Monday Ė 11/01/2010

Title Ė You Speak Up, human-talk 

Source Ė Raían

Channel - ~~Terry Brown~~

Introductory Notes by ~~Wynn Free~~


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Transcriber - Connie O'Brien

Editor - ~~Terry Brown~~


WYNN: Hey everybody this is Monday November 1st, (2010) the day after Halloween Ė ďBoo!Ē  My name is Wynn Free and this is our Monday night conference call/BBS broadcast: The Wynn Free Conference Hour show. 


Tonight, if you got our email, weíre doing a little different format.  Itís a little different, because usually we donít take phone calls and we donít talk to you Ė we do that on Wednesday-but tonight, weíre just having a topic of ďYou Speak Up Ė share your experiences.Ē  There are some of you out there who have been listening to our call for months and months that have never ever said ďhelloĒ to us.  Iíd like to give you and I the opportunity to meet if you want to.


We have people on our conference calls.  On our line we have people listen in, and they have all kinds of different experiences.  Some people listen and they get great information.  Some people email me and they tell me they see lights all above their heads.  Itís kind of amazing.  On one level, Iím just somebody who just gets on the line and starts talking and things happen.  This is your chance to share back.


As most of you know who have been paying attention to our work, weíre in the midst of what these guys in other realms call a ďdimensional shiftĒ - our planet is going through a shift. Itís never happened in 75,000 years, and itís causing a lot of changes; itís causing weather changes, itís causing earth changes, itís causing people to have short-term memory loss because the magnetic field of the Earth is changing.  For some people, itís surfacing all kinds of weird things inside of them, and some of itís great and some of itís uncomfortable.  Some of you are finding your purpose, and some of you are losing your old purposes and wondering why youíre here. 


Tonight weíre just going to open the microphones up and talk about it Ė I hope youíll talk about it. Sometimes I do this and no one calls and no one says anything.  If you donít say anything thatís okay, weíll just get through it anyway.  I know youíre out there. I know youíre listening. I know that you have opinions. I know that youíve had reactions and Iíd like to give the opportunity for anyone who wants to to air whatever they want on this call, or ask questions on this call--human-type questions, although we may finish the call with a channeling, if there are things which could be elucidated by our sources.  Okay? 


The call-in number is 530-413-4515. My name is Wynn  Fre--Free, see I forget my name Ė thatís my short-term memory loss.  My co-host/associate is Terry Brown.  Terry, do you have short-term memory loss?   Youíve had that all your life though, right? 


Terry:  No, sometimes my memory is really, really good and sometimes it isnít as good.  I go through periods.


Wynn:   When is it good, and when isnít it good? 


Terry:  Usually, itís good when I have a lot of dynamic energy.  If Iím going through a shift or a growth process or a lot of cognitions, sometimes itís not as good. 


Wynn:  What I notice is your memory seems good when you donít have a lot of different external input, I think, maybe not.  I can have a lot of external input.  I can have multitasking, and have six people around me and keep ten balls juggling Ė and usually I keep it up there and I donít forget things.  Some people when they get into that they just go numb.  In your own way, you can keep things juggling; Iíve seen you keep things juggling, right? 


Terry:  Yes, particularly at the legal secretary job which I donít have right now. 


Wynn:  Tell me, how did you cope having this dual identity of being a mild-mannered legal secretary and then coming home and channeling what identifies itself as the Creator God of the physical realm.  How did you cope? 


Terry:  I just pretended I wasnít doing it. 


Wynn:  I see Ė you pretended you werenít doing it? 


Terry:  Right. 


Wynn:  Now sheís onto my secret Ė I pretend Iím not doing it, too.  Iím not really on the air and I donít have people listening to me, otherwise Iíd have to be self-conscious, right?  Thereís the secret, folks Ė pretend youíre not doing it.  And you, too, can do it.  All you have to do is pretend youíre not.


Anyone wants to call, 530-413-4515.  If you want to tango with us crazy people here call up, Iím going to open the lines, hang on a second.  I can hear all your background noise.  If you have a background noise put it down, thank you very much.  Anyone want to share anything?  Donít be mushy, okay. 


Caller:  Wynn, hi Ė this is my first time on your call.  Actually I was on the call for just part of a call another time. 


Wynn:  Whatís your name? 


Caller:  My name is ďNimoway(?)Ē and Iím from Phoenix.  Iíd say what Iím doing spiritually is really great and good right now, but money is impossibly tight, and so many people I know are having so much difficulty making ends meet.  Thatís my question. 


Wynn:  I know about money being tight.  Believe it or not, even we have money tight.  They tell me itís going to get worse.  This is something that was in The Reincarnation of Edgar Cayce?  about difficult times.  I want you to think about this one really deeply, because this is Ö(buzz saw sound on the line).  I didnít say loudly, I said deeply Ö that was somebody thinking loudly. 


In the book it said that things were going to get incredibly tough, and that there was a very positive reason for that to occur.  That was, weíre supposed to be aiming at graduating this realm.  Thereís an aspect of people Ė listen to this one very carefully Ė thereís an aspect of people that doesnít go through change until theyíre backed up against the wall; itís just the way it is.  Iíve observed this over and over again, and there are certain things that people will not go through, they wonít go through it because itís painful.  They have to surface painful stuff and they do everything to protect themselves from going through the pain of which on the other side, is really what theyíre looking for.  Right now, itís very important to go through what you need to go through to open your heart and that in my book The Reincarnation of Edgar Cayce? they specifically said that if times did not get hardÖ  hard times gives people an excuse to reach for each other.


I know as a kid my fatherís best friends were always the people he went through World War Two with.  In fact, they were his only friends.  I donít think he had any friends besides that.  When your life depends on another person and youíre forced to interact, it opens your heart.


If you start living like that now, and you start learning how to open your heart to people in the deepest way Ė not just being a nice person.  Itís hard to explain what the deepest way is, but when you learn to open your heart, you also qualify to graduate this realm.  The stakes in your life right now are higher than whether you can eat dinner or pay the rent, although they seem pretty intense, the stakes are you going to graduate this realm as your heart opens slightly more than half?  Life is putting people in the circumstances where they need to turn towards each other and go through their stuff.  According to my book, I donít know if this is true, but according to the book, according to David Wilcockís channelings Ė things are going to break down to the point where people had to trade with each other.


What would you do to make something work?  Would you go door-to-door?  Would you find a friend and go door-to-door with something to sell?  Are you going to be concerned with how you look to people, are you going to be bound by your self image?  Or are you going to find a way to get the energy going and nothing is going to stop you, and youíll find a way through.  Thank you for your comment.  If you want to say anything else, you may Ė if that makes any sense. 


Caller:    Sure, Iím pushed pretty far into what youíve already said, which is good to hear it articulated.  I guess I can go more into it. Iíll just bite the bullet and earn my degree.  How about that? 


Wynn:  There you go.  You know what? When you get right up to the edge, and you put yourself out there oftentimes thatís the moment that a synchronicity occurs to make something happen.


For anyone thatís listening, Iíll tell you there are things that are out there to do to make money that I see and I donít have time to do it or teach people.  Iíve thought of even trying to teach people; people that have a propensity for the internet. 


For example, Google has things that theyíre giving away for free that people would pay someone to be a consultant for.  For example, did you know Google has a free telephone service that you can sign up with Google Ė- go to Google voice and they will give you a phone number.  They will have free long distance, United States and Canada, and they will send you an email with the voice mail.  Do you know how many people donít know about that? 


You could go door-to-door and tell people youíre going to be a consultant and set that service up for them for $20 and they have that for the rest of their life.  They have a new phone number that they can forward to any of their old phone numbers.  Go sign up for it.  Iím giving it to anyone that hears this.  Google Voice Ė- and in the past if you had to pay for the service theyíre giving you, itíd probably cost you $50 to $100 per month.  Of course, learn everything you can about it, figure out a way to tell people about it and charge them $15 just as a consultant to set them up.  Not everybody can do that.  But, some people may pick that up.


Another thing Google is doing is when somebody is looking for a tailor in a certain neighborhood, Google is listing tailors, or dentists or everyone Ė theyíre doing it for free.  Businesses donít even know this. All they got to do is register with Google and theyíll get it.  Another way to figure out how that works, and be a consultant and charge anyone that has a business $25 to come up when anybody looks for a certain kind of business in a certain kind of area.  People will pay easily $25 for that, because they get one customer a year, two customers a year, and it pays for itself. 


There are innovative ways to figure out how to make money outside of the system, other than looking for some boss and a job.  Thereís ways to do it.  Thereís some way to find a way to be of genuine service to others and charge them for the service and youíll make money.  You can make a lot of money.  I just gave you two ideas.  Let me know if anyone does that. Iíd like to hear your results. 


Anyone else have anything they want to say?  You can call in 530-413-4515.


Iíd like to thank the lady in Phoenix who honestly shared her circumstance.  Iíd like to send lots and lots of love and blessings to her for resolution, and a synchronicity to solve her problems. 


Shut your eyes a moment and just feel the energies and ask for something to come in.  Make sure you put yourself out at the same time.  You are the radio transmitter; get your transmitter transmitting so that the universe picks up your signal and someone else can hear it and find you.  It works, but you have to not be oppressed by your circumstance to make it work.  No matter how oppressive your circumstance is, you have to rise above it, put your antennae up and donít be discouraged. 


Who else has something else theyíd like to share? 


Gina:  Wynn, I wanted to add about Google.  Google also offers:  you can get on Google documents.  You can print out free spreadsheets and Excel and resumes and all kinds of documents for free on there as well.  This is Gina, by the way, from Ohau, Hawaii.  


Wynn I have a very burning question, you already know what it is.  I donít want to freak anybody out or cause anybody to be afraid, but I would like clarification, and maybe our sources can even clarify this later on Ö thereís conflicting information in terms of when the graduation process is going to happen, and possibly the ascension process as well for some perhaps.  One channeling had said that we will have ET assistance, with ships coming down, and that we are to go on those ships and not think one minute, we cannot hesitate, we have to go like split-second.


Then, Carla Rueckert was asked this question and she had some different information saying ďNo,Ē that we are not to go on any ships if any ETs come and assist us with the graduation and possible the ascension process.  Can you shed some more light on this for us?


Wynn:  As a guy thatís asked many, many questions about all of this, I can tell you I have no idea.  Now that Iíve said that, my approach is not to worry about it.  Live each day, be in the middle of my being, be of service, and let those things unfold as they do.  Iím getting tongue-tied.  According to my information and questions Iíve asked: physical ascension, the idea of leaving this realm in your body, is only going to happen for people who have all their chakras open.  Thatís going to be a very few people.  Itís not something that most people can anticipate.  They can anticipate dying, and then coming into the higher realm after death. 


I think that there have been some emergency stipulations whereas if something happened that was going to create a planetary disaster or something like that, they may have ways of trying to get people out before that occurs.  Thatís not something you can say is going to happen, because then youíd have to have a totally panicked planet for that to occur.  You canít anticipate things and say, ďOkay.Ē


Remember the Bob Dylan song Ooh-Wee Ride me High?  You guys remember that? 


Julie:  Yeah.


Wynn:  Who remembers Ooh-Wee Ride me High? 


Julie:  I do.


Wynn:  Is that you Julie in Ojai? 


Julie:  Yeah.


Wynn:  I was convinced that song was about ascension, remember the lyrics?  

ďOoh-wee, ride me high
Tomorrow's the day that my bride's a-gonna come
Ooh-wee, a-
we gonna fly
Down into the easy chairĒ


So imagining Bob Dylan,  I donít think he really thought of that when he wrote it, but his lyrics sound like youíre sitting in your easy chair and youíre about to fly off. 


Julie:  I think he might have thought of that actually.  My girlfriend is very close with him, sheís known him forever and Iíve known him indirectly through her in Venice quite a while and heís kind of an amazing guy. 


Wynn:  So he might have known that? 


Julie:  Yes, I think he might have, very much so.  Yeah.  He was isolated as a child for many years in the attic.  He had a bit of a crazy mother, and he spent years in isolation as a child and kind of went inside himself and got a lot of experience that he wouldnít have had if heíd had a normal childhood.


Wynn: Julie, did you know I was Bob Dylan nut? 


Julie:  No. 


Wynn:  I write songs, and Bob Dylan was one of the people who inspired me.  What I used to do when I was going to college in Berkeley I used to drive across the country.  One time, we were going through Minnesota and I heard that Bob Dylan was born in Hibbing, Minnesota and his parents owned an appliance store.  We took a bypass, and we went to the appliance store and his aunt and uncle were there and called his parents up and said ďWe got another one Ė what should we do?Ē and they said ďSend us over.Ē  So we went over and had coffee with his parents and they took us down into the basement where he used to write songs. 


Wynn:  Wow.


Gina:  Wynn, just to get back to the question if I may Ė do you think we can ask the sources if they could shed some light on this question, on this issue? 


Wynn: Why donít you submit it for Wednesday?  One of the reasons Iím doing the call this way is because we are really tired.  This morning we did a show - this was an amazing TV show for Russian television in Southern California.  There was a guy or there was a woman who met me at the Conscious Life Expo and she introduced me to this host of a weekly show who took me seriously, keeping in mind that his audience is an essentially Christian orthodox audience.  He took me seriously and we did a wonderful show this morningÖ but Iím really tired. 


Gina:  Okay. 


Wynn:  Terry was there, so Iím pacing this.  Iím doing this show so you guys help, we just talk about things because when we go into channeling, itís always an exalted energy to hold that space.  So today Iím just being very human.  Submit it for Wednesday and maybe Iíll ask some kind of version of it, okay? 


Gina:  Okay Wynn, thank you.


Wynn:  You know what?  Sometimes people worry about these things and I donít think you should.  I think you should just take each day as it comes and not worry about how itís going to be. Even Jesus said, ďItíll come as a thief in the night,Ē- isnít that what he said?  ďIíll come as a thief in the night; youíll never know the day Iím coming.Ē  If it is going to happen in a certain way, itís not to worry about it; itís not to know the date.  I donít think they know the date.  I think that we are creatingÖ right now. The real essence of everything in the physical realm is that more and more people are learning how to create the reality here, not just their reality, but the consensus reality.  Thatís creating a whole different set of potentials than were there before.  Thatís the problem with predictions, because you say something today and thereís a group meditating in Tibet, thereís a group meditating on our grid healing, there is this thing happening and things are shifting before they can be certain.  Every time Iíve asked questions about things, theyíve always used the term ďprobability vortexesĒ.  In other words, if this happens, then this could happen.  Thereís a 70% chance of this happening, or a 50% chance of this happening.  If youíre looking for a guarantee you wonít find it here--we could ask a general question, and Iím sure theyíll answer it and leave you confused afterwards anyway, but weíll ask it--because this is all not linear.  The goal is to get into the non-linear flow so that it all doesnít matter.  Youíre not worried, and youíre not afraid of death, and you know that this is one lifetime of many, and you know that youíre going to graduate this realm--just knowingness of it and move forward with that.


If anyoneís going to call phone number 530-413-4515.  I noticed no one is calling on BBS, are you guys out there?  Give us a call Ė 530-413-4515.  Anyone else want to share anything? 


Daphne:  Hello?  Hi Wynn, itís Daphne, Iíve been only on for about seven minutes - I apologize.


Wynn: Did you hear the topic of this show? 


Daphne:  No, I didnít, Iíll have to get it off the replay line. 


Wynn:  Iíll just tell you, this is like a low-key show because I am really tired from that Russian television thing today.  I just said people can share whatever they want.  Howís your short term memory?  Howís the shift impacting you?  For those of you that donít know, Daphne is the founder of our group, unbeknownst to herself. Weíre really honored to have her on.  Soon we are going to have some events with Daphne, and so this is just the laid-back conversation and anything youíd like to share?


Daphne:  Letís see.  Yesterday we had a fantastic grid healing for those of you who know about that aspect that Terry and Wynn have been doing for a few years now.  Itís Sunday mornings, itís 10:00 oíclock, West Coast time, 1:00 p.m. East Coast Time.  My aunt and I were at Stone Mountain Park here in Georgia, which is the largest monolith on the face of the planet.  We were walking adjacent to it while Wynn and Terry were holding the grid healing session, and we were putting all different parts of the planet into the light, especially the Ring of Fire.   


Then today I had a similar experience with another light-anchor colleague and I was anchoring the grids from this house over to Corpus Christi. Thereís a big Catholic Church where I play the piano, and I had some miraculous synchronistic connections with people, and I was shown very definitively by spirit that what we are doing is very, very real.


So Iíd ask you to please keep the faith and let your higher self show you that love is infinitely powerful, more powerful than anything else around you and that weíre coming to a decisive moment in the month of November where there really is going to be a switching of the energies, where the river is gaining momentum.  If you donít kick and scream, and allow yourself to be carried, there is going to be kind of a locking in or a locking down of those frequencies for people who have moved into the Christ paradigm, who have moved into the love triumphing over fear.  Youíre going to see a lot of things falling out of your life that are no longer resonating with the love vibration.  Fear vibration Ö


Wynn:  Daphne, can I ask you a question? 


Daphne:  Sure.


Wynn:  First of all, let me tell people something about grids, because it sounds like something up there and far away but it actually isnít.  On some level, everybody works with grids.  If you take the concept, the idea, that when you are in a location, your energy is in that location,  your energy makes a memory of that location, and when you go to another location your energy is in that location.  What happens is, every Ö this may not be true for every single person all the time.  Maybe you need a certain state of evolutionary track for this to be true, but for everyone to some extent itís true.  Everyone anchors their energy to their location.  When youíre in one location, and you think of another location that youíve anchored yourself to, your energy moves to that other location.  It travels over the energy grids of the Earth.  When you do that, youíre helping to heal Ė every time you anchor your energy in a given location and create a vortex.  In another way every time youíre feeling joy in a location Ė I mean joy, not excitement Ė that youíre anchoring the energies of that location.


And when youíre at a location and you think of another location, the energies are travelling over the energies of the Earth and now youíre anchoring the grids, which is what we do in our Sunday call.  I asked Terry what does she think of when sheís doing all this stuff, how does she reconcile being a legal secretary and then coming home and channeling the Creator God of this realm, we think.  She said she just makes pretend sheís not doing it, itís not her doing it and thatís how she reconciles it.


This call is more like a personal call.  Itís not a teaching call, because weíre just teaching each other by bring personal. 


(Daphne) youíre a person, that the very first time you channeled, they called you an ďoutpost messenger,Ē and they said you came in from another far away realm and you came into this dimension to bring messages forth.  How do you reconcile that idea of being an outpost messenger now?  Does that ring true to you? 


Daphne:  I think youíre asking me how do I reconcile being an outpost messenger with doing this grid work.  Is that the question? 


Wynn:  Just the idea of being an outpost messenger, I donít think that occurred to you when I first said it.  I donít think you ever thought of yourself as an outpost messenger.  Then they said it.  I watched you for a long period of time and you watched yourself.  How do you reconcile with yourself with the idea of being an outpost messenger?  Does that make sense to you now? 


Daphne:  Yes, it very, very much makes sense.  Since about the age of five I had access to angelic information that I thought everybody had access to, and it wasnít until I was about thirteen or so that I figured out that ďNo, everyone didnít have conscious access to it.Ē 


Then it wasnít until I was initiated by a Tibetan esoteric teacher when I was about thirty that I had any idea that I was supposed to be a world server.  No, far from.  I was dragged kicking and screaming all over the state of California to every sacred site imaginable.  She had me meet the Dalai Lama and I was initiated, or I received darshan by Mata Amritanandamayi, known as the hugging saint. 


My life changed completely and I started having very powerful mystical experiences that would go on for days.  I began to be able to see with my eyes physical energetic lines, lei lines, grid lines.  I could see the wealth lines, the power lines, the money lines.  I was living in Silicon Valley at the time right next to Stanford University.  They called them celestial architectonics, thatís the work that they called what I was doing; myself and many other light anchors, light workers on the planet.  That we were architecting, or that my specific mission was, to architect the Christed consciousness into the grid lines and build above duality and basically bypass the dualistic lower 3D duality of the negative elite, of the negative agenda, of the fear agenda of the Ö whatever you want to call it.  The stuff that people are fighting about now: the oppression agenda of the human spirit and of the planet, and that I was bringing in, I was helping to build, just like the internet, I was helping to build a net, but I was building a consciousness net, an etheric net, a Ďspirit netí Ė around the globe.  My specific territory was the North American continent.


Since that time, Iíve travelled quite extensively in the world, but mostly in the last ten years Iíve criss-crossed in my car the US about ten times.  North South East West Ė Arizona, Georgia, Massachusetts, North Carolina, California, New Mťxico - just constant back and forth all over the place.  I was living variously in California, in the Bay Area, in Los Angeles, in San Diego, in Sedona, in Las Vegas, Boulder City, Nevada; and then in Georgia and Cape Cod, Massachusetts.  So I can see, just like you have a coaxial cable that carried light filaments, I could see l was like a spider, I was like a web-weaver, I was literally weaving my light energy every time I went somewhere.


My license plate on the car happens to be ďYODĒ; Ďyodí is Hebrew, it means ďHand of GodĒ.  When I first got that license plate I was thinking of it strictly in astrological terms, because the yod is a signature in astrology.  I have three of them in my chart, and itís a fairly rare configuration.  I have three.  I donít want to get real technical here, but Ö


Wynn:  Daphne, Iím sorry Iím looking at a clock thatís a little fast, I thought we were running out of time.  Are you there? 


Daphne:  Iím still here.


Wynn:  I wanted to say, everyone who is listening, if you ever want to read the story of what happened with Daphne and myself, and how that all started and the original channelings and then the channelings of Terry, thereís a book, Iíve re-titled our book.  It used to be called Questions and Answers with the Elohim,Ē and I got a little more courageous, and I re-titled it recently The Creator Gods of this Realm want to talk to you.  Half of the book is me having conversations and asking them questions, and they explaining how things work in a way thatís never been explained.  We have a download of the book available at  Itís spelled out, no dashes, no underlines Ė


Also if youíre interested in a reading from Daphne - and ďreadingĒ is the wrong word, itís not really a reading.  Itís not what you think it is.  No matter how you approach it, itís not what you think.  Itís an opportunity to: number one - air your issues and hear a perspective from outside of this realm.  Sometimes it involves hearing about past lives.  Sometimes, it allows you to feel a more direct connection with the loving energy of our sources.  Which is probably the best outcome of a reading: to feel their love personally.  You can never say thatís going to happen, but for many people itís occurred that way and itís changed their life.  Instead of reading about them, instead of thinking of them conceptually you now feel their energies.  You know they took a close look at you and loved you - in spite of ourselves.  One of the great things, all they are there to do is to love us.  They donít judge us.  Regardless of the parts of yourself that you feel guilt about, they donít bother with that.  Itís a wonderful opportunity:, and itís a procedure where I talk with you and we work out your issues.  Then, youíre not there for the reading, I just ask them and Daphne channels the answers and we send you a recording of it.


Terry does readings also, but Terryís usually too busy.  Daphne has more time to do the readings, so if she gets overbooked or if somebody especially wants Terry, thereís  Theyíre both awesome, there are samples of the readings up on; even if you donít get a reading, itís great to listen to the samples because you can garner things and learn things from the readings of other people sometimes. 


Anyone else want to share anything?  Thank you, Daphne for sharing.  Would anyone else like to share anything - about anything?  Anyone want to call us?  See that, no one calls.  I know thereís a bunch of people listening, but youíre not calling and itís okay.  Free will world, but if you do want to call, you know one of the things about putting your energy out is that when you make some reach to communicate, it actually increases your connection with the energies of what weíre doing.  You feel more connected.  Even though youíre shy, even just say youíre shy and say anything - youíll be amazed at the energy that comes to you when you come forth and say something.  The BBS number, itís probably not working thatís probably why no oneís coming on, is 530-413-4515. We donít have a lot of time.  We got about five minutes, and Terry we got through this and we didnít do a channeling.


Caller:  Wynn and Daphne, hi, this is (Nimoway?) again, since there seems to be a calling forth here.  Before you got on, Daphne, I spoke up and asked about the hardship of money right now.  I do feel the great expansion and I feel connected with that.  I got some good information from Wynn.  But now, since I have this opportunity, I would just say that I guess I do have skills that I can put out, but I donít know whatís the matter with me I just canít get the energy to do it.  I have to, just like I said before, bite the bullet and go forward.  I thought Iíd bring it up since I had this opportunity.


Wynn:  Thank you for saying that.  I will tell you. Hereís the deal.  This is the most important thing I can share with you about what you just said because I understand what you said very well.  Hereís the deal Ė you never have the energy until you take the step and do something.  You actually have to force yourself to do it, and as soon as you force yourself and do it the energy comes. 


Even when I was doing this call tonight, I was thinking Iím tired I donít want to do a call. If I didnít schedule myself to do these calls, I probably would bug out on half of them.  Once I do it always love it, and I love the way we connect with people.  But when I think about it, I resist it.  We did an expo a couple of weeks ago.  I didnít want to leave Arizona and come to L.A. and do an Expo.  Once I did it, once we got there, once we set up - it was so much fun talking to all those people.  Itís like, the thing is to get up and do it, no matter how you feel.  Also another important thing is, if youíre going to do something that needs a response, this is a trick that salespeople use, that is, to get a response you need to put a certain amount of things out.  Donít pump yourself up that every door youíre going to knock on is going to buy.  Every employer is going to hire you.  Know that if you go to 200 employers, one of them is going to hire you.  Reward yourself for going to 200.  Take yourself and buy an ice cream after every 50 phone calls you make, and then go out and do it again and then look forward to, give yourself a reward when you have to do something like that to keep your motivation up.  Guaranteed, if you do it something will happen.


Thank you for sharing.  Those are very important issues for today, and itís very important that we figure out how to cope.  Anyone else have anything theyíd like to say? We have one or two minutes.  See Iím being a regular host, I hear this funny sound in the background.  Just to remind you all, if you like the way I am, join the Wynn Channel at  Sign up.  I send people really interesting things.  I donít promote it as much as the other stuff, because I like to keep my own personality in the background.  I write poems, I write songs, some of Daphneís songs come out in it.  I tell people about alternative news.  The Wynn Channel is where I do whatever I want that I think anyone would benefit from.  From my email openings - I can tell how many people open an email. 







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