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September 29th 2010 with the Ra'An



This is Wednesday, September 29th, 2010 and this is Wynn Free and Terry Brown in Arizona and we are doing our Wednesday night conference call where we are going to ask questions that you have submitted. Those of you who are listening and have never submitted a question, do that at: and it's a really good thing to do, because when you ask a question, especially if I have your name attached to the question, in many questions they will have to look at you and move into your field.

So we have some very interesting questions for tonight and Terry, are you ready?


Terry: Yes I am


Wynn (Wynn calls in the light)

Do we have a Source ready to answer our questions for tonight?


Ra'An: Yes. We greet you in the love-light of the One Infinite Creator. This is Ra'An and it is the 29th of September, 2010 and we are delighted to be with each and every one of you. We can feel some of the individuals on the line feeling our energies up through their crown chakra and a pressure coming down from the crown chakra as we greet each and every one of you on the line. We also make this greeting available to everybody that tunes into the call later or reads the transcripts and we are delighted and thankful to each person that is involved with doing the transcripts and listening and just being there. We thank you so much for this connection. It is a fulfillment of our almost long lost goal of making a connection with the individuals in the 3rd density. We sense your questions. Would you read them?


Wynn: You know we have two different people who sent questions in that go together and I think I should put them together because one leads into the other. The first question is from Carol and the second question is from Wendy and these have to do with soul age. It's interesting that I have two questions in such a similar topic. Carol asks what part does soul age play in human development and the current developments on earth and Wendy asks does the Infinite Creator keeps creating new souls and new forms of life even right now, in this universe and even right now on our planet. I imagine that soul age would be the moment a soul gets individuated from All That Is. Is that clear?


Ra'An: Yes, that is correct and then an individual when they become individuated, starts on their journey through the 3rd dimension or the higher dimensions often starting in the higher dimensions and then exploring further down to the lower densities and gaining experience in all those realms. The longer an individual is within density the more that the individual gains in experience, so the greater the soul age, the more experience an individual has. Whether an individual is able to move through the densities and still maintain the ability to become mobile and not interiorize and get stuck in one dimension, the more knowledge the individual will gain. There are certain parts of knowledge that helps an individual more than other experiences. On of the main experiences an individual can have is the ability to move with the situation and stay in the now. If an individual becomes side tracked and stuck off to the side in a stuck circumstance, even though their soul age may be great, they may not be gaining further experience as they are during that period mainly grinding away and stuck. So to keep one's self open; one's heart open and lets experiences goes that are difficult experiences but to not get stuck in them, this will be of an aid to this individual.

The second question is, are there souls being created as time goes on, the answer is yes. Part of the Elohim group of which we are a part, are in the area of creating new bodies for individuals that are called from All That Is to begin to experience within their own life, and have a life as beings in a body, then can corral the life force and begin experiences to occur. It is not necessary for a body to exist for the individual to be born into the densities as a new form as there are hidden electrical configurations that then can so order and bound the energy within a boundary which then begins to break away and to move into it's own experience without the benefit of a focusing mechanism, which is a body of some sort. That is our answer.


Wynn: When new souls are created, it is part of the energy of the Elohim what is separating?


Ra'An: It is part of the energy of the One Being of which All Is, that is separating and it does not have to be within the realm of the Elohim.


Wynn: Does it take more than one Elohim with the same intention to create a new soul?


Ra'An: It is the intention of the part of All That Is, that is separating out that creates the new soul.


Wynn: Are there also new Elohim beings created in the same way?


Ra'An: Yes there are.


Wynn: Once that soul gets a certain awareness of itself, at what point does it have free will and start taking it's own direction and at what point is it under the auspices of the intelligence that created it?


Ra'An: It is given free will when it is manifested.


Wynn: Right from that moment. So it develops a self awareness and has the ability to make choices very quickly.


Ra'An: Yes


Wynn: Thank you.

What is unconditional love?


Ra'An: Unconditional love is the sharing, the sacred feeling of sharing hence we are at a loss of words here. It is self-ness; that of sharing the self, and knowing that at the heart of all there is the radiant energy that is pure love and the identifying of that energy as being something that is not judgmental and is totally accepting and is without mal intent and is pure and is caring and compassionate, however it includes free will. It does not control the other but grants free will and free will interplay back and forth. Unconditional love is at the highest dimensions and when one moves into the third density one can experience unconditional love and can still maintain one's boundaries and one's sense of ethics and not allow encroachment of one's space by the uninformed or the stupidity or the mal intent of another. As when one experiences in the third density that another one is not being ethical towards one, one can still maintain unconditional love and non judgment for the radiant being what is creating this chaos, but can as part of a lesson to the other and the protection of one's own rights and the maintaining of one's own freedom can enforce ethical action against another but still maintain unconditional love to the being.


Wynn: What is the connection between unconditional love and having an open heart chakra? If one has an open heart chakra would they automatically be in the experience of unconditional love?


Ra'An: Yes, the more open the heart chakra the more they can recognize unconditional love and give it.


Wynn: So you can't just have the idea of unconditional love, you have to have the idea connected with opening the energies of your heart to make it manifest.


Ra'An: Yes


Wynn: Thank you.

Alright another interesting question. What is the Ark of the Covenant from the old testament and is it still around?


Ra'An: It has been said that this Ark of the Covenant is still around and there has been some searching of it. The Ark of the Covenant is a device made partly of wood that the giving of the identity to this life is meant to seal the body of knowledge, the ability to heal, sacred and secret knowledge, that once an individual has come in contact with the Ark of the Covenant can download this information to the individual, however if one comes with non pure intent into the space that this device can bar the individuals from progress or can even destroy the individuals. That is our answer. Does it still exist. It exists in remnants.


Wynn: How was it created. Was it Atlantean technology or alien technology or Elohim/Ra technology?


Ra'An: It is Elohim/Ra technology.


Wynn: It is something that was in the possession of the Jewish people at one point?


Ra'An: That is correct


Wynn: Did it have crystals in it and was somebody directed from higher realms how to put it together?


Ra'An: It was passed down from Atlantean times down to Egypt. It was put together by knowledge within a group that passed such knowledge down from Atlantean times.


Wynn: Was it crystalline in nature using crystal in formation just as today people use crystals to access other dimensions?


Ra'An: We do see that it had crystal balls about two inches in diameter; totally round and also other crystals to bring in certain energy from the star systems.


Wynn: Thank you.

We have a question about affirmations. Affirmations is when a person says something over and over in their mind, like, I will be abundant, I will be abundant, or I loving or I am worthy and I suppose a certain expansion of the idea of affirmations is mantras where a person has certain formation of words that some teacher gave them become more spiritual. Can you explain a little bit about affirmations and their real value?


Ra'An: When you have a human body and the number of cells, the organs of the body which each has a life force at the heart of it and is operating in unison, to do affirmations can bring the idea to the whole of the body and be of some help with progress in a certain directions. However, one must not get robotic about it and bring it in ad finitum that one becomes a robot to it as one must maintain the third chakra energy to be the captain of their own soul rather than going robotic and relying on chants that are heard over and over. So if one does use affirmations one needs to do it sparingly that one does not become the slave of the affirmation but maintains one's own captain-ship of one's own life.


Wynn: Thank you.

One person asks the question about the idea that they see that we present, that we are supposed to move spiritually and above this dimension and then other people say that we are spiritual beings having a physical experience but actually I don't see those as different but the nature of the beast is that once you are in a physical body you may be a spiritual being having a physical experience but it's not easy to free yourself from the physical attachments and reincarnation even if you are doing that for thousands of years. Can you comment on that?


Ra'An: One comes into the 3rd density to have a 3rd density experience and one would solve this whole situation or problem that could arise by staying in the now so that when they are in the now they will experience their life and live it to the fullest and then when they transition they will also move with the experience and stay in the now and move back into the spiritual realm where they can then receive further training and love and debriefing from their earthly experience.


Wynn: Thank you.

There was another question which is very similar that connects to what you said, talking about someone who thinks we are saying something different than Eckert Toll who wrote a book called The Power of Now. I have not read his book and I don't think Terry has but it's all different ways of looking at the same thing.


Ok, now we have a question from Kim and I don't have her location but I will ask the question.

Do you have any guidance for me on what information I need to seek out and study in order to bring out my gifts in order to do my life's work?


Ra' An: You have a gift that is making itself known to you. It is tugging at you to try out and explore and to move in a slightly different direction than you are working in now but when you think of it you feel an expansion and a little bit of excitement and the possibility that this would be to somewhere, that it would not be a dead end, but would be an expansive and a growth experience for you. It may be in the area of writing and expressing yourself which could expand in all different directions as you have information to offer other people. This is our initial thoughts on this and we suggest that if you wish you can be more specific about your location and can ask further exploration of your question next week.


Wynn: Thank you.
We have a question from Dee in Ohio and she's heard from someone who considers themselves an expert that United States is running out of oil. Are we running out of oil? Is the world running out of oil? Are we going to come to a place in the near future where there is no oil and we will have to change our way of producing energy and transportation?


Ra'An: We see that there are many more oil reserves available would the cartels around further exploration. We see that there is a tight noose around the publicity about the lack of oil. There is a noose grip around the possibility of other oil that is available as it is a very lucrative field, the selling of oil and the putting out information that oil is very scarce to raise price and we see also that there are other technologies that would be more beneficial than oil that would make less pollution and would be less cumbersome that would not involve the danger of oil spills. There is oil beneath the Gulf of Mexico, however in some instances it is creating a very bad environmental problem when care is not taken in the search and exploration and drilling for such oil. There is oil available and it is being kept quiet. That is our answer.


Wynn: Thank you.

Someone had made the comment somewhere along the line that taking too much oil is taken from the earth it can cause a higher predisposition for earthquakes. Is this true?


Ra'An: Yes, this is true as the oil acts as a lubrication as a part and parcel as the rocks around it and when it is taken and replaced with salt water it is a different viscosity and can create different forces within the earth than the original oil and therefore the land may be vacillated to shift in the new consistency of the drilled out well. So the answer is yes.


Wynn: Thank you.

We have a question from Margaret and she talks about a stranding of pilot whales in New Zealand right at the top of the country now time. Why are the whales getting confused? It is more common now that whales strand with our solar system moving within our galaxy, or was it always so that whales beach as a natural event due to unknown factors?


Ra'An: There is beaching of these whales as they are following magnetic lines and they have a GPS system wherein they have memorized the pathways they migrate in and as the magnetic fields shifts then they are led by their own memory to areas that are now beaches instead of open water ways. It is much like an airfield wherein the construction of the earth fields, the direction of the take off runways have to be changed due to the movement of magnetic north so that the airplanes can still take off in coincidence with the direction of magnetic north. This has happened within some airports in the US as the direction of the runways have had to be changed. So it is with the whales that as the magnetic north changes then they are following their memory into an area of beach and become stranded. We can nudge the whales, as they are very intelligent beings, that they begin to get the idea that there has been changes and also rely upon their own senses in their navigation through the water.


Wynn: Thank you.

That's our last question for tonight. So if you have any closing comments for us before we say goodbye we are open to it.


Ra'An: It is our honor and it is our delight and our desire to be of service to each and every one of you and it is our help and our fulfillment to be able to bring answers in connection into your realm and if anything that we have said does not match or resonate with what you feel to be true, then discard it as not relevant for you as you are your own best guide and we are helpers along the way and we wish to be your companions.



Wynn: Thank you very much. Thanks to everyone who is here. I'll make a little tag announcement that if you're listening to this we have a program called Team Shift. We started a while ago as a pilot program and we are now open to bringing in new people. Many people who are what Ra calls Wanderers or Star Seeds often times feel alienated and separated from 3D life because they don't know how to bring their awareness and their being into this dimension in a real way and many of you listening to this fall into that category. What we have done is we are having these little series of short conference calls, that I'm not on, but little groups of five people that meet everyday, you don't have to show up everyday, but there's a call going on everyday, and you run it yourself. You call in the light. You put things in the light and if you're one of those people that have tapped into the energy of what we are doing you will be able to feel that energy on your own with this small group. We know it works. It helps you feel connected and also helps with your intentions and changing things and also it also creates a sense of community so that in some point in the future, if there are any significant breakdowns in your area, you will have developed affiliations with people in other areas that might give you some alternatives that wouldn't have been there otherwise. So if you are interested in Team Shift you can try it, there is no obligation, then go to our website. and I thank Edna, Gina and Gary who are helping to coordinate this.