Thanks to Suzanne Hays for transcribing

              Ra'An/Wednesday, August 11, 2010



Today is August 11th and this is Wynn Free. Here are some of the ground rules about how this works. Our sources do not want to take your power away. When you ask a question that says, tell me what to do, be an authority, you essentially in your question are saying, take my power. If some source answers that kind of question and tells you what to do, it may be positive in the sense that it may be good advice, but in general it is probably a lower source, a negative source. When you phrase your question, ask them in a way that does not require them to take your power when they give the answer. Like for example, if the question was, should I love Mary or should I love Joan? Who do you recommend. That would not be a good question. But a good question would be how do I figure out which woman is better for me since I seem to have two women who like me. Do you see the little difference? In one case you are asking them how to make a decision and in the first case you are asking them to make your decision.


When people ask specific questions, they think there is something they can do to propel them into some enlightened experience but it actually is not a fast process, it could be fast, but there is a flow to it and the flow is first of all accepting exactly where you are right now and being in that space of where you are but also to see the vision of where you could be and not be frustrated because you are not where you could be. On that note, are you ready Terry?


Terry: Yes


Wynn: We are getting more questions than we can answer. Some of the questions that are more mental and after hundreds of discussions with these guys, I probably know the answer and I may try to answer those to preserve Terry. What you don't realize that when we do a channeling session, Terry is sleeps for a day. This is not like an hour session and she is back functional again and we do three of these calls a week so she is asleep a lot. The reason for that is that it's not just a voice talking through her, she is becoming one with the question, with you, with the group and she has to process it, and if she did it all the time she would lose herself. So that is the reason why I may answer some questions so I can preserve Terry a little bit. If I do answer a question and I am really off they can make a comment or correction but lately every time I make those comments they usually say I was right on, or they couldn't have said it better themselves so I will take advantage of that ability to do that. So now we are going to call in the light.


(Wynn calls in the light)


We will now let them identify themselves and we will ask our questions for this evening.


Ra'An: We greet you in the love light of the One Infinite Creator. This is Ra'An. It is August the 11th, 2010 and we are delighted to be with each and every one of you. We take a minute and make connection with each and every one. We also make connections with each and every one of you who will listen later time or read the transcript. This means of communication; the energy signature of the group who we are, which is a combination of part of the Elohim and part of the Ra. Ra has a lower energy, a lower frequency. The Elohim has a higher frequency and together we span a great range of frequency and vibration. We do this to be able to bring you better information to make a better connection. We also connect with the earth, which is even a lower frequency. We touch and are available to each and every person who comes in contact with our information and we are delighted that each and every one of you are on the line or listening at this time. Do you have questions?


Wynn: Yes, we have quite a few questions for tonight. One that I will start with is one I didn't do last week and that is from Gary in Encinitis and he asked about his cat. He believes he learns a lot from his cat and his cat is teaching him and he has a question: when we die and go into other realms what happens to us and our energy with our cat, Gary's in particular and animals in particular.


Ra'An: Thank you for your question. Your cat has a beautiful resonant frequency and we experience your cat as a shining entity and your cat senses us, but does not know where we are coming from but likes the attention. When an animal passes over the other side, it is very much like a human passing over and the individual can come back in another incarnation and the animal can also come back and again experience companionship with the same owner. As it is with humans when they are in the company with one another they get used to their signature frequencies and go through experiences together of learning and getting more used to moving in and out of the physical realm without identifying with the matter involved in the material universe. Animals can be a very good support and can be very caring and give support and love to the owner; their companion.


Wynn: Thank you. Now this is a real interesting question from Suzie Ensign. I understand in the spirit world we want to elevate ourselves to the highest spiritual plane. But since we do not remember the spirit world when in our human bodies, and there are a lot of beautiful things about being alive. For example, I love the sensation of breathing; to breathe in the smell of oxygen produced being in a large group of trees. The smell of rain or dirt, new mowed lawn, the sensation of touch and the taste of wonderful food. I love to be in bed and be lazy and sleep. I love cool breezes. I love life in joy, minus the hassles and hardships and the question is: In the other realm,as a spirit outside of the physical body, can we at some stage, manifest and recreate any experience we want to? Can we recreate the beautiful sensations of being in a body? If we missed out on experiences like being able to get in touch with the depth of love and the enjoyment of thorough enjoyment of loving our baby and wish we could do it over. What is being in spirit like? What adventures and abilities can we have and can we have them with the ones we love?


Ra'An: When one can combine the spirit senses with the earth senses and does not hold on to matter as if one is consisting only of matter but can experience the earthly experiences; the breeze, the chill, the touch, the taste, the closeness, the love, the interactions. When one does not hold onto that, but moves into that and through it and on to other experiences and then can move into the spirit realm, on has the best of of all worlds. The individual in the spirit realm such as we are in the Elohim we have senses also. We can see and we can smell and we can touch and we can experience what it can be like in manifest reality and we do not need to stay. We can move in and move out of experiences. When one is fully in the other realm and can sense and be with other entities such as ourselves then one can communicate by a whole new means; by telepathy. Some individuals in the earthly realm can communicate by telepathy and many individuals can communicate by telepathy more than they think it is possible in that they, when they are so communicating think it is their own thought but it may not be. When one can partake of the spirit world; the higher forces world, they can expand their range of experience and they do not need to experience such sadness at the passing of the physical as they have shelter within their own spiritual countenance, which does not pass away.



Wynn: Thank you. Our headline question for today was Einstein a wanderer and if so, where was his previous origination?


Ra'An: There are three questions within this one question. Was Einstein a wanderer. Einstein with his mind and intellect could grab onto a problem and carry in long into the night and day after day as he pursued the shreds of information which could bring great theories together. He was a searcher; a seeker within his own countenance to understand and to vivify and to set down in writing what he had grasped in his travels in the past and in other realms. He was for a time, a part of the Elohim and so his great genius for putting together the puzzles of mathematics and physics and operation of matter. He was from the other side as all individuals are really a part and parcel of spirituality and he moved through the earthly realm with one foot on the other side to bring through information of how things worked mathematically.


Wynn: Thank you so much. I have a question here. It is sent by a lady in Turkey whose friend Hilda is the best healer in the country spiritually and physically. Hilda and her friend are following our calls together and from the age of seven she have been getting messages from the higher realms and the information she is getting is similar to the information we are getting. She has lots of problem with her material possessions and money. She was going through the Akashic Records to try to change her present conditions and nothing seems to happen. She has long harbored the belief that spirituality and wealth should not go along together.

This is Wynn making a comment here. One of the reasons why people who are spiritual have the belief they should not have money is because they have an unconscious belief perhaps from other lifetimes that when they had money they abused power so by not having it they won't have that chance. I know there are many people who don't know how to resolve it except to be so dedicated to spirit that it doesn't matter whether you have money or not and then you can have it. How is it that she can help everyone heath-wise and be in dire straits herself in weath-wise. She cannot see the sort energy which is blocking her and when she tries to change the matrix, something blocks her and she cannot tap into the darkness and bring the light in. What can she do to switch this partern?


Ra'An: We are familiar with Hilda and we feel openness within the fear, the attention wherein Hilda works with other individuals and brings health vibrations to others. There is the closing down or darkness in connection with the area of money as there were lifetimes before concerning wealth. There has been a turning away from wealth; from money as if this would adversely affect the healing. There is such a beautiful openness in the area of healing and in the area of money there is a pushing away of the idea of money. This attitude is brought in by Hilda so that she may remain totally pure and open in the healing ranges and not to be polluted in the area of wealth. In the area of wealth there is and can be, as one looks around, and they see individuals with money and they see that many of these individuals use money as a crutch; as a means of control as a black magic means of superiority, as a means of staking one down on claim of worth and Hilda sees that these are all false reliance upon material things. Hilda desires the purity of working without money, however, this makes a hardship within Hilda's life. Hilda we love you and we thank you for your question and see your striving to work through this and to remain pure and we honor that.


Wynn: Thank you.

In my own experience. We do a lot of things for free. I am working day and not there are a lot of things I don't charge for and one of the reasons I do that is not because I don't need money but as soon as there is an exchange of money it is so easy for obligation and obligation stops the flow of energy; the flow of grace. When you people reach back and make donations it is free and clear and there is no obligation, it's given out of your gratitude. It is not that we never charge for things because we do. We are in the physical realm and we need roofs over us and we need physical food but in this particular type of work it is very easy for money to damage it; to make obligation for someone. Every day when I get up and just ask what do I do today. I don't have to answer to anybody. I don't have to answer to investors. I just say what is the highest priority for this planet.


With that we will lead into the question from Zoyie. She says, what are the three most important things that I or someone can do for manifesting spirit on this planet? Just like some of you have contributed small amounts and it has been very well appreciated. I think we are at a place where people can volunteer which is another way of contribution. Volunteering is something you don't do for me, you do it for the planet and for the uplifting for everybody so that the value of this material provides for people and for wanting to reach more people and there are side benefits from that that they can comment on because when you do it from that place you start to raise your matrix and you start to have things happen in terms of higher connections. Another thing you can do is conference people into our calls. On that note I will turn it over to our source for their comments.


Ra'An: Thank you. In your sphere of your daily life, look at the important things to you. What is the most important and who are the most important individuals in your life. Take a moment each morning or each evening of quietness and send loving thoughts to those individuals and also to yourself and take some time with yourself in the evening before you go to sleep to just be with yourself and send yourself love and caring thoughts. Take a look around you at the things within earth, for instance, the Israeli/Iranian situation and send love and light to the individuals of those countries. Also to the area of North and South Korea and send love light to the individuals. As we do this now on the call, the need of the North Koreans; the yearning of the North Koreans for power which they have lost for the desire to become a part of things, which in their isolation they have lost. Particularly send love light to your family. Those are our suggestions.


Wynn: Great. I am going to ask one more question and if our sources will go along, we will ask them to take a moment like we did on Monday and have them work with all of us. This is a health question and I want to point that that if a question is answered for a person, often times that the answer is such that it covers lots of people. The idea of just taking a moment and sending love light to those things you are connected with everyday can change the matrix of things you are associated with more than any physical action you can take, so that's a very good tip.

Now I will ask a general question about the symptoms of those who have Fibromyalgia and Hashimoto's Thyroiditis and this person does not have much energy and wants to work full time and she is wondering what she can do. I know they are going to tell her to call Dr. Marshall. Dr. Marshall is Terry's personal health guru and he has a radio show and he gives advice for free if you get through to him on the radio show. So let our sources answer that and I am sure we'll get Dr. Marshall's phone number. I know this lady doesn't have much money and I think she can afford much but maybe she can.

I turn it over to our sources.


Ra'An: When a person loses the electrical potential in the thyroid and in the other organs of the body and cannot maintain this electrical potential then the organs get tired. There are certain things the individual can do to bring the potential up to where it should be. One of them is the digestion of food. When an individual stops digesting the food and starts getting acid reflex then food is not being digested and is going into the system as a detriment and the individual is not getting the proper nutrition and begins to starve and this is true with many older individuals. They are truly starving to death to the point that the men live to a certain age to approximately in the early seventies and the women live to the later seventies. If an individual can begin to digest one's food again then they can add on third to their lifespan. One of the researchers in this area is Dr. Marshall. Dr. Marshall's telephone number of individuals that can help answer questions and give directions to doctors in different parts of the country which can help and they give this information over the telephone and they give the information for free. If they recommend certain nutrients then there would be a cost for the nutrients but the information can come in for free to get a little bit of a baring to what is going on with the individual and how to get the organs working again. There are other ways to increase the voltage potential. Let us give you the number. It is 310 320 1132. This would be a nutritional way to increase the potential of the organs of the body that needed increasing. For instance D3 would be recommended which may not be much money and this individual may be able to afford some D3 which then helps use of minerals in the body as this individual is really short of needed minerals.

There are other means that can help increase the potential of the body such as exercise and when one has trouble moving such as one with fibromyalgia one can start with the imagination or the silent flexing of the muscles that are in the body. Sitting down on a trampoline and generally rocking themselves up and down slightly. We see also that in this individuals there is a paralysis of movement where one part of the body is not moving congruently with another part. These areas can be helped with nutrition. This can also be helped by imagining the body be in balance for as you imagine it then it begins to bring the impulses into the body even if it is starting with the imagination. To remember back to a time of eighteen or even six where the body was operating in a better condition and superimposing that over the body, not forcing the body but just reminding the body by having the impetus there then you may email Wynn with further questions.


Wynn: Thank you so much. Let me ask our source. Would it be ok to doing the kind of connection we did on Monday?


Ra'An: Yes we are already doing it as we do not have a lot of time lag. For us time does not exist unless we bring it into manifestation and come into manifestation more with our pink words as we do not even wish to call them words as it is a diffused pinkness; a very light pink and we bring love light to every individual and we take time to reach out and touch every individual with the love with home. We are honored by this sacred contact and we love each and every one of you and we feel greatest love in the sharing of this moment.


Wynn: Let us to ask in this moment, when we have this moment of connection to ask for healing, support, the overcoming of obstacles inside of you. To repair your field and realize that this is you handling you as the universe is one energy and you are tapping into the higher aspects of yourself at this moment.


Wynn: Ok thank you all for being here tonight and I thank Terry for being here and being so dedicated to this work and I thank our sources for trusting us with this responsibility for bringing this forth on this planet. We will see some of you on Sunday. Remember we are changing our number to a number that can handle more people and I am going to stop this recording and thank all of you who are listening to the replays.