Many thanks to Suzanne Hayes for transcribing.


Transcription for August 4th, 2010 Wednesday Call

                        with The Ra'An


Hi everybody, this is Wynn Free, and this is Wednesday, August 4th, 2010, and this is our evening to do a question and answer session with our source that explains itself to be two group souls that exists in another dimension that are able to speak through my dear close friend Terry Brown and answer our questions about things that are hard for a human to figure out. I say this with a preamble, that the goal here on these calls is not to to understand answers to questions, that is a side effect. The real goal, at least as I see it, and of course everyone can have their own individual goals, and people will get different things out of it, is to learn how to tune into the energy of the higher realms, which is on the call. One of the things about this, is when you first hear this, tuning into the energy of the higher realms, it sounds a little bit like science fiction, it sounds a little distant but I would venture to say that everyone on this call many many people have had moments of connecting with the higher realms and never recognized it because it is subtle, it's not like it hits you over the head.

Terry are you there? Are you ready?


Terry: Yes


(Wynn calls in the light)


Ra'An: We greet you in the love-light of the One Infinite Creator. We are delighted to be with you this August 4th 2010, if you are in the time zone that has not changed yet to a future day. We connect and offer connection to each and every person on the line and each and every person who listens to the call at any time or reads the transcript. All is based upon vibration and different variations and interconnection of vibrations and it helps manifest movement and is the basis upon which lives and future lives are written and is the basis upon which the Akashic of history is written. Do you have questions?


Wynn: Yes we do. This is a question that I remembered and it is a very good question. We have often heard you say that all time happens right now and that time is an illusion so that life can be experienced, and if that is true, the person asks the question, is the future totally predictable, the idea being that everything in the future is here now, is everything preordained since it is here now?


Ra'An: That is a very good question and sometimes individuals go back and forth as many things can be predicted in the future, however, in manifest reality, the conditions come together and bring the events into being in the future, which then at that time is the present, so an event will become more and more, hanging there, to be manifested in the future, which then at that time becomes present, however your power point is now; is the current minute, and from this that you can make changes. You can make a new different manifest reality and this gets into how everything was created, in that it was brought together by all of the factors until it manifested. We think of an example that can perhaps indicate how a future can be changed. This was an event that occurred for the channeling instrument in Portland, Oregon, wherein she managed a boarding house. All of the elements of the area, all of the elements making up the conditions and events at the time, began to head towards a strong possibility of a fire within the boarding house. As the events began to come closer, and began to have all the elements present for a fire to occur, this was projected into the environment and future step, the fire that was bleeding into the current present. The visions became very strong within the channeling instrument that the whole basement was on fire and the individuals who were staying in the basement were trapped in the basement. The channeling instrument then went down to the basement and discovered there were bottles of turpentine, cans of turpentine stacked halfway around the furnace; at a distance of approximately one or two feet from the furnace and approximately three feet high. When the channeling instrument removed the turpentine to a safe location from the furnace, then the whole hologram that was beginning to take more and more shape, dissolved, and all of the visions and all of the pictures went away. So here we have an instance of a future predictable event that would have occurred, would there have been no change in the trajectory towards the event of the fire, however the taking away of the turpentine, then totally dissolved the hologram and all of the visions went away there was no fire. So it is that individuals can get premonitions of events coming in the future.

One such potential event is when Wynn's sister was ill and the illness was predicted three months beforehand. We were able to predict that there would be a problem with his sister's health based upon the situation at the time and this situation was then able to be corrected. You do have control over your future based upon how holograms are created; how reality is created, however, you do that the ability to predict the future, as it would continue if there were no change in the elements of the hologram. A change in the elements making up the hologram will change the hologram.


Wynn: Thank you.

I would like to comments about my sister's healing. There was something that I don't mention very often that was given as part of that. When my sister got back from the hospital, as she had a cancer operation and it was successful, but I did not know at that time know for sure that it was an intervention, it could have been coincidence. She was at a rehabilitation home and I started calling her every day saying, this is the cheer up committee and I would start telling her jokes, and she would tell me jokes and she got really happy. It was a few weeks later that her Lupus disappeared and they told me if I hadn't been calling her everyday that they couldn't have done that healing and it was my calling that created an energetic pathway so the healing could occur and I think that is important to mention, because often times people think that they can do anything they want and nothing will shift down here and it's been my experience that it's co-creation, that you have to do something and then they can match the energy. So if you are sitting around saying fix that, do that, I don't think this can happen.

This came up while you were talking that there has always been science fiction movies about people going back in the past and changing something that would change the future and has that ever been done and is that possible? Has anyone gone back into the past and changed energy so that the future shifted?


Ra'An: Everything is now, so that one from now, goes back into the Akashic Record and clears events or traumas within the framework, would they have enough insight and enough power and enough influence to change every aspect connected to a past event then the future would change. The now can change.


Wynn: So if it was something that affected the collective would our total collective memory change?


Ra'An: That is a Catch-22 because you would have to change the collective memory to change the whole or the outcome, and to change the collective memory would be to violate free will, as individuals hold on to their memory. Happiness is one word to describe that. It is something solid to hold onto. They ground to it, they affix their beliefs by it, so one would have to change a lot to be able to change a future, however as it has been said, ten men can change the future of the city as by those ten men, ideally connecting with the higher sources and then the higher sources connecting in a collective with those ten men, and bleeding through to the consensus reality, consensus reality of all can begin to change.


Wynn: Thank you.

There are many paths and many religions on our planet and many people use those religions as a pathway back to God. Some of them are successful and some of them get caught in the trappings of the religion and miss that final destination but nonetheless, it doesn't serve a positive purpose to go through and take inventory of all these different religions, both positive and negative and take away from people what is working for them. Another thing is, I find myself in a rather controversial position doing these calls and communicating to our sources in such a public way. One of the reason I say, don't believe who they say they are and don't believe this just blindly, that is because that preserves your free will and allows you to build your connection with this based on the strength of the vibrations that you feel and the wisdom that is offered, rather than coming on and saying here is the God of the old testament and would you clarify this or clarify that. If I actually took that approach I would probably stop doing these calls publicly because I would make so much controversy because I cannot prove this is true, and it's truly not important, because what it does, is it just creates a belief pattern. It creates a hierarchy. Those of you who are on these calls regularly I think have learned that there is a kind of a joy and playfulness to it, not this serious thing of like you are sinning or are going to heaven or hell and the more you move into the playfulness, the more you are going to heaven; the more your energy is lifted which is the criteria.

The specifics of those answers about the old testament are not important and if you are dwelling on them, you are in your mind not in your heart. What is important is taking the wisdom that allows you to go through changes and shifts; feeling the vibrations and learning to trust these energies and allow the process of your own self to go through this evolution vibrationally, not the answers to specific questions. Carla Ruckert said, to ask questions that are true ten thousand years from now as they are now, and those questions cannot bring in negative energy. Whey you start to ask specific questions about this and that then you are making yourself an authority and which authority are you supposed to believe? This authority here, the authority of the Koran, the authority of the Bible? All these things are authoritys and this is not creating a new authority here, this is creating a dialogue and an interchange with these intelligences that say they are the Elohim and that you have to come to that conclusion yourself by the application of your own discernment based on the strength of what is produced, not by some claim. That being said, that's my take on this and I just wanted to clarify that people do ask those questions often times, and in general I have asked some of those questions and I am not as rigid as Carla Ruckert, because I do ask certain questions about what's going to happen on the East Coast and what's going to happen with the weather and things that could be of value to people. Maybe because we ask the questions and maybe because we bring attention to it we begin to change consciousness so things that might have happened, might not happen.

In general, in the Bible for example, it's my experience that when you start with the idea of a lot of heavy duty things started with channeling; with voices that spoke to people. When a voice speaks to you, how do you know who it is? How do you know it's the Elohim? How do you know because they say it's the Elohim, it's the Elohim? How do you know it's not an imposter? You know, in the Bible there were many different periods when people had voices talking to them and it's my take on this, that they were not all the same voice. So if you think just because a voice talks to you that it's God and then you write a book saying that over hundreds of years God is talking, I don't believe that is true because how do people validate that the voice that spoke to this prophet is the same voice that spoke to that prophet and the one that spoke to the next prophet? Now the interesting thing about David Wilcock and Edgar Cayce is they made a prediction through Edgar Cayce that he would return in 1998, live in Virginia Beach and may be a liberator of the world. Now as I observe how this works, this is me speaking, they started talking to David Wilcock and David didn't know who was talking to him, and they asked him to move to Virginia Beach and so in December of 1997 David was in Virginia Beach. From their point of view, I don't think they know that somebody is going to listen to them, they hope they can create a point; they hope that they can create a continuity that will create attention to this but since there is free will on all entities, then they can't say what David is going to, they can't say how he is going to do it and whether David is going to listen but David did and moved to Virginia Beach.

So the Bible has many prophecies in Revelation. It has cryptic things, it has the four horsemen of the apocalypse, it has things that many people are saying are coming about. I am going to formulate the question, after all this preamble, who actually gave the prophecies in Revelation and how locked in stone are they?


Ra'An: Thank you for your preamble and thank you for your comments. We could not have said it better ourselves. All comes from the One; The All That Is, and as a prophet or religious leader tunes into it, they then filter it through the time they live in and the social complex they live in, and it is necessary to do that, because the individuals are within that social complex and need that in order to be able to identify with it and have it relevant to them, so there are differences, based upon the geography, the social complex of the people, the time wherein the information was brought it, and it filters back to the One and often though the Elohim may be speaking and be interpreted through the religious leader that is bringing through the information. Also the individuals own history and traverse through the galaxies and the dimensions; the densities bring to bare his own awareness and how he is able to bring the material through with either more clarity or slanted to the light at a certain time. So you ask if the prophecies are true and will come about.

There are certain events that occur based upon earth's and the solar system's and the sun's travels through the galaxy and when the traverse gets into a certain position within the galaxy there are more dense rays that move through the solar system and affect the solar system and it happens at certain periods through history. This history is embedded within the solar system; within the planets and we are moving into a time, within the 3rd density, of increased pressure from outside circumstances, that is outside the solar system and the solar system moves more in alignment with one of the arms of the galaxy, therefore it is hit more directly by the radiant energy and the galactic gravitational energy moving through that particular arm of the galaxy. This then, creates more opportunity for change of the earth tectonics which has become settled and then are being brought to life more by this more direct energy. The individuals within the human race can profit by this because they are in direct alignment with the center of the galaxy and can become more clairvoyant; more psychic and can make changes within their own framework. They can also become unstuck from patterns they have been holding down with a lot of force can move in an area in their own life that becomes harder for them because the patterns are become loosened up and are trying to harmonize and equalize and bring the person into more equanimity. However, they may experience pain or discomfort as these patterns become more clear and more vivid to them, and would they move through this with harmony to just let this just pass away, pass by them, just stay right in the moment and let each strange thing that may pop into their head just move on and pass and not hold onto it or try to correct it or change it but just stay with it in the present and move through.

Therefore the predictions or apocalyptic are more vivid and they are tied to events like the solar system and the galaxy being in line that are moving through and so there will be more apocalyptic events. Some of the religious leaders have been able to tap into this and get information and bring it through, then these events have a more likelihood of occurring in time in the 3rd density that we are moving through.


Wynn: Thank you.

I am going to ask a very unusual question tonight and I'm going to have an unusual thing I am going to do as part of this and I'm ever going to say I'm going to do this again, so please don't email me and say, do this for me, because I can't do it for everybody. But we are going to try something for one individual who has said he has had a very difficult week. His life is falling apart and his cell phone is off. He has got no job and his phone coverage is expired and he doesn't know how to renew until more finances and he wants to know can help him out of his situation. Now, I found myself in not so different situations when they first started talking to me when I first started with Daphne. It was like, we had no money, I didn't know how to have money. Daphne was going crazy from all of this and at one time I said, and this is in the book, Questions and Answers with the Elohim, why don't you guys help me out with the horse races so that I can bring some money in to support this work. The answer was, that would take you back to patterns of previous lifetimes which would not be good for what you could do this lifetime. So we just struggled and there was no miracle that helped change our finances and truthfully, there still hasn't been any miracle on that. It's like I realized they are not mint and I realized they can create synchronicities if I put myself in the vibrational space to be open to the synchronicities. To be open to a synchronicity, you have to move out of the drama of your circumstance because the drama of your circumstance keeps your energy contracted and synchronicty comes from your energy moving beyond the circumstance into the realms of higher creation where something can occur. When you are in the state of panic or fear or oppression it's really hard to attract the synchronicity that you need to get you out of that. So the key to this is when your life circumstance is falling apart, how do you lift above it to have a synchronicity. This is my take on this. I will turn it over to them for their answer and then I am going to offer an idea.


Ra'An: Thank you very much for your question. We send heartfelt love to the asker of question. You are asking a question as to how to survive and to conduct yourself to give and take services within the 3rd density and it requires other individuals and give and take with other individuals, so communication is a big anchor or a part of the answer; to communicate your circumstances. It may not appear that someone can help, however they may be able to. When you communicate to the right person they may have social gratuities or help in a certain area. A food bank, a social worker, an unemployment office, a social office where one can get fairly quick help to be able to get back on your feet. There is a joke. The joke goes, there was a man sitting upon his chimney and a boat comes along and says get in the boat and he says, no I am waiting for God to help me, and then a helicopter comes and says get on this boat we are extending down and he says no I am waiting for God to help me. God works in mysterious ways but when you are asking for help in the 3rd density in that plane then the help may come from that plane and communication is the way to get your situation heard. Talk to people. If there is an agency to help one get back on their feet, if there is an employment agency that one can register with. That is our answer.


Wynn: I was going to offer an idea and that was, after I send this tape out I am going to put a donation button up where everyone could donate a dollar or whatever they want to this person and forward to them that money and this is like a blessing changes the vibration, just like with my sister, when we did the cheer up committee and that allows the energy to flow so they can do something. It's like putting the tire to the road and saying, you guys can do this and even if it's not a lot of money, it's the energy of it that can maybe make a difference that can change the vibration and even change your vibration because you sent it. Do you guys have any comments about that idea?


Ra'An: That is a wonderful idea. We also for this situation, we recommend that the individual communicate in every way possible. Get it touch with the social workers within his area and if he can get enough money from the donation button to get a bus to go down and talk with an agency that may be able to bring him into a framework until he can get back on his feet and moving.


Wynn: Thank you.

So the last question for tonight and I think we have answered this question in the course of the call but I'll ask it anyway and it is from Joanne who is on the line and it is, how do you lift your vibrations?


Ra'An: There are many ways to lift your vibrations. Starting from the individual's own self and own body, by eating the best nutrition possible, by getting on a nutrition regime. Some of the elements of nutrition that can help can be found by contacting Dr. Marshall's office and we also say this to Gary in Encinitis, for his condition. To bring the whole body into a higher vibration. The number is 310 320 1132 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting              310 320 1132      end_of_the_skype_highlighting. To bring the body in a higher vibration so it does not act like a drain on one who works in harmony with the soul. Another way is to listen to the light body activations that have been completed so far and one can email Wynn to ask their availability to activate the chakras within the body, so the body can be operating and vibrating at it's best frequency. One can listen to the calls can read the books. The Reincarnation of Edgar Cayce, can get the vibration, particularly in part two of the Ra Group. Reading the Questions and Answers with the Elohim one can get the vibration of the Elohim Group, which is a higher vibration than the Ra Group. One can walk in nature and keep the body in good shape by getting some exercise. Sense the trees, the dirt, the mountains and each has it's own particular frequency and now is a very good time to get oneself in resonance as coming through the solar system at this time are high vibrations in connection with the center of the galaxy and one can get in tune with that and also become more psychic.


Wynn: Thank you.

There is a question from Edna. There are so many people who have great things to say and many of them are negative. Seth was a being who spoke to a woman named Jane Roberts thirty years ago and she wrote a number of books from the words of Seth. We had asked questions about Seth before and they said he was an individual high being, who is probably paying attention to us because we are talking about him. He was not part of a group soul and was positive and in the Seth material they referred to The Speakers. Edna asks more about The Speakers. Who are the Speakers, are they living in the United States. Is it possible to know who they are, and again, I am not sure, and they can decide not to answer this. I have been putting this question on hold for some time because it's not my favorite because it asks us to take inventory on somebody else's work and comment and validate it and that is not the best use of these sessions. But since in general my predisposition with Seth is that he was positive and also a few years ago Terry and I had an experience with Seth. I was in the bathroom, reading a Seth book and I came out and made some comment about the book and she said, Seth is here now. Do you want to talk to him? So we had a conversation with a voice that said it was Seth. So on that note I will turn it over to our source for that question.


Ra'An: The Speakers are individuals who are within a larger group such as the Ra Group, has individuals within it that each have free will and there is a consensus reality that they are combined into a certain frequency and the Elohim have individuals within it who make up the Elohim Group. The Elohim do not have bodies and the Ra do not have bodies, although each may come and take a body for a time, however the Elohim, generally that we are, and we are speaking of, do not have bodies, and have not taken bodies and do not wish to take bodies because we do not wish to get distorted in that way. We hold a banner for All That Is in the 3rd density to everyone who wishes to connect with us. In the Elohim Group is the Council of Ahn who are translators and Speakers and within the Ra Group there are individuals who speak when contacted and communicate. That is our answer.


Wynn: I would like to ask the question, that is someone was a Speaker in the way Seth described it, could that person be a Speaker on this planet and not even know it? Seth calls people Speakers who are on the planet somewhere. It seems like you are saying that those were members of the Ra Group in this realm who are holding a certain energy. Could it be they don't know who they are, they help people around them, they have wisdom, but they don't know they have had a special designation from Seth.


Ra'An: That is correct. We were speaking of Speakers within the Elohim or the Ra Group. When one of these Speakers is incarnated into the earth plane then he continues to be a Speaker as one keeps their nature as they move through lifetime after lifetime whether they are in the manifest realm or if they are in the other side in a higher dimension, they keep their nature from lifetime to lifetime. A Speaker may lose their memory when he or she moves into the earth realm and may then as is his or her nature continue to be a spokeman but may have forgotten where he/she is from and conscious awareness of the mission, however within their heart and soul they know their mission and they keep on their mission of being the spokesman though they do not remember where they came from.


Wynn: So the idea of looking for one would be kind of ridiculous because the chances are that they do not know that they are that in many cases.


Ra'An: It is an unusual individual, although it is not unheard of, who remembers who they are and where they have come from.


Wynn: Thank you. So there are people listening to this call that can fit into that category if it fits, you can consider it. The thing about it is, that as soon as you think you are a Speaker then your ego gets involved and you become self aggrandizing and you can blow it. So in the innocence of not knowing it you can do a better job than knowing it. That's my conjecture anyway.


Ra'An: The nature of the individual carries with him whether he remembers it or not.


Wynn: Thank you.

Alright, on that note we are going to close this session for tonight. We have gone a long time but it was really really interesting. I think we covered some interesting points. I hope some of you can take these things and change your life. I hope we can see some of you on our Sunday grid healing which is the most powerful call in terms of feeling the energies of the higher realms. If you are not feeling it yet keep coming back because it's here and I know sometimes it takes months and suddenly someone says, wow, I got it.

Watch for the email to make a donation to Jeff so he can get his cell phone going. So thank you to our sources for being here. Thank you to Terry for being so dedicated to bring these messages through. Thank you to all of you who are helping to hold the energies and helping me to grow and be more confident. Have a wonderful rest of the day and thank you all of you who are listening on the replay line.