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                      Wednesday Sept. 22 with Ra'An



This is Wednesday, September 22. My name is Wynn Free and this is our special conference call where we ask our Sources questions that you submit. We have a number of people on the call and we are going to have a number of people listening on the call and a number of people listening on the replays.

We have some intelligences who have been talking to me for eight years. The voice has a name and the name is Elohim. This is the name used for God in the old testament and the name the Mormons use for God. I asked them if they were the same and they said we are part of the same. They said ask us questions.

We have been doing this for some time now and I am convinced that this is real and there has been a number of people who have been tracking me for a while, also think this is real. We do this publicly. Terry is on the line. She has no idea what I am going to ask her. The voice that comes through her actually says they are a combination of two groups souls, the Elohim Group and the Ra Group and we have asked every kind of question under the sun and you are privileged to be able to listen to the answers and draw your own conclusion. One of the things about this, even if they are one of the creators of this realm, and even if they are really sharp and smart and perceptive and wise and can sometimes do miracles, the universe is One Being, one energy, so the Elohim are really the higher part of ourselves and we are the lower part of themselves. One way of looking at it is that your whole body is made up of cells and there are many different systems in your body but you usually don't get to pay attention to the individuals systems and cells, you operate as one. The universe is One Being and we are all cells in that Being and the Elohim is kind of a later management group of cells and can interface with us. That's about as good an explanation as I'm going to come up with, except don't believe any of it, the thing about it is, to pay attention over a period of time, and listen to the way they answer the questions and over a period of time, if you keep coming into these calls, there is a really good chance that you will feel those energies. What we do at first is call in the light. Calling in the light is a group intention to bring our energy into unity.


(Wynn calls in the light)


Wynn: Do we have a Source that would introduce themselves to us?


Ra'An: Yes. We are delighted to be with each and every one of you and make a connection. This Ra'An and today is September 22nd 2010. We have a translating division within the Council of Ahn, who translates the concepts that we wish to convey and they take the concepts from the raw data that is in the Elohim Group. There are various divisions of the Elohim Group. There is Grace as in the song, Amazing Grace that provides the bypass of work, provides the grease by which miracles can happen and things can be brought into the third density through the auspices of Grace. We have divisions of those who make and repair focusing units for life. Your human body would be one example of a focusing unit of life with sub-divisions in it which would be the various organs of the body: the various systems of the body which work in unison. We also have connections with the Ra Group, so that it will expand the amount of frequencies, since our frequencies are very high, it extends the frequencies into the lower realms by bringing the frequencies of Ra and certain sections of them are available to also help answer the questions and help ground the energy. Do you have questions?


Wynn: Yes we do. We have a question that I'll start with because it is kind of a flow from the way you introduced yourself. This is not an easy question to answer but we have so many individual energies that are part of your group but I'll put it out and you can answer as you see fit.

What is it like to live in your world? How do you communicate among yourselves? Do souls have good days and bad days? Do you experience feelings and do you sleep? Do you experience the variety of emotions that we experience on earth? Do you get tired? Do you get bored with your job and want to do something else? Do you always have everything you need, in other words, what's it like to live in your life as opposed to the human experience?


Ra'An: We are so delighted that you asked that question because we were thinking of the preamble of telling you some of those answers but we decided to wait until you asked the question. In our world we do not speak English. We speak mathematics and speak in terms of very easy back and forth communications in concepts of mathematics. Mathematical equations and relationships, in other words, let's say that we are working with one of the divisions which is creating focusing mechanisms or bodies or the loose connection of concepts that fit then into the interlocking geometries that make up a focusing mechanism. Let's say that the flow is not working quite right and then we would speak in terms of mathematics and love to the individual and the thoughts would be relayed from energy to energy without language such as you know language. They would be revealed in two ways. One would be the mathematics of connections and the relaying of the area where the mathematics was not quite right, which would then the individual would immediately understand the equations that would be needed to make changes in the interlocking geometries that would then fix and repair the energy systems that would eventually become a repaired individual soul who had become damaged, say in some kind of explosion within the 3rd density and his matrix had become torn and misaligned.

We have higher frequency groups that when they send energy that appears in colors as if one was putting a paint brush over a scene would wash the scene in say light pink and would convey, much like a smile does in 3rd density but would convey the friendship and warmth one of the energy units would feel for another.

Do we get tired? Well, one of the reasons for tiredness is the interaction between interlocking geometries that creates some friction and then needs some time for repair so if an individual is working in just the energy unit but is working in a project that has not has been going totally correctly we start to experience frustration and the fold down of time, and time goes much more quickly when we are working with these energy units in our realm. We do have a matrix even in the other realm and when that matrix is working on a project that is becoming frustrated that can misalign our own matrix as we track with the frustrating matrix and we become in need of repair of our matrix and we need to take a break and a rest and to repair our own matrix. We do not think of it so much as sleep as you do in the 3rd density, because what happens when you sleep then you repair not only the physical body but you repair the mental body and the emotional body and you and the Ra Group who can work with people in dreams can send dreams to the individual that can help to repair the emotional group for instance, at this time we are sending dreams to the channel entity concerning making mistakes as there has been a tendency to want to be perfect by the channeling entity so in the dreams that the Ra Group are sending to the entity, there are opportunities to make mistakes and make corrections and make mistakes and make corrections and be totally loved during the whole process. This is a teaching kind of a dream that we can send, that the Ra Group more can more particularly can send to one in the 3rd density.


It is delightful to live in our density and as we look at the process of translation we think in mathematical terms and therefore everything is very very fast and in terms of total telepathy and love and so then when we look at your realm or one of your questions and then we begin to form a manifestation of the questions and then we begin to draw upon our knowledge and the knowledge of All That Is, to bring in examples or remote view areas and to translate a concept that can help harmonize the problem or an area that the individual is questioning about. A large part of the job is the individual's job for the correction for we can only point things out. The first requirement is for a person to ask because then we know they are in alignment with process and they are going to be looking for a change and a solution. If they do not ask then we often just see that the individual in moving in a remote, automatic way, working through the issue on the lower 3rd density plane and that is fine but when we look at the possibility of manifestations that could make more harmony within that individual's life, then we can comment on that. It is up to the individual and his own effort and willpower and intention to be able to bring about the change much like the chain on the bicycle where the person does the peddling and then there is the translation into the movement along the path of the wheels. We hope that gives you a little bit of insight into our life.


Wynn: Thank you very much.

We have a question from Lisa in San Francisco and Lisa has Lupus and she has been coming to our calls and really connecting, I believe with the energies of what we are doing and she is intrigued with the possibility, in fact I told her she should ask this question because my sister had a circumstance where her Lupus disappeared and you said it was like putting a filter in her blood and taking the Lupus out. Lisa has Lupus and another autoimmune disease called sclerodermia and her Lupus has never been in remission and she says, it's hard for her to believe that my sister's Lupus really went away. If you could get rid of my sister's Lupus, is there any hope for Lisa or what would she have to do to free herself of this disease?


Ra'An: We could feel this question coming over this last week. Give us a moment. There is a shift needed in this body as this body has come to feel the Lupus as a normal condition. With your sister there was the shock of the change from the operation which then allowed a greater opportunity for clearing the Lupus. There is a heaviness that is brought by the Lupus in this individual who has asked this question. There is a heaviness that is perhaps not felt as Lupus but is felt perhaps as a normal body operation. Give us a moment. We are looking at this minute. Get the feeling of that heaviness being gone even if you can grasp it for a instant. Get a feeling of a more lighter feeling within your body, that that heaviness is gone. That heaviness is caused by not enough life force going to the cells; not enough oxygen and nutrients going to the cells as the Lupus is taking like a thief from the body energy. Get that feeling as you may be having now, of the lightness, a lighter feeling. Isolate out that heaviness and get a glimpse of the lightness that life can feel like. That is all that we can do right now. Give us a minute. Practice over the week that feeling of lightness and we suggest that you come back next Wednesday and then ask further. Do you have the next question?


Wynn: We have a person named Chris on the line tonight who has had a real issue with drugs and he knows they are bad for him and he keeps going back to them and he doesn't seem to be able to resist. What can he do to get over this pattern and move forward?


Ra'An: Thank you Chris, we welcome you. We suggest that you get a source for acetal chlorine and that you increase your acetal chlorine. We suggest that you get a source for a good B vitamins and that you up your B vitamins, particularly B1 also B6 and B12 as you need more of these in your system also. Get a source for oil, Omega 3, Omega 6 and even Omega 9. Get enough oil within your system. Also one of the reasons for the orientation towards the drugs, although this may not be the main reason, is that the drugs that are in your system are calling for more of the same and once they leave your system, it would be easier. Another area is the desire for the harmony and the love-light and the non conflict and the resolution of conflict that sometimes in the drug experience you can experience. It is a very peaceful experience. Your body has come to experience it. Give us a moment. We suggest that you can call also to Dr. Marshall and speak to one of his representatives and the number would be 310 320 1132 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting              310 320 1132      end_of_the_skype_highlighting and ask them for any possibilities of vitamins or minerals or herbs that would help flush the drugs that are in your body out of your body and that will also bring a natural high and joy to you about your body having correct nutrition. One of the troubles with drugs is that the drugs actually burn up the nutrients the body really needs and do not replace them, however, when you can establish a high from nutrition that the body really needs. It is replenishing those missing nutrients and then can be a more stable feeling. So we think one of the things is that you can get some B vitamins from Dr. Marshall and you can get some things that target the liver, like liver complex and kidney complex and then drink lots of water perhaps putting some liquid B vitamins into the water during the day to help flush your system. Then also before you go to sleep at night, just take a moment for yourself and love yourself and observe yourself and love yourself. For if you can work little by little to see within yourself the natural state of love and high nutrition there will be less of a need for the drug experience. Thank you.


Wynn: Thank you.

A question on the Bible Codes. Now it is my understanding that a good portion of the Bible was directly from Jesus' words and there were other part that were edited, added later that may or may not have the same degree of profoundness as the direct words of Jesus. In recent times they have used computers on the Bible and have come up with all kinds of word combinations that seem to indicate that the Bible within the strange ways that words are combined, that the Bible is predicting many of the events of current times. Could you explain a little bit of that phenomenon and also it is positive?


Ra'An; Thank you for your question. Give us a moment. The Bible Code has within it a code for finding meanings by matching letters. The Bible are from different eras, different books in the Bible have different derivations and there were other books that were never discovered. There are theories as to why this has come about that there can be a series of letters, say twenty letters apart within the Bible transcript that then can come up with names from current history. We do not believe that history has to follow certain sequences in this way as one may go into this writing and then pull out events about future prognostications. We do not believe that one has to have that future and we are above the ficticity of the time track and we believe that, although one can automatically follow a certain time track as he has himself programed for the future that it does not have to come out that way as a person deviates his intention. So we look at this within the Bible Code to fix things in an abnormal way in an individual's mind. There is more to be said on this subject but this is all that we wish to say at this time.


Wynn: You may not want to answer this question but if you don't want to you can pass and that is: Obviously there is some intelligence in some other realm that is responsible for these patterns in the Bible. Could we say that this intelligence was at a lower negative level and not from the Sources that we are talking to?


Ra'An: Definitely. The Sources were of a lower level. There may have been other groups that worked with the Jewish people and then have been later replace because their guidance was more of a destructive nature and at the time perhaps the people may have needed that particular guidance as it matched their fierce attitude, however it was not from our high level.


Wynn: Thank you.

Another question that was submitted tonight is: Today there are many people who are channels who identify the Source coming through them as Jesus. Does Jesus ever speak through channels in this way or is this an other Source mimicking Jesus?


Ra'An: We would say that there is an area within the Ra Group which we would call the Christ Consciousness which is similar to what Grace does in our group. The Christ Consciousness is very sacred and hallowed and is available to speak and be accessed and people can access that and then can relay the information. The individual of Jesus is holding a consciousness for the betterment of earth and it is conceivable that he can speak through some channels in this mode, however one has to be very careful that one does not get a Source of mixed polarity or is seeking recognition merely by using the name.


Wynn: Thank you. How can one tell the difference?


Ra'An: One can tell the difference when it is the Christ Consciousness there is a light; a lightness and a beautiful love and a feeling of harmony and a feeling of release. There are other words that could apply that are in a similar vein. Harmony, a feeling of love, a feeling of being cared for, a feeling of being understood, and we do not totally know about the word understood, because we would more rather use a word like being comprehended because under means lesser than, and understand means that perhaps the person has some recognition of what is going on, but may not know the whole story and the Christ Consciousness tends to know the whole story. One can tell whether it is Jesus again by a similar sensing of the frequency and the degree of love and caring and compassion that is coming through and that the individual that is coming through is not changing rules or trying to take one over.


Wynn: Thank you. We have one more question for tonight. That last question was from Coleen Brown. We thank you Coleen for sending it.

This is a personal question from someone who is going through anxiety and it comes from Edna. She unexpectedly quit her job yesterday because they wanted to move her to another city. Now she doesn't have a job and she is planning to move to Washington and she is a little bit freaking out and she wants to know what she can do to keep her strength and positive attitude so she does not fall into a depression and so she can find another job.


Ra'An: Thank you Edna. The bonds and the connections to the job that you have had are strong and have been a support in your matrix field and reliance upon those connections and now it is totally comprehensible that you would feel anxiety since those bonds are not there right now so it will take some time to reestablish the underpinnings and to reconnect with support. It is as if there is a building and suddenly someone has removed part of the foundation and one needs to rebuild that foundation and then you will feel supported again and your anxiety can leave. In the making of and remaking of connections of support you can review your options and then you can, like a person moving through an unknown territory, can check out the surroundings and check out the surroundings again until you figure out how to put the support back. It is totally normal to feel anxiety in the situation you are in. That is our answer.


Wynn: Thank you. That is our last question for tonight. On that note do you have any closing comments for us?


Ra'An: We send love to each and every one of you and it is truly a miraculous beautiful experience that we are able to connect with each and every one of you. We are there and so you do not need the phone lines to ask. The individuals in the 3rd density they ask and they reach and sometimes we can see their aura extending above their heads as they are seeking and asking and reaching but we are of such a high frequency that it is hard within your density of lower frequencies to know that we are there and we are hearing you and sensing you and feeling you and we are looking for ways when you ask in the highest good to provide sychronicities that can help you to achieve your goal. We leave but we do not leave.


Wynn: Thank you and thank you all for listening and all of you who are listening on the replay. My name is Wynn Free and if you are interested in more information about this work you can subscribe to We will see some of you Sunday on our grid healing.