Many thanks to Suzanne Hayes for doing the transcribing.




                             Ra'An- Sept. 1st, 2010


This is Wednesday, September 1st and Wynn Free with our Wednesday night question and answer call.

I was talking about how we hear these tones when someone hangs up and on some level when I hear someone hang up I think oh oh, they didn't like me. Now sometimes when someone hangs up they call back in later, you don't know the reason because people are always checking the call out for the first time. You can't make a snap decision on this call. This is something someone has to check it out for a while to feel the connection, to feel the resonance, to find out if they are comfortable with it and the ideas we bring forth, but nonetheless, I learned a while back that it's very important to be detached from if other people approved of what I was doing because otherwise if I had the attachment to people approving of it I would be on the call and subconsciously trying to please you, or Terry would be trying to please you. In other words when people ask a certain question even if you are channeling and you're attached to people liking you, you say I'm not going to say that because that person might not like that answer or your energy starts getting pulled into being liked or doing things to make money, equally a pull. Then what happens is you start to lose connection with the most positive and things become of a mixed polarity. So when you start doing something and you are manifesting something in the world, this is something that everyone has to get over, being liked and if you are evaluating someone else notice carefully whether that is part of their personality, liking to be liked, which does not mean that something they are delivering is not valuable but that predisposition leaves more of an opening for a mixed polarity. When one starts doing things from a higher perspective the other stuff becomes more trivial.


Right now we are going to call in the light.

(Wynn calls in the light)


Ra'An: We greet you in the love light of the One Infinite Creator. We are with you this September 1st 2010, and focused particularly for the voice sound through Terry Brown and Wynn Free in Sedona Arizona, and we feel welcomed and welcome everyone on the line and everyone who listens to the transcription and we are so honored and delighted to connect with our brothers and sisters in the earth plane and our energy eyes and our energy faces are smiling at the connection. This is Ra'An; a section of the Elohim and of the Ra Group that are connecting with you. Do you have questions?


Wynn: The first question is: Is the fourth dimensional shift already happening and of course we know the planet is being inundated with energy from the higher realms right now and the person asks. If a someone died tomorrow and their heart chakra was more than half opened, would they reincarnate onto this higher dimensional earth that is spoken of?


Ra'An: The earth is moving toward the fourth dimension. It is moving radiantly as more and more higher frequency energy comes into the plane. The third chakra, the one of expressing power has more of a jagged longer wave form and the fourth dimension has a shorter frequency wave form and as the earth is moved more into alignment with the center of the galaxy it is experiencing the shorter finer and more finely tuned, and providing individuals to be more finely tuned to expressions of love and be bathed in love light from the Hunab Ku as the elements in the galaxy move closer together and are able to bathe the earth and individuals on the earth in the higher frequencies that tend to or move into the higher frequencies of love light. And therefore the answer to the question is yes, the fourth density is moving into the earth plane radiantly and moving individuals into the chance; the opportunity to move with it and take part in the growth of the opening of the heart chakra.


Some individuals are so into the power that they hold dearly fast to this and resist the movement into the higher chakra opening. These individuals have not totally fulfilled their growth within the opening of the power chakra and the expression of power within their life and are seeking more experience in this. As individuals socially withhold expressions of power and expressions of emotions and the synchronistic connection with their surroundings and the individuals in their surroundings then they build up a wall of charge, so to speak, wherein they have not expressed their power and they do not know how. With the higher frequencies moving in jostling their system to get it moving then they may inappropriately express their power in that they have not learned how to fine tune their use of power and to fully express their emotions and fully have a satisfying connection with those around them. This is a growth experience for the majority of people in the earth density at this time as they grasp to stay with the change in frequencies or withdraw from the new frequencies and so many people who are not staying with the frequencies may opt out and die and move into other situations which can help them rest and give them a break while they heal and in the future that they may further continue their lessons.


Wynn: So just for clarity, if someone leaves this realm now and their heart chakra is open they will reincarnate in another realm, yes?


Ra'An: it is up to their choice, their inclination, their intention as they may maintain self direction as they maintain their free will and it depends upon their inclination. A Wanderer may change his direction according to his wandering inclination but the answer in general is yes.


Wynn: Thank you.

Now we are going to go right back from the fourth dimension to microwaves. What are the repercussions of eating food that has been microwaves? Does it impact DNA?


Ra'An: Microwave food is heated by the collision of molecular structures which destroys enzymes and life giving values within the food itself, therefore the individual ingests depleted substances that the body then cannot fully utilize as it is needed for the life giving sustenance of the body. There is an experiment one can do with water by putting it in a microwave and cooling it and then putting in on the plants and taking water that is not microwaved and then putting it on the plants and one can see plants will do better with the non microwave water. The process that the microwaves is that it heats the food and extends tremendous energy in the molecules being rubbed together. The individual is eating more of a dead non life giving food and so this is not recommended for the best health and it is creating in the society less of a chance of the body sustaining itself on the food.


Wynn: Thank you.

So the next question has to do with the idea of a soul mate and I am going to convert this question from Melinda. She asks if there is anyone out there for me and I know a lot of people feel that and that their life is on hold until they find their mate so I am going to convert the question and ask if there such a thing as a soul mate and what would you recommend to somebody who has their life on hold waiting for someone they call their soul mate?


Ra'An: Thank you. This is an interesting question as it is the nature of all beings, anywhere, including us, to wish communication in connection and it is the joy of our life to express love to another individual and that is one reason why we are so delighted to make connection with the third density, with each of you; each and and every individual on the call who reads the transcription or listens to the call we send love light to each and every individual. This is something the human craves for, to be able to give and take this connection of love. Sometimes within the third density the connections get clogged up, in that the individual is not there but when one puts out the thought, the hope, the longing, then wherever that individual is on that frequency they will respond even if they are not in the vicinity, and it may even be more than one individual that will respond. When one is searching, one may tend to feel that they cannot go on without this connection, however when one places oneself on hold, and looks for that particularly, one may limit that connection ability. When one within their own sphere of whatever they are doing hones their skills and makes connection with others within their own sphere of what they are interested in, then they will attract others who are also interested in those areas. When one is on hold, then one is not putting out something that one can connect with and share and work together on, but when one continues with honing their own skills and their application of their skills to their life they make a broader base for the attraction of another individual. We can give an example. This is the example wherein an individual who, doing a certain life, worked very hard in cooking and providing very good meals and that life ended and then in another life, this individual was putting forth efforts towards cooking and providing very good meals and wishing someone was there to share and eventually an individual came into her life that really enjoyed that and so this individual was then able to enjoy the skills she had developed and to bring them to a better fulfillment in this second life. When one puts out the longing and the care and the hope then they do resonate to others who have similar frequencies and although they may not even be in physical connection or verbal connection, synchronicities can bring them together and they can find the fulfillment they are searching for.


Wynn:Also I'll add this to the question. Basically, when you find someone to partner with and love in the physical, you are blending your frequencies and their frequencies and they are filling in some of the space where you frequencies are missing and vice versa. Not that that is not a beautiful experience but is it possible to create enough of a connection with the higher forces so that some of that longing for frequency can be blended with the higher realms and create some degree of connection so the person does not feel so empty?


Ra'An: Yes, the connection with the higher frequencies can even help the flow within their life and help bring the connections to them as the flow of energy within the higher energies can move an individual through realms and opportunities that they do not have by affixing on a lower frequency. When one affixes on the lower frequency they may then bring in someone who is zeroed in on the lower frequency but then is mixing and has gaps in the higher frequency and the relationship may not be as fulfilling.


Wynn: Thank you.

Here is a very good question from Temperance and she has found in some of the news reports that the North Atlantic Current, sometimes called the North Atlantic Drift, and she sent me this as part of a news report, so I will read the news report. This current no longer exists along with the Norway Current. I don't know if that's true but that's what it says in the news report. These two warm water currents are actually part of the same system which has several names depending on where in the North Atlantic it is and the entire system is a key part of the heat regulation system. It's what keeps Ireland and the United Kingdom mostly ice free and the Scandinavian countries from being too cold and it's what keeps the entire world from another ice age. This circulation system is now dead in places and dying in others. The river of warm water that moves through the Atlantic Ocean is called in various places: The South Atlantic Current, The North Brazil Current, The Caribbean Current, The Yucatan Current, The Loop Current in Florida, The Gulf Stream, The North Atlantic Current and the Norway Current. Is this true and if so what is the impact to our planet?


Ra'An: Thank you. We have mentioned in our information is some of the more recent conference calls that this current has been affected by the Gulf oil spill as the heat within the Gulf has increased but has changed the direction of the current. It is being turned back upon itself and is not able to surround Florida and move up the Atlantic Ocean so we have recommended that in your Sunday grid healing and maybe in some of your other calls, like calling in the light within groups, to envision the current again flowing to the north, circling in the Gulf and then moving up around Florida and moving to the north in the Atlantic Ocean. We are speaking slowly as we are just picturing this. When you picture it you do not need to picture how this can be changed back or how it can occur but just how it will come about, just picture it moving crystal clear warm water moving up into the North Atlantic and circling around warming the areas in the north and warming the UK as all is part of the whole and as you picture the current returning to it's normal warmth then this we can also pick up on and we can also project into the earth hologram and all of the fish, all of the sea creatures can also pick up for all of the warmth to come back. We can work with this and this is something you can do in your conference calls. The information in the news is correct and as we are speaking slowly now are operating in the Gulf and in the Atlantic to reestablish this current. The outcome is still at question at this time and the more the individuals broadcast the return to health of this system the more the elements will be able to reestablish this.


Wynn: Thank you

Why do the Elohim use Adonai to sign off. Some say it is a Phoenician word but can you explain what that means?


Ra'An: It is a connection and a hallowed secret connection with All That Is. In some systems it is called God, however we look at it as All That Is, and it is sending love-light and thanks to All That Is for it's contribution to all of us, you in the earth density and us in our non linear groupings and connection.


Wynn: Thank you

We have a question from Gary in Redondo Beach and Gary always asks really big questions. He is deep into trying to understand the universe and so his question is and we have had some answers round about this in the past. It is about the beginning of the beginning and trying to get his mind around how things started. From our understanding the first thing that emanated from nothingness was the Elohim and another question to a question the Elohim described themselves as actually going back and forth between nothingness and somethingness. Then I have read that even human beings flicker on and off. I never asked that question but it would be like a television set or a magazine article and there's a bunch of dots, and when we look at it, it all seems like one picture but really there is a flickering and that our lives are made of a bunch of flickers and in between the solid thing there is nothingness. How does nothingness end up becoming the Elohim? I'll read Gary's question now because that was my comment on it.


They say there was a single consciousness or energy or whatever that decided to get to know itself by dividing into millions and millions of more individuated consciousness but where did that original energy or consciousness arise from? I can't describe it better than that. The words fall short.


Ra'An: Thank you. This is a profound question; a mystical question and a question that even a zen master cannot really wrap his mind around. If we were to put it into some kind of simple terms we would say that All That Is, it started with a longing; a longing for something, a longing for a connection which being totally connected already and being nothing on the other hand was unable to fulfill, and it folded over itself and observed itself and was quite delighted which created a vibration as it was shocked as it touched in a sense itself. Then it sent vibrations off and we are not able to (then) even see in all directions between there wasn't even space because in order to have space you have to have two, three or four to be able to judge distances between.


So there was no space and no time. We, the Elohim, delight ourselves to be able to take refuge in going back to nothing to rest, but we have to gain control over our ability to rest in nothingness and then to reestablish and recreate particles; to put forth non linearly, several viewpoints projecting out in space much as an individual might build a house and do the viewing of the survey with different points coming together and geometrically placing intention housings into nothingness, just anchoring them into a nothing area, creating a something area which is really nothing but a viewpoint that the viewpoint can then be picked up on by another and it is creating actually, doing it. It has created another viewpoint for All That Is to view from. Now when you have this separating out of viewpoints, then the first viewpoint and the second viewpoint can begin to look at each other and create and triangulate other viewpoints and be delighted with their creation. Then something happens, and the second viewpoint can view the first viewpoint and the first viewpoint can say, 'ah, now I exist! because something is confirming that I exist and then the individual can have some fulfillment but it is also is separating in a way from the whole.


We delight in the ability to go back to nothingness and to rest without having to be distorted and misconformed in physical location by the anchoring of viewpoints that then forces us to conform to those viewpoints to be part of it. But we don't have to be part of it, we can say, alright, we don't have to be that, that's not us. We can be nothing, we can be energy forms. We can move in and out and we don't have to be trapped by some energy formation. That's a little bit about it.


Wynn: That was a great answer that I imagine everyone was reeling over. Two questions I have had myself adding to this question is, at one time I read that if you had a hundred monkeys at typewriters imputing data and if you have so many quadrillion of years they would eventually write the encyclopedia. I applied that idea to the time there was nothingness and there was lots of nothingness little things spinning around and if they spun around long enough there was a point where 'click' it came together and suddenly nothingness had an awareness just because of that moment when it all clicked and that once it clicked it could hold onto the togetherness and say I am aware. Now is that analogous to the way it worked?


Ra'An: Awareness can only come about when there is something to be aware of. There is a potential for awareness in All There Is. In order for there to be an awareness there has to be other viewpoints in dimension that one can become aware of. If you have 100 monkeys typing out, just typing we do not anticipate they will type out an encyclopedia even after forever.


Wynn: Well (I'm) wrong again. The idea that consciousness flickers, even going back to the wave/particle theory. Are we a solid, are we a wave, are we a solid are we a wave. Is there a flickering of human consciousness just as the Elohim returns to nothingness and then becomes something. Is there a flickering of consciousness that in between the awareness of being human we are also nothing?


Ra'An: Yes. We are all nothing and much like a movie projector that is projecting frame after frame, in order for something to be projected on the woof and warp of All That Is, there needs to be movement, there needs to be spinningness and as an individual particle spins it moves in a trajectory that is sometimes co-incident and reinforced by another spinning movement in a certain three dimensional geometry and then it moves out of co-incidence with other trajectories and then it moves back into co-incidence and when it is in sync with the intersection of two movements then it is reinforced and creates a little bit of light, which then in moving very very fast and having numerous housings spinning within each other, being in sync and out of sync and in sync and out of sync, when it is in sync then it creates a little bit of light; a little bit of solid matter as one might see it and then it is out of sync and when it is out of sync it blinked off.


Therefore, as matter is created out of nothing but spinningnesses that are in sync and out of sync, then the matter at a very high rate of speed is blinking on and blinking off and blinking on and off. Therefore, much as you take a movie projector with a series of frames or you take a book with a series of pictures which are moving from one situation slightly to another, eventually like a dog running, as cartoons are made, flip the pages, it appears that there is movement going on, so it is the same with the movement that one experiences in the physical universes but it is more complicated in that the housings are a much more complicated geometric nature that make up the matter and this is why when you have movement going on and things are based upon movement, if somebody tries to stop and hold their reality then they can get distortions within their movement. That is why the woman who is stopping everything to look for her soul mate, stops the whole movement and she wants it now and the movement is what will bring the soul mate into their life. As one gets older or more experienced they learn that they are not going to die if they don't get it now. It will come to them in time and it will depend upon their movement and the other person's movement and the synchronicities of the movement to bring it into their life. So when they let it flow they can move into the circumstance their desire more easily.


Wynn: Thank you.

I know that often times I get intuitions to do something and often times I do them and sometimes I don't. I have learned to know that those intuitions, you can't always expect them to pan out. I remember when I met Daphne I was in is Los Angeles and I was thinking of going to the Prophets Conference in Monterey to interview people for this magazine I was writing for. On the surface this was a crazy thing to do. I didn't have much money and I had an old car and the car would break down and I was so close to not going and I went anyway. I walked into that conference and there was Daphne staring at me and all that we are doing now wouldn't be happening if I hadn't gone to the conference. I would never have dreamed the impact going to that conference would end up having on me, on you, and all that we are doing is because I showed up at that conference and met Daphne. That is one of many stories I could give and that's a personal story and I think that's what you mean by movement, is that correct? I didn't go to that looking for someone. I went there for another reason but there was something there that was very important.


Ra'An: Yes that's very important to keep the movement going as the movement will bring you into coincidence for the next action in your life. The more you express yourself and do your own goals the more you will come into contact with others that are doing their own goals that are in coincidence with your goals wherein you can find fulfillment.


Wynn: Thank you.

You know there have been two people who have made requests regarding healing and I'm just going to put them together and then we will close this session. One is from a lady named Leslie whose mother has Alzheimers and how can I help her to move into the next dimension and the other is from somebody in Nigeria named Giboyga Adajuma whose eyes are very bad and wants to be healed. He's done surgery at the Morefield eye hospital which is the best in the world and it's still very bad and without a miracle I may go blind. I don't know about the efficacy of bringing this up on the call and so maybe you can mention the efficacy because I am sure because I am doing this people will all be sending me things. If I think it's beneficial I will do it, but if it's not, I don't want to take up the time. Can you comment?


Ra'An: First of all the lady with the mother with Alzheimers. Your mother is following her own path and you can be there as a support for her. Listen to her and be there to energetically support her. One of the things is to provide as much as possible, good nutrition for your mother and listen to her speak. Sometimes it may be difficult because of the lack of memory, however, she will get your loving concern and care which is the most nourishment for her, which is needed at this time.

For the individual in Nigeria. We see three things. A lack of circulation in the area, two, something genetic from your family, three, a propensity towards this as if you are learning something to do with lack of vision from a past life. We look at those three things and concerning nutrition, the eyes do best and heal best when they have certain substances. One of them is found in tomatoes and we suggest you do some research to find the best nutrition substances for the healing of the eyes and for movement of the blood through the body. The nutrition to nourish the blood so that more blood can go to the eye. We see stuck images from the past and we send grace that these images may move through and we also note that you are fighting hard to heal your eyes and to see well and you have noted that you have a condition and are opposing the condition. We suggest that you let the condition go and just picture your eyes as being healed and your vision clear. We give you an example of David Hawkins who is a healer in the Sedona area who had very bad eyesight. In fact, he was the head of a hospital in New York and he had a number of different illnesses and one day he said to himself, how can I be the head of a hospital when I can't even heal myself and he gave up being the head of a hospital. He came to Sedona and used something called The Sedona Method and he healed himself of all his conditions, except for the eyesight, and one day he was bragging how he had healed himself of all his conditions and someone in the audience said well you haven't healed yourself of all your conditions, you are wearing very thick glasses. He said, whoa, that's right so he took off his glasses and he couldn't see very well. He would keep his glasses off and he had a terrible time seeing, except when he was about to go over a cliff and all of a sudden his eyesight would snapped to 20/20. He could see perfectly and once he got past the danger and then he couldn't see anymore. One day he said to himself, I will just have to accept it, I am never going to see normally and his eyesight right at that point snapped to 20/20 and he could see perfectly and it stayed 20/20. Once he stopped resisting and fighting the condition as it was and accepting it as it was, then it was allowed to change and to heal. So when you fight something in a sense you hold it in place, you hold it there. If you stop fighting it and just let it pass, let it go and just picture your eyes as totally well and then report back after a year or so. Keep your nutrition high and move with the situations and report back. Thank you.


Wynn: Thank you.

On that note we are going to end this session. I want to mention something that is special on the agenda. You will know when I send out the special notice. Carla Ruckert has agreed, in fact she suggested, that we do a session with her and Terry and they'll both channel and meet each other and invite people to listen in and maybe ask questions, we'll figure that as we go. But as of right now it's scheduled for September 11th, Saturday morning at ten o'clock, a week from this Saturday and you'll know it's happening when you get an official email. So just keep paying attention and that ought to be