Sunday Grid Healing         Date:  9/19/2010

Host:  Wynn Free

Source: RaíAn                                       

Transcriber:  Abby J. Ovitsky 

Channel & Editor: Terry L. Brown

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We do not normally transcribe the Sunday Grid Healings, but Abby offered to transcribe this one and therefore we are sending it out. We thank Abby for this.  If anyone is good at transcribing and wants to just transcribe the channeling for the Sunday calls, let us know.  We are  curious if you get energy from reading this.  Send us an e-mail in response to this e-mail and weíll get your feedback. Let us know your comments. 


Wynn:  Hello, everybody this is Wynn Free and we are starting our Sunday grid healing. Here we go.

On our Sunday call, we have this rather unique premise, that I donít really like to say out loud because people might chase me around the block, but there are enough people sensing it might be true, that there is an Intelligence that explains themselves to be a group energy outside of time at the beginning of creation. This intelligence has the ability to project energy through all the matrices and arrive in this realm and you, as a human, have the ability, the potential, to feel their energy when they do that.

This call is focused on that experience and then on creating group intentions to work with that energy. There is this idea that physical reality, what we see with our senses, is far more than just physical. For example, if youíre into energy healing, people would say that if youíre going to heal the body, it starts off with working with the energies that are outside the body, and if you can change the energy outside the body, then that energy change outside of the body will shift in the body and the body will heal.

Now, thatís a nice idea, but itís easier said than done because most of us have a hard time accessing the energy thatís outside our body. Well, when we start working with the idea of being outside of our body that is a concept that does not end because how far outside of your body can you be? Could you be just right outside in whatís called the etheric field around your body? Or could you be at the center of the universe? Could you be [in] all those places? How does it feel to be in different places?

Well, what is happening on this call is that we are learning how to be outside of our body at a far higher place than most of us have ever experienced. Weíre talking to an intelligence thatís outside of our body. Now I am not telling you this is true, but they explain that they are at the beginning of everything. They are outside of time. They are at the beginning of the creation of the universe.

So now, when we make a connection from them to us, all the space in between has the potential to get healed, as long as weíre are not violating anybody elseís free will!  Your body can heal by changing the energy outside of it. Weíve had a number of people who have been on this line that have experienced some kind of healing. Sometimes the healing is physical, sometimes itís in an attitude, sometimes itís a really deep emotional problem that clears, but all these things start outside your body, and then they download.

So, as you tune into these energies, as you access them, you now are starting a process of potentially healing yourself.

The planet is exactly a big YOU. It is a physical body that has all kinds of distortions in its energy field outside of itself. Some of those distortions are us. We are probably the major cause of the distortions on the planet, because, since we as humans are all in the field of the planet, however our field is, it changes the field of the planet. Of course, we do damage to the natural resources. I donít know everything, but there are a lot of things that humans do that are hurtful to Earth. 

So, on this call, we create a group energy between ourselves and those positive sources in other realms and then we project this energy into ourselves and we also project it around the planet. We are dealing with a lot of stuff that is invisible. We cannot see what is going on.

We have two criteria when we do this:

(1) That everything is for the highest good of all concerned. In other words, when we ask for a shift--perhaps you are sick, or something is going wrong because you are supposed to learn a lesson and somebody took that disease away before you learned the lesson, you would lose the opportunity to learn the lesson and that might not be for the highest good of all concerned. Itís true for us and itís true for the planet. 

(2) We donít violate the free will of anyone. 

So if we inadvertently ask for anything that is not for the highest good of all concerned, or that should violate the free will of someone else, then automatically we donít want those things to occur. We donít understand all the implications of what we are asking. So those are our protection things so we keep it high and mighty. This is how our sources explained this to us. 

So we have a group energy that is us, all of you on the line, all of you who listen and our sources who are far bigger than us and are more plentiful.  There are millions of them, I do not know how many of them come on the line, but they add to our energy as long as we use the criteria that I just explained: for the good of all concerned and not violating free will. So, thatís why a call like this can be so be so powerful because we are leveraging ourselves tremendously and miraculous things can occur because of that leveraging of energy because from their perspective, they need someone down here to ask.

Now as I understand it, you donít have to say, ďRa-An, could you help us?Ē You can say, ďGod, can you help us?Ē They read the intent of the energy, not the accuracy of the identification, so weíre part of the many people in this process, but this happens to be particularly powerful because of, not only feeling the energy, not only probably having one of the more accurate understandings of how they are so we can visualize them better, but they talk to us.

We are very blessed and honored to have Terry who has dedicated herself to this and maintains an extremely pure intent so that I never feel that we have a mixed polarity source.

Thatís one of the things about channeling, how do you know the same source is coming through today as last week as the week before? How do you know it is positive and continues to be positive? The only way we have of telling that by is by keeping very high intent and then constantly monitoring the source to make sure the energy feels consistent and the point  feels consistent. The positive sources that I deal with never create hierarchy. They never create better than. They donít say theyíre better than us. They happen to be in a different location in the universe. They never say we should prostrate before them. They say they want to be our friends and that they can be our energy friends, and they can work with us as long as weíre operating with a high intent.

We have the opportunity to meet them and greet them and become friends with them on these calls we do. So everyone has to have their own experience. Weíre just providing this and telling you weíve been watching it now for awhile and everything I am saying seems to work because of the experiences people are having, not because they say so, not because I say so, but you guys, who are coming in on the line all the time and emailing me about how this has impacted you, are proving to me that, ďHey, what we think is happening is happening.Ē

If youíre new on the line and youíre just listening for the first time, consider the possibility that all I say is true, but donít believe it. Just keep checking in and gauge your own experience. Make it your experiment, and the experiment is, ďCan I connect with these energies that are in other realms and feel them.  Is it loving and are they my friend?Ē  By the way, very simply speaking, if you happen to be sophisticated metaphysically, youíve heard the term ďgetting off the wheel of reincarnation, graduating from this realm.Ē Well, one of the ways that you do those two things is by making energetic connections with things that are not physical, that are positive, of course, because you can make energetic connections with things that are negative also, but if you can make energetic connection with positive intelligence that is not on this planet, that is not embodied, then when you die you will still have those connections.  Those connections, all energetic connections, continue with you from lifetime to lifetime to lifetime.

So if, for example, when you die, youíre all tied into energies of this planet like ďI love my family. I need to get successful.Ē I mean itís not that you donít love your family, the point is you have to connect your energies to your family as well as to the higher realms because if it is just to your family, you will reincarnate to come back to that family, and thatís okay. This is all the free will choice of everyone. I am just telling you this is how I understand that it works.

So, if you want to graduate this realm, then learn to connect with energies that are outside of this realm and then bring those energies into your family so they can feel them and everyone will graduate, but if you are holding your energy down to be with your family and you are not doing this other thing, then you will keep repeating this realm to be with that family for maybe millions of years. Now thatís not right or wrong, maybe thatís exactly what you choose to do. And, you know, you may decide a million years from now, ďWell, we finally got it right, I got my family connected to the higher realms,Ē and youíll graduate from this realm. In the universe even though when I say a million years, it seems like an incredibly long time, a million yearsÖtime does not exist, so a million years doesnít even exist. So it is all the perspective of how you look at it.

The way they look at it and the way they explain it is, ďWell, itís just one lifetime of many. Itís one opportunity. Youíll get another chance 75,000 years from now or 300,000 years.Ē  Since they are out of time,  since they are not in time, it can take 300,000 years.

So there we go again, itís 300,000 years later. When you experience all your lifetimes, you are not aware that you are in time. You are not aware that you are stuck in time unless you meet some guy like me that says, ďYouíre stuck in time,Ē or you listen to Joni Mitchellís song, ďCaptured by the Carousel of Time.Ē She was obviously very wise when she looked at that line, but most people just go through lifetime after lifetime and it doesnít feel like a trap. It feels like, ďThis is my experience.Ē 


So in any case, so much for me talking.  So what are we going to put in the light today?

Jody:  Hi, this is Jody from Indiana. I just would like to put into the lightóit kind of goes along with what you were talking about--anyone out there who is seeking a connection to find their way to your call or to find a way to a connection to the higher realms. Did you understand that?

Wynn:  I understand it exactly.  Letís put it in the light so they can find the connections, okay?

Jody:  Thanks. Thank you.

Wynn:  I just want to say one thing. You know one of the things that helps people find the connection is putting things out into the world kind of in a broadband way so that that there is clues to it, so the people that itís right for, gravitate towards it.

The only way that people have found this group is because I have done that consistently, and every one of you that does that a little bit is going to make a difference. If you notice, Iíve been sending out [things], I may not have sent these out enough and I will send them out again this week. Iíve made some videos that introduce my book and message-a-day to people. Iíve made these new sign-up sheets. I am experimenting with different kinds of sign-up sheets for message-a-day.

So, when I send these things out to you, send them out to other people and let it just fall where it may. You donít have to try to explain it. You donít have to endorse it. In fact, what I have found is that in most cases if people try to talk about what we do to someone else, itís too far out--they get excluded, they get whackoed. Send something that just makes somebody curious and let them know, ďI got a lot out of this, check it out, just read this guyís messages every day for a month and if it doesnít work for you, unsubscribe.Ē That way youíre not invested in whether they like it or not. Youíre not overly endorsing it. For the people that itís right, they will gravitate towards it.

Please take advantage of those tools, whether itís the videos or the sign-up sheets or whatever and think what a person would be interested in. I am going to make one thing:  ďIntroduction for message-a-dayĒ and say, ďPlease come to our Sunday Grid Healing and then sign up here to get the number,Ē and then theyíll be in message-a-day. Or another one: ďíThe Reincarnation of Edgar Cayce,í get excerpts from the book, sign up here and youíre in message-a-day,Ē and different approaches. Some approaches will reach some people, some will reach another. Iíll just keep putting them out and if you guys keep sending them out and sharing them, people will show up that need this. And thatís all.

Wynn:  Zoe.

Zoe:  Thank you Wynn. Iíd like to ask for love light to be sent to the people who are working with Israel and Palestine and their talks and discussions that they may come to a solution of peace, mutual peace and agreement; and

Also to all service-to-others candidates running for office, that they receive, that love light bring them all the support, all the attention and under girding that they need in order to be able to win their elections and become service-to-others servants for us in this country. Thank you.

Wynn:  Thank you.

Laurie:  Hi Wynn, this is Laurie from San Francisco, and along those same lines I had something very similar to the request of Zoe: to bring peace and healing to all serious situations in the world, such as wars and civil strife and all forms of pollution.

Jean:   Hi this is Jean. Iíd like to put all the whales, dolphins, light workers, all the animals and all the water and in the light.

Wynn:   Great.

Alishaa:   Iíd like to put into the light the transformation of the ego part of the consciousness into its correct function for all of humanity.

Wynn:   Okay. Anyone else?

Theresa:  This is Theresa from Tucson. Along the same line I would like to put into the light wildness and wilderness and their protection.

Colleen: This is Colleen from Vancouver.  I would like to put the gulf stream area into the light to clean it up and that the water moves in the correct way.

Wynn:  Thank you.  I donít know if you guys noticed but last week, Terry in the channeling had talked about the loop current in the gulf stream not moving correctly.  You know there is a current that goes from the gulf stream up to England and Scandinavia and that it wasnít flowing correctly and it warms those areas.

Now, Terry, after the call checked this out and, this was not in mainstream news but it was in alternative reports, that was exactly true, that the currents, the warm currents stopped right after the oil spill in the gulf and it was affecting the climate of those areas [England, Scandinavia and Northern Europe.]  In their worst scenario it could invoke an ice age on our planet. Our sources said, ďKeep holding in your consciousness the loop current flowing,Ē and weíll include that in this call.

Marsha: Wynn, this is Marsha. I want to give you an update. Last week I brought up a little baby girl who had fallen and hurt her brain and blood was pooling behind her eyes and she was going downhill fast and they said she might die. I heard Monday, I didnít hear until Monday, that she began suddenly to stabilize, that they are weaning her off all the drugs and off the life support tubes but they said sheís going to be blind and brain damaged, but brain damage is not as serious as they had thought, but I would like to continue to hold her in the light. I believe it is our beings that are helping her and all of our prayers.

Also, a friend downloaded a report from online for our call. It was about China. If they continue to pollute their rivers and their waters with their factories and industry dyes and all these things, their water will not be useable within ten years, so I would like in whatever way is proper to put that in the light as well.

Wynn:   Okay thank you, and thank you for updating us on that little girl.

Marsha:  Itís a miracle.

Wynn:   Anyone else have something?

Joanna:   Yeah, Wynn, this is Joanna, I wanted to put in the light all of the people who are doing healing work and all of the people who are open to connecting with the higher realms who are just on so much overwhelm right now that they ÖI have talked to so many people who say they donít have time for their spiritual practice or to get their own healing in the last Ö.so.

Wynn: Okay.  Weíll send light to all those light workers in the world.

Joanna:  There is something about the pace of things and feeling of overwhelm thatís been happening recently that seems to be more intense.

Wynn: Okay.

Jody:  Wynn, I would also like to put in the light the efforts of people working in Uganda to stop the beating of children particularly in the educational system.

Wynn:  Okay. Do you know Carol in Uganda?

Jody:   Yes, she is my friend. I think she had to hang up. It is so expensive for her that she canít stay on for the whole call.  Thatís why I put it in for her.

Carolyn: I am still here right now. Thank you Jody for asking that.

Wynn:  Carolyn, are you on Skype? Do you have Skype?

Carolyn: No, I donít.

Wynn:  Can you have Skype there?  Do you have high speed internet?

Carolyn:  Iím not sure if my internet connection will let me. You know, this isnít the United States.

Wynn: You might it try sometime.

Carolyn: My connection is like a phone connection.

Wynn:  I see.  It probably wonít work but you still might try it. We do have Skype because Skype is free.  So itís free to sign up.

Carolyn: Well, I have to pay for the internet use on Skype. Iíve already looked into it and I appreciate your thoughts and I will continue to try.

Beating is a regular part of the school system here. There are some wonderful people here who are working very hard to end it. Just as an aside, there are 20 states in the United States that also allow corporal punishment in schools. So love light to all those areas so we can end corporal punishment around the world.

Wynn: Okay, we have another contribution from someone. 

Annlisa: This is Annlisa. I just wanted to ask for the homeless to receive help.  Especially now that itís getting colder again, theyíll be needing it even more.

Gary:  I just want to affirm everything else that everyone else has put in the light and in addition to that I like to put some light into my son, Robert, in Auburn, Washington. He is suffering from a double inguinal hernia right now.

Wynn: Alright.  Anyone else? Weíll take one more.

Marsha:  This is Marsha. I would like to put in whatever way is proper for the highest good all of the people, many of whom are homeless, who are misunderstood and who cannot communicate, who are mentally compromised.

Wynn: So Terry, put me in the light. Make sure. (laughter)

Marsha: Youíre brave, Wynn. Youíre egoless and brave.

Gary:   What did I miss? (laughter)

Terry:  Marsha said to put all of those misunderstood, mentally compromised, homeless people into the light and Wynn said to be sure to put him in.

Gary:  Now I got it.


Wynn:   Well, nobody can accuse me of taking myself too seriously. Itís probably my saving grace, why I can get away with this.

PERSONAL HEALING SECTION [Note: This is not meant to replace seeing your doctor or dentist or any alternative practitioner.  Some people get healings here, so you can be open to it:]

Now, weíre going to do our visualization. If youíre on the line for the first time and youíre new on the line, this is one of those things where weíre moving energy. For some of you youíll feel the energy move, and some of you may just hear the words. If youíre just hearing the words and you have no experience of energy moving, then just be patient and keep going through this and listening to it because this is not a trivial thing to move your energy. All of us have lived for probably many lifetimes with our energy within a certain framework of matrix.

When you go to move your energy, there can be a lot of resistance. There can be, first of all, mental doubt.  There can be fear--where am I moving to. There can be trauma that has locked the energy up in your body. There can be a belief pattern that itís not possible. Itís okay not to have the experience.  Just hear my voice and just be neutral.  Donít try. Donít not try. Itís probably the best mode to have the experience of  feeling this energy move and feel the connections.

So weíre going to start and Iím going to ask everyone to take their shoes off if they can. Be sure you are in a quiet room. Put your feet on the floor and weíre going to bring the energy up from the center of the Earth through the floor and into our feet.

Now we said earlier thar just like our bodies have an etheric energy all around us, the Earth is exactly like us in the sense of energy. It has a field around it and we are in the field of the Earth. Weíre so used to being in it that we donít feel it. We donítí feel her. Or we are disconnected from it because even though we are in it, only a small part of us is connected.

So right now weíre going to make a major connection with the Earth. When you feel that energy coming into your feet, some of you can feel a tingle. Some of you can feel it. So it is a finger of energy coming from the earth, through your feet, through your legs, through your calves, through your genitals, through your solar plexus, through your stomach, through your chest, through your neck, through your head. We will stop for a moment at the top of our heads. So we have a finger of energy from the Earth all the way through the top of our head. Feel it?

Letís say hello to the Earth and tell her we love her. This is not trivial. You know telling the Earth you love her might help stop an earthquake in your area, because if the Earth loves you back, sheís going to say, ďWe donít want to do an earthquake in San Francisco. We love Laurie.Ē This is real. There may not be the opportunity to make that decision, because maybe itís just too far gone. But if you connect with the Earth, and she connects back with you then you have a consciousness under your feet, that is working on your behalf.  So we are greeting the Earth, loving the Earth.

We are going to move our energy now through our heads, remember we stopped at the top of our heads? And go above our heads, and we see ourselves one foot above our head. We have gone through what is called our crown chakra and weíre above our head and now we are going to keep moving and we are going to get higher and higher and higher.

There is a place where all our energies combine. We connect with each other. When we meet that place we have gone through the veil of the planet. We are above the veil. Now, one of the tricky things here is because you are above the veil does not mean you can see whatís above the veil. Itís not like when you look through a curtain you can see whatís on the other side. Youíre above the veil with your energy but your body is still in this realm. So you canít see whatís above there.

Itís tricky, because if you lose your positive intent you could pick up negative things which are above the veil. So you donít want to mess with this process. You want to keep it really highly intended. You want to keep the Law of One and Christed energies around it because if you just become a- phenomena-and-curiosity-seeker and lose that [high intention], you can get negatively attacked.

So we are now creating a group energy above the veil. We are inviting our sources, who explain themselves to be huge group energies, to join with our group energy.

They tell us they are watching us during this call.  Theyíre going to talk in just a moment, so, we are not just dealing with anonymous intelligence. One of the ways that this call has occurred is because of all the conversations I have had with them. So now, we have this huge group energy above our body, us and them.  In this part of the call we are going to bring that energy back down.

If you recall, I said earlier when you connect way up there and then you bring it down you have the opportunity to heal the energies that have been distorted in your matrix.

Remember time doesnít exist, so when we talk about going back in time, there is no back in time. Itís all here right now, and so right now the place exists where we were all One prior to separating, because they both exist--the place of Oneness and the place of Separation. Well, weíre going back to the place of oneness. Weíre moving back to the place before we separated, right now. 

So weíre recreating ourselves from that place.  Now weíre going to travel back down through the matrices, which may be hundreds of thousands of years of lifetimes. Weíre going to travel down them from the place before all those matrices got distorted . Wherever there is permission to do healing on that in your matrix, ask for it, because, in essence, itís the higher part of yourself healing the lower part of yourself. So this is not some external force doing this. It is YOU doing it to your SELF, but from the place that you do not normally access of yourself.

So weíre bringing the energy down and weíre plugged into this huge area that existed before we got screwed up and weíre going to plug it in and move it down through the top of our head. (breaths deeply) Aaaaahhh. Can you feel that energy in your head?

Notice the difference in feeling from when we brought the energy of the Earth up and when we bring the energy of celestial realm down. Feel your head. Feel  energy all around your head.  Can you see  light in your third eye and your brain? 

So now, take a moment and have that energy work with anywhere thatís distorted, out-of-balance, in your head.  Move it around.  Send it to your brain.  Send it to your ears.  Send it to your third eye and your forehead.  Send it to your eyes.  Maybe you donít have good circulation in your eyes.  See the circulation right now improving.  Send it to your nose and to your mouth.  Cavities.  Letís get rid of cavities. Or letís get rid of infection.  Letís get rid of gum disease. Imagine crowds of this beautiful white light energy surrounding your teeth and your gums, down through your neck. 

Now if I miss a place where you know you have problems, you be sure and think of that problem and send this energy to the problem.  Down your neck to your chest, and into your heart and your lungs.  Letís see the physical heart and the lungs operating.  Letís take a deep, deep, deep breath. Aaaahhhh. Let it out.

We see the heart, the arteries, the plaque.  The plaque is dispersing.  The heart is beating.  Itís beating a good rhythm.  And weíll work with the energy of the heart. 

You know, according to our sources, in order to graduate this realm your heart energy needs to be open slightly more than half.  So letís start releasing stuff around our heart to get this energy open. 

So to begin with, letís look at what you might be holding in your heart. Whom do you have resentment for? Put them in the front of your mind and forgive them. Who has really done you in in this lifetime? Who has really taken advantage of you and you really have this huge anger and hate for them somewhere inside you? Letís let it go. Look at that situation and silently say, ďI forgive you.Ē Now this doesnít mean you have to be somebodyís friend. You may never talk to them again but if youíre holding them in your heart, that might be the 2% that keeps you from graduating, okay? So let it go! Donít hold them.

All that stuff is taking up the percentage of your heart thatís holding you in this realm. So you are letting these things go for yourself. Think of the lovers that rejected you, have you forgiven them? Are you still holding anger and hurt for them in your heart?

Remember you may not have been so good. Think of all these things that youíve done to other people and forgive yourself. Try not to keep doing them, but forgive yourself for what youíve done that brought hurt and pain to other people  If you understand what youíve done, you donít have to do it again. You donít have to repeat hurting, that hurt.

Weíll go down to our solar plexus, stomach, the center of our digestion. Letís see if we can feel our whole digestive canal from our mouth through our esophagus through our stomach through our colon and out through the rear end or whichever part it is coming out.  Feel the whole energy in that system and cleanse it. This is a very important system. If part of it is not flowing, figure out what in your life you are doing that is affecting that part. Maybe you are not taking things in and assimilating them. Maybe youíre rigid. I would bet If youí donít take things in, youíre not open to things in a receptive way. You may not be able to assimilate food.  You canít digest it and break it down properly.

If yourí not releasing stuff, you may be constipated. You may have noted sometimes when you do something like clean up your house, you may have a really good release afterwards, or you call somebody that you meant to call and suddenly the energy is free afterwards. Watch and notice these things.

Of course, the solar plexus is the seat of power. Itís where you radiate your power energies, third chakra power energy. If people move into your space, and they invade your psychic space, then your third chakra energy may not be strong enough.

Letís strengthen it right now. Letís just see that energy. Imagine the energy coming from your third chakra ten feet around you. Somebody walks near you, they feel that energy.

People that study martial arts are taught to strengthen their third chakra. People say that if you study martial arts and you become a master of it, when you walk around in the world, people feel that energy and they donít mess with you. They donít even have to know that you studied martial arts. Why is that?  They are taught to hold the energy of their third chakra and when you feel the energy of somebodyís third chakra it demands that you respect that and keep the space and honor the space of that person. You feel their power.

We go down to our genitals, our second chakra, and it is said that the second chakra is both sex and creativity. Sometimes when people are operating in high creative modes they donít have their sexual needs as strong. Creating babies, creating life is all part of the second chakra, and it is also a built-in system to everyoneís body that they have to learn to deal with, to accept and figure out, ďWhat is the right way of dealing with that energy in me?Ē From the universeís point of view there is no right or wrong. The only right or wrong is not to hurt people.

We go down to the root chakra and weíll connect that to the Earth. We go to our legs and do the same thing, connect it back to the Earth.

Shut your eyes now and monitor your body and if you can feel all those energies that weíve created, you can feel the energy way above you and way below you and your body is stuck in the middle of it.  You can feel those energies but you canít see them, but guess what? When your body disappears from this realm those energies will be YOU.  Letís just take them in.

Ask again, if thereís any part of you needs healing. Be open to receive that healing. Ask our sources, who are also you, ask them to work with you to help those things clear.

Is there anyone that you know that needs healing that is troubled? Letís send this energy to them. Send the light to them right now for the highest good.


Calling in the light is just a speeded up version of what we just did and weíll have our sources address the things that you guys brought up.

Father-Mother God, we ask for the presence of the light to surround and protect each person here and any negativity be taken to the higher realms of light and transmuted for the highest good of all concerned. We see ourselves in the flow of energy radiating from the center of the universe, through the galaxies, through the center of our galaxy,  through the solar system, through the planets of our system, through our bodies and into the center of the Earth. And right now we invoke a group connection amongst all of us present, and all of those who are listening and we invite those sources who are positive, service -to-others, operating in Christed Light , honoring the Law of One to join with us and create a protected space that only the positive can access and anything not of that nature must leave now. We await the presence of our sources.


We greet you in the love light of the One Infinite Creator. This is Ra-An. September 19, 2010. Sunday grid healing. We extend our delight and our connection and touching to each and every individual on this line and each and every individual who will listen later or will read any transcripts.

We also are connecting nonlinearly to each of the areas which everyone that put something in the light has mentioned.  As these are areas that [we] can connect [with] and nonlinearly build the energy in the Earth plane, [we] can connect the areas that have been mentioned to the higher forces, adding leverage, much like what Wynn was talking about with the third chakra, the power chakra.

Our entry into sending energy into these areas can add power to the solution and can bring--and we thank you every one of you on the line as you are a great help in this--it can bring love light and power and an extra torque into the Earth plane to move forward the areas.

[We send] love/light to the light workers and can help send and reinforce the energy of the light workers in their intention to make a better world and can ease their overwhelm to some degree as we take on part of the torque load towards bringing a harmonious resolution in the Earth plane.

Also with the Israel and Palestine situation, we can send love light to the radiant part of each individual taking part in the calls and taking part in the discussions and we can send love light to each and every individual within the countries of Israel and Palestine, to the radiant energy that is at the heart of each individual and they will recognize it because each and every individual is a part of God and at his heart and core has this love light.

We send love light to the matrices that we have mentioned, as they each help and assist with this intention to bring love light to areas of conflict within the Earth density and [we] put [the] power of the higher forces, which we are, behind it for the harmonious solution, and this is totally free will.

We sense the participation of each and every person who is within their own free will contributing the intention towards harmonious solutions.

We send the love light to trees, to the animals, within the wilderness and we send love light to areas of drought wherein the trees and the shrubs are clinging to life. We send love light to those areas. We send love light to the weather pattern systems that they may move in with more moisture to areas of drought.

We send love light to the girl in Washington who has fallen and we see that she has decided to live. We anticipate that her blindness and brain damage will be even less than they have predicted and even less than the new prediction as she takes hold of her body and begins to with her own will move it towards healing and we provide tools for her for healing.

We send love light to the teachers of Uganda and of any area of teachers within the world and we send strength that they may find solutions toward working with the students which will not alienate the students by beatings and will keep the studentís attention in the two-way communication to keep the students interested and thereby increase the amount of learning that a student may wish to receive from the lessons.

We send love light to all the homeless people and to the mentally challenged and misunderstood people who are struggling to survive in areas of various cities and areas other than cities, any homeless person or mentally challenged person in that situation everywhere, that they may wake up and look at the sky and be able to feel a little better and to be able to give thanks for the little that they can carry and begin to get grounded. We send synchronicities for help that may find them and help them through their difficult situation and days.

We send love light to Garyís son in Washington and we send love light to the situation. May he find a good solution; and we speak very slowly as we are looking at the situation as we speak.

We send love light to the water of the world everywhere and to the whales and to the dolphins, the keepers of the energy bridges within the deep and the network of communications that those pods create and the light that they bring, increasing the tone of the world towards more cheerful, more playful, more loving, as these creatures have the ability to move to higher dimensions and to maintain love light and to dispense with negative energy distortion much as someone may tune out an unwanted radio station on their radio.

We send love light to the waters of China and we send forbearance that the individuals responsible for the pollution may see articles about the pollution and may begin to realize and to consider consequences although they are so delighted over making money, many of them do not wish to spend the extra necessary for the proper dispense of the waste materials.

On the Gulf Stream, we envision the water moving within the loop and the water being warmer within the Gulf to reinstate the proper loop current. The Gulf has become too cold and too viscous and the viscosity has increased to a higher level. The chemicals bleed heat off and cool the Gulf.  We envision the Gulf Stream re-establishing, we envision the warmth of the Gulf returning.

We also look beneath the Gulf and we see a huge methane bubble and as we bring the consciousness within the area of the bubble, the smell of the methane and the toxicity of the methane pervades. We see the pressure rise, the pressure of this methane bubble increasing. Then we do another take and we picture the bubble being less in size, and we picture the bubble shrinking. We take a minute to picture thisÖwe picture the Gulf returning to warmth and we picture the Gulf with clear water instead of with chemical pollutants in areas that are killing the porgies and the shellfish and taking all the oxygen and not allowing a life-giving sustenance within the water. We picture the water being crystalline clear and hold that as an image for the water to return to. Hold it as an image for the chemicals to leave. Hold it as an image for proper viscosity of the water to return and proper temperature of the water to return to re-establish the warmth in the Gulf Stream flowing to the Northern countries.

Lastly, we take a look at this very good suggestion of looking at individualís egos and we see that the ego is responsible for individuals not fulfilling their own deep needs and their own deep desires. It has a place and it needs discretion in using the ego. And one needs to be able to turn it off when it is getting in the way and it is taking over. And one needs to be able to moderate it, turn it down and to turn it off in order to be vulnerable and to fulfill their deepest desires. We place that as a concept that individuals may of their own free will in their own time choose as an option.

We thank you, each and every one of you, and we love each and every one of you, and we are there with you and available to you. We leave but we do not leave.


Wynn:  Thank you very much.


Weíre going to continue with the final section of our call, where we invoke our own group energy and send it to our planet.

What we do is we move back to that place that we created. Of course, when I say move back, we move the focus of our attention back because that place has always been there. It will always be there. It will be there when the call is over, but we are consciously putting our intention on that place --where we were existed before we separated, which exists right now.

So by doing that we are now able to look at the Earth from that place and you can just use your imagination and imagine this might be true. You donít have to believe it. We see the Earth, and we are all in this group energy with our sources looking at the Earth, at a sphere in space. We can imagine this little string of energy that goes from that group energy going down to where we are individually. See that little string going from the group down to your body and look at your body from up there instead of looking at it up there from down there.

Just use your imagination to do this. You donít have to believe it. You donít have to disbelieve it. And from this group energy, from this vantage point, we are going to send beams of light down to Earth, with giant flashlights, laser beams, and weíll start out with the waters of the Earth, the oceans, the rivers, the lakes and the tap water. And we are beaming down on all the oceans sending love light energy into the water, changing the crystalline formations, lifting the vibrations, clearing the toxins, especially when we move to Gulf Stream and however we can add something. We can visualize the loop current flowing. Letís do that right now.

So we go from oceans, to the water in our tap, to the bottles of water in our refrigerator and letís just charge them all up with positive energy

Weíll go to the land masses, to the mountaintops as our reference points and we are going to focus energy into all the mountains, the Alps, the Andes, Yellowstone, Glacier National Park, Yosemite, The Rocky Mountains, so many mountain ranges all over our planet, the AndesÖ.and we can just beam our flashlights into all these mountains, bringing in this new paradigm of energy to the Earth.

Keep in mind when we do this, we are healing just as when we bring our own energy source back into our body and we are healing the energies in between.  Itís exactly what we are doing here.  We donít have to even understand it.

The gridlines are all the energies around our planet that can become deactivated and do not allow the energy to flow anymore. So, weíre making the connection above and below the gridlines, which have to activate the gridlines to get through. We are making pathways, energetic pathways.

We go to the plants, the trees, that are all over our planet that are reaching up.

Look out a window, see a tree, use it as a representative tree, your token tree. See the energy coming down and go back and forth, start off looking at the tree, go back to our group consciousness, and imagine the tree receiving that energy from above, through it and into the Earth and the weeds, the bushes, the flowers, all plant life, in the flow of this energy.

And weíll do the animals; all the pets, the dogs, the cats, the fish, the birds especially for the dogs and cats who work more closely with humans. The captive animals in zoos, and the wild animals and to the humans.

Oh wait before we leave animals, we should bring the dolphins and whales, which we also mentioned, two of the most evolved animals on our planet, that are actually sensitive to these energies and are part of holding the energies of the planet together.

Okay. now letís go to humans--light workers. What is a light worker? A light worker is anyone that has created a desire to be of service in their life who has become sensitive and aware of these higher energies and has taken a personal degree of responsibility to be a transmitter of these energies into this realm, which makes all of you light workers; because this is exactly what we are doing now and all those other beings all over our planet who are doing this, who are reaching to do this. We can join with them and they can join with us at a high-self level, and energetically connect with the work we are all doing. We can support them, they can support us.

And the indigo and crystal kids, who all came into this realm that are here and donít know why they are here, letís send them love and light and energy. More and more things are coming up on internet that are helping to reveal to the crystal kids their purpose.

And all those people who are using traditional formats, following religious discipline, spiritual discipline, yoga, meditation, all who are reaching for higher connection using whichever pathway they choose, letís send this love and light energy to them.

You know, when you look at a picture of a person in church with their eyes shut and praying even though they may be using a model which has certain distortions in it, within the model, there still is the potential for the real connection because it encourages them to have a high intent to reach for God. You can see the energy in some of the pictures coming through the top of their heads and they are making the connection.

Letís send the light now to the fault lines of our planet. Surround every fault line with love light energy and balancing.

In particular weíll do the Pacific Rim, the land masses around the Pacific Ocean, We do this in particular because theyíve asked us to do it  in the channelings and itís a weak area.

So we start from South America, the western coast of South America Central America, Mexico, western coast of the United States, San Diego. We go up the western coast of the United States.  We know there are people living in those areas that are on the line now, so when we go through your area  Iíll make it slow and take in the energies and re-transmit them into your physical space, San DiegoÖCarlsbadÖ.Long Beach, Orange County, Costa Mesa, Los Angeles, Ventura, Santa Barbara, San Francisco, Daly City, Concord, Berkeley [Oakland, Emeryville, Richmond, Calistoga, Napa, Sacramento].

Imagine how it looks from the higher realms. Here is this one source of energy beaming down through time space and each of you is opening up to receive this energy and anchor it in your physical location. 

Encino, moving up the coast, Eureka--if I skipped your city you just fill it in--the coast of Oregon, Mt. Hood, the coast of Washington, Mt. Rainer, Vancouver, the western coast of Canada, up through Alaska, over to the USSR, down the coast of Russia, the eastern coast down to Indonesia, Japan and New Zealand, and Australia, the Hawaiian Islands, the Fiji Islands, all the islands of the Pacific, Guam.

Letís just see ourselves up in our perched group energy radiating energy to that entire area, the whole area, bathed in love light. Every place there is an earthquake fault that we find it and surround it so it can be neutralized to the greatest good of all concerned, to a place where if it goes off, it does minimum damage and itís off the area of major populations.

Now letís go to the [Mid-]Atlantic ridge,  St. Louis, the New Madrid fault and all those fault lines on our planet that we donít even know about.. Letís just move up to our perch and send this light energy down, to find those areas, to find them, to let our sources help us find them and balance them.

We know weíre going to have earthquakes. We know weíre going to have upsets. So we canít fix that. We can mitigate perhaps some of the more disastrous incidents or put them off until we have more time to deal with it.

And droughts, any place thereís not water and rain. Letís ask for rainfall and letís ask for a flow in a manner that is not causing mudslides, not causing floods, but gentle flow of consistent rain that helps the crops and fills the reservoirs.

Letís in particular send the light to the Israeli Middle East situation, the Iranian situation,. We know there was a danger of something happening there.  It hasnít happened.

To North Korea for the highest good, Pakistan, letís just go to everywhere in the world that people are suffering because of any reason.  Letís send the light to those suffering and experiencing inequities for there to be upliftment of energy.

And right now letís ask for interventions. One of the biggest interventions that you can have is blocking the energy of fear from the collective. One of the thoughts of the negative is to create so much fear that weíre paralyzed. Letís surround the collective with a protective one way mirror that bounces fear off of it and lets love light through it. Letís focus on that, right now. Weíre going to create a shield. We think big here.

If the collective goes into fear and holds fear, that will be a very difficult thing to recover from.  There is nothing more important than protecting the collective and keeping ourselves out of fear because once we are in fear we can be controlled.

Okay, letís ask for interventions in the breakdown of toxic materials in chemtrails; molecular restructuring of chemtrails, so any viruses, toxic materials, anything that is harmful for humans is disassembled.

Let us ask for interference to any frequencies in our air waves that are designed to control us. Any reverse energies that can break up those controlling vibrations which we know is happening, which are being broadcast.

Letís  ask for disabling of any nuclear weapons that might be about to go off. The fuses turned off, they wonít operate.

Letís ask for disabling of any nefarious plots of the negative that are not in the highest good of all concerned that abuse the free will of all those other people. Where free will of the few is abridged by the majority, we ask for interventions to block plots of mal intent against the minority. 

On that note letís come back to ourselves. Remember everything exists simultaneously so we have actually never left ourselves and when we come back to yourself, we never leave our group energy. Itís all existing at one time. But for the moment, we will take our focus of attention to ourselves and now we go back to our little bodies and looking back up at our group energy, just a moment ago we were looking down on the planet from the group energy, so we go back to our little bodies and we are now the recipients of this energy we created earlier. We shut our eyes and go back a moment to the experience of the connection to the energy.

Remember when we hang up from this call, you still can access that.  Itís all there waiting for you, your little pin-prick of a body, living in your little city, thatís connected to this huge hologram of energy and you are helping to anchor that energy in your physical life on this planet.

In fact, for many of you that is the reason you are here, These calls have reminded you. ďWow! That makes sense, I didnít really fit in,Ē You didnít. You came here to do this, and now you are doing it.

You are the wanderers, the star seeds, and the light workers and this was your purpose, to anchor these energies. People ask, ďWhat am I here for? What am I supposed to do?Ē

Realize when you start to make this connection, whatever you do, you are always doing it. You are connecting these energies. You are lifting the vibration of the physical world in your local geography. By coming in on these calls, you are creating the same energy even in a bigger way all over our planet.

Please get some more people on these calls. Do not explain to them what it is. Just tell them to check it out.. You know, the less you talk to people [the better,] what Iíve learned is to keep it simple. Just keep it really simple. Just say, ďHey, check it out!Ē Make people curious, but donít try to explain it to them because youíll just get tongue tied and they wonít understand it. But if they get on the call and they feel the energy, thatĎs what they need. They need to feel the energy. You canít put this in their mind and try to get it across, but you can drag them to the call, even conference them in, and give them the opportunity to check it out.

While we have this space, take an extra moment, ask for any healings you need for yourself, send this energy to people you connect with, any healings for them. Any circumstances of your life, ask for synchronicities to come.

Okay, thank you everybody who was on the call, and everybody whoís listening, all those people in other countries. We are so grateful to have you supporting what we are doing. 

Weíll see you again tomorrow night. By the way, tomorrow night is going to be Carla Ruekert and myself. I havenít figured out a topic yet but we will be on at 6 pm Pacific on and on the phone line. There will be another notice on message-a-day telling you about it, to remind you.

Our Wednesday calls are getting more and more interesting. I can tell you, people are sending really, really great questions. Itís really one way of validating what we are doing--listening to the Wednesday calls and listening to the way our sources are answering the questions because we have to imagine where are those answers coming from. Listen regularly.  It helps program your doubtful, skeptical mind that this can be real which is an easy thing to doubt.  Itís pretty far out.  On that note, Iím turning off the tape recorder. Good bye everyone.


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