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                      October 27th with the Ra'An


Hello everybody, my name is Wynn Free, and this is Wednesday, October 27, and we are going to do a conference call tonight where we are going to ask questions to our Sources that you all submitted. If you are on the call for the first time, I always tell people, don't believe anything, just be open minded. Our Sources tell us that they are big group souls that created this realm, now there's no way of proving that, so just consider the possibility that it's true. They also tell us that they have the ability to radiate love-light into this dimension and on this call there are many many times that people have emailed me and told me they felt the energies on the call and they say they are looking at each of you individually who are on the call who are open to being looked at and felt and communicated with. So if you are on for the first time people go through a period of saying, do I trust that, I want to check it and that's fine. There is nothing being promulgated or asked of you other than to be neutral and open and if it works for you, great, and if it doesn't work for you then find something that does.


On that note, we start this off by calling in of the light. This little invocation and this is our way of asking them to be present with us on this line. The Sources that are with us, identify themselves as two group souls, the Ra Group and the Elohim Group. The Elohim Group claims to be the creator of the physical universe. We have asked many questions about how they did that and you might want to listen in to some of the past and hear and see if it resonates. Historically the word Elohim has been a word for God, they really explained to us that they don't see themselves in the way history has called them God. They see themselves as energies in another dimension, that what would like to help fix some of the things that have gone wrong in this dimension, but in order to do that, they need folks down here that connect to their energies and ask for their help.


The other group soul is the Ra Group compared to the Elohim has gone through a series of lifetimes in this realm, maybe millions of years ago. They graduated and now they exist in another dimensions and they help planetary populations who are still go through reincarnation.


(Wynn calls in the light)


We invite our sources to give an introduction before we ask our questions.


Ra'An: We greet you in love-light of the One Infinite Creator. This is October 27th 2010, or wherever you may be at whatever time you may be listening or reading the transcripts of this session. We are connecting with you wherever you may be, in whatever time line or whenever you may connect with this material. It is our joy and delight and our honor that we may serve you. Do you have questions?


Wynn: Yes we do.

Our first question, is a question from someone who asks: Can you describe how you recognize each other since you don't have bodies, and how you communicate with each other. Particularly how does the Ra Group communicate with the Elohim Group and do you all speak the same language or many languages?


Ra'An: Thank you for your question. We communicate through telepathy and we communicate and can recognize each other through each one's energy signature. Every individual entity has an energy signature that is peculiarly their own and this is the way you can recognize someone, in fact, if there is a false signal coming through, you can tell because the energy signature is not the same. The energy signature has within it different frequencies and harmonics that manifest in the giving of information or the appearance or the presenting of one individual, whether or not they have a body. If one has a body, then there are many more energies within the person, as it is a mixture, but there is still one overall energy signature. When we communicate back and forth with the Elohim and then Ra and then individuals and Terry, the energy is presented as a complete set of combination frequencies which has it's own energy signature and is recognized by the other party. There is a translation unit within the Elohim, of which we are part. We normally do not think in English. The closest earth language would be Sanskrit, however we think in terms of mathematics when we are not connected with the earth grid. When one is matched and sharing energy space with another individual entity, then one can pick up the manifestation of the thought and can move it into one's own language.


Wynn: Thank you.

Just as a little addition to that, there are certain people, myself, that and I often have the experience of having them pop into my mind and they call, particularly Daphne is one of those. If that because we are leaning into a similar kind of communication, just the beginnings stages of it, in this realm?


Ra'An: That is a very good example of getting an energy signature and recognizing who it is. We are looking at the different senses that are available, wherein one can recognize another being without their physical presence. One may be the sense of smell. One may have a distinct impression that someone is there, as the person, the energy being, may have a smell. This is usually connected with individuals who have lived in the third density and have lived within that density taken into their being a memory sense of a certain smell, for instance, tobacco or spearmint or some distinctive smell. This is the beginning of communication when one senses at a distance, for instance when you feel Daphne's presence and then Daphne calls that is the beginning of communication, wherein when you become more advanced, you can put information on the line and share thoughts.


Wynn: Thank you.

I should say that works with Terry also.

There is a question from Dee in Ohio whose father-inlaw passed away five years ago and had Alzheimers. He spent the last five years of his life with this disease. She wonders, as his mind began to go, what was going on in his soul? After his final death did he experience an awakening as if he'd been asleep and woke up? What happens to people in a coma? Is there any part of them that is aware of what is happening? Thank you.


Ra'An: When one's body begins to deteriorate often it is in conjunction with the individual beginning to leave their body and explore life outside of the body as they are preparing to leave the body and transition. So when one has lapses in memory it may be that the focus of the individual is beginning to let go of the body and beginning to move into a more liquid, lucid state with connection with the other world and other worldly frequencies. The body in Alzheimer disease can have blocks which often times, say metal that is deposited within the individual's brain, deflect the waves of cognition away from the cognitive channels to recognize the information and reflect the individual's life force out of the body and to other realms. So it appears to the individual that their lateral reference is gone, however, it is being deflected away from the body and the individual is seeking out the radiant release from the body.


Wynn: Thank you.

This is a question from Celeste Kelly in Escondido and she asks about prodigies and there are some young people that are having some amazing talent coming out of small bodies. She mentions Jackie Avancho, age ten who was the runner up in America's Got Talent contest and was on Oprah and who sings. Is this connected to reincarnation, I suspect it is? When someone is a child prodigy and has a huge talent that is unusual is that always connected to past incarnations where they developed those talents previously?


Ra'An: This can be connected with past lives where they worked hard to develop these talents and are continuing in this lifetime, however, it may also be something that has clicked within the genes of the individual and the individual is so open and their heart is open and their attention span is open. They can translate and metabolize sound through their body system and project in a very pleasant and significant and meaningful manner.


Wynn: Thank you.

This is an interested question about something called the 'sacred masculine' and was submitted by Daphne. She has the idea, and she has been listening to different people's information, that what she calls the sacred masculine has been compromised or blocked by negative energies in other realms that makes it hard for men to connect with their divine nature; their divine male nature. She doesn't mention women at all here so you can comment on that also. Is she accurate in this and if someone is experiencing a blockage of this connection, what is the way they can transmute or change this blockage? You know they talk about the divine feminine and the divine masculine and maybe if you can give your definition for what those terms mean it might be helpful because to some people that may not be a meaningful term they can understand.


Ra'An: Thank you.

The divine masculine is a beautiful model for presentation gradients resonance, vulnerability, strength. It is a divine model for the masculine and within the cultures of earth, different societies have molded the way that they picture their men to act and to have a model that is not coincident with this divine model but has been molded by the particular culture over the generations and this is given subconsciously to the child and often the male child born over and over within the culture, the particular culture, as one has taken on the ambiance of that then it becomes comfortable for that individual. So different societies diverge from the divine model over time.


Wynn: I might like to make a comment here. When you look at the society masculine as opposed to the divine masculine, you see things like men never being vulnerable, always being macho, having to dominate a woman because they are actually in need, and afraid to show their need, so the way they compensate for it is by overly dominated the other person. We are talking about the masculine now, but I am sure there are distortions in the feminine and that if a person was going to be truly expressing of their divine masculine they would be able to be vulnerable as well as thrusting. Masculine is thrusting outward energy. When I used to studied the oriental culture, the yin, yang, the truth of the matter is the yin, yang symbol is a symbol of the two in one circle; the masculine and feminine and that every person can encompass both of those energies and therefore we are no longer bound to our roles. If someone was doing that they wouldn't care if they were receptive or assertive but yin, yang so to speak, they would just do it according to the circumstance and fit in because they were not attached to a certain energy. The yin, yang is the expression of both but ultimately both of those things exist within the same person, no matter what their body is, and that as they become more evolved they will be able to access both sides of their nature. So the question was: is there an external force which is blocking this and making it difficult, or is this just a matter of the evolution of societal conditions and people have internalized as a result of taking on the aspects of the society they live in. In other words in today's society showing vulnerability can be weak so mean may have in general, a challenge with letting their vulnerability show which is really not either a masculine or feminine quality but the two together is an enlightened person. In any case I will turn it over and please comment on this.


Ra'An: When one starts out are neither masculine or feminine. It is said that we, the Elohim have a feminine energy and we do not have a separate assigned sex to any of us. When we look at the earth plane, we see that the individual goes from life time to life time and has a choice. Sometimes the individual can be a male and sometimes the same individual can reincarnate as a female. One has a tendency to reincarnate in the one that may be more comfortable for them or that they need to learn certain lessons from. However, an individual taking a life time in the 3rd density is there to experience and one can experience a lifetime as a male, and then, once they are a male, can then take on the tinges, the social complexes, the social instructions from their ancestors and from their parents and it is said that when one has good role model, say a man, they can perform their life functions as a man well. If one does not have a good role model, say a man, but it too dependent on, say their father, for doing everything, may not be able to take on the best role that would serve them the best in the raising of their family. So this whole thing of being a male or being a female, carries with it the experience, the learning, the manifesting of a role, and if one really looks and observes oneself, one can see where there are areas in the role they are playing where they can learn more. For instance, many men feel it is wrong to cry, and cannot express emotion. This then can block the fulfillment of the individual within the person's life.


Wynn: Thank you.

This is question from Kim in Hiltonhead Island, South Carolina. She believes that she was born with a gift that she is trying to connect with. It has to do with using her heart chakra to regenerate people, places and things. She believes she is on this planet to help many people with her gift and is one that has an important thing to do that. Her question is: How do I expand that from an idea into a reality where I can actually do it? Am I to to teach this to others? What more do I need to learn in order to unleash this gift and can I do it over the phone? Thank you very much. That's from Kim.


Ra'An: You project out your radiance and just this radiance being in the vicinity of others can touch them and they can duplicate this radiance in their sphere and it will bring them joy and this is something you can do right now. You are a manifestor of joy and helping to raise the tone of the individuals around you. This life force that you project out, and others can feel and get raised in tone is a healing energy in itself and other individuals by feeling this, by sensing it and having it in their space so they can duplicate it can help others to heal not only from disease but also to help lift their spirits when they are going through trauma or feeling down.


Wynn: Thank you.

I am going to make a comment about that last question. When you lift your consciousness you don't have to have a hat or a role. It starts to create a movement in people around you, not for people who are coming to your workshops, everyone, everywhere you go. You know you are doing it when you can observe that impact. Then you may want to refine it for people that want to go further, but it's not the lecture, the workshop, it's your vibration affecting everything around you and that is a good image to aim for, and then it easy to refine that into a more particular expression.


Next question is: How do we respond to politics. It seems to be a process which is constantly defeating itself. Every effort to press forward with compassion and tolerance seems to be balanced by opposition, overwhelming opposition. Laws or rules that would seem to be progress of a positive nature seem to get watered down to appease the opposition. Is there any hope in politics for a worldwide transformation? Thank you.


Ra'An: The hope for politics rest with everyone involved. With the politicians themselves, with the public who elects the politicians and we see interest that the public plays in choosing the people and working together to elect people who are service to others and have a strong enough countenance to survive through the lobbies and the tradeoffs. There is a tendency of the individuals who have been elected to want to appease everyone. They negotiate a path based on appeasement rather than a solid look at the issues.


Wynn: Thank you.

The next question is from Carol in Oganda. She has a special request for a healing for her friend named Nianzi Robert Watacari, who lives in northern Oganda. About a month ago he was giving a child with Aids a shot of anti-virals and when he withdrew the syringe and capped the needle he accidentally inserted the needle into his hand and now has Aids. He is currently taking anti-virals. I am asking Carol's question because she has been consistently been coming into our calls.


Ra'An: We view this individual and we send love-light to him, as when one attempts to help someone with Aids he has a higher risk for contacting the disease also. We take a minute of silence. We look at this individual and we also look at the child. Thank you. We will keep looking in on them.


Wynn: Thank you.

Just to make a further explanation of this as I see it. We are not working with favors, like please Elohim do us a favor. It's like, if you care for someone and you are connecting to our energies then there is a pathway for the energy to go through to the person you care about. We are creating holographic pathways for energy. If you are just saying it like you don't want somebody to be suffering there is no energetic pathways. It's up to you to be the energetic connection to the person and to what we do and then it creates more potential for something to happen.


Next question: This is from Orin. In the past year he has been going through several challenging periods that have included some nearly serious accidents and feeling very vulnerable and ungrounded. He has also wrestled with fatigue. It has also been suggested that he might be having some sort of interference from outside sources that might even be negative. Can you comment on this and is any intervention possible to give him more protection? Thank you.


Ra'An: Thank you. We take a look around you and there is some interference. We suggest becoming strongly within yourself, within your third chakra, within your own positivity and in making your own path and your own choices. Working with what you see you wish to do and then working with individuals you see that it is important for you to work with but still maintaining your own center and your own strength and your own resilience.


Wynn: Thank you.

This is from Vicki in Massachusetts who has a daughter named Andrea with mental retardation and cerebral palsy. Her question is, how will this ascension/dimensional process affect her daughter?


Ra'An: Your daughter is working through some very intense issues having taken on a body with cerebral palsy and retardation and this is a life path she has chosen to work through. This has some resignal from past life and giving her a lot of love and care will help her. It is uncertain how this will affect the entrance into the dimensional shift.


Wynn: Thank you.

Somebody had read an article about this Haldron Collider. This Collider which is in Switzerland and there was a question of whether this Collider could be very detrimental to life on this planet.


Ra'An: The Collider has great magnetics which are propelling particles around. This makes the instrument dizzy. We view the magnetic patterns of the Collider. The magnets work in sychronicity to propel the particles around. This creates a change within the field of the earth at that point. We have been asked this question before in earlier channelings. We do not see that the Collider will have serious damage to earth. We also do see that the frequencies in the magnetic fields set up will have some effect, more locally in the earth but we do not see that it will bring ultimate damage to earth.


Wynn: Thank you. That will be our last question for this evening and before we sign off. I have really been liking it when we take a moment of silence on this line and feel the energies that come in during these calls. So I invite you to all get in a relaxed place, take your shoes off, close your eyes. Now we will take a little meditation if you want to call it that, or feeling of energies, if you want to call it that. Just imagine when you are feeling these energies that it is going through your chakras and into your DNA and making a shift in the opening of your DNA strands.

I am not going to open up the lines to say goodby. I am just going to say what they do, when we leave but do not leave. If you feel it then stay with it for as long as you want and anchor how it feels to feel the energies from the higher realms and the cosmos flow through your system into the earth and realize that is one way to program your strands of DNA and keep your heart open.

Thank you Terry. Thank you Gjis. Thank you Suzanne Hayes for transcribing. Thank you Gary for sending out the transcriptions out on the Spirit Channel. Thank you Daphne for founding all of this and getting it started. We will see many of you Sunday morning for the grid healings at 10 am. If you feel the energies, that is what we do on Sunday morning, we emphasis the feeling of the energies and we hope you will come back. No goodbyes.








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