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                        Ra'An Channeling for Oct.20th



Welcome everybody, this is Wednesday, October 20th , and my name is Wynn Free and thanks to Gijs for greeting everybody. This is the call where we do questions which you guys have submitted and I pick the questions that I think are most important or the most urgent or the most meaningful for others. This evening we are doing this call from inside our car on a city street in Los Angeles, so we may as well bless this little spot we are in. If you hear cars honking or cars passing by this is a reality channeling session in the middle of life. We just had to do it here because there was not time to get back to where we were going. For those of you who are here for the first time, just as an introduction. We are communicating with intelligences that explain themselves to be group souls. Not just any group soul but they say, one of them is the creator of this realm as they say and if this is so, it's no small deal that we are do this. We do this live and unrehearsed and Terry does not know what the questions are. There is no way she could answer these questions. I have known her for a long time and she is smart, but not that smart.


(Wynn calls in the light)


Right now I will turn it over to our Sources and they can greet us all.


Ra'An: We greet you in the love-light of the One Infinite Creator. It is October 20th, 2010 in West LA, in Los Angeles in the state of California on planet earth and we are welcoming and available for contact with you whatever time it is on your end and whenever you listen or read the transcript. We are available to you and it is our dividend joy and our honor to make connection with our brothers and sisters in the third density. Do you have questions?


Wynn: Yes. Our first questions has to do with vaccinations. Particularly, someone has a baby and they were concerned about getting a series of vaccinations. I don't have the exact about what kind of vaccination, I would assume probably a flu vaccinations. This person wonders and we can all wonder, is there a contraindication to getting vaccinated? Are we moving ourselves into potential dangers or are we saving ourselves from getting the flu? Thank you.


Ra'An: This is dependent upon whether the individual, the baby, has built up a strong enough immune system that the series of shots can then trigger their immune system further. If their immune system is faulty then it could overtake the immune system and then create a response for a reaction which could then not serve the baby well. We take a specific look. This is something that introduced into the system then rides with the system changing slightly the system. We see that this baby is of a more healthy nature and yet we are looking at the series of vaccinations. This is something that would put stress upon the system. We would expect that the baby's system would override the toxic material, however to weaken the baby for a while. We do see stresses that can be placed upon the baby's body from getting this series of vaccinations and may carry toxins into the system that would last the lifetime of the baby. We see that the baby's system to be able to tolerate this, in this case, and if the decision was made to get the vaccinations, to give the baby colostrum to help build up the immune system and maintain the baby's nutrition very high and avoiding any soy which is GMO based. We send love-light to the baby and the parents in their concern and we are sending you love-light and health vibration.


Wynn: Thank you.

A question here in general. Sometimes adults get vaccinations. Is there any benefit to getting a vaccination potentially or does it depend upon what vaccination it is and do they really stop the flu, or is part of an agenda to do something else?


Ra'An: It depends upon the vaccination. There are vaccinations for different types of maladies. For instance, rabies can be helpful in stopping an attack of rabies when one has been exposed. Other vaccinations can carry toxins, depending upon the pollution in the manufacture of the vaccine that can be very toxic to an individual and can even cause death. One should take a look when one is getting a vaccination at the history of the tests that are done. Some vaccinations are not well tested and can carry strains which can be very detrimental to the individual and toxins that can carry throughout the individual's lifetime, affecting the immune system's resiliency.


Wynn: Thank you. The questioner asks if there is anything you can tell her about here baby Aluna who was born on July 27th?


Ra'An: Yes, we see that this is a very beautiful baby and it has as we had commented already, a good response system, a good body, and will bring many hours of joy in the lifetime of the childhood of this individual as this individual grows will bring many hours of joy and interaction with the parents.


Wynn: Thank you very much.

Next question and this is from David and he asks about genetically altered food and specifically he mentions about salmon which has been created and grows faster than normal salmon but the question about all genetically altered food. Should one try to avoid them at all costs?


Ra'An: There are genetically altered foods that bring into their growth system a pesticide element to ward off insects that create damage for the crops. The genetically altered food are very hazardous for the individual to take and are prepared into many packaged food. One does not really know when one is getting genetically altered food. Genetically altered corn can carry with it a danger of sterilization and the passing on of genetic damage to one's offspring. The soy crop is likewise dangerous for individuals to consume genetically altered soy. Some genetically altered food, for instance the hybridization of tomatoes is not necessarily dangerous. It depends upon what the crop is. Between the crop and the genetically altered crop, if the altering brings in something detrimental to the health of the individual that then is carried on in the genes of the plant, this will be a very detrimental food for the individual to intake. We have mentioned genetically altered corn and genetically altered soy.


Wynn: Actually the person asked specially about corn and he said chickens won't eat the altered corn. When you go to the supermarket and there's all these vegetables and fruits in the produce section, are they being genetically altered without labels?


Ra'An: Yes, there is no requirement for them to be labeled at this time. So they may be coming into the produce section of the grocery store. It pays to find a store that knows it's source. Even organic foods does not necessarily mean that they are not genetically altered. It pays to know the source of the seeds and the farmer who grew them.


Wynn: Thank you.

Go to your local farmers market and support your local people, probably the best way to be sure you are getting food that hasn't been genetically altered.


Wynn: Now, this is a question from our good friend Jean Claude Colvin who wrote a book called Going Deeper. He recently took a tour of people to Peru and Bolivia two weeks ago. He had a profound experience at a place called Tiahuanaco, in the northeast corner of an archeological site is a house with a meditation chamber which seems to have the most exceptional energetic properties. I would very much like hearing what you have to say about this particular chamber, it's importance on the planet right now, if it is, and the purpose and source of it's energies. Thank you.


Ra'An: Thank you. We take a look at this room and see a very great spirit in this room which has been a meditation chamber in the ancient past. We see perhaps 400 BC with a gentleman who is very wise and he is one of the members of the tribe of that time and has been spent two hours to five and maybe longer mediating in this area and seeing the townspeople. This energy has permeated the walls of this meditation chamber and there is memory of this great meditation shaman. We do not have words to describe the sacredness of this; the interactions that this gentleman has brought into this area and the energy of harmony and love and wisdom he has brought and the memories of this is in the walls of this meditation room. The meditation room acts as an upliftment for the whole earth, bringing the whole earth a trace higher in it's loving ability. We thank you for this question for as it is an honor to view this energy and it brings tears to our energy eyes that such an individual has brought such love-light into this third density that it is carrying on today and in the future.


Wynn: Thank you very much.

Now we have a short little paragraph of three questions which looks like it would take an encyclopedia to answer. A person is asking about Israel in the scheme of the dimensional shift. Now in answering a question like this, let me just say, that when you are looking for such a specific answer, you are thinking that everything is assigned, which it is not. Anything can happen. One of the things that could happen is that the Israelis could discover us because, whether they believe it or not, our Sources have identified themselves as the same Elohim that was in the old testament, or part of the same, and of course another part of the Elohim were Elohim that came into this realm that ended up getting lost here or stuck here which I don't remember if they identified themselves as Elohim or not, but in any case, they've said over and over again that things that were of a prophetic nature, even in the Bible Codes, some of it doesn't have to happen and the kind of connection we are having here can cause shifts that are out of the box, because miraculous transformations can occur from that realm into this realm through these kind of connections, and there are other people doing something similar. When you bring in energies of creation, then creation is creation, which means things that were already created and set in motion can be recreated. So we know there is something that has been created. There are a lot of things in the Middle East that are ancient in their creation of negativity and the conflicts between the Israelis and the Palestinians. But does it have to play out exactly as prophecy might put it? It doesn't and if we said that it did, we would locking it in an absolute and we would be part of the people who are creating, perhaps, a negative outcome instead of the people that offer the possibility for positive outcomes. So the person asks about Israel in the scheme of the dimensional shift and of course there are many aspects of the Middle East and Israel that have sacred sites, maybe vortexes, sacred histories, Jesus having been part of that area, so I am going to open up the question to anything that would be beneficial for us to hear about Israel and the Middle East. If there is a connection, please connect it.


Ra'An: Thank you for your question. The Israelites have a history and this history has positivity as well as negativity. The positivity comes in the rituals of the Jewish people through the emergence of Jesus which was in this area. They have been the leader in the promoting of certain rituals and through the putting forth of the positivity and the love which Jesus has brought for individuals to develop community and love from loved ones, brothers and sisters. There has been negativity in the resentment and the feeling of injustice which has carried on within the minds and the reincarnated minds of individuals who have taken part in life in Israel and they then move through their life blaming others for certain injustices and actions which then keeps the opposition within the groups burning and carries it on like a lantern at the forefront of an army into the future and then creating future injustices and future war. What part do they play in the shift? They have set a tone for life and particularly in the West where individuals have deep feelings stemming from the past in Israel. These are some positives and some negatives which can hold people back from the open heart to shift with the times with the shift. These can hold individuals back when they fix upon the negative aspects. If they learn from the positive, it can open their hearts and it can move into alignment with the shift.


Wynn: Thank you.

Our last question here will be from a gentleman by the name of Alan Packem who asks a question about planes. In certain spiritual tracks, when we talk about planes, and things are talked about a few times, often times we think we understand when we don't. For myself, what I think is that I just look at it as one; one plane and it's just sub divided and it seems to flow into each other. They are not sharp edges they are soft flows and it's like trying to understand it mentally is counterproductive and yet many people have had this kind of terminology of different planes; the etheric plane, the causal plane, the astral plane, etc. etc. They have found it helpful in their ability to relate to higher realms.

Where are the fourth, fifth and other densities in relation to the astral plane. Are they all part of the astral plane or are they much higher? I heard once that the astral plane is vast and has many sub levels and the top of the head chakra is the higher astral, thousand petal lotus. Even the physical level has this supra physical level and this is where it connects with the astral and then above the astral there is the mental and there are many many pure spiritual levels ultimately leading back to God.

So I am trying to get a sense of how these levels fit and how do they map across, so to speak. Thank you Alan for your question.


Ra'An: Thank you

All is One Being and there is a non linear place, where within that place all is experienced as One. Then as one separates out and takes on aspects of the third density, say, then one has the body level. One has the surrounding prana through which one can experience the sensation of the body. One has the surrounding aura where one when they are more aware, can be used to operate in the space around the body and within and below that there is the mental plane where the individual is connected within the mind and the brain and can use this in operation in the physical. When one leaves the body, one takes with them the operational surrounding aura of the causal which is motivational and they can use to propel themselves and also the astral which houses their consciousness out of the body and awareness that they can use to travel outside the body and through the third density and into the fourth. Whether they experience outside of the body traveling in their astral body; whether they experience the 3rd density or the 4th density, means a shift in their awareness; their focus. It is as if the individual were a radio transmitter and receiver which they could operate on the 3rd density, taking into account the spectrum of the 3rd density where they are aware of the spectrum and they have control with which they can set their awareness of the 3rd density of the spectrum that is available to the 3rd density. Would they then move to the 4th density, they would change their controls; set their awareness to be aware of the 4th density world which is in the same location but in a different spectrum and in a different mindset and they would move their astral body and their mental body and their causal body into the 4th density and become aware of a whole different more love-light spectrum than the 3rd density. When they move to the 5th density they again would move to the new density with their causal, their astral and the mental. The mental can become a problem when one gets into the 5th density as it is thinking in terms often of the 3rd density, what one has experienced in the 3rd density and can then pull that individual back into the 3rd density. In the 5th density things are much more fluid and much more loving and move faster and if the individual is they are fixed mentally in the 3rd density can be pulled back into 3rd density by their mental mindset.


Wynn: Can I ask a further question about this? Obviously, we carry things from lifetime to lifetime that are not in the body. I would like to ask where some of those things are stored energetically in our field, for example, if you have artistic abilities. I would imagine that if you are an artist somewhere in your energy field there is the storage of those artistic abilities so they can be rekindled. Where are they stored?


Ra'An: They are stored in the prana. When the individual is born then the prana, programs the individual and programs the orientation to the intention and the will power of the traveling master.


Wynn: When we say prana if we are using this plane analogy, would it be in the astral plane, the causal plane, the 3rd density, the 4th density?


Ra'An: It would be in the causal plane that would then program the rest and as an individual he operates as one, so these planes are synchronizes together and as the individual passes over, he carries over, he carries with him the will power, the orientation, the ability to sense a frequency in motion to develop his creative life body including the astral, the causal and the mental to be programmed with these abilities and the ability to develop these abilities in the new life.


Wynn: Thank you.

How about things like resentments and karmic patterns with people which are uncompleted. Where are these stored in your field?


Ra'An: Resentments are two fold. They have two prongs. One of them is what is right and wrong, good, bad. Therefore they hang in space and time and they are as a problem is two fold; there is the right the wrong, the solution, the difficulty. These are hung in the will power as the individual memorizes the good, the bad, the problem, the desired solution. The desired outcome, the difficulty. They have two prongs that are in opposition to each other, they hang in space. As two sets of opposing will power within him or difficulties. He carries them in his memory and he carries the opposition, the resentment within him and this perpetuates the problem because as they are hung equally; this, that, create and destroy. They hang in one space with the opposite charge and one fights to get the desired outcome or result. So they keep within their mind the problem. For instance the individual might have cancer. I have cancer, I have to overcome cancer. So there is the challenge between the two terminals, the cancer and the resolution of the cancer; the healing and one feels that they have to overcome the opposition, the challenge, and so it hangs in time and travels from lifetime to lifetime.


Wynn: Thank you.

That is going to be our last question for tonight. Thank you all for being here and supporting us. We have a program called Team Shift and right now our planet is in a big shift as many of you know and a lot of the old paradigms are not working very well, and according to our information they are going to work less well and it's important to establish yourself in what you could call the new paradigm and the new energy, the heart based energy. You need to do that with other like minded people. You don't have to but it makes it easier. Other like minded people, people of high intent. So Team Shift is a program where they meet once a day for five or ten minutes and you don't have to do it every day, and they call in the light, put things in the light and get to know each other and make a little community. It's fairly loose format and each group on it's own can do things within a certain context, however they like and get to know each other. It's a way of keeping your energy up and keeping connected. If something should happen in a given area having friends in other areas so you have options with people you have built a spiritual connection with. So if you are interested go to the web page: and there is a little thing to fill out and fill it out and someone will get back to you. There is no obligation. We have one in Europe which is on Skype so we will probably make some more Team Shift groups on Skype so you don't have a big phone bill.

Anyone in Los Angeles, Terry and I are doing a workshop, Saturday in Pasadena, California. Make sure you respond to one of the message-a-day mailings and we will make sure that you know how to get involved if you want to.

On that note, thanks for being here. Thank you Gijs. Special thanks to Suzanne who transcribes Wednesdays. Thanks to Connie who has been transcribing Mondays. Thanks to Gary who has been helping to send the emails out. Thanks to Jim who has been converting the audios into a down-loadable format and everyone else who has made some kind of contribution to this work which is making it more available to everyone.






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