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September 15, Ra-An



Wynn: This is September 15th and this is our Wednesday night conference call and on this call we ask the questions which you guys submit and to submit a question you submit it to: and you can submit anything you want. I just went through the criteria of how choose questions because we are getting more questions than we can handle usually so there's a few criteria and one of them is whether the question is important to a lot of people, another is the personal urgency of the person asking the question, and often times those are also relevant to lots of people too because a lot of people are going through personal urgency right now. Another is if you have asked a lot of questions and if you ask a really good one I will relent but in general I like to give new people a chance to ask a questions. So if you are a new person who has never asked a question then go for it because there is a good chance I will ask your question.

If you are going to ask a question it's really good to take a look at what your issue is and try to get to the bottom of it and ask that question. So one of the things is that sometimes when the answer comes forth that might not be true for you. It might be true for some other person but not for you so make sure you use your discernment to feel how that answer feels so you don't apply something that really doesn't apply. Of course in the process of what we call channeling this is never ever meant to be a perfect process. We have been doing pretty good it seems and still there is always a chance that Terry bleeds through something through her consciousness and sometimes that's good and she has a predisposition towards health and Dr. Marshall as you all know, and we are not making any referral commissions and they actually offered to her and she said no, I don't want to do that because it causes a bias.

One of the reasons we do this and we don't charge for it, at least from my point of view, is because it keeps me from feeling obligated, like I don't have to produce, I don't have to do a show, we do it together, we are creating the energy together and when people really appreciate what we are doing and many more of you are, then you are sending us donations and that's a way of give and take that keeps things on a higher level of gratitude rather than charging. That doesn't mean I won't ever charge for anything, it's hard to keep this flow so when we do our special offers we still keep them very cheap. We still don't have enough people to keep this thing afloat but I certainly see the potential that that could happen that we could actually support this. It's tricky because keeping it above any level of obligation keeps it completely free but keeping it without any resources keeps it shut down. We pay for our BBS calls, we pay for our internet, we pay for our mailing service and believe it or not Terry and I eat so we pay for our food and shelter.


So it's all part and parcel. It's all one and my gratitude to everybody who has been supporting us in any way, just by showing up is supporting us. On a higher sense, it's not just supporting us, it's you supporting the planet because what we're doing is a special thing to occur but it's not special if it's not reaching people. It's like that old saying, if a tree falls in the forest and there is no one to hear it fall, does it make a sound. Sound exists because eardrums vibrate. This only exists because there are a bunch of phone drums out that are resonating with it and keeps it real, otherwise it just floats away.


Now we will call in the light.


(Wynn calls in the light)

Let me just leave a moment of silence so they can greet us.


Ra'An: We greet you in the love-light of the One Infinite Creator. We are happy to be with you this September 15, 2010 and extend our greetings to each and every person on the line and to each and every person who will listen later. We feel honored to be able to work with you and to make this connection. It has a long time in coming that we could connect with individuals upon the 3rd dimension. We are there for you and ready to answer any questions that you may have.


Wynn: Thank you.

This is a question from Regina who is on the line: For many light-workers, which I am sure she considers herself, it is immensely difficult for a person to reject light and love and immerse themselves in darkness and separation especially when it is someone that we have loved. Is there counsel you can offer to us so it may be easier for us?


Ra'An: Each and every person has their own path and often when they choose darkness, the path of separation, the path where they choose to not connect, it is difficult for you and for us in the higher densities to lose connection with individuals within the 3rd density. The first part of handling this, which we also have to do, is to keep centered within ourselves and within our own purpose. Much as if one is on a climbing party, climbing a mountain. Lets say there are a group of individuals climbing a mountain and you are coming against a very narrow pass with a rock face to one side and one person is growing weak and disconnected and disassociated on the path. It does not help for any of the other climbers to get disassociated or to lose their barrings or to move with the disassociated individual in the separation. What helps is for each individuals to stay strong and stay centered so that you provide a light wherein the other individual eventually can come back so you are there for the other person, even though the other person is rejecting at the time, the connection.

When an individual diverges into separation or further separation there are connections within that person's own sphere wherein they are attempting to achieve something, solve something, get away from something and it depends upon the severity of the disconnection, what you can and cannot do as each individual has their own free will. Within the heart and soul of each and every individual there is a radiant energy which remembers home, remembers love, remembers caring, remembers compassion and even though an individual may diverge and become separated and even lost, eventually this kernel of radiant will become a GPS to bring them home even though it may take millions of years. We suggest that you keep your own energy high and strong, hold energy for that individual even though it may seem useless, it is not useless. They may not come around at this time but allow them the free will to investigate and go where they seek adventure or experience. There are some situations where one may see the other individual moving away from ethical behavior and being induced by other influences wherein one may be a leader then they can put forth direction and hold to a standard. The other person may reject it but by holding to a standard within yourself you set an example. That is our answer.


Wynn: Thank you

In fact, the next question I have looked like it was scripted to be the next question and that is: Regarding people who lie and deceive a lot for personal gain, what happens to them because they lie. Does it affect their brain, does it affect their bodies, does it affect their future lifetimes. Is the brain going backwards in it's function? What if the physical and metaphysical impact of lying and deceiving?


Ra'An: Thank you for your question. It depends upon the intention behind the lie.

One can be reminded that when one is putting forth a goal that one has not achieved and one is putting forth this goal as if it was true, fake it till you make it, step into the role and eventually raise yourself up to be able to handle the role. So that one puts forth a goal say to be the chief officer of a company and they are not the chief officer of the company, then they are putting forth within their own desires and intentions, a role which they are not in, however, they are beginning to act as though they were taking on responsibility as though they were taking on jobs that are beyond where they are at, and by stepping into this new situation which was not true at the start, they can eventually make it true. This is probably the reason why, when a study was done of children who lie, they tended to be more successful in their lives when they grow up as they can could think out of the box and then could make situations where they could step into and handle. They could make up roles that they could fill and then get a little experience. Some of this comes from past life wherein they perhaps had a more responsible role in a past life and they are still looking at themselves as having that type of role and coming across as lying, as they were looking back into a past life and seeing what they were capable of doing and what they had done and some of that is categorized as lying, however it is setting forth their own standards and their own potential from the past as they bring it into the future.


Then there is the lying deceiving to bring bad difficult situations into the earth plane and to deceive people from their money; unethical lying and this then will create karma for the individual and it will create bad will on the part of the people who have been deceived and this bad will, will then affect adversely the party who has deceived and swindled and lied. That is our answer.


Wynn: Thank you.

We have a question. There are a number of different techniques that people use in this realm for the transfer and the opening up of energies. Actually I am taking this question and I am expanding it to be a broader question because I don't like asking a question about a particular technique and have an opinion about it, because no matter what is out there, there are people that use techniques and they probably have a positive outcome so we don't want to say anything about a technique but we could talk about them in general. Things like Reiki, that's something called Jaray, and there is something called Merkaba techniques. I remember years ago I had actually done an interview with Q'uo and I asked about Merkaba techniques and they said that the best technique was love because love did all that the other techniques do but without a technique. So could you give a comment on these techniques and I include all of them, and in general do the higher groups work through these techniques or are they coming from a lower level or do they sometimes work with them or do they work with some of them, in other words where people claim to have made connections with a high source and are transferring it to a technique does that occur?


Wynn: When you have an individual who is a healer or an energy worker and they are connected to the higher forces, we do indeed work with these people. In some cases they may have some things wrong, for instance in using a technique that directs the energy in the wrong direction against the chakra then it makes it very difficult to work with the individual on that, however sending love even in that case can help to dissolve some of the wrong direction of the energy work. We do see that love is a universal solvent grace uses. A lot of love in unlocking stuck geometries and individuals when they are in the earth plane has stuck geometries in certain areas and then when they meet another person who has similar stuck geometries then their interlocking connections together bring these people together. Love can be put into any situation where there are adverse and interlocking geometries as that tends to loosen the binding between such locked geometries and expand one's space. If they are in a field of love, now it's safe to expand the space. If they are in a field of criticism and dislike then they move inward and condense their space in a protection against the adverse force. Love moves with the individual with his inner self, with his soul and helps him to reestablish his connection with his true self.


Wynn: Thank you.

Just as a clarification on the word Merkaba. Merkaba is normally used to refer to the energy fields around a person and the idea of expanding that energy field through dimensions that are connected by sacred geometry. When we do our Sunday grid healing, it seems to me, although we are not calling it a Merkaba, in a certain sense we are creating a very large Merkaba or a large expansion of our energy fields through dimensions. Is that an accurate way of looking at it?


Ra'An: When we look at the word Merkaba we see different usages. One use within the individual and getting the energy moving. If the energy is induced to move in a counter clockwise direction in the Northern Hemisphere then that tends to expand the space. When you have a number of people on line and you are connected with the higher forces, including us and All That Is, there is a love that comes back that helps to expand the space and connection of all which increases spiritual potential. We are not using Merkaba in this sense. It is a sacred union which is not bounded and is open to accept within it any area we move our attention to within the grid healing and in a sense a Merkaba is a more bounded area.


Wynn: Thank you.

We have a question from Jean and I think she is from North Dakota. Her question has to do with headaches. She keeps having headaches and is there anything you can share with her that could help her to understand her headaches and what causes them and how to reduce them. Remember, if you are listening to this, this may not be for you, even if you have headaches. This may be unique to her. Thank you.


Ra'An: There is a misalignment in the neck area moving into the head and as we look at this there is a stuck energy we see that is creating a pressure build up that causes the headache. There is a misalignment there. Also there is such a strong connection with your daughter. This is a part of it. Part of this is transference and so we suggest that you observe it, observe your body, observe the area of the headache. Give us a moment as we do this with you. You may feel this changing as we do this with you. You may feel it expanding. You may see some colors at the outside edge of the pressure. We will work with you on this and we suggest at this time that you observe and see what the connections are within the area of the headache. How does it connect with the rest of our body. What part is transference from another and we will work with you on this. Those are our comments.


Wynn: A couple of years ago we asked the question on behalf of Jean Claude and it had to do with the atlas adjustment that this advanced chiropractor was using in Los Angeles. About this misalignment in the neck. Is there a connection to that atlas adjustment that was mentioned?


Ra'An: There is a misalignment in the neck area yes.


Wynn: So would it be in her best interest if she have find someone who can do that kind of adjustment on her?


Ra'An: We do not comment on that at this time as one is free to find a health practitioner, we suggest that if the practitioner is summoned that first of all we work together with her and she find out a little bit more about it and then if that is still needed at that point to get several health practitioners and suggest the possibility of checking in the area of chiropractors but first of all taking a look at it within her own self and see the connections between the pain, her surroundings and anything that is taken on from another and perhaps a misalignment. Part of this possibility from the automobile accident and spotting this and seeing any connections and letting them go.


Wynn: Thank you

We have a very interesting question from Steve in Dallas Texas. He would like to know about language. Did most of world's languages originate on this planet. Did some of the languages originate in other worlds on other planets and where did they originate? Why do we have so many diverse and different languages on earth. I assume there are countless other languages throughout the galaxy? Any observations or insights into languages and communications between others that you can make or clarify?


Ra'An: Over the thousands and thousands of years that the groups have been on earth and have been separated from each other there have come changes that have moved into the language as the language gradually shifts and words gradually shift as new technology comes up. Did some of the languages come from others sectors? Yes. Some of the languages have come from Sirius. In the African nations from the planet Sirius. Some of the Indian languages have come from other planets and so the answer is yes. Some of the languages were derived from off planet sources thousands and thousands of years ago. The world was used for mining perhaps a hundred thousand years ago, for mining gold and there was a stop over of the UFO's that would pick up the gold and take it on the trade route. There was another civilization about seventy-five million years ago and again earth became a UFO stop over place so there was influence from other spheres that has come in. That is our answer.


Wynn: Thank you.

We have a question from Mark in Ireland. I don't know about asking all these questions about specific things, whether there is great value in them. Maybe there is an intellectual curiosity but we have talked about Hindus and Buddha but he doesn't remember hearing about the Chinese and Tao. Then there is a the I Ching and the sixty four hexagrams. Are those connected to Ra and the Elohim or some other high group?


Ra'An: This is connected to another high group and they have wisdom that comes through in the Chinese culture and in the dojos and the number of individuals who study different phases or forms of the ancient wisdom has come down into the current time but it dates back to wisdom that was brought thousands and thousands of years ago infiltrating from Lemuria to ancient India to Tibet and there is a special soul group that works with individuals to help nurture and hold energy for them. That is our comment.


Wynn: You did not mention the Hathors. Was that a group that was involved?


Ra'An: The Hathors is a sub group. They are not a main group and they are individuals that have a particular history and therefore have bonded together and have an off planet relationship with individuals to bring through knowledge and to help individuals on earth.


Wynn: Thank you.

This is a question that the person is asking for himself but I would like to convert the question to a broader spectrum so that it fits more people and it has to do with the idea that many Wanderers have that they are here to something different or special and they are looking for the way and the what and the how of what they are supposed to do. This particular person recently wrote a book about helping others to break free from emotional eating and her agent has started to pitch it to publishers and she is struggling financially and she has this idea that this book is going to help thousands and millions around the world to have a better relationship with their body and with food and she wants to know if she is on the right track with this vision and how can she tell if she is or she isn't?


Ra'An: One can take a survey and let a few people read some of the book and then see what kind of response one gets. One can have really fine knowledge that can create wonders if individuals can connect with it. However the competition of the french fry and the hamburger may create unfair competition to one's taste buds and so one in working with promoting of the book needs to promote to individuals who are ready to make change as it is only individuals who are ready and willing and open to making a change who are willing to delve into the blessings that this book can bring so we suggest doing surveys to individuals that may be open to making such changes as there are groups of individuals who are looking to make changes.


Wynn: Thank you.

I can make a comment from my own experience is that when you are thinking of writing something and if you think this is going to be a million seller and then you actually go out to do it, it is far more difficult than it seems. The people who actually do it, actually take the complete responsibility for doing it like Chicken Soup For The Soul, Jack Canfield and his co writer stayed on the phone for a year just talking to people to get their book out there. If you have something of value how do the people find what you have of value and it comes into marketing. What is your nitch, what do you put your attention on. Now of course if you can be are lucky enough to get on a big TV show like Oprah then people will find you because there are enough people or a good percentage will find interesting. There is a lot of synchronicity and a lot of hard work even when you have something that could be a million seller. There is a lot of individual work to figure out where your market is and how to introduce it to that market and how to make people interested and particularly when you don't have a lot of money, it's really challenging and I speak from my own experience because when I was writing my book about David Wilcock I thought it would far more easy to promote it and it's been a consistent seller and then to find out the A.R.E are looking the other direction and even when someone totally loves it, they can't talk about it to anybody because the premise sounds too crazy. You have to just do it and shake the trees and see what falls and where to go and I don't think there is an easy path. But you never know, one little synchronicity can change everything and you never know where that synchronicity is going to be. The thing about it is, the first thing is to make sure that what you produce, creates an impact on somebody that you want it to have, because if it does there is a potential. An impact is very impressive because people look at that and say that could reach a lot more people. So that's my own comments because I have had to live within that myself.


We have one more question we will finish with. We are going to ask about the Akashic Records. This is from Temperance. The question is: Where and what exactly are the Akashic Records. Is it a cellular memory of all the lives we carry with us or is it a place we go to access our lives and what we were about in the past. I could ask a question. Is every human connected to the Akashic Records on some energetic level or many humans even when they don't know it?


Ra'An: Thank You.

The Akashic Records are a memory within the structure of All that Is; a memory of all that has happened. There are memories within an individual on a cellular level and then tied in with the DNA of the individual and has magnetized the DNA so that there are memories of the individual's past life. It is all recorded by life. The individual has recorded within his/her past and present and even now it is all there within the individuals sphere; matrix and DNA. It is available to the individual eventually to remember. When there is a traumatic experience that may distort that memory and when that distortion is cleared then all of the good things that have happened in that person's track can be seen and can be used by the individual. The Akashic Records is the memory within the structure of the universe within the structure of All That Is and very sensitive individuals can access this not only in their own track but can access what is available in other people's worlds. As one becomes more clear and can sidestep the veils they can access this record. That is our answer.


Wynn: Thank you very much. Do you have any closing comments for us before we say goodbye?


Ra'An: There is a time delay within which every word we say then is played back from the speaker in the other room which is creating a kind of a unfocus in this channeling. We thank you for correcting that.

We are delighted and make contact with each and every person on this line and are really thankful for affording us the opportunity to be with you and to bring forth this connection and we love each and every one of you and it is a sacred time we share together and if we have said anything that did not resonate with you then discard it as not applying to you at this time. We are with you. We leave but we do not leave.



Wynn: Thank you. Thank everybody for participating who is on the line and thank you for helping to hold the energy for this and we will see some of you on our Sunday morning grid healing.