09/13/2010 Gratitude, Grace and Greed


Transcribed by Connie O'Brien


WYNN CALLS IN THE LIGHT [introductory text below]. Do we have a source present?


RA’AN: Yes. We greet you in the love light of the One Infinite Creator. This is Ra’an, and today is September 13th 2010. We send love light to each and every person on the conference line and on the BBS Radio, and everyone that will listen to either source later on, or read a transcript. We realize that once a person leaves the higher realms and is living in the third density in a separate manner, they may feel a loss of love light, as they have a barrier of focusing mechanism of the body and veil around them, and they may feel that they have lost the intense love that is available in the higher realms, and particularly the highest realm: sixth density, the seventh density, and the eighth density, and the tenth density.


At these, there is a sacred love between energy forms, and duality has vanished. When one moves into the duality of the third dimension, they may feel separated, and then they’ll feel a loss of love. Then if they do not receive enough love in their childhoods and from their people that are raising them, they may grow jealous when they imagine someone is receiving this love from another, or receiving attention - which then they mistake for love. When one is not feeling loved, it is very easy to immediately feel jealous when one sees love being expressed between others.


When one has circumstances and surrounds themselves with circumstances in which they have loving people, and they move into a relationship mode with a loving person or family mode with a loving person or people; then they can begin to fill in these cracks of lack of love. Then they will begin to experience the lessening of jealousy, because they know what the love experience is like, and then they want others to have it also.


Grace is a sacred area, and it is not containing words or feeling of fear, because it is way beyond words. It is mathematics. It is mathematics and love in motion, wherein the intention of grace can move into an individual’s life in the lower dimensions, and can move obstacles and barriers out of the way. The individual may even see little sparks of light as the love light of grace impacts locked geometries and sets them a motion and allows an individual to grow and to move past his locked areas, and miracles can occur. Patterns - which have been formed from traumatic instance in a past life and magnetized the DNA - to move forward for that individual into a current life and have been triggered in the current life. These can then be set free, and can unlock the locked geometries, so that the individual can move through the trauma and can step out of the trauma with the vision of amends and being out of a fog. He then can see clearly the people around him/her, and can choose loving circumstances, and so can nourish him/her self.


Greed; when someone has enough… Let’s say that an individual is earning and receiving enough sustenance to be able to support him/her self and family, and to have enough food and pay for all of the obligations, and can buy the shelter and enough food and clothes, and support the children and can have some fun trips. Then, the individual can feel that they are equally balanced in their life. However, if one is short, one can become desperate and then greed can flare up, out of control in their mind, as they become desperate to fill the need.


Therefore living in third dimension, the third density, is a balance. In lifetime after lifetime, one can learn how to avoid giant pitfalls, and can learn to choose situations that will fulfill them, and still allow challenges for growth for them within the third density.


WYNN: I think we have to come to a close; we’ve run over. I’m sorry I didn’t give more time. I thank you so much for your wisdom. We didn’t comment on this, or you didn’t. But, it’s my belief by just attending these calls we do … hello. Just by attending these calls, it helps you open the possibility of these things in your life. It takes a while, because we all come with our own baggage.


Thank you all who are listening on BBS Radio; if you’re not on messageaday.net I hope you’ll join messageaday.net and get our daily messages and all this input to help lift you out of the third density, and hold the space of the higher matrix. Thanks, Terry. Thanks, heise for introducing everybody, and we’ll stop our recording now and say goodbye to BBS.


Okay we just started our recording, and this is Monday September 13th. We are a simulcast on a conference call and on BBS Radio. We have announced a topic today, which was called “Gratitude, Grace and Greed”. In addition to greed, I think I’ll add jealousy. Greed and jealousy are not so different. I think I’ll start from this from just talking from my own human consciousness about how I’ve learned to understand those things, and actually expand my understanding of them, and also how our sources will share with us their points of view. I would say everyone listening to this show would like to be able to tap into the qualities of grace and gratitude. Maybe you’ll get a different idea of what those concepts actually mean by the time we hit the end of the show.


Oftentimes we have the idea of something and we say “Oh my god, I can’t do it” and then we judge ourselves and we go into unworthiness and we go on a downhill spiral. It’s good to know what we have to do to actually access those things. The same thing with greed and jealousy: why do we go into greed and jealousy? I’m sure there’s other, what we could call, ‘service to self attributes’ of being a human, sometimes you go into those things and you can’t help them. Just as when you’re on automatic pilot; you’re programmed. Maybe it relates to fear. How do we integrate all this and operate at the highest level? Although you can’t do it with your mind; your mind can’t say “Okay, I’m going to be in grace, and I’m going to be grateful.” You know, grace and grateful both have the same root word, ‘g-r-a’, and I’m sure that’s no accident, because there is a connection. I can explain it mentally and maybe understanding it mentally, understanding how it works, gives you a little bit of clue on how to work it.


We’ve talked many times on all of our calls about this idea of expanding your matrix. Your matrix is the part of you that is the energy part of you. It is the invisible part of you. If we were going to look at it, or try to see it, it would be as if your matrix is not just your matrix; your matrix is part of an energy flow. Every moment, everything you do, everything you think, everywhere you go - what we call your matrix is changing. Although you can’t see it change, you have monitors in your physical body to notice how it’s changing. One of the monitors is how fast time is passing. When time seems to pass faster, you could probably make the assumption - in that moment you are in an expanded matrix. When time’s passing slower, you’re in a contracted matrix. Notice the things that make time go faster.


For example, one of the things I’ve noticed is when we started doing three conference calls a week, I really resisted that idea. They suggested, the Elohim suggested, we start doing the Wednesday call, or we continue doing it. We weren’t going to continue doing it. A while ago I didn’t want to do the Sunday call, I was trying to delegate that to other people. It’s not I didn’t want to do these calls, I don’t like the commitments, and I felt like … what happened is, I just get this responsibility and it gets dull, and I have to keep trying to please people. That was my fear. But we did it, and we kept doing it. It never did get boring. One of the reasons it doesn’t get boring is because I don’t approach this as a show, I approach it as an experience. We don’t rehearse things, normally. It’s off the top of my head, it’s off the top of Terry’s head, and I don’t know if the Elohim group and Ra group have heads, but whatever it is I’m sure it’s off the top of them, also. One of the things that I noticed over the past few months is how fast time is moving. In previous channelings they said this was going to happen, that time would be speeded up.


Part of the reason time is speeding up for me is because of these calls. Because, these calls create an anchor point, and some of you are noticing this – where, when you get on the call, there’s a strange thing that happens to time. It’s like, if you’re really here with the energy, time seems different. You’re in the moment; when you’re in the moment, you’re in the center of time. So you’re not being moved by time, time is moving around you. That’s, to me, a sign that your matrix is expanded, because it’s the passage of time and how it appears which is one of the indicators of how big your matrix has expanded. The faster time moves, or the less you are aware of time, then the indicator is that you’ve expanded your matrix. That’s my conclusion. I’ve never heard anyone else say that, so maybe there’s something wrong with the way I’m looking at it. But, that’s fairly well been my consistent experience.


Everybody, whether they’re into spiritual work or not, understands time moving fast and time moving slow. It’s like - if you go to a wonderful event, and entertaining event, and people are really in a great spirit; or, you go to a spiritual gathering, sometimes you sit down and two hours goes like –boom-, a really great movie. Boom, it’s finished. Where did the time go? That was an expanded matrix; you connected with all the people in the audience. For example, if you watch a move in a movie theatre it’s a very different experience than if you rent a DVD or video and watch it by yourself at home, because it’s a group connection in that theatre. All of the emotions and all the feelings that are coming off that screen are shared by the group, and you are in that group, and you’re creating a group consciousness in that group and it makes the experience of emotions more vivid and it makes the passing of time far more fast. That’s an example of group energy, whether anyone understands all this other stuff, we’re all have related to.


That’s an expanded matrix. You may be sitting on top of a mountain top or a hill and looking down at a valley and looking at a city. There’s that moment where you’re looking, sometimes it’s like your breath gets taken. Why is it that people love to be on high places and look down? You know why? Because there’s no obstruction to their energy, and their energy can totally expand into that whole area, and there’s an exhilaration when that happens. We’ve all experience expanded matrices.


What we’re doing is, we’re experiencing expanded matrices on these calls. When we started doing this, I didn’t know that would happen. I started out, and I thought “Well I have to deliver some information that’s important. I have to tell people about the dimensional shift.” and I would be far more into my agenda. But over time the agenda, whatever I thought I was supposed to do, went away and I started to say “Hey there’s this energy on the call” and they started to say “Hey that’s us, we’re on the call with you” and you started to say “Hey, we feel this energy” and then we have these strange experiences where we say hello to somebody in Turkey by name – hi ????, if you’re listening to this. You know, a number of strange experiences - and you add them all up and it all makes a consistent, congruent view of what’s happening here.


The topic is “Gratitude and Grace”. ‘Gratitude’ and ‘Grace’ are two words that both incorporate an expanded matrix, and both of them only exist, in the way that I look at it, within the context of an expanded matrix. Because, if we take the idea that the universe is one energy, and that we can position ourselves in any multiplicity of places in that energy. Now, when I say ‘we can’, it doesn’t mean we have the will power to do it, we don’t. Usually we are just stuck here, stuck there and moving around and figuring it out. You don’t expand yourself through willpower. Some of you have realized that you can expand yourself by showing up. Because I show up, you show up, and something happens and we keep checking it out and say “Did that really happen? Is that what he meant?” After a while you say “Every time I show up, this happens.” There’s no movie, there’s no mountaintop, there’s nothing in particular that would trigger that from a worldly sense, and yet it’s fairly consistent.


When you start operating in this higher matrix – what that means is you get used to holding the energy of expansion. You just get used to it, it becomes a new habit and you take it for granted. And you go into the world and suddenly you don’t see everybody else’s faults and weaknesses; you see through them and you see their struggle and you have compassion. And you don’t judge them, and you look for ways to help, because you start to recognize - within an expanded matrix there is this wonderful feeling of exhilaration and joy. There’s also a responsibility, and that - is you meet new people, or people cross your path, and if you’re incorporating what Ra calls the Law of One, then you recognize those people as coming from the same energy you do, and as being part of yourself. That goes hand in hand with having an expanded matrix.


When you start to hold the energy of an expanded matrix, there’s things that happen that your conscious mind has no awareness of. For example, there’s all these other energies up there. Suddenly, you’re broadcasting, and you don’t even know you’re doing it, but you’re broadcasting into the energy fields; and other people are broadcasting. Similar broadcasts, similar frequencies suddenly meet each other - and suddenly something happens in the physical that seems like a coincidence, sometimes called a synchronicity. It’s something you asked for or wished you had suddenly comes in by magic, totally effortlessly.


We told the story of Jeff, and I’m going to maybe just say again, because it’s a very clear example of, I believe, this working. It’s very subtle because It’s easy to toss it off as “That had to be coincidence.” Jeff, who we took a collection for, and sent him some money - he thanks everyone who did that because it made a huge difference for him. Jeff was just up against the wall, had five kids, couldn’t pay his electric bill and trying to get a job, couldn’t get a job – all these problems, so we took a collection. One of the dangers of doing that is you get a call every week from somebody and you go back to the same position. They say “Could you take another collection? Could you take another collection?” That wouldn’t work, because that just makes them dependent. The thought I had in mind – again, things don’t always work out the way you think they will, but the thought was – if this guy just had a little bit of positive thrown at him when he was so down and out, that he would lift his energy and maybe attract something through the ability to broadcast. When you’re all contracted into the earth realm, when you’re into worry, fear, concern – you don’t have the ability to broadcast in the other realms. You can’t attract anything to you. Things don’t happen by magic; it’s all the sweat of the brow. When you can reach and get your broadcasting system working, then in a very magical way, suddenly people say “I have to call Wynn. I have to call Jeff.” And you pop into somebody’s mind in a magical way and they call you, and they reach towards you, and they say “Remember that thing you told me about? I think we’re ready to do it.” In Jeff’s case, he was a pharmacist looking for a job and he had left an application months ago at some pharmacy, and last week he gets a phone call from the pharmacy, months later, saying “Hey we’re ready to hire you.” It could be coincidence, but my experience of these things tells me that what we did, what Jeff did, worked. We created an expanded energy so that Jeff could broadcast, and suddenly somebody just thought of him and they called him.


Each of us in our life has the ability, or at least the goal, to get our antenna up so we can make those broadcasts. When we start doing it, and particularly if you made a connection with the Elohim, they can help. In “Questions and Answers with the Elohim” there was a whole few pages on grace where I asked the question. I really was amazed at the answer, because they said they had a very high level subset of Elohim that they called ‘Grace’. And Grace was able to move through all the matrices, and the way they described it was, to ‘spray WD40 on some of the geometries’, the locked geometries. What happens is, when you’re operating at a lower level, your geometries become locked and fixed. Things don’t happen by magic. The magic only happens when you can move through the veil and access these realms of energy where things flowing and thin. The problem is when you do that your conscious mind doesn’t know it’s doing it. You can’t do it through willpower. It’s like an off-center thing.


There’s a number of people who have kept coming into these calls and things happen for them. There was a whole movie called “The Secret”, which talked about the Law of Attraction. In a sense, I’m describing to you how the Law of Attraction works. The key is, getting your transmitter above the veil so your signal can be heard. One of the things we’re doing on these calls, I see it happening, is that the group energy that we create on this call is starting to move like this antenna above the veil and other people are suddenly starting to notice this. For the longest time I felt like “No one is ever going to understand this. People are going to think I’m crazy.” And, some people do… “Some people think I’m on an ego trip.” And some people do… “Some people are going to do this or that.” Can I actually be able to put this out into the world? Now we’re not at that place; we’re still a small group by worldly standards, but something is shifting. All of you are part of the shift. It’s not me, it’s us.


For what we’re doing, we need a huge signal because the world is so resistant, and the world is so rigid. It has to be able to penetrate the rigidity of the world - and then people get it. That’s what Grace it. Grace is being able to get your antenna up, and when it’s up high enough and when you make connection with the higher forces - whether you call the Elohim, god, the holy spirit; whatever your name is - you’ve made the connection way up that has the ability to help grease the wheels, so that you want to come in, can come in. The key to this, the easiest key – there’s a lot of ways to do this – we’re putting out the signal of grace on these calls. The energy is there. Once you pick up that frequency and hold it you can implement a shift and things can change. But, you can’t expect it to happen right away. There’s times when people here that we’re talking to the Elohim and come in - and tell them to do this, we want that… and the person’s that’s asking is still really contracted below the veil. From my experience, I don’t know if it’s a ‘can’t’ or a ‘won’t’, but for them to come in, the person has to have a signal that gets above the veil. They’re not just in a stuck geometry, crystallized geometry – they have to get some looseness in their field.


When you love somebody, you’re loving somebody on the inner planes if you have a connection with them and you keep that connection going in your heart, you are now broadcasting to them and giving them the opportunity to catch that broadcast and make a shift. But it’s not going to happen through your personality. It’s not going to happen through talking to them, necessarily. Talking to them in a loving way helps, but ultimately it’s going to happen on an invisible level, over time, when you hold for them. Oftentimes, people say “What can I do for my mother or my sister or my husband?” Learn to stay in love with all the people you care about, even when they don’t respond, hold the energy above the matrix, above the veil, where you can feel the energy connect with their energy. I don’t think you can do more for them than that. Many people, over time, will respond.


Terry and I have watched this happen with some of people we’ve known for years. There’s one gentleman who used to be very jealous of me that was a friend of Terry’s; (he) would be almost violent in the way he thought of me. Over the last six months something has shifted, and he is becoming more open and more mellow. That doesn’t mean he’s on our calls, that doesn’t mean he’s repeating all the stuff I’m putting out and internalizing it, but he has shifted. All the time he was raging against me, I could have been raging back at him, I could have been judging him, I could have said “I’m shutting him out of my life.” I never did that. Terry cared about this person, it was really important for me to hold the energy, in particular, for that situation. These are things that are workable that you can experience.


Gratitude is when … there’s appreciation and gratitude. In appreciation, in the world, there’s like… some people may not make this distinction, but I have a distinction between those two words. I remember when I was young, and I heard my father talk about things, he would often talk about “Oh he owes me a favor. He owes me a favor.” In the human karmic way, there is a deep habit pattern that humans have that makes other people feel obligated. Like, if I do this for somebody, some day I can ask for something back from them and vice versa. Within the context of that, then we would say - it’s the generation of appreciation. Not that appreciation is bad, not that mutual obligation is a bad thing, but it’s a lesser thing. It’s good to just be able to call it for what it is. There’s no way you can go through life and not operate, to some extent, on those levels. When you see yourself in those levels, it’s okay. When you create a vision of something higher, you can easily mistake that for your vision. You need to have the discernment not to mistake worldly exchange and favors for grace and gratitude. Because, gratitude means - you do something, and it’s done. There’s no hook, there’s no obligation. When you do that for someone, and they receive it and they truly receive it, instead of feeling obligation they will feel gratitude.


For example, the things I do on the show and the things I do on messageaday. As I’ve been doing them, and I’ve been watching how they’ve helped people – because when I started I didn’t know what would happen. Then people send me emails. There’s people that I know are feeling gratitude for the work I do, and I can feel the gratitude. The gratitude just is a lingering energy that sticks. It’s like the beginning of a group energy that I’m grateful for all of you just as you’re grateful for me, and for Terry, and for Daphne - and the work we’re doing. When people send donations as an expression of gratitude it says “Hey man, its working.” Not donations because you’re obligated, not donations because you’re guilty, not donations because you’re concerned about me – well you could be concerned because sometimes we’re on the edge, but nonetheless, when the donations are an expression of gratitude - and so many of them come in like that - I don’t feel obligated. I can say there’s part of me that could go into there, it could go into feeling obligated. If I felt obligated, I couldn’t do the job from the right place. I’d be trying to please you. And I’d be saying “What can I do to please you so that you’ll send more money?” That’s how these kinds of things go downhill and get corrupted because instead of standing in the total here and now, in the spirit of the moment, you start trying to please people so they give you more money. At that point, instead of holding the highest connection, you’re now worshipping the god of opinion. You’re not following your deepest … you’re following what makes people happy. This is a fine line that all of us in all of our relationships have to walk.


To bring in jealousy and greed - because that was the title that we sent out today – jealousy and greed are what we could call ‘service to self attributes’. Some of the people who have studied the Law of One, and they look at ‘service to self’ and they think about guys with horns and demonic forces and evil. That’s not really the best way to look at service to self. Service to self: at one time or another everyone on this line - this lifetime or another lifetime – or almost everyone, I don’t want to say everyone; probably had what would be a predominantly ‘service to self’ lifetime. One of the reasons people are service to self - this was in “Questions and Answers with the Elohim” where I had asked a question and they said “Most people look downwards, they don’t look upwards.” So when you’re looking downward and you’re the center of looking downward, if that’s all that exists for you, then your reality is to point everything you can towards yourself because otherwise you’ll die, you’ll fail. The essence of service to self is “gimme, gimme, gimme”.


For example, attention. Right now, we are all in each other’s attention. We’re probably in the attention of the group souls. This attention is totally free will. There’s no agenda, there’s no manipulation - on my part, on their part, on your part. When we’re at attention, when we really have attention, there’s a great uplifted feeling within that. That’s why time moves so fast on these phone calls. A service to self predominant consciousness also needs attention, but at some intrinsic deep level they don’t believe they’ll ever get it by free will. No one is going to give it to them. They’re not looking behind them to the attention that they could get from the higher sources. Their life is based on the acquisitiveness of gathering attention, gathering money. For example, if you’re in that space and you’re in a room and someone else is in the room who is more beautiful than you, more charismatic and the crowd in that room is giving that person attention, you’ll look at that and say “Why are they giving it to them and not to me?” That’s what jealousy is. Jealousy is the acquisitiveness for attention. Attention being a commodity that you need to acquire and pull towards you, and if nobody is paying you attention you feel empty.


It’s a very fine line, because attention is one of the ways we connect with each other. When we are free willingly giving each other our attention, it’s a joy. It’s an expression of very high love, it’s an expansion of your matrix. It’s a learning how to give and take of attention without creating jealousy. Knowing that one moment, you may be the center of attention but next week you may not be. Being able to move through that, and change and shift, without going back and trying to grab the attention that you don’t have today that you had last week. Some people who are great artists like very famous people who get addicted to the attention. They live from performance to performance, and feel empty in between. When they’re on stage, they look beautiful and glowing and charismatic. When they’re not, and you see them on the street, they look old and haggard because they have not learned how to flow with the higher energies, and they are orienting their life towards getting attention pointed towards them. With them being that, they create service because they lift the spirits of other people.


It’s not to judge anybody; people can only change and grow when they do. I’m sharing this in the hope that maybe by understanding these concepts you can be more patient with yourself. Obviously greed is another aspect of acquisitiveness, of “Gimme gimme gimme - I gotta get it all or I won’t have anything.” It’s all… I’m trying to think of a grand closing line here and I can’t. I’m talking about this, and we have just a few minutes left to bring in our sources, and I’m not hogging this because I like to hog it. Terry does an awful lot of channeling, and when she channels she really gets out of it for quite some time, and even when she doesn’t channel she can be out of it, but she gets more out of it. As you see, I can do this and it doesn’t impact me. Terry, are you there? Yeah, I’m here. Let’s just bring in our sources and see what they have to add on the topics we’re talking about. I’ll just do a quick calling in the light, which we’ve been doing just by being here and sharing space.