank you. We take a moment just to hold the energy on that.


Ok, I thank everybody for participating tonight. I thank all of you who is listening on the replay line and I thank Terry who has been so dedication to this work and I thank our sources for honoring us with their presence and having such a free flow of communication from their realm to our realm.