Many thanks to Suzanne Hayes for transcribing.



        The Ra'An, Wednesday October 6, 2010



Wynn: This is Wednesday, October 6, and my name is Wynn Free. Every Wednesday we do a call with what's called a channeling where we communicate with a source that identifies itself as a group soul. Now you notice, I always phrase things in a certain way. A voice that identifies themselves this way. A voice that says they are the Elohim. They say they created this realm. One thing I've noticed about channelings is that many times people who channel have this enormous information about how things work, and what's going on in other realms, and portals and grids and you know it's very sophisticated set of information, and chances are a lot of it might be true. There is also this predisposition to give up one's power to a source like that, particularly when a source uses words that automatically commands a sense of authority like, this is Jesus, or this is the Commander of the 7th realm, or whatever, there's a tendency to say, oh my god, they are really big. What are they going to tell me? I'm ready. What I have noticed with our sources that there are some differences in the way they and I approach this idea of communication with other dimensions. They do identify themselves with names that could be considered exalted, could be. Often times they'll talk to people and they don't use those names. One on hand there is a liability in using the same and on the other there is a benefit. It makes you more curious to check it out. Of course the non benefit is are you going to give up your power to something outside yourself.

On that note we are going to call in the light and again I reiterate that when we do channelings use your own discernment. You have to find your answer.


(Wynn calls in the Light)

We wait for the identification of our source to ask some questions for this evening.


Ra'An: We greet you in the lovelight of the One Infinite Creator. We feel honored to be with you this October 6, 2010 in the foggy Sedona area. We are focused through the channnel Terry Brown and through Wynn Free, and are connecting with each and every person on the line and each and every person that will listen at any later time or read the transcripts and we thank Suzanne Hayes for doing transcriptions so regularly. We feel such a beautiful connection with everyone and everyone on the line either doing the transcription or listen later is contributing to the energy. We ask you if you have questions?


Wynn: Yes we do.

There is something that I have never quite understood but it comes up in questions and it has to do with the dates. The making a special event of a date combination and one of those combinations is coming up Sunday, which is 10-10-10. Some people say that this is a portal. Obviously you can only have one of those a year because if it's 2011, it would have to be 11-11-11, or in 2009 it would have to be 09-09-09. So once a year there is one day when all the numbers match up. Often times other people who channel and New Age people send out emails that say, this is a special day. I have not ever been able to understand it. It seems like a numerological thing but it's being identified as an opening up of certain portals. We had two questions about that come in this past week. The way the questions reads. One is from Gijs. What is important for us to know about this 10-10-10 portal and how can we profit from it for the highest good. Now Gijs is assuming it's a portal. I don't know that but other people call it that.

Another one is: There's a lot of information coming through about this star-gate opening and bringing energy streams into solar system; into our own personal energy system related to 10-10-10. Could you explain that?

So given that this is one of those things that I can't validate for myself, the fact that 10-10-10 is special or that 11-11-11 is special and given that many people send emails out and say its 10-10-10, get ready it feels to me that every week when we do our grid healings every Sunday is special and the energies we bring in. So the question is, is there any significance to these kinds of numerical correlations once a year and is there some special attitude or relationship to that particular day when it shows up. What is that special relationship if there is one?



Ra'An: Thank you for your question. The calendar has defined dates in accordance with the language, the special language of numbers within each language there is however with each date a universal movement based upon where the planet is in it's relationship to star groups on that particular day. There is a resonance within the numbers wherein the numbers repeat mathematically. There are number sequences which build upon each other to bring in creation, and creation moves with these number sequences in establishing relationships for building the sub-sets of the patterns on which the particular local system is built. There is a series which all of life follows. It has been outlined as the Fibonacci series of numbers. So when you have a shell it has a certain relationship between the parts of the shell which is mathematical. Certain parts of the human body has a mathematical relationship according to mathematical building blocks of the particular Logos in which the individual lives. The basis tends to be the Fibonacci series. One can look that up. So when you have a date like 10-10-10 there is a resonance with so many individuals looking at their calenders and orienting by those numbers. That puts into manifestation, or could be called a portal, wherein those numbers and the relationships of those numbers open up a energy for resonance within the earth plane that is using those numbers as a calendar. 1 is the manifestation of self and 10 would be the manifestation of the resonance with self magnified, so there is a mathematical almost crystalline resonance with 10-10-10 which could be said to open a portal wherein on 10-10-10, individuals can open up and manifest a little easier. That is our answer.


Wynn: Thank you.

When we hit this date like 10-10-10 and we do say a grid healing this Sunday, is there anything different that we should notice on the grid healing? If I understand what you are saying, this is the portal that is created by the race of humans who are all suddenly paying attention to that date, so it creates a certain commonality of thought form which goes upward which perhaps by paying attention to it, creates an easier download from the higher realms, that is how I understood what you said.


Ra'An: There is another dimension to it also; another look at it, in that it is the relationship on that day of where the earth is and where an individual is on the earth and it's connection to the solar system and with the whole of the galaxy and the interference patterns and connection of the star influences. It is the connection of 10-10-10 with the whole of where earth is that increases resonances and on that day an individual can have a bigger influence.


Wynn: So when we do a grid healing it will just be stronger and we don't have to take anything else into consideration, it just makes a stronger impact from intentions which are placed into the light this Sunday. Is that correct?


Ra'An: That's correct and one may experience a more crystalline flowing resonance in the energies on that day.


Wynn: Thank you.

That was a wonderful answer and brought some clarity to me. The question that came to mind is, can the negative use this increase and focus of vibration just as well as the positive.


Ra'An: The 3rd density negative would be blocked in that they would not have access to the higher frequencies wherein this energy can resonant, however 4th density clever negatives who are socially unconscious or unsocial may be able to experience the resonance as they have the ability to unblock some of the higher aspects and to move into resonance in that area, however, we see in the main the negative cannot access this.


Wynn: Thank you.

Next question. This is one I am putting forth. During the past week I have been researching something about two beings, millions of years ago called Enki and Enlil, and it seemed to correspond some information that came through Daphne some years ago which I really didn't really ask a lot of questions about at the time. The information that came through Daphne was that humans were engineered by Annunaki geneticists who had come to earth for the purpose of mining gold which they needed for their home planet, and that in order to mine the gold, they wanted to create a being as slaves that would work and mine the gold and that they engineered humans. This was not through Daphne, but I did some research that said Enki engineered the human according to the internet information as a combination of one of the apes that was on the planet and a more evolved being and over history, beyond that, the humans began to rebel and they were using the religion, or the belief that they were the gods to control humans. The two brothers had a falling out and one of them Enki was compassionate for the humans and wanted them to continue their evolution and Enlil just wanted to destroy humans when they started to rebel. The first question is: Am I am in the ball park of accuracy with that description?


Ra'An: You are in the ballpark. Yes you are in the ballpark of the description if you will look at the details further, the humans that were developed that were mining did not feel liked, they felt enslaved and they wished to be free so they determined that they would take over the gold route, however, they did not know enough about the operation of space ships and they managed to destroy, in a huge explosion, of the mines and that was a great set back in mining.


Wynn: So that's what created the desire to destroy them that they had lost their function and they were just trouble makers, so to speak.


Ra'An: Yes, they felt the humans were not worth working with. That would be the other faction, the other faction Enki was more correct in that the rebellion was based upon a desire to be free and a feeling of unfairness and to be used as simply workers and that they should be able to make use of the gold and set up their own system, they did not, however, have enough knowledge to even get off the planet and created a huge destruction which then the runners of the gold mines, the shipping of the gold had a great financial set back and there was a big faction that wanted to abandoned the whole project.


Wynn: Of all the humans of that time, what race today is most derivative of those original humans? Like would it be the American Indians, the black people, the blue eyed blonds? Which group today is most derivative of those original humans?


Ra'An: They were in Africa and we see that since they were produced by the Annunaki that there was some hybrid influence in them and they were more white.


Wynn: The next question is, when the first of this group was engineered in a laboratory by a very advanced scientist which would have been Enki, how did the soul energy, what we call a soul, get connected to this engineered body? Was the upper level Elohim involved or is the universe created in such a way that the DNA automatically pulls the energy in from the upper realms?


Ra'An: The DNA pulls the energy in, however, the first models were not viable and were very unintelligent and were more similar to the apes. There were thoughts at the time of discouragement at being able to develop a hybrid at that time with the intelligence to be able to operate the mining machinery. Then they tried the influence of injecting other DNA to develop a more intelligent species and this second round of hybrids were more intelligent and eventually they developed one that they felt would be able to do the dirty work of digging and be able to carry out the mining procedures.


Wynn: Thank you.

Final last question on this topic. Did Enlil and Enki enter into a cycle of reincarnation in this realm and are they still around anywhere?


Ra'An: Enlil has left but Enki is still around.


Wynn: Was Enki anyone significant in history?


Ra'An: Yes, he keeps popping up in this effort and compassion for the human species.


Wynn: Thank you.

The next question is: Do the Elohim and Ra Groups, strive to continue up a ladder of evolution or are they at their chosen top, realizing that no one is better or superior, just different levels of frequency.


Ra'An: We the Elohim are more pure energy and we make an effort to keep it so. Effort is not the right word as we do not really make effort. When we perceive pollution of our thought forms or stuckness, or locked in, inherent addictions, we let it go and consider that we are too near to the lower frequencies and we work to maintain our purity.

The Ra part of us, we strive to recover and heal from our 3rd density experiences and to grow and to increase our perceptions, and to increase our ability to move back into our home frequency and to release our addictions to the orientations within the 3rd density. That is our answer.


Wynn: Thank you.

Here is a question from Jim in Chicago. By the way Jim is the guy that helps us send out the emails of all the transcripts of all the recordings, Gary and Jim have been doing that and I am going to ask his question which is:

Is there an energetic difference, and/or benefit of between saying I want something versus than I am something.


Ra'An: When one says they want something they are affirming that they do not have it. They are putting the division in between themselves and having it, which they then are going to have to get over the hurdle to have it. Energetically it is best to say and to think into manifestation into the now whatever it is that one has been wanting.


Wynn: So it's almost better to assume you have it because that brings it in.


Ra'An: That's right because when one assumes that they have it, they are putting less distance between actually manifesting it in their space.


Wynn: That's a very good answer. Thank you.

Next question. This whole thing with Enki and Enlil is just a really a fascinating story. The realization that we started by being genetically engineered by the space men Annunaki, so the question here is are all humans somehow connected to this genetic engineering either directly or indirectly. Are there some species of humans who are outside of that particular creation?


Ra'An: There are species of humans that are outside of this creation but over time there has been intermixing and there continues to be further intermixing.


Wynn: So there have been strains of humanoids coming from other planets that interbred with the original humans so there is a big mix now?


Ra'An: Yes, in general.


Wynn: What is the effect of the intake of recreational drugs on the indigo and crystal children?


Ra'An: Thank you. This is a very generalized question and the intake of drugs upon the indigo and crystal children can cloud one's mind or one can misjudge when one is taking recreational drugs and can open themselves up as they may go exterior from their body and get disconnected from their body and not be able to get back to their body. They may open up portals that they are not prepared to handle. In the relaxing of their connection to their surroundings, the openings for the influence of negatives to come in, or to resonate in their space if they were in their pristine self they would not be opening such portals.

It is dependent very much upon the particular individual also. It is possible that an individual can release some of the veil around their body and be more perceptive to colors and frequencies outside of their normal spectrum that they would be able to see. It is very much dependent on the individual. That is our answer.


Wynn: Thank you.

Well I think that will be the end to tonight's call and that was really really interesting and thank you for coming in and if you would like to make some closing comments before we disconnect?


Ra'An: We do not wish to recommend recreational drugs in that this may set forth processes which may be hard to control in an individual as they are progressing through their track have developed various defenses and responses and when they are under the influence of drugs they may lose some of their defenses and they become overwhelmed by the drug response. We send love light to each and every individual on the call and we also indicate that if an answer did not resonate with you for your particular self or your particular circumstance, then disregard it, as the answers are meant specially for the individuals who asked the questions and you have the privilege of listening to the answers and if any of the information is helpful to you then we are pleased. We do not wish to encroach upon anyone's free will as this is the road out for each individual. We love each and every one of you and thank you Suzanne. We leave but we do not leave.


Wynn: We also thank Connie and people who has started to do transcripts of our other calls. I thank everyone of you on the line who is helping to bring these messages through. This is a co-creation and each of you is really really important to that process. Goodbye to all of you listening on the replay line and thank you also for listening.