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Monday - 09/06/2010

Title – Why it is important for a human to be grounded when they start to connect with celestial energies

Source – Ra’an

Channel - ~~#FC3:Terry Brown~~

Introductory Notes by ~~#6FF:Wynn Free~~


Audio Link - [http://dl.dropbox.com/u/3402956/mon_bbscall_2010-09-06.mp3|mon_bbscall_2010-09-06|new]

Transcriber - Connie O'Brien

Editor - ~~#FC3:Terry Brown~~

[Introductory text further down].


Wynn: Are you there, Terry?

Terry: Yes, I am.

Wynn: Are you ready?

Terry: I’m here. Yes.

Wynn: I do this invocation to the light, which sounds a little bit like a prayer. But, I’d never call it that, I’d call it just a very strong intention to create connection with the higher realms. As I do this, as you’re listening, track the words, feel the energies. If you haven’t felt the energy yet, which is already present, you might feel it as we start this.

WYNN CALLS IN THE LIGHT: Father-Mother God, we ask for the presence of the light to surround and protect each person on this line and any negativity be taken to the higher realms and transmuted for the highest good of all concerned. We see ourselves in the flow of energy that radiates from the positive center of the universe, through the galaxies, through the solar system, through the outer energies of the earth, through our bodies, and into the center of the earth. And right now, I’ll invoke a group consciousness coming together while maintaining the sovereign integrity of our individualities. And we invite those sources that are positive, service to others, operating in the Law of One to join with us and create a protected space that only the positive has access to and anything not of that nature must leave now.

Take a moment and shut your eyes and see if you can feel their energy, usually coming through your crown chakra, the top of your head, making connection with you. What you’re feeling is coming from, in physical terms, very far away. It’s coming through a lot of matrices, a lot of energy fields, and it’s coming to connect with you. And, of course, if you’re listening for the first time, you can just listen with your mind, you don’t have to make this connection and they will honor your free will so you have to want the connection before it will occur. We wait for our sources to identify themselves.

RA’AN: We greet you in the love light of the One Infinite Creator. This is the 6th of September, 2010 and we are delighted to be with each and every one of you who are connected to the call or will be connected to the call or read the transcript at a later time. It is our delight and it brings a smile to our energy face. We are in the process now of connecting and touching each and every one who wishes that connection and we do hear your prayers. We want you to know that your prayers are heard. We are of such high frequency, and this is Ra’an, we are of such high frequency that at times you do not see us. It’s like beyond a spectrum, within which you are used to and that is why sometimes you feel that your prayers are not heard but we do sense, feel, know your prayers. Do you have questions?

WYNN: Yes. We want to talk about the idea of being grounded. Could you just maybe explain in your terms how you would describe what it means for a human to be grounded, and why that’s important when they start to connect with celestial energies?

RA’AN: As you reside in the earth density, which is beset with many frequencies, one of them the Schumann Resonance.

You are within the earth plane and if you would at some point, like an astronaut, be propelled to outer space and you were not grounded, then you would then begin to lose muscle mass.

It is the magnetism of earth, the gravity of earth, that grounds you to the earth and it gives you a sense of orientation. If you are located in one area it does not have all of the same frequencies and resonances of another area of a different longitude and latitude and altitude. The texture of the earth for instance in Sedona, Arizona there is much iron in the rock, and the individual, at a subconscious level, then senses this frequency of the iron. It uses it much like a GPS system to orient and to locate itself so that when one might move to another section of the country, they may feel everything is different, like a little bit of disorientation as they seek to get grounded again.

So in grounding oneself, then to connect with our energies, one can tune nonlinearly to very high, high frequencies where we reside, and it is like increasing your broadband spectrum of senses.

WYNN: I was going to say, primarily grounding starts with the earth, and you mention Sedona. I would assume that different areas, some areas are easier to ground to, some are harder, and maybe there’s general areas that are easy, but then there’s areas where an individual, because of their own track might find it easier to ground in a beach city, some people would ground easier in a mountain city, and some people might ground easier in the city-city, a big city. Could you comment on that?

RA’AN: As a person lives his/her life within the earth plane, they bring within themselves, in their DNA, a harmonizer, a disc of memory, as the DNA has ability to magnetize and memorize. When they would be in a certain area that they have been before and have been magnetized to, then they would feel more comfortable and more at home and more grounded.

WYNN: Thank you. So if people are thinking of moving, it’s something that they can ask or figure out where they feel the most grounded. Most people don’t have the option of moving very easily so they have to work with what they have. They’ve built structures, they have jobs, whatever – and all those things, I think, are part of grounding at a secondary level to the earth. Do you want to comment on that, am I correct there?

RA’AN: Yes. Structures such as buildings or mountains or bulky structures of stone have more density, more of a pull, and one can then connect with that in a grounding manner.

WYNN: If you’re on our Sunday grid healing, you know that we always start off with connecting with the earth, and maybe we should finish this call by asking you to take your shoes off and feel the vibration of the earth as it comes through your feet. Become familiar with that, so that wherever you are, you can tap into that and it creates a certain security. Do our sources have anything to say before we say goodbye?

RA’AN: We appreciate you and appreciate each and every person on the line, and the ones that will listen and connect as it is sacred, and it is the beginning of a change when people can become more fulfilled, and can open themselves to miracles in increasing their speed towards their fulfillment. We appreciate it - it brings tears to our energy eyes.

WYNN: Thank you. You know on our Wednesday night conference call, I’m going to share what happened to that gentlemen that we did a collection for who had five kids, and the miracle of synchronicity. I think it was a miracle, it could have just been a coincidence, but it changed his life, we think. So listen in on Wednesday and I’ll share that story. And, we’ll be answering some of your questions

We’re going to say goodbye to everyone; goodbye to everyone listening on the replays. I’m going to stop the recording now and we’ll see you soon.


Wynn: I’d like to welcome you all to Monday night BBS conference call. My name is Wynn Free and we are having a simulcast on the internet and on the telephone line, and for those of you that were waiting for the music which normally introduces our call which is Daphne’s flute playing - because of Labor Day our normal engineer is off, so Don didn’t know where it was. So we are here and wishing everybody a happy Labor Day.

We have a few people on our conference call line – we have Gijs (pronounced Heise) (Gijs is greeting people, Wynn is also greeting people.)

Wynn: You know, what we do on these calls, or what we think we do, or what our sources say we do – is really extraordinary. Even if I tell you, it’s not something you should believe until you check it out and get your own experience. When you listen to these replays, particularly of our Sunday call, our sources continue to pay attention to the replays--if you miss the real one.

One of the things that’s hard for somebody in the western world initially to open up to the idea, is that when they hear things they think it’s happening in the brain, in the intellect, in their mental understanding. But, on our calls, judging from the responses we get, this is what you could call a multidimensional call – it happens on a lot of different dimensions, and it’s one thing to hear that with your mind and another thing to start sensing your energy in all these other dimensions while you’re on the call. To open up this call, I’m going to have a little discussion of the real significance of what is taking place.

Wynn: Julie, you’re one of those people that listens to these calls, and you feel the energy on them, I think - yes?

Julie: Yeah, I very strongly do and I was brought at the Conscious Life Expo to your booth, and I didn’t know why I was buying your book or anything, but I had to get it and I had to read it. And, I was on the line and it was the day that you just skipped straight to doing the energy, the people didn’t come in with their little bits and pieces what they want to put in the light. It was incredible; I felt the energies very strongly immediately, and have thanked God for it ever since. I am very lucky also to have a connection frequently during my day with them. I’ve had so much help from these good energies, I call them. Not only that, but a miraculous and life saving experience.

March 8th at 6:00 p.m. I was very very sick and I begged Wynn to help me. He said he wasn’t doing a healing, but if I did such and such and so and so, I don’t remember exactly what he said, that it might work. And they did save my life, actually.

Wynn: What did you do? I gotta remember that!

Julie: You said something like if you visualize the energy, the light in your head. I was lying down in agony and I managed to do an effort of pushing, seeing the light through my .. I didn’t have to do much, and they actually took me out of my body for an hour. The reason I know that is because the next thing I heard was “Okay, it’s 7:00 p.m., and the call is over” and my pain was gone and prior to that I was in agony.

Wynn: I get emails like that from people, and you know I take no credit for this. If I give myself credit, the credit I will give myself is for showing up, –laughing- which is huge, because anyone that knows me knows that I don’t actually like commitments, I don’t like appointments, I like to play it as it goes. So showing up for these calls has been an act worthy to give me some kudos for. Then saying, “Okay whenever I show up, we’ll see what happens.” The interesting thing is, I started to realize that if I showed up and Terry showed up, or Terry didn’t have to be here to bring the energy in, but if I showed up, they would show up. All I had to was show up and they would show up. I didn’t have to do anything. I didn’t have to create any effort, except the intent to show up, and they’d be there. How do I know they’re there?

Like you guys, I’m like another dumb human, maybe slightly less dumb than a lot of people, but still dumb because I don’t know how this works. When you get a group soul talking to you, if you get the idea – I’m showing up and they show up and then people in my life that have had this ability to channel, start channeling. They weren’t doing it necessarily beforehand, and they do it when I’m around although I’m not a channel.

I say that I’ve learned this through what I call ‘reverse engineering,’ because I keep watching it and I say “Okay this is how it’s working.” So the way that I have come to understand it is that I can hold the space, the energy, of the higher realms in my physical body. You know what, there’s a lot of people listening to this that have that ability also, or get close to it. I didn’t know that I could do this until Daphne started channeling, and I said “Why is this happening to me?” Then Terry started channeling, so (on) these calls, I’m holding the space and we have communications from these guys.

I learn things by careful observation; I really don’t talk about things and say “the Elohim said this or Ra said this” usually. I don’t usually do that, because if they just told me stuff, I don’t think I’d believe them just because they told me. I would consider it. In fact, when they told me things that I didn’t validate directly, I pondered it for a long time, and tested it and cross- referenced it to see if it could be true. Only then did I talk about it. What I realize is that this is true for everyone, and it’s how humans grow. This is a very important point. It’s just a new way this week of explaining something. It has to do with what I was calling “calibration points.”

Each of us has an energy, or a hologram, connected to our physical body, and that energy has the ability to expand or contract. It’s always changing, if you walk down the street and you’re the least bit sensitive, you’re going to respond to the vibrations of the street, you’re going to respond to the vibrations of the people you meet, you’re going to respond to the vibrations of the person if you answer the phone, you’re going to respond to everything. So, to a certain degree, your energy hologram is in a constant state of motion, or optimally it would be good if that were so. For many of us, that may not be so. It could be but it’s not, and one of the reasons that it’s not is because you’ve fixed yourself in your mind and you’ve fixed yourself and you’ve set yourself according to many, many past patterns. So wherever you go, instead of responding to energies, you’re holding a rigid structure inside of yourself and you don’t even know it because you have lived within that structure your entire life, and that’s what it feels like to be you.

I really understand this, because when I was younger I had that kind of a structure. And I was not responsive to things. I would walk around in my own rigidity, of my energy, of my structure, my belief systems. You’re not wrong if you’re in that space. I was in that space. Lots of people have been in that space. But, the key to this is if you can look at yourself and identify yourself as being in that space, and you have that kind of rigidity, then the first step is: consider the possibility that you could move through it. Read about that, read about people that went through that and how they went through it and how they got to be more sensitive to their real self and not this rigid overlay. One of the things that people can do is if they start to consider that they have that rigid overlay, that rigidity, they can start to judge themselves and make themselves wrong, and “I’m no good, I’m rigid,” and that is exactly the wrong approach. The first step is to be very compassionate with yourself.

You are a product of all your past lifetimes; you are a product of your parents and their rigidity – “The sins of the parents are visited upon the children.” I wouldn’t call it ‘sins’, but the energy pattern of the parents, the belief patterns of the parents, when you’re growing up, are almost like they’re imprinting you. They’re cloning you into their energy patterns. As you’re growing, if your parents happen to have a great deal of this kind of rigidity that I’m talking about, then you’re going to have it also. You might ask - why did you pick those parents? Because, you needed to overcome this very pattern and you picked the parents that would put it on you so you could overcome it. How do you overcome it? I’m rigid all the time. I can’t be fluid. When I’m around people I’m stiff. I’m always trying to look good. I want them to see me and I hope no one sees this part of me. I got to disguise it and I gotta have this good public image. You know, you’re successfully just reinforcing that pattern, and you never deal with it.

For some of you, this is resonating, you’re saying “Yes, that’s me” and for others of you … for example, Julie who just said her experience. I don’t believe Julie was locked into that kind of rigidity. She came into this lifetime with a lot of openness, but it was like waiting to be like turning on the switch. When she started coming into our calls, and I’m sure she’s had other experiences before that, it’s like she already was tuned into energy and she could tune in very quickly to the energy of the call. And there’s other people like that.

Some people come into the calls over and over and over and over again and six months later they send me an email and say “Wynn, I got it! I felt it! I know what you mean.” I would say if you’re one of those that feels that rigidity, first of all don’t judge yourself. Second of all, keep coming into our calls and be patient with yourself, because there’s a lot of assistance on this call. There’s a lot of connection with those energies that are outside of this realm, and they actually, as far as I can tell from my observations, they have a great deal of … desire. They understand the process of human evolution, and they are an energy, just like your wife is an energy, just like the person at the gas station is an energy - except, they don’t have bodies.

One of the goals of this call is to create a reference point so you can feel the energy of something, an intelligence, that has intention and that they explain themselves to be a group soul of millions of group souls that can team together and act as one, and they are available on this call, because we’ve learned how to work it. This means they can move into your space, they can project from where they are and move into your space, and you can feel that energy. This is something you have to test yourself, over and over again. Because it sounds whacko – either it sounds like “whacko” or it sounds like a religion which it’s not, or it’s real. It’s not real for you (unless it is,) even if it’s real for me, even if it’s real for Julie, or other people on this call – it only becomes real for you when it does. So, when you listen to these calls and you hear people talking about those kinds of experiences, if you’re not having that experience you can either do two things – you can say we’re a bunch of whackos, which is okay and go look somewhere else in your life for something; or you can have faith and faith says, “These guys don’t sound like whackos, they sound like fairly intelligent, real people. So maybe there’s something I’m missing.” Keep hanging in, and see if you can get it. It’s not normal what we’re doing, and they tell me it’s a rather rare opportunity to be able to be a conduit for these energies as well as talk to them. Terry who is my dear, close associate, love and she’s able to be a voice for them. So while you are experiencing the energy that I’m claiming to be coming from way up there, the intelligence of that energy can communicate with us.

Part of what we’re doing is we’re learning how to recalibrate ourselves, because when you’re experiencing energy like that, that energy is you, but it’s an aspect of you that you have forgotten; that you have dissociated from that in this realm. There’s a veil. Most people are dissociated from that energy because of the veil. One of the things people wonder is: “Why is it that way? Why are we disassociated in this realm?” Part of it’s not your fault. Part of it is that there are powerful energetic influences that want you to be dissociated from that, and that if you’re watching television or reading the newspapers, following the consensus - you’re going to fall under the spell of those influences and you are reinforcing this program that keeps you rigid, that keeps you in that small space where you feel isolated and alone. If you want to be break out of that space, you need to create the intention to do so.

The moment you create that intention, you start a process and before you create the intention, you have to consider that it’s possible. Part of this call is for certain people letting them know that all our evidence says that it’s possible. Then, the technique is to create the intention. The intention has to be strong, because you’re breaking through patterns that are very ancient, very old.

In “Questions and Answers with the Elohim,” which is the online book that I wrote with Terry’s channelings, they talk about gross repeating patterns, gross repeating patterns. When they were saying that, they were talking more about planetary evolution where planetary populations get to a certain place in their evolution, and then it all falls apart. The world explodes, and they destroy themselves, and then all those beings on those planets are energy forms, sometimes they’re not in good shape, and these group souls maneuver and move these energies from one place to another so they can continue their path.

Some of us are old souls that have gone through a lot of these gross repeating patterns, even on other planets, in other star systems, and here we are on Earth again. On a smaller level, humans go through the same gross repeating patterns. We come back lifetime after lifetime after lifetime after lifetime and we carry our little computer that programs our DNA and we have different histories, but we’re repeating the patterns, sometimes hundreds of lifetimes in a row. You would think that people wouldn’t do that. You would think “Well, uh - didn’t I learn something last life?” Maybe. Sometimes people devolve, they go backwards. Why would you devolve? I’ll give you an example of devolving.

Somebody comes through that’s really got a very big energy pattern, they also have a nature of their sexual expression, and then they find some babe that is their perfect thing of their sexual expression, but that person is nowhere near able to hold the energy of what we would call the more expanded person. So they will go into that expression; and they don’t know what they’re doing, it feels good, and before you know it, they have to match the energy of the person that they’re involved with, that they’re having a relationship with because that person can’t expand to their level, but they can contract to the level of the person. And they’re going to go through their whole life in that level of contraction and when they die, and they reincarnate the chance is they’re still going to hold that level of contraction for a while until they meet somebody that can expand them. That’s one way that maybe you can intuitively grasp how easy it is to devolve in this realm. Because every time you’re here, you have no idea what’s going on, it’s like no matter what you did in the past, until you get triggered by someone who holds the higher matrix…

That’ what happened with Daphne and myself, it’s like it happened with David and myself. There were different distinct periods in my life when I met people that triggered something and it took me totally out of whatever matrix I was in, and it took me years to integrate it to say “Hey, I think that’s real” because initially it seemed crazy! To some of you are listening, this might sound crazy. The circumstances are that the more you study the experiences I’ve had in the last ten years, if you really look at them, you have to ask yourself “How can these things happen for someone if in fact they’re not real?”

Somebody sent me a channeling recently, and in this channeling – for me this is a key for figuring out things that are from a lower level or even negative that are trying to control you – on the surface it sounded a little bit like what we do. If I was like that person on the other side that was channeling, I would be saying – I’m going to make up a name because I don’t want to say the channeling – “This is ‘Mooshkash’ and I come in the name of Jesus and Metatron and all the angelic hierarchies, and I am here because we’re going to deliver your planet …” They went on and on about all their credentials, and I said “Maybe that’s true, but what are they doing?” They are establishing their authority within a hierarchical structure, and they are tempting me to give up my power to them because they’re coming in such a hierarchical structure that, man, I better listen to them, because if they’re connected to Jesus and Mother Mary and the ascended masters, and all of this. Now I’m not saying they’re not, but I certainly am not ready to lay down my own authority, which is what they’re asking me. They say, “We are going to save you. We are monitoring the earth. Nothing bad can happen,” and so yes, that’d be nice and maybe it’s true, but, I can’t validate it.

If you notice on these calls, we stand on the authenticity of the vibrations you feel, we stand on the wisdom that comes through our sources. We don’t stand on any kind of hierarchy or that I am here because I’m under someone else’s authority. In fact, my sources don’t ask me to be under their authority, they say it’s a co-creative relationship, and all of you listening, no matter how many times you come here, we always start from zero. We don’t start with “Here is Wynn and he’s channeling the creator of this realm, etc.” If I had that in my mind, I couldn’t show up so much. I always show up because I’m just another guy in a body in this realm and yes, I’ve learned to do some extraordinary things, and yes there are people benefitting but I’m not doing it. I’m just like a guy that has a big erector set and is learning how to put things together, and say “Oh my God, that works” and “If I do that, this works” … and you guys are part of the experience. We’re experiencing it together. Many of you that have been watching these calls for a period of time, see the shift, see the changes, and see your own shifts and changes because of the energies on the call.

Oftentimes we talk about all this celestial stuff and grounding has to do with the connection to your physical body and your connection to the earth. It’s a very important part of completing your hologram. We’re going to talk about what that means with our sources.