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            October 13, 2010 Wednesday with the Ra'An


Hello everybody, this is Wednesday, October 13th, and we are going to do our conference call tonight where we ask our Sources questions which you all have submitted. These calls are meant not to make you give up your power. Sometimes when people get the idea of channeled sources, they think that somebody is going to tell you what to do and how to do it and when to do it. That's not what happens in these calls. If you ask questions that would tempt them to give up your power they don't answer them in the way you want. So that means that if you want to know what to do about a certain circumstance as opposed to some channeled voice saying, here's what you should do, if it's a wise and positive source, they will say, here's how you can figure out what you are supposed to do. They will give you guidelines for using your own intuitions, using your own sensitivities because part of the lessons, in fact one of the most important lessons in this dimension is discernment. One of the reasons this is so important is because there are a huge amount of things down here that are negative, and don't look negative. So in these calls there is a chance to stay focused outside of so many of the negative things you could focus on now which could bring you fear, so there's a chance to stay focused above fear and make connections with higher realms and contribute your energy and make a difference. On that note we are going to call in the light. Calling in the light is my one concession to ritual because when I say the words with the correct intention, remember intention is everything, it actually causes it to happen.


(Wynn calls in the light)


We are going to invite our Sources to introduce themselves to us and to join us in this space of Oneness we have created.


Ra'An: We greet you in the love light of the One Infinite Creator. We are delighted to be with you, this October 13th, 2010. We send special greetings to every single person on this line and we are so joyous that you have connected with this conference line. Each and every person who is going to be listening to the tapes later or reading the transcripts, we send love light to them also and we are sending special greetings to Daphne and we are delighted that you are with us tonight. Do you have questions?


Wynn: Yes. I am going to ask a question on behalf of Jean in South Dakota. Jean is a regular on our line and the question is, some mornings she wakes up really tired. Is this because of work that she is doing through the night, and if so what work does she specifically do or is there another reason to be assigned to her fatigue when she wakes up?


Ra'An: Thank you. We take a look at your body chemistry and we see that you could be getting more rest, particularly between the hours of ten and two. Some of the things that can interfere with rest during those particular times are the food that one eats at night or before one goes to bed. It is best to have water or light soup or something when one eats later than seven o'clock. You may also take a look at getting some melatonin from Dr. Marshall which can help you with your deeper sleep and can help your pituitary gland reestablish. Dr. Marshall's number is 310 320 1132. During this time, from ten to two is the time when you have the deepest sleep and dreams can begin to work out situations that you are working through in your life. You may not remember these dreams but if you wake up, and before you open your eyes, you consciously remember what you can of your dream and start a dream log, then you will be able to correlate the issues you are dreaming about with what you are working through in your daily life. The connection with your daughter is one of the areas you are working through as you wish so much for her to be healed. When you do your dream log you can begin to establish connections and you can begin to tie in your dreams with the work you do during dreams and the effort that is expended during dreams and tie it in with the tiredness. Another factor is, before you go to sleep, pay attention to the food you have taken in later in the day and instead more sweet things, have more vegetables for the dinner hour so you then can establish a PH that is alkaline. This will help your whole body to navigate better. Dr. Marshall can also give guidelines on the establishment of the alkaline PH. That is our answer.


Wynn:Thank you. I would like to make a comment that on an answer like that, one of things is that it may just be for this individual, and it may not be for you. When people ask us questions don't assume it's your answer, unless it resonates or you try it, but don't just assume it, particularly with anything that has to do with medical conditions. We can't diagnose things on this call, it's against the law. So be sure to check with your personal care practitioner. We also do not get commissions from Dr. Marshall. The way our sources work, it's not them talking through Terry, they are actually blended with Terry and Dr. Marshall happens to be Terry's personal health person who has helped her a lot and she believes him, so in the blending she seems to get plugs in for Dr. Marshall but we don't get any credit for that or any commissions or anything other than just sharing it. If fact they called Terry and she turned it down because so many people were calling who had heard about them on this line.


Wynn: Next question. We have a question from a lady named Vicki and she talks about her daughter and her daughter has Andrea who has mental retardation and cerebral palsy and how will the shift affect those people that have those kinds of disabilities in terms of affecting their abilities to graduate this realm?


Ra'An: People who have such disabilities and let us take a look for a minute. There can be body damage and this damage will not affect their future lives if it is body damage then they will be able to reset in another body and it will not affect their advancement to the higher realms or to an ascended life. Within the soul there is an understanding which gets disconnected from the inner expression. The inner expression is there and is grasping and comprehending, however the body connection do not allow the individual to connect to the outside to convey succinctly that they have grasped the situation. In a situation like this it will not affect the future and this would be a lifetime when one is seeking at an inner level to experience the situation of comprehending yet not be able to convey that they comprehend. This is an answer for this one person and other individuals who experience similar disabilities, may carry that disability from lifetime to lifetime and they then have their future lifetimes affected in the movement of 3rd dimensional earth to fourth dimension, and individual though disabled may still move into the fourth dimension, however it depends upon their heart being open and that is a better criteria than are they disabled mentally.


Wynn: So someone can be disabled and have their heart open or be disabled and not have their heart open?


Ra'An: That is correct.


Wynn: Thank you. Here is a question. I have judgment issues concerning my thoughts towards other people thinking they are morons when I see them doing something stupid in my opinion or judging them by their looks. Why do I have this contradiction attitude when I know I should love others and accept them. I catch myself during this judgment and am ashamed of my thoughts and yet it keeps reoccurring?

I thank that person for being honest about that because I think that is an issue with many people. Often times we have things that come up spontaneously that don't fit how we like ourselves to be so we appreciate your comments on that circumstance.


Ra'An: Thank you for that question. It is wonderful question. This judgment that you extend to others, take a look at your own self and see if you extend this judgment to yourself. Do you feel that it is so important how you look and how you present yourself, that if you didn't come across the way that you think you should portray; character, intelligence and good looks that you would be ashamed of that within yourself. This is the start of a good look at yourself as this depends upon actions and manifestations within the 3rd density. When one can become accepting and non judgmental they can still be intelligent and good looking and vibrant and instead of carrying judgment about whether they have made the grade and have come within the toleration acceptance limit for they have it, they can just be outgoing and have more attention on the two way inner action and more vibrant and more intelligent and even more good looking as they lose that little 'back look' to see how they are doing, and they put their whole emphasis on the joy of that present time communication. We hope we have clearly stated this.


Wynn: Thank you.

Is it true that it can take up to 72 hours for the soul to leave the body after death? I have heard it leaves in stages and each stages has a color associated with it that some people can see.


Ra'An: This is an individual thing, whether the individual leaves in stages and there can definitely be a color associated with leaving as the color is connected with their emotional and their outward reach when they leave. When they leave the color would be white which could be connection with the spiritual. An individual could take more than 72 to leave or less than 72 hours to leave. The individual might be so attached to their body that they would stay in the coffin with it considering that they were dead forever. Depending upon their belief, depending upon how a person dies. Some people who die suddenly, get knocked out of their body and then come back and knocked out and come back and knocked out again of their body. This is an individual thing. If an individual has a peaceful death in good circumstances then they can leave in stages as they test the waters of their leaving.


Wynn: Thank you.

We have a question and I am going to leave the person anonymous because it's kind of personal question and I think they are on the line tonight. She says: I have read your book and have considered all the messages coming through messageaday. In considering the Law of One and all that it means, it seems like all I see is how we are not living the Law of One today. I am so bothered by the injustices of everyday life that I desperately want to go back to Source and experience Oneness from where we once came. The feelings have been so intense that I have been considering taking my own life so that I can eliminate this separateness. I used to be afraid what was on the other side of the veil but now I almost feel it is calling me back, that it will be familiar and safe. I am frightened that I have come to this realization so causally. Can our Sources give me any encouragement to ignore this calling to initiate my own transition from this existence?


Wynn: I would like add onto this that it has also been said by some spiritual people that taking one's own life is like a spiritual crime so perhaps you could answer that as part of the dialogue for this question.


Ra'An: Thank you for your question. In the manifest realm, in the 3rd dimension, manifest realm, 3rd density, individuals come into the 3rd density to experience the 3rd density to work through issues and to make connections in the solid physical form, to work through issues of having enough money, to work through how to sustain oneself in the 3rd dimension, to work through connections with others and with family and work through how to have a harmonious peaceful life. If one can or tries to get back home through suicide then they often and we look at this word often, we might even say, that if there is an issue one has come into the the 3rd density to handle and if the 3rd density is losing the attachment of the individual and he is short circuiting this trip in the 3rd density to attempt to get to the peace of home, which is, by the way, a peace you always carry within you at your heart level. If one tends to try an bypass the issues that one is finding oneself in, in the 3rd density, then one will be draw back into the 3rd density to work through it, whatever was incomplete, one would be draw back to work through it, until they get it, until they solve it, until it is no longer a problem or an issue to them. So in that sense one would lengthen one's trip home. Each individual, at their core, carry with them the radiant being which they are and carry with them the signature of home and the signature of the One. When one is in the 3rd density then they work through different issues that they come across; making a living, dealing with family, dealing with love, dealing with work, dealing with money and the home universe of which we are a part is very attractive and sometimes when one connects with us they would like to short circuit their trip in the 3rd density. We do not recommend it as the magnetism of what they are going through then will draw them back to that and everything is as it is, and one's path must be determined by one as one is working towards centering oneself and being in control of their life. This experience towards learning how to manifest control in the 3rd density is very helpful in any future track endeavors in the higher realms or in future life in the earth realm.


Wynn: Thank you.

I am going to add a question here. When somebody feels like they are looking at the world, they are looking at the injustices and the inequities and all those things, and they feel that their back is up against the wall, it seems to me, that no matter how far their back is against the wall, there is a way out, there's a way of finding their own way of making a contribution in a small way that makes them important in this realm and the challenge is to figure out what that is. Because a person with a high intent that is looking at all the mayhem that occurs in this realm, if they take this high intent and say where can I make a contribution, their life will suddenly have value because they are making a contribution and it shifts the whole thing. That's what it looks to me. Can you make on comment on that? Am I correct?


Ra'An: Yes. When one sees injustice and they are moving through a lifetime and they are seeing injustice and they are seeing this isn't fair, and this treatment isn't fair, and this is short-sighted, and one of the things that happens in the 3rd density in lifetime after lifetime as an individual experiences these injustices, that they develop a strength wherein they can stand up to it and they can become more present in their own life and more certain of their own worthiness and more certain of their own ability to interact with others and to contribute. One of the best ways to work with this is to find ways, no matter how little, even a cheery good morning. That is our answer.


Wynn: Thank you. You know all you have to do is make someone glad you are alive and if one other person is glad you are alive then you have been of service in this realm. If you figure how to do that make a contribution and give to someone something that they need, that you can give out of your own free will and unconditional love.


This question is from Dee who is undergoing a lot of pain and wants to do if the pain she has been enduring for over forty years have anything to do with me being a Wanderer? How could you suggest that I deal with that pain? Should she have a second surgery?


Ra'An: Give us a moment. We would suggest finding out more information before you would proceed in any one direction, keeping in mind that you could find, depending upon who you contact, many conflicting answers. In this case we could suggest calling Dr. Marshall's office and see if you could line up an appointment with Dr. Marshall himself. He knows many doctors and avenues and has worked with approximately two hundred or more people who have had spinal fusion. There are other avenues which could be reviewed before taking a step of a second surgery. There is network chiropractory, there is the use of voltage to normalize the electrical potential within the area of a body to reinstate correct electrical potential for that particular part of the body and often times that type of treatment lessens pain. The person doing this is Jerry Tennant. The book is Healing Is Voltage. As we look at the circumstances we see that you are hesitant to go into a second surgery at this point without further clarification whether this surgery would be of benefit to you or not. We suggest following up with some avenues such as we have suggested. The idea would be to get it more clear in your mind, what are the chances of success and what are the alternative actions available to you. That is our answer.


Wynn: Thank you. One of the things I would like to mention is that in this time period we are in right now, we have an amazing tool called the internet and that anyone who has any kind of problem can put their problem on a search in Google and they will find answers that might help them. They will other find people who went through the same thing and what they did and what happened. I would do, if I had a problem like this, an extremely extensive internet search and try different ways of describing my problem and see what comes up and read it because things will come up. Look for people who have had experience, look for people who are giving testimonials that I tried this and it worked. Look for people who have nothing to gain, that aren't trying to sell you something, or sell you a product but just want to share something that worked and help other people. Those kinds of things are usually trustworthy and can give you some good tips on things.


We are now past seven o'clock and we had some other questions that we will schedule for next week. Those of you who have questions send them to questions@messageaday.net

If you do it any other way the chances are it won't get answered. I am getting too many emails and that is the only way I can sort through the questions is to search on that particular email address and pull the questions out.

Those of you who have felt energies on this line and want to make it stronger, we have a program called Team Shift where a group of people meet everyday and just call in the light and it has been working for people who are participating and helping to keep their vibration up above this realm and I highly recommend it. Go to: teamshift.messageaday.net

If anyone is interested in having a personal reading from Daphne and Terry you can go to daphnereading.com or terryreading.com and read it over and give us a couple of weeks to get around to it. On that note I thank Gijs for helping greet everybody and holding the energy at the beginning. I thank Terry and all of you who are listening to these calls.






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