Thanks to Suzanne Hayes for transcribing.


Transcription of Answers from Ra'An, Sept. 8th, 2010




This is Wynn Free and this is Wednesday, September 8. This is our phone call where you all have submitted questions and we are going to ask them to our Sources on the line tonight. Thank you all who are on the line right now, supporting this and thank you to everyone who listening on the replay.

One thing I wanted to share is about Jeff, who is the fellow who has five children and couldn't pay his phone bill and his electricity was being shut off and we did a collection. I put a button up on Pay Pay, and people donated money and you know it took me a while to think about doing that because every time I do something I am afraid I'm setting an example, so thank all of you who didn't ask me to please do that for me also. We don't even support ourselves with the work we are doing but it certainly helps the donations and little things that people purchase immensely. But I did it for that fellow because I think I had an inner calling and I read his emails and there was something that reached to me. We actually collected six hundred dollars and he took a hundred dollars of the six hundred and got a reading from Terry. I know he has been paying attention to our work and he is having epiphanies; realizations. A few days ago he sent me an email and he said he couldn't believe it, I put in this application for a pharmacy a month ago and they just called me and now Jeff has a job; a good job as a pharmacist. Did we do that? You never can tell if you did something or not but my own feeling is the way things work when you are really depressed your radio transmitter is not working. You are not broadcasting into the universe and suddenly you start broadcasting and that means you are sending a signal up above the veil, above the energy, you have lifted your enthusiasm, your attitude is straightened out even though the circumstances are difficult. You start broadcasting and suddenly someone thinks of you.


I had an experience today where I phoned someone and no one answered and 20 seconds later they called me and I know it wasn't an accident. I know that they were tuning into me intuitively and I'm sure some of you have had that experience. The key for people who are going through intense feelings of depression to somehow break through and lift yourself above it. Of course he had to have gone and knocked on the door of that drugstore and planted his energy there and then months later it was like a seed that grew and they called him. I don't know what's going to happen but as of a couple of days ago they told him with certainty he had the job. I share this story because it is the kind of experience that we all want for ourselves and I think that's the process that happens.


On that note we are going to call in the light.


(Wynn calls in the light)


Ra'An: We greet you and touch with our radiant energy, each and every individual on this line and to each and every individual who will listen or read the transcripts later. This is September 8th 2010 and we are delighted to be with you and make this connection. It brings tears to our energy eyes to be able to connect with individuals such as yourself in the 3rd density as it is very difficult in the most dense area to make contact and let people know that their prayers are being heard and that there is this connection here and we are available to help you and assist. We hear you and sense your longing and what you are asking for and what you wish. When it is for the highest good then we can assist you. Do you have questions?


Wynn: Yes. Our first question has to do with something called mystery schools of Egypt. Some people might not have ever heard that name mystery schools but I believe it is commonly used to describe people who met in secret to discuss and learn spiritual things. There is some indication that the Ra lineage was connected with mystery schools and there also might be negative mystery schools. The question is, was there a particular time that mystery schools were existing in Egypt and what did people learn who attended these mystery schools and how did the priests become priests?


Ra'An: Three questions we have here. The information was brought out of Atlantis and it was kept quiet and secret so the individuals in the masses would not get hold of it and create a revolution, in that the priests were privy to the information but they did not want

the masses to have access to information what would set them free and give them powers and take the ranking to themselves. The priests became priests in their entrance into a life within Egypt as a child and the ones that showed promise and inclination towards the priesthood were taken in by the princes and given education and grounding and the ones that had special abilities and charm which enabled them to work with people were particularly chosen out of the others. The top ones were moved into the mystery schools that they could further their knowledge and use it. However, individuals who were chosen needed to be of a disposition that they would not upset the apple cart and keep the order of society and would use the power for the furtherance of the priesthood and the flow of information from individual to individual in a secret manner.


Wynn: Thank you. So were these mystery schools like a flow of what we call the negative elite today. Are the secret societies of today derivative of what we are calling these mystery schools?


Ra'An: The elite today still has information which is passed on. The information in Egypt was closer and more pure than that today. The individuals within the priesthood that were privy to this information gained powers; how to connect with the higher frequency so they could further their goals and it was so distorted. Their goals were to further their careers and pocketbooks and their control over the people of Egypt.


Wynn: Thank you. The person who asking this question is Edna and she asks if she spent time in these mystery schools?


Ra'An: There was more than on lifetime in Egypt and there was this desire and this knowledge of wishing to get into the mystery school based upon the fact that during a previous lifetime you had been in the mystery school and had been a teacher within the mystery school and you wished to get back into the fold and in the lifetime that you were in the mystery school you gained much satisfying knowledge of how things work and it has remained a burning desire within your own path of seeking which dated back before Egypt wherein Atlantis you were working in a Temple with crystals and blessing and creating the flow of the munificent work upon the people, which means great works of benefit to the greater amount of people, and the moving of free energy in and out of your own sphere and the knowledge of how to interlock, interweave and inter-flow with the great energies of the universe.


Wynn: Thank you.

Is the work we're doing on this line similar to the mystery school work only we are not doing it in secret?


Ra'An: We are touching upon areas that were taught within the mystery school and we are making it available in general to people who would open their hearts to it and wish to know it and accept it and wish to connect and wish to get closer to their home universe.


Wynn: Thank you very much.

We have a follow up question from Dave in Ohio who asked about astral projection and the question is: How I get over the fear of astral projection? I answered from my own consciousness and said if you have fear maybe it's not something you should do. I don't want to bias the channel so maybe I shouldn't say anything but is astral projection something to attain to and if one has fear regarding it, is the fear something to be overcome or a signal that it's not the smartest thing to do?


Ra'An: Astral projection is a process of life itself and it is something that one, once they have moved into the 3rd density and had a few lives have had experience with and if the individual has had or connects it up with experiences that were difficult experiences or if they have a fear of the unknown then they can have hesitancy about doing it. There is a tie to the body in this case and it has the tendency to leave and we remind all who are wishing to astral travel that when one astral travels from their body they keep a tether on their body, and one can observe what a tether is when one is out walking in a mall or on sidewalks where there are a number of people walking next to each other and if one attempts to walk in between them or move in a way that separates the two individuals walking next to each other, one can observe the tether. It is the very strong connection between two individuals; a bonding between two individuals, a connection and when one walks between two individuals who are walking down the sidewalk and they are closely connection they do not wish to have that tether broken and will avoid having that tether broken to keep one from walking in between as the magnetism between the two individuals is very strong. When one is afraid, but yet wishes to astral travel then one can relax and can simply observe their feelings about astral traveling and see more about the fear. What is it that one is afraid of? Does one have an earlier experience where one has left and not been able to get back as in a near death experience with trauma wherein one left and very much wanted to get back and could not make the body operate again and they are afraid of a similar circumstance happening. Do not push yourself. Just be gentle with yourself and do not move against the fear, just observe. Be kind to yourself and do not push yourself as experiences will happen in time as one truly desires and longs for them and also ask for more knowledge and the sense of how to astral travel and not to be afraid of the astral traveling. Be confident as one moves out of their body, confident in their own control, confident in their own ability to get back, confidence in what they are doing. Aim for confidence even if it is not for astral traveling but just connecting with your body, feeling your body, sending love to your body and making a good connection with your body.


Wynn: Thank you.

I have been following your website for some time and want to know why it is very much euro-centric and no mention is made of other parts of the words concerning 2012 and ascension issues. Is this that spiritual growth in the western hemisphere is not in line with the rest of humanity. I don't know where this person is from. It says Netta.


Ra'An: We are aware of the whole world and individuals within the whole world. We have been asked in the connection with this group and individuals within the western hemisphere to come in and work with them and we also have individuals within this group who are in England and Turkey and Holland and Taiwan. There is a time difference within where the orient at the time of many of the calls it is in the middle of the night and it is hard for them to tune in, although we do have people on occasion tuning in from China and Okinawa and other areas in the orient. We do have people tuning in us from Australia, so all areas of the world are moving into a higher energy; moving into new fields that are coming into direct alignment with the Hunab Ku which is the center of the galaxy and all individuals are affected by that. In the West there is a connection within the groups and there is a consensus. In Asia and China there is more, at this time, a movement in bringing forth of material objects and the bettering of the living conditions of individuals which then acts as a consensus in that group, however all individuals are affected by this shift.


Wynn: Thank you.

Could we expect the people of Tibet to understand this shift? They are supposed to be an advanced spiritual area. Are they having people there who are bringing forth the kind of spiritual information we are gaining access to?


Ra'An: Yes. There is much information in Tibet. It has become harder to practice and express the information that the Tibetans have in the take over of China and many of the Tibetan masters have reincarnated in the western world.


Wynn: Thank you.

In the Reincarnation of Edgar Cayce there was a statement from the Ra Group as expressed through David Wilcock and it said: Use your breath to send packets of your own vital energy to us in the higher realms and you can symbolically visualize this as exiting yourself through the crown chakra at the top of your head. When we have received this vibration we can transform it into a much more viable source and send it back down to you as living information.

Now my comment is that, that is something that we do every Sunday in our grid healing and many people experience that and my question is, if someone is using this as a visualization, how should they visualize the in-breath and how should they visualize the out-breath?


Ra'An: This is more than a visualization. This is an actually a physical exercise in which one is using the breath to track the energies and to put forth the energies moving upwards to the crown chakra and then envisioning it moving higher and it is clearing and opening the psychic pathways that we may then come down within the crown chakar and connect to the individuals.


Wynn: Now does that same technique work for both the Ra Group and the Elohim Group?


Ra'An: It works for the Ra Group in that they are lower frequencies than the Elohim. The Elohim, we move in and this gives an advantage towards a connection with our group also as it clears the psychic pathways and not only the Ra Group but the Elohim, we can move in and touch and be present for the individual more easily.


Wynn: The question I wanted to ask is can service to self negative groups use this same pathway and generate that experience, I assume they can use the same pathway but can they generate that experience or are they not able to?


Ra'An: When one is negative and when one is DC, direct current, when one is not alternating and not connecting and moving back and forth one tends to get stuck and cannot really move into the higher frequencies. One tends to stay in the lower frequencies where there are more hooks or more magnetic dense waves that they can control and move with.


Wynn: So I would say that they could not do that. Is this true?


Ra'An: This is a hard question for us as then we then attempt to envision the negative as we have no trouble with it, we can then view a negative but we would say that a negative person would have great trouble with it but we do not totally discount it as if one is so negative that they are totally disconnected from their own self and their own path that they might skid over the top of things and be able to get into areas because of skidding over the top and because of lack of ethics and thinking more deeply about things and their effects, they may be able to come in and influence people through these pathways if they have developed this more charming but charlatan aspect.


Wynn: I am trying to make a guideline for discernment because there are people who stand up before people and have techniques and spiritual vocabulary and it can be hard to tell the difference. If someone is in the presence of someone who is displaying this kind of energy what can they use as a rule of thumb to decide if something was really a connection to the high spiritual realms or if they were being deceived.


Ra'An: One if they can move and keep in their own center and then compare resonances with what they see and ethical and correct in compared to what is being sent to them. Is there give and take? Are they allowed free will? Does the charm overcome and suffocate them and is there an unethical aspect that they can begin to pick up in the charm? Is there responsibility taken by the other party? Does the other party, the negative party, take responsibility in areas where they have made mistakes to correct their mistakes? How does the other person act? It is like a building without a foundation to see a negative person. They have not properly build their foundation of grounding and connection and they may be attempting to railroad the energy of others to help they bypass the necessity of building their own grounding.


Wynn: Thank you.

In this question I am going to say the person's name which is John Crick because he wants to understand something about his own experience. He is sixty-two years old and he goes out of his body and meets and visits with members of the same family on different occasions. They seem to know exactly who I am although I have never seen any of them in my life and don't know who any of them are. I just sort of extend my consciousness out of my body, go through my bedroom door and into their corridor and I am in their home or place of work and they warmly and lovingly greet me. Can you tell me what reality or dimension they exist in where I am visiting?

I am adding my own thing. Is this a positive affiliation or a service to self affiliation?


Ra'An: You are moving into an area which has been home to you in the past and in your dreams they come to you and welcome you. It is a group that you have been associated with in the past and they are working through the in between area between life and moving in connection with the heaven realm and lower than the heaven realm and still working through things in the elder realms of earth atmosphere and they do love you and they do welcome you and they are part of your elder family and have been part of your inner family in the past.


Wynn: Thank you.

You know we had a question from a person and I promised to ask it but he did not send it to and unless a question goes to I miss it because I don't have time to sift through all my emails looking for the calls. This had to do with avatar DNA. Please submit it again to message-a-day and I will ask it.


Ra'An: This is a very interesting question; a key question so please ask it.


Wynn: Yes, thank you.

This question is from Maya and she is living in a very plush Hawaiian estate with a woman who owns it and has the idea of turning it into a Hollywood retreat. Maya has the idea of turning it into a spiritual retreat and all she needs is three million dollars. So is this a viable vision; a worthwhile vision to hold?


Ra'An: First hello Maya. We see the vision of turning this into a spiritual retreat and we see the woman more physical and the more human retreat that she envisions and we take a look around and see who is possibly going to buy it if there is another possible avenue for selling it to someone who is looking in the area of making a spiritual retreat. The money involved would need to be at this point more than three million unless the lady was presented with less than three million and she would take it and then they would extra money left over for the operation and the running and the setting up of the spiritual retreat. Just keep envisioning it lightly. We do not know at this point what the synchronicities are at work there and your long term commitment. We also see the conflict in what the lady may wish and she is the owner at this time and so we see different levels of commitment to the use of this property and the lady that owns it has a vision as some vision as you mentioned although she has a certain level of commitment and a certain level of non commitment to it. So it would depend on the players that would come in contact with the opportunity and how you could bring about your vision.


Wynn: Thank you.

That was our last question for tonight. I also made an announcement of a workshop on Saturday but for the moment it's on hold, it's Carla Ruckert and Terry. We will see some of you on Sunday and I thank you all for being here. I thank Terry and our Sources.


Wynn: Do you have any final words for us before we say goodnight?


Ra'An: We send our love-light to everyone on the call and who will listen and we send love-light to every light worker within the 3rd density earth and our energy goes out to all of you and we are with you. Do not forget that.